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Chris Bumstead's Supplements

Chris Bumstead was born in February 1995 and is a professional bodybuilder from Canada. Chris has many accolades, ranging from being the reigning Mr Olympia Classic Physique bodybuilding winner. He won the competition three times in 2019, 2020 and 2021. As the runner-up in 2017 and 2018, Chris has been part of the bodybuilding world for quite some time and has built up a strong online following by posting content about bodybuilding and his lifestyle. In this article we are exploring Chris Bumstead’s supplements, and his favorite stack. 

Chris has freely admitted to taking supplements to improve his body – a common choice for bodybuilders. However, what supplements does he take?

We’ve reviewed the list of supplements Chris Bumstead takes and summarized them here. We also thought it would be helpful to discuss each supplement and how it can help your body. If you want to train as Chris does, then this is for you.

(Please note that supplements are not solely responsible for physical strength or fitness. Supplements should be taken alongside a balanced diet and sustainable exercise routine. None of the advice or content in this article should replace the medical recommendations of your doctor or personal trainer.)

What Supplements Does Chris Take?

To work out what supplements Chris Bumstead takes, we looked at a recent interview he did with Simply Shredded. During the interview, he gives a list of the supplements he takes, as follows:

Each of these supplements offers a different health benefit. Let’s take a look at each one in detail.

Creatine Monohydrate

Creatine monohydrate powder

Creatine is a nitrogen-containing compound-like protein, but the two are not the same. It is classed as “non-protein” nitrogen. We can get creative from the food we eat – typically, this is fish and meat. We can also form creatine in the body via amino acids (methionine, arginine and glycine).

The creatine supplement works by replenishing lost energy sources in the body. Every cell in the human body uses adenosine triphosphate (ATP) as an energy source.

When you do a workout, you use up your ATP. When you expend energy, the by-product of this turns ATP into ADP, known scientifically as adenosine diphosphate. We use creatine as a supplement because it converts ADP back into ATP, giving you more energy and better recovery.


Next up on the list we’ve got glutamine. Glutamine is known to be the most common amino acid that you can find in the human body. It is made in the muscles and then transferred into the body via the blood, which sends it off to your organs.

We need glutamine because it is a key ingredient in creating proteins in the body. Not only that, but glutamine is needed for making other amino acids and also glucose.

Bodybuilders and athletes will take glutamine supplements because they are known to help gut function, immune system function, and other body processes. This makes them invaluable when it comes to periods where the body is under stress. During these moments, you naturally use more glutamine.


Most people take multivitamins. We don’t usually think about it too much either – they’re just part of the morning routine. You get up, have breakfast, and take a multivitamin. However, the bulk of people does benefit from taking a regular multivitamin. The primary benefit is to fill in those pesky nutritional gaps that people get and make sure that we all get our daily fill of vitamins.

These include A, C, D, E and K, magnesium, potassium, calcium and even dietary fiber. Some multivitamins also come with iron for those who need an extra dosage.

For athletes and bodybuilders, multivitamins can be useful for things like improving energy levels, helping to regulate mood, improving brain function, boosting muscle mass, helping heart health and eye health, enhancing the immune system, and bridging any of the nutritional gaps that you might have. There are particular types of bodybuilding multivitamins specifically, making them a good choice.

Fish Oil

omega-3 supplement

Fish oil is one of the most common dietary supplements and for a good reason. It is loved and used by everyone – from your average office worker to a prime athlete. Rich in Omega 3 it’s one of the best joint supplements available.

There are plenty of reasons for this. Let’s check out some of the big ones.

First of all, fish oil can help improve heart health. As heart disease is one of the leading causes of death, taking fish oil on a regular basis is the best way to do things. It helps by improving the levels of good cholesterol in the body, reducing blood pressure and preventing the buildup of plaque.

Second of all, and this is specifically for athletes, fish oil can help with bone health. As we get older, our bones begin to lose a lot of their minerals and gradually get weaker. You’ll find yourself at increased risk of arthritis and osteoporosis. Fish oil can help to keep bones stronger for longer, which is helpful for athletes who run the risk of rigorous exercise wearing down their bones faster.

Finally, fish oil can be a good help in reducing the symptoms of inflammation. When your immune system is fighting an infection or repairing itself after an injury, it becomes inflamed – this is, normally, not an issue.

Chronic inflammation, however, can be the result of depression, obesity, diabetes and heart disease. If you reduce inflammation, you can help to treat some of the symptoms of these diseases. Fish oil can be a good supplement to take because it has anti-inflammatory properties.


Whey protein is considered to be one of the best supplements in the world for athletes and bodybuilders. It has earned this reputation for good reason.

Whey protein is made up of a liquid called whey which separates from the milk used in the production of cheese. The protein part of the whey is called whey protein. As a protein, it contains all of the essential amino acids needed for growth and is very digestible.

Athletes and bodybuilders generally consume whey protein for muscle mass. Muscle naturally declines with age, leading to fat gain and increasing the risk of chronic disease. However, with an adequate combination of both strength training and a balanced diet, it is possible to slow down and even reverse the decline of muscle mass. That is why whey protein is a good way to prevent muscle decline.

Vitamin B Complex

Vitamin B complex is made up of eight different B vitamins:

  • B1 – thiamine
  • B2 – riboflavin
  • B3 – niacin
  • B5 – pantothenic acid
  • B6 – pyridoxine
  • B7 – biotin
  • B9 – folic acid
  • B12 – cobalamin

There are various benefits to come from taking a vitamin B complex.

These are improved cell health, the growth of red blood cells, improved energy levels and enhanced eyesight. In addition to improved brain function, better digestion, more appetite, proper functioning of nerves, increased hormone and cholesterol production.

There are plenty of B vitamins in both dairy and meat products, but many choose to take a vitamin B complex to make sure that they get the recommended daily intake. After all, with such a slew of benefits, it’s not difficult to see why.

Vitamin C

woman supplements

Vitamin C is also known as ascorbic acid. It is a necessary vitamin for the development, growth, and repair of body tissue. You’ll find vitamin C is involved in many different body functions. These include the formation of collagen, functioning of the immune system, the absorption of iron, and the maintenance of bones, teeth, and cartilage.

Vitamin C is also one of many antioxidants that protect against the damage caused by free radicals.

Toxic chemicals and polluted air, such as cigarette smoke, can generate free radicals, and if they are allowed to build up in the body, they contribute to things like heart disease, arthritis, and cancer.

Consuming regular amounts of vitamin C can help to prevent the buildup of free radicals and deliver the other health benefits mentioned.


There are nine essential amino acids in the body, and three of which are known as branched-chain amino acids, or BCAA. These are leucine, isoleucine and valine.

The branched-chain aspect of the amino acid refers to its chemical structure, which is frequently found in protein-rich food sources like dairy, eggs and meat. However, it’s also a dietary supplement that is primarily sold as a powder.

One of the major uses for a BCAA is the increase of muscle growth.

Essentially, the BCAA leucine activates a certain biological pathway in the body that promotes the synthesis of muscle protein, which helps to build muscle. There is also research which suggests that a BCAA can help to decrease the soreness of muscles after workouts.

BCAA‘s have been shown to help reduce muscle damage which can help to decrease the length of time the muscles are sore after the workout.


Vitargo is known as a unique carbohydrate that has been employed by Olympians, elite athletes, and millions of people across the world. As a relatively large carbohydrate molecule, which is bigger than the carbohydrates one finds in typical sports drinks, the molecular structure closely resembles glycogen.

Typical studies demonstrate that Vitargo is the fastest way to refuel the body before, during, and after exercise routines. Those who took it experienced same-day fuel recovery at a 70% increased efficiency.

Compared to maltodextrin plus sugars, there was a 77% increase in the amount of glycogen restored in two hours.

To put it into simple terms, these carbohydrates help people to recover faster. Vitargo is used by many people on a regular basis.

R-Alpha Lipoic Acid

Finally, the last supplement used by Chris is alpha-lipoic acid. This is an antioxidant which is naturally created by the body, but you can also find it in certain foods. It is used in the process of breaking down carbohydrates to create energy.

Alpha-lipoic acid can be consumed in most foods. Potatoes, red meat, carrots, spinach, beets, and broccoli all contain this acid. Furthermore, it is available in supplement form.

Because it works much like an antioxidant, it can also presumably provide protection to both the brain and the body, helping to prevent certain types of liver disease.

Broadly speaking, people use this kind of acid most frequently in conjunction with diabetes. However, it can also be used for altitude sickness, high levels of cholesterol, obesity, and aging skin. It is worth experimenting to see what kind of benefits it can bring to the everyday person.

Final Thoughts

essential workout supplements

So, as we can see, there are plenty of supplements taken by Chris on a regular basis. Each of the supplements plays a different role in the body, and all work together to create a healthy balance. Many professional athletes and bodybuilders take a regular diet of supplements to maintain their bodies and stay in perfect physical condition, especially during competition seasons.

Chris Bumstead’s regiment is more than just supplements and if you’re interested in everything else he does you can find out more about Cbum here.

It is important to acknowledge that supplements are best taken in conjunction with a balanced diet and regular exercise routine. They are not a replacement for either of these two things. However, these supplements taken by Chris cover a broad range of health benefits.

From improving muscle tone and helping to prevent the decline of muscle mass through to bone and heart health, there are many different benefits to be had from a regular, varied diet of supplements.

If you want to begin implementing some of these supplements into your everyday diet, it’s best to do so slowly. Your body will need time to adapt to the new supplements that it is being exposed to, and consuming too many at once could lead to an upset stomach or unwanted side effects.


Before consuming supplements, starting a new diet, or embarking on an exercise routine, it’s recommended to consult with a medical professional. Always talk to your doctor before starting any major lifestyle change, and stop if you encounter any problems. However, nearly every doctor will recommend a balanced diet, exercise routine and the use of most supplements as a way to make positive lifestyle changes.

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