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Dynatropin (previously “Secretropin”) a natural human growth hormone that is now being released directly to consumers after over 15+ years of clinic use and documentation by national and international medical communities validating its safety and effectiveness.

In other words, this stuff is no joke. We’ve heard about this stuff before and did our research and became even more intrigued after what we found. Dynatropin has been featured on The Joe Rogan Experience (you can find the actual video on their website if you’re interested in watching) and the testimonials on it are impressive.

Pretty incredible! 

So, naturally, we had to do a review on it and cannot wait to share with you guys. How could you not try something that is natural and promotes optimal living?

Well, we couldn’t!


Dynatropin is the only oral, non-prescription, growth hormone secretagogue (GH stimulator) that has been distributed exclusively by Physicians since 2006.

It has been shown to increase the production and release of your own Growth Hormone by up to 650%. It is made up of a combination of natural products, amino acids, and Botanical extracts, that have each been documented to augment the night time production of growth hormone.

They have been suspended within a protective bubble of Nanoliposomes to protect them from the natural destruction caused by stomach acid. This allows for optimal absorption and maximal production of GH. It is known to increase lean muscle mass, help you lose body fat, increase your sex drive, improve sleep cycles, lift your mood & increase mental clarity.

It has also been shown to have anti-aging properties, improve skin complexion, and last but not least, improve pain patterns and help those who suffer from traumatic brain injury among many other things that all promote your overall well being.


Dynatropin is made up of less than 12 essential scientifically researched ingredients proven to naturally increase growth hormone levels.

Some of the most significant agents are Arginine – an amino acid that has the ability to decrease the brain’s production of Somatostatin, a chemical that shuts down GH production. Mucina pruriens – is a plant that has dopamine in it which directly turns GH production up. GABA, alpha-ketoglutarate, and Pyroglutamate all up-regulate the production of GH.

DynaTropin works by stimulating known pathways in the brain that boost production of Growth Hormone while you sleep. According to the medical literature, the benefits from a healthy level of growth hormone are many. Do not confuse this with other growth hormone supplements and secretagogues on the market. Until now, DynaTropin was only available for dispensing by physicians. Results from multiple clinical test centers show that DynaTropin can raise IGF-1 and IGFBP-3 levels by 50 – 200%.


Along with the benefits we have already mentioned in this review, the additional

benefits of this product include (but are not limited to)

●  Fat loss

●  Improved mental health and emotional well being

●  Improved thyroid hormone production (T3)

●  Improved kidney Vitamin D production

●  Reduction of inflammation

●  Reduced homocysteine

●  Reduced blood sugar

●  Improved wound healing

●  Improved cystic fibrosis

●  Improved muscle myosin production

●  Improvement of a failing heart

●  Stimulates tendon collagen synthesis

●  Improved bone density

●  Improved postoperative lung functioning

●  Increased sex drive

●  Improved sleep

●  Muscle recovery

●  No injections required

●  No prescription required

Injectable Human Growth Hormones require special laboratory testing before you can receive a prescription from your physician. Many times, even with the testing, the insurance companies will not pay the $400-$700 a month. However, Dynatropin is less than $130 and is taken by mouth and not by injection, which is a plus in our book.


Honestly, none. The price is a little steep, but as the saying goes “you get what you pay for”. It’s true. And when it comes to your health and quality of life, it is especially worth it.


You can purchase this product directly from their site here. It’s normally $128, but guess what…

It’s on sale! Right now you’ll only pay $89.00… and you do NOT have to worry about any scammy rebills or junk like that with this product. One bottle will last you 2 months and The majority of patients experience noticeable benefits in less than just 30 days.


If by now you are somehow still debating on whether or not you should try this product, let us help you decide – Our answer is YES. It is worth more than just a try. Dynatropin has a plethora of physical and mental benefits, it is natural, well designed and researched and overall just an outstanding product. Gym Junkie approved.

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