The 14 Best Supplements You Need to Try


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#6 Creatine

In a succinct definition, this molecule is found in an energy system that rapidly produces energy to support cellular function. It is widely accepted to improve exercise and athletic performance. It has also been proven to increase muscle mass. According to Chad Kerksick, Ph. D., creatine draws water into the muscle cells, which increases protein synthesis. There have also been studies showing that muscle fibers actually grow when taking creatine.

Taking creatine will allow you to increase your workload. It has been shown to aid in building phosphocreatine, which provides energy for muscular contraction – and that equals better strength training. Additionally, Washington State University researchers concluded that participants increased their muscle mass and strength when taking creatine.

If you are looking for a supplement that has been well researched, is approved by many large organized sports, has been praised by recognized and esteemed officials and doctors and provides you with that much sought after boost in strength training and muscle gain, then creatine is just the ticket for you.

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    • If you are very new I would stick with just a whey protein for post/pre workout. Although all 14 of these supplements I do think would help you.



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