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I hate running to be honest… It’s often boring and consumes a lot of time.You must be wondering as to what kind of a start that is for a running article, but I have always believed in calling a spade a spade. 

Why the hell should I sugar-coat something?

I am here to show you the right way of doing things and while I love fitness to death, it doesn’t mean that I am going to like every single thing related to staying fit.

I’ve had tons of marathon guys who asked me to run with them and I even at one point purchased “Born to Run”. The book did inspire me and I thought I would take up running whole heartedly, but then the inspiration died with the same speed as it had come. So, regardless of whether you are a runner or not, you are going to learn a couple good points here about cardio. So, let’s take a closer look and you will understand what I am talking about.

Here’s a couple of tips for those who detest running like me. You do not have to mandatorily run on your treadmill or spend hours jogging for losing weight. There is an alternative and I would even go on to say that it is much better than running around. So, are you getting curious as to what the heck am I talking about?

Let me introduce you to interval training which is an advanced form of training.

Wondering why do I propagate this form?

The reason lies in the fact that it can burn calories much more efficiently when you compare it with steady boring cardio. Apart from this, when you are opting for interval training running, you will find that the aerobic breathing capacity, which you have, will increase too.

Another great tactic I use to make my runs more interesting are to perform this outside. I enjoy being outside, soaking in vitamin d and taking a break from being indoors. If you want to know the factual differences of running outside vs. inside you can check out an old article I wrote here.

Before you get too excited and want to jump on the bandwagon, you need to know that interval running should only be done by those who are in a somewhat decent shape. You should have some touch with prior exercising before you can get on with interval running.

Why I Can’t Get Myself To Like Cardio?

I don’t want to get into a war here but steady cardio is not only boring but inefficient as well. I get bored from long runs and especially dislike losing muscle building gains. I end up cursing and swearing every time I choose to have a cardio session. You can also find other places in the fitness community where people will give you precise reason why steady cardio isn’t as good as people make it to be.

If you love running, you would probably be giving me that big eyed stare that says that I am a bag of shit for even suggesting you that running isn’t the ultimate thing. Do not be so crossed with me; let me take you through interval training and by the end, you will find just exactly what I am talking about.

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What Is Interval Training?

Interval training is the type of exercise where you need to vary both the speed and intensity of your running. Ideally, the time duration for such runs is pretty short. The running intervals are such that you jog at a comfortable speed for three minutes or so. After that, push your body and kick your ass for the next 1 minute. After you feel like your body has drained down, get back to the three minute job. Repeat this cycle over and over again until you just can’t go on anymore or you have reached your goal.

When you are engaged in interval training running, you will build up your oxygen capacity and the speed of burning calories is going to push higher too. Along with it, I have spotted that it leads to an after-burn effect which means that even after your jog is over, your metabolism rate is high and so you keep losing calories even after the jog is done.

Why Should You Choose Interval Running?

The heart is actually a muscle. You have to exert it, push it and force it into movement. With running intervals, you can pump up your heart and it is the ideal way to kick your butt and make your muscle stronger.

A healthier physique:

Call me shallow or superficial, but chicks like good physiques just like we do. So, if you want an overall sexy physique that makes you earn the tag of “fit”, it is interval training that will be a big help.

Aerobic and anaerobic capacity:

There are scientific studies that indicate how both your aerobic and anaerobic capacity can be increased when you carry out the right form of interval training running.

Oh yes and of course the #1 reason gym junkies should be choosing interval training is because it doesn’t strip us of our gains. If your skeptical just Google “sprinter” verse “marathon” runner, notice most marathon runners suffer from what I like to call “skinny fat syndrome”. Sprinters however keep there gains and still have a great bodybuilding look.

How To Interval Running?

Are you looking to get the full story?

Here I am, ready to give you provide you with your first interval run. What’s the good news?

You can keep your gains from the gym, workout in less time and still get cardio benefits. So, burn the extra fat off your butt and keep your gains at the same time.

Here’s the routine to follow for the next three weeks,

  • Warm-up: get the blood running. You can indulge in light walking or increase the speed a little. Stretch a little after you have warmed your body.
  •  Now, increase your pace to 70 percent of the full effort that you can give and keep it intact for have a minute. Follow it with 2 minutes of decreased speed.
  • Now, increase up your speed to 75 percent of full effort and keep it going for half a minute. Once again, drop it down and jog for 2 minutes at reduced speed.
  • Continue with this pattern and stretch it to 80, 85, 90 and full effort which you can apply.
  • Finally, devote 5 minutes to final light jogging to get your muscles to come back to normal pace.


This is the thing to follow and trust me because I do it several times a week. It’s made me enjoy doing cardio instead of hating it.

So, if you want a ripped body, interval training might be the way to go. Make sure to follow what I have told and you are likely to come back here and thank me for helping you shape your body in the most effective manner. Remember unless you’re an endurance runner, interval training/running is going to be more effective for gym junkies.You can also enjoy interval training with other types of cardio such as swimming, elliptical, jump rope, boxing and the list goes on.

Ever since I got this training regime, I have not been following anything else. Despite my abhorrence for running, I am now happy when I have to do cardio.

-Terry Asher

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