Get Ripped in Less Than 10 Minutes With These 3 Core Workouts



Apart from eating like an absolute idiot the worst mistake you can make while trying to sculpt your mid-section is having the same routine every day.  

Sit-ups, planks and crunches are not the answer to having a 6 pack.

While those workouts can help you, there are plenty of other more effective workouts to get a 6 pack.

So I know what you’re thinking, oh no I have to add more time to my already boring core routine? No not exactly … I will show you how to get a really effective core workout in even less time than you’re accustomed to.

Here’s how you can get a ripped core within 10 minutes.

Reset For a Total Core Workout

Your abdominals and lower back (The core) are not simple systems in fact they are quite complex. For the complex system, you must target your midsection on many different planes and angles. Think about the standard sit up, you’re only moving on one plane, therefore, you should think about twisting your core as well.

By incorporating both of these movements, you will ultimately develop your core more effectively.

To help you effectively target your core in the shortest amount of time, I will give you three circuits that you will need to complete back to back. The reason for the non-stop workout is to utilize your bodies’ fat burning ability and also to utilize the most in the shortest amount of time.

Circuit One 

core exercises

Ab-Wheel Rollout-

For this workout, you will want to kneel on the floor and grip the handles on both sides of the wheel. The wheel should be placed directly below your shoulders. Keep your abs contracted and move the wheel forward, pull the wheel back when you feel like your abs would lose tension.

Reps-  8-15 NO REST

Back Extension-

To set up on a back extension bench you will want to make sure your legs are locked into place and the pad is located under your hips. Bend your torso forward WITHOUT rounding your back, then extend your hips until your torso is straight again, repeat

Reps- 8-12 NO REST

core workout routine

Hanging Leg Raise-

With your palms facing outward and the placement slightly wider than shoulder width, throw your legs. Make sure your abs are contracted the entire time as this is very important. You will want to pretend to kick the bar, to make it harder you can try to control your descend as much as possible.

Reps- 8-12  REST FOR 60 SECONDS

Circuit Two

Seated Bicycle Crunch-

With your butt/back placed on the floor place your hands by your ears. Bring your torso up and twist your left side meeting your left knee with your right elbow. Copy this motion on the other side by reversing and meeting your right knee with your left elbow. With this one do not sacrifice doing it faster if your form is suffering.

Reps- 15-30 both sides NO REST

Good Core Workouts

Horizontal Medicine Ball Wood Chop-

Placing both hands on the outside of a medicine ball keeping the ball out in front of your body twist your midsection. You will want to keep the medicine ball shoulder width, and keep your midsection contracted at all times. Keep your feet planted but pivot your feet with the corresponding direction in which you are turning.

Reps- 8-12 NO REST

Core Workouts

Plank or Table Top

Move your body into a pushup position; from there you will want to lower your elbows to the floor and keep them a little wider than 90 degrees. Once in this position contract your abs and tighten your gluteus to get the most effective burn possible.

Reps – Hold position for 60 seconds, REST FOR SECONDS

Circuit Three

core ab workout

Swiss Ball Rollout-

To do this, you will want to be in a kneeling position with your forearms located on the ball. The location of the ball should fall right under your shoulders. Roll the ball out in front of your body similar to the wheel, when you feel as if your can no longer extend, pull back and repeat.

Reps- 10-12 NO REST

beginner core workout

Russian Twist-

Sit on the floor with your knees bent at a 90-degree angle, with your arms extended in front of you. Your torso should be at about a 45-degree angle. Rotate your body as far as your can to left and then to the right, and then repeat.

Reps- 8-12 NO REST

Weighted Swiss Ball Crunch-

Your feet should be flat on the floor slightly wider than shoulder width for stability. You will want to secure a weight to your chest and crunch your torso up. Always contract your midsection and hold at the top for a couple of seconds.

Reps- 8-15 REST FOR 60 SECONDS

Beginner Core Exercises to Killer Core Workout

Some of these circuits you might find to be difficult, others maybe too easy. It’s important to reduce or increase weight or reps if needed. For instance, if the hanging leg raise is too difficult, keep your knees bent at a 90-degree angle and bring them into your chest. If it’s too easy, maybe try adding ankle weights or securing a weight or medicine ball between your feet.

Not everyone’s fitness level is the same, so you will need to adjust accordingly but make sure it’s a challenge for you. If you’re new to working out I would suggest checking out a beginners workout.


You can perform all of these circuits in about 10 minutes. These circuits are dramatically different than just doing the standard sit-up, however, that’s what you need to mix it up and keep your body guessing.

To keep your body guessing even more…

You can toggle with the amount of reps or weight on some of the exercises. If you incorporate the circuits you will be on your way to getting a tighter more sculpted midsection in no time!

-Terry Asher

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