13 Top Exercises for Dominating the NFL (by Rob Gronkowski)


Rob Gronkowski Workout

When it comes to training hard for athletics, there’s no better example than Rob Gronkowski.

Here’s your guide to following his success…

When Rob Gronkowski wants to talk, you listen. Why? If being the most notable tight end in the National Football League wasn’t enough, perhaps his single-season record for receiving yards by a tight end, a whopping 1,327 yards, will sway you?

Is that still not enough? How about setting the single-season record for touchdowns by a tight end with 17 receiving touchdowns and 18 overall? If you need more than that, maybe you should just look at his style of play on the gridiron. He’s more than a presence. He’s a force of nature.

What makes him such an impressive player? At 6’6 and 265 pounds, Gronk, as his fans have dubbed him, is hard to miss. But, he’s not just a big guy, he’s also a jacked up athlete in the purest sense. He’s big, strong and he knows how to use his power. He also knows his way around a gym.

That’s why when Rob Gronkowski wants to talk about fitness, you don’t just listen, but you also take notes. Why? He didn’t become a standout in the NFL by chance or just by having God-given talent. He worked at it. His entire family did.

Fitness is definitely in his blood. With four brothers who also became pro athletes, it is no wonder that Gronk, the runt of the family, ended up a superstar as well. How did this all come to pass? Look no further than his father, who owned a fitness retail store.

With an unparalleled work ethic and all the tools at his disposal, Gronk began crafting his world champion physique at a young age. It hasn’t failed him yet and that’s why you can learn a lot from it.

He sat down with GymJunkies and gave us the inside info you need to know to become as great as Gronk. Enjoy!

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How Does Rob Gronkowski Train?

It’s a given that NFL athletes must develop power and agility to excel just like athletes in most other sports. But to get to the level of athleticism that Rob has reached, it takes a lot more than just jacking up the weight and running some routes. 

Not only is it about working out the correct way. It is also about the right preparation and taking time for recovery so your body can be ready to go for the next play, workout or drill. In the off-season, Rob usually tries to work at a sports performance facility when he is not training with his team.

No matter where he’s training, preparation is the biggest factor. Rob tends to use a foam roller on his muscles and do some jogging before he works out. But he doesn’t use any old roller.

Gronk isn’t just some jock that doesn’t think when he’s training. In fact, he has his own line of high-quality training equipment. Instead of a standard foam roller, he uses a device called the HyperIce Vyper that is sold on his site, GronkFitnessProducts.com

What makes it unique? Simple: It’s a vibrating foam roller. This makes sure you really penetrate into the muscle. This is so he can ensure that he’s making his blood flow throughout the muscles he is targeting. He does many small lifts as well to make sure the muscles he is going to focus on that day are firing.  

Stay with us to see how Gronk takes it up a Notch on the field… 

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Taking It Up A Notch!

Developing power is the next vital element that distinguishes Gronk’s commitment to fitness. NFL athletes still perform the core workouts including: Bench, squat, leg press, cleans, and single station work. However, usually it is only doing legs and upper body hard once a week. This means that if Monday they really focus on the upper body, then Thursday will be a variation of bench and some lower weights.  

After the basics listed above, or for a quick and effective workout when he isn’t training with the team, Rob likes to add a cross-circuit approach to his workout. He groups together different variations of cross-circuit training to keep his heart rate up. The essential premise is that he tries to replicate an actual football game in his training. 

When you are on the field you go hard for 15 seconds and then rest for 30 before the next play. The cross-circuit lifts help him build muscle, work on his cardio and perform sports related movements so he can stay sharp and train with performance top of mind. 

But he’s not lifting super heavy weights, he’s lifting lighter so he is not putting a lot of stress on his body. Also, he changes up the workouts and variations of the workouts so his body doesn’t get used to anything and get lazy as a result. That keeps his training on point and his muscle sharp every time.

Note: 20 sec on – 40 off.  Do this 2 times through with a 3-minute rest in between each circuit

Here’s Rob Gronkowski’s exclusive 30-minute circuit workout…


#1 Battle ropes

You can change up the movements over time, but you can’t miss the burn on this move if you really attack it with intensity. Gronk takes on the ropes like a man possessed, and so should you.

#2 Sled push and pull

Sled training became trendy in the last five years, but this isn’t just a trend for Gronk. Load up and push and pull to failure. You’ll see results fast.

What does Gronk use? The Gronk Power Sled. The Gronk Fitness Professional Driving Power Sled is the most solid push / pull sled in the market today. You can push normal, low push, pull, attach a landmine and attach a football-driving pad. Many other premier professional athletes have also used this power sled.

With a total weight of 80 pounds and solid steel push posts to ensure stability, it stands out among all other sleds. The removable posts allow you to change your direction without having to turn the sled around. The Red Sled now comes with replaceable nylon feet, which reduces friction on indoor and outdoor surfaces, and even prevents damage to the sliding surface and the frame of your precious sled. The Sled has two posts for plate loading and can fit and support up to 600lbs in weights.  

Should I Be Aiming For A High Rep Count-

#3 Cone drills

Sometimes the basics just can’t fail you. Weave in and out, front to back and side to side. You’ll only get what you put in with this drill. If you approach it with a lazy mindset, you’ll get virtually nothing back. However, if you hit it with intensity, you’ll be game ready.

#4 Pull-ups

There’s arguably nothing better to build a stronger, bigger back than the pull-up. Use a strength band to assist you if you are unable to bang out at least six reps.

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#5 Plank

Want to hit your core and really strengthen your entire body in the process? Try planking. When you find this isn’t working for you as much, change it up with some varieties like side planks, spider-man raises and the yoga push-up variation.

#6 Ball Slams

Nothing is going to prepare you better for playing a sport than to have explosive strength and hands that can convert that power into a usable skill during play. Ball slams do just that. Go straight down or side-to-side.

Plyo Boxes

#7 Plyo jumps

Another move that replicates game-style movements, the plyometric jump is a great addition to any athlete’s regime. Go straight up and down, side-to-side and hit it on one leg. Gronk Line has a foam and a regular. The foam is recommended for most trainers because it is easier on the joints. 

What does Gronk use? Gronk Fitness Soft Impact Plyo Boxes. This is how you can become more explosive from plyometric jumps. Plyo Boxes are great for improving powerful movements.

These foam Plyo Boxes are made from high-density foam and covered with 18 ounces of durable vinyl. The bottoms and tops are coated with non-skid vinyl. Each box has a handle for easy repositioning and Velcro strips for stability when stacking. Stack any combination together for your desired height. They are also built with a wide 30″ X 36″ frame that prevents tipping so you can push your limits.  

#8 Clean / Snatch with a lighter weight

If you want strength and size like Gronk, you can’t miss on this classic Olympic lift. Watch your form and make sure you don’t cheat.

What does Gronk use? The Gronk Fitness 2000lb test bars are the go to bars for top athletes. These are excellent to use no matter what you are training for (team sports, weightlifting or even power lifting). The 28mm bar represents a level of precision military grade engineering to date with 8 bearing, 200,000 PSI and 2000lb weight capacity. This Alloy Steel 45lb bar is made with a hardened chrome finish and comes with a double ring and no center knurling.

kettlebell exercises

#9 Kettle bell Swings

You may not like kettle bells and because of that you may not want to do this move. But, you also may regret making that decision. Why? This move hits you with strength gains, improved flexibility, greater core strength and overall body improvements and mobility.

#10 Curls to Shoulder Press

There’s nothing like a combination move to hit those show off muscles. Work your biceps and delts with this move. Oh, and be prepared to get a hell of a lot stronger in the process.


#11 Push-ups

You know why you should do push ups? Not just because Gronk does them. In fact, you should do push ups because, like the plank, it is one of those moves that everyone can benefit from. What are you waiting for? Drop and bang them out!

#12Rower / Assault Bike

Gronk loves using the rower in his workouts. Either to warm up, keep his heart rate up between sets or in circuit training, the rower has been a standard go-to machine in his training efforts.

Rowing is great for cardio and muscle building. Rowing, especially on a WaterRower with its precise replication of the exact dynamics of on-water rowing, is also a low impact workout that packs a punch when it comes to calorie burning. Jump on the rower to warm up, get your cardio in or what Gronk loves to do, keep your heart rate up between sets.

What does Gronk use? Gronk teamed up with WaterRower to build the Gronk M1 Rower. “The WaterRower has been a great addition to my year-round training. It’s a full-body workout that allows me to get a great sweat while keeping my heart-rate up… all without putting stress on the joints,” Gronk told us.

Screen Shot 2015-11-01 at 2.50.17 PM

#13 Rows

There’s a reason a lot of regular guys skip doing rows but a lot of pro athletes don’t—they’re hard but they work.

What does Gronk use? The Gronk Fitness Swiss Bar. Build your chest and back muscles with the beastly 64lbs Gronk Fitness Swiss Bar. With eight different handles allowing for four different positions, this bar accommodates many grips for pressing and rowing movements. Compared to your standard straight bar, this Swiss bar and its multiple grips take a lot of stress off your shoulders by allowing better lifting positions while pressing.

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There are many reasons you should follow the fitness advice of any celebrated athlete, but none more than the simple fact that they are usually the most committed trainers on the planet. Rob Gronkowski lives that truth every single day. You just got a glimpse into his training secrets.

The question is: Are you ready to tackle this challenge with the same commitment as he does?

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