The Effects of Inflammation on Joe Rogan with Dr. Mark Gordon M.D


effects of inflammation joe roganThe Joe Rogan Experience is a podcast that reaches millions of people a year. The guests he brings onto his show are innovative, intelligent, and breaks the status quo of what is possible. Joe Rogan doesn’t sugar coat his content – he provides his listeners with real knowledge and data.

Recently, Dr. Mark Gordon M.D. was featured on his podcast.

Dr. Mark Gordon MD has been a practicing physician for the past 20+ years and has gained tremendous insight into the world of what he calls interventional endocrinology.

He sees the human body as a biochemical machine that sends signals across the body to produce a specific action.

Dr. Gordon strives himself on understanding the scientific research and implementing strategies into his clinical practice.

The Effects Of Inflammation

Dr. Gordon explains why INFLAMMATION has such a detrimental effect on the body. He explains this concept in the case of veterans and what these soldiers have to go through on a daily basis: blast traumas, gunfire recoil, concussions, intense combat training. He explains that this may cause micro-trauma to the brain or the pituitary gland (master signaler of hormones). This can lead to depressive thoughts, anxiety, poor sleep, poor recovery, anger, PTSD, fatigue, and many other symptoms.

Inflammation in the human body consists of cytokines, interleukins and many other inflammatory type cells that disrupt the chemical reactions that occur in the body. Some natural ways to decrease inflammation is the anti-inflammatory diet, cardiovascular exercise, and meditation.

effects of inflammation on the brain

Traumatic Brain Injury (TBI)

Traumatic brain injury has debilitated thousands of lives all around the world. TBI’s has become more popular in media since the increased cases of neurological disease in the ex-NFL players.

Concussions run rampant in the NFL and it’s a blessing that the NFL has put protocols in place to protect players.

On the back end – physicians such as Dr. Gordon have dedicated countless hours in the scientific research in how to improve patient outcomes with individuals with neurological signs and symptoms. Dr. Gordon notes neurochemical changes in the brain even with 1 trauma to the head. This may alter hormone production, biochemistry signaling, and increased inflammation.

“Traumatic Brain Injury (TBI) is now recognized as a causative factor for hormonal deficiencies associated with personality changes based upon changes in the molecular chemistry of the brain.

Psychological, physiological, and physical manifestations like; depression, anxiety, mood swings, bouts of anger, memory loss, inability to concentrate, learning disabilities, sleep deprivation, increased risk for heart attacks, strokes, high blood pressure, diabetes, loss of libido, menstrual irregularities, premature menopause, obesity, loss of lean body mass, muscular weakness, and a number of other medical conditions can all arise subsequent to head trauma.” Dr. Gordon.

The Use Of Hormones In Treating TBI Or PTSD

A common complaint in those diagnosed with PTS/PTSD who were put on one or more antidepressants was that they were still depressed!!

That is because depression is one of the most common symptoms associated will poor levels of DHEA-s, Vitamin D, Testosterone, Estradiol, Growth Hormone, and Thyroid.

Dr. Mark Gordon spoke about pregnenolone as the mother of all hormones. Pregnenolone is the 1st hormone derived from cholesterol and is the precursor to all other hormones. The treatment capabilities of this precursor if found deficient or suboptimal are countless. Clinical results have found great improvements in sleep, anxiety, and depression.

Consult with your primary care physician before taking pregnenolone.

High Cholesterol(The Good And Bad)

The most interesting point that was made during the podcast was when Dr. Gordon stated that his total cholesterol was above 350 (reference range: below 200), LDL (bad cholesterol) above 150 (reference range: below 100, and Dr. Gordon noted that he was in optimal health compared to an individual that recently had a heart attack with total cholesterol below 200 and LDL below 100 – which is considered a HEALTHY level.

Why is that?

Dr. Gordon explains that there are other specific blood chemistry markers that are more indicative of cardiovascular health such as sdLDL, lp(a), PLA2 to name a few. These markers detect inflammatory proteins within the vessel walls that may produce plaques or commonly named atherosclerosis.

His key points are cholesterol is not the enemy and causing heart disease – inflammation is the limiting factor.

Some common lifestyle and foods that cause inflammation in the body: processed sugars, stress, processed oils, refined grains, dairy, artificial sweeteners, and much more.

Take home facts: cholesterol and fats are not the enemies. Inflammation IS!

Warrior Angels Foundation

The Warrior Angels Foundation was founded by Andrew Marra special forces green beret officer. His mission for this foundation was to empower and serve his fellow veterans to optimal health with subsidized personalized treatment protocols through Millennium Health Centers (Dr. Mark Gordon M.D.)

Andrew’s journey back to optimal health is encouraging and provides hopes for thousands of veterans out there that are currently struggling with the same symptoms. Secondly, we thank him daily for his service to our country and fighting for our freedom. Listen to his story on the JRE – it will truly change your perspective.

effects of inflammation on the body

An Integrative Approach To Medicine

The last point that was made on the Joe Rogan Podcast was Dr. Mark Gordon M.D. believes in an integrative approach in today’s medicine. Dr. Gordon stresses the importance of nutrition, lifestyle, and truly understanding the science behind how the body communicates and operates at the highest level. He notes that the human body is one organism that communicates at the cellular level to keep us in homeostasis.

Modern day medicine is an art and understanding the biochemistry and blood chemistry. This objective data has been crafted and molded into an approach and protocol that Dr. Mark Gordon has perfected. With great minds like Dr. Gordon, people will gain their most valuable resource, TIME.

Latest Product News From Dr. Mark Gordon

Dr. Mark Gordon has helped thousands of individuals back to optimal health and still has time to travel the world and develop his own product line called Dynamic Health Products. The main product that Dr. Gordon has researched and dedicated years of clinical trials is a growth hormone secretagogue called Dynatropin.

Dynatropin is a natural growth hormone secretagogue – stimulating the own bodies natural production of somatotropes (growth hormone – HGH). He specifically designed this health supplement with nanoliposomal technology to improve absorption and bioavailability of his proprietary formulation.

custom meal plan


Inflammation is the causative factor or plays a huge role in many disease processes such as hypogonadism or hormone dysfunction.

Cholesterol is not your enemy – SUGAR and inflammation are!

Dr. Mark Gordon is a leading researcher and clinician in this modern day society. We need to be following his research and find alternative ways to improve our health.

Dr. Jason Phan ND – LIVV Natural Health | Naturopathic Medical Doctor specializing in IV Vitamin Therapy, PRP (platelet rich plasma)/Prolotherapy Regenerative Injections, Men’s health (HRT), and Optimal Living.

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