Who Are The Top English Bodybuilders?


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Are you always on the look out for inspiration?

Do you want to follow people with like minded goals on social media and read about their insights through their blogs?

Thankfully, in the modern world we live in it is possible to track down all kinds of inspirational individuals. If you’re a bodybuilder there are plenty of men and women bodybuilders showing off their lifts and their routines online.

Want to get a bit more specific and follow English bodybuilders?

Sure thing. There are plenty to follow. So, whether you want to learn from their own activities or you want to follow their career and their competitions you can do exactly this. Here are a handful of the most popular English bodybuilders you can currently follow. 

English Bodybuilders

McGuirk Brothers

This one is going to give you a two-for-one following. Zack and Callum McGuirk hail from Blackpool and have been in the major competition circuit for several years now (they compete in the classic bodybuilding category). Of the two Callum is the most recognized in terms of performance as he has been awarded the UKBFF Physique championship several times.

When you follow either of the two on Instagram you will find not only pictures from photo shoot sessions but they will offer product reviews, pictures of their workouts, and other insights. They have both pictures and videos included on their Instagram profiles.

Jamie Johal

With a nickname like “Giant” you know he means business. He has won the UK BFF Superheavyweight championship previously. Jamie has been blessed with an already solid, tall frame, but what he’s done with his body is impressive.

If he wanted to play the villian in any kind of James Bond movie he absolutely could. You might not have the kind of physical gifts of Jamie Johal, but that’s alright. Sometimes it’s nice to see what individuals with physical gifts are doing with their body. There are other British bodybuilders on this list who have the everyman body (shorter, maybe not the perfect athletic build) which are great for your own personal goals (if you fall into that physique category), but Jamie is fun just to check out to see what the human body is capable of.

Zac Fotheringham


If you’re looking for a British bodybuilder who doesn’t go extreme with the muscle size but instead has a potentially obtainable appearance (if you’re willing to put in the work) Zac is the person to follow. He has regularly placed at bodybuilding competitions and he has exceptional form, even though his body might be on the smaller side when compared to individuals like Jame “Giant” Johal.

If you’re someone who wants to go about being a natural bodybuilder Zac is someone you absolutely need to follow. He is also a transformation and workout couch. He was named the Midland Coach of the Year in 2019, and he’s bringing on new clients if you you’re serious about your own bodybuilding and want the help of a professional.

You can follow some of his clients as he regularly posts photos not only of his own workouts but of the success and gains of others. Some of the transformations are truly incredible and prove just about anyone can drop weight, put on muscle, and transform their bodies. When looking for inspiration make sure to give him a follow.

Josh Maley

Mr. Maley has been in the world of bodybuilding for about a decade now. He has also garnished a number of awards over the last few years, including winning NABBA’s Mr. Britain in 2015. He went on to place third at the NABBA Mr. Universe competition.

Josh goes into an exceptional amount of detail on his Instagram page, which makes him an excellent follow when you want to gain added knowledge of what it is like to compete and train like a professional bodybuilder. He will show off his different workouts designed to hit the varying muscle groups. He’ll show his meal plans for training, bulking up, cutting, and other times of the year.

He’ll also dive into his cheap meals and what he often consumes. He also has some workout information for using bands, if you want to learn about band workouts (or if you’re unable to hit the gym and are forced to workout at home).

Through Josh’s Instagram page you’ll also find connections to a number of products he likes to use, plus his YouTube channel. His YouTube channel is a nice place to find additional insights for workouts, stretching, and meal planning.

His channel is on the newer side, so he’s just building it, but he posts about once a week, so when you want even more information than what his Instagram page offers, make sure to head over to his YouTube page as well.

Lisa Cross

female bodybuilder

When it comes to female bodybuilders you’ll be hard pressed to find anyone else who can compete with Lisa Cross.

Of everyone on this list she might be one of the most intense lifters. As an IFBB professionally she is going to show you the ins and outs of her workout. There are fitness poses on her Instagram page as well as videos of her different lifts.

She shows off free weight lifts as well as machines, so you’ll get all of this. She also has her Instagram channel split up into different categories, including off season workouts, prejudging shows, competitions, and even some snaps of her dogs. Through her Instagram page you will find a link to her website and to her training team, if you’re interested in learning more about how to train like Lisa Cross.

Lisa Cross originally hailed from Rochdale before studying Russian and politics at Birmingham University. However, she eventually went on to compete, making her debut at the IFBB in Tampa, Florida in 2014. She went on to win the IFBB Omaha Pro event the following year.

Joey Farrell

Another bodybuilder who has been competing for several years now, Joey Farrell has placed both third and second at the UKBFF competitions. He was named junior Mr. Wales prior to entering into the UKBFF competitions as well.

Through his Instagram page you can find his workout videos as well as some insights into his supplementation, dieting, and a slew of other helpful information. He also offers some transformation information, which is great when you want further inspiration to help you and your own workout. The videos and pics offer a slew of helpful insights and you can contact him through the Instagram page if you’re interested in an online coach to help you with your fitness goals.

Trevor Crouch

Here is a British bodybuilder you might know better from Hollywood movies than from lifting and fitness (of course when you see him on screen you know he’s an avid lifter). Trevor Crouch has appeared in movies including Snatch. He’s not only a bodybuilder but a power lifter in that his record for lifting includes 660 pounds on the squat (for a full five reps), 800 pounds for deadlift, and 500 pounds for the bench press.

Trevor didn’t just start in Hollywood though. He started out as a liter earlier in his career. He was awarded the WFBB championship back in 2011 and continued his competitions, although his film career did take some time away from his competitions.

Darren Ball

Darren is a father as well as a gym owner. He’s also a bodybuilder. He started into the world of bodybuilding back in the early 2000s. Eventually he received first place at the EFBB Leicester Heavyweights in 2006, first place at the UKBFF British Finals Heavy Weights in 2007, and then the Belgium Hercules competition in 2008.

You can follow Darren Ball on Instagram. As he is a gym owner he has access to all kinds of equipment and he’s always willing to share different workout tips and insights. Additionally, as he is a family man you’ll find some content with his family and children, although he tends to not go too deep into this (wanting to keep most of his personal life private).

He does have his own YouTube channel where you can learn more information about him and what he has been doing of late. Because there is a slew of fitness photos as well as some family pics scattered in it does help break up some of the content.

Paul Jenkins

With a nickname like “Boulders,” he’s absolutely worth checking out. The sad thing about Paul Jenkins is that he doesn’t have an Instagram account, so you can’t actively receive updates from him on a regular basis.

However, there is plenty of content on him available on YouTube, ranging from his performance at varying competitions to his own workouts. Sometimes YouTube is absolutely the better place to go for workout information as you can receive longer videos with additional instructions that you simply would not receive through Twitter or Instagram.

Paul Jenkins first started to compete as a bodybuilder back in 2004. He competed in the EFBB light heavyweight class. He took second place during this competition. Paul still competes and you can often find him around the British bodybuilding circuit.

Mark Stevenson

When you want to half chest goals, Mark Stevenson is the guy you want to look at. He’s a smaller guy, standing at just five feet, six inches tall. And yet, even at this height, he weighs in at 210 pounds and has a 49 inch chest. His legs also are 27 inches.

There are guys who stand that tall who don’t even have a waist of that size, so having 27 inch legs is truly impressive. And yet, even at this short size, he’s able to deadlift 500 pounds (four reps) and bench press 400 pounds (four reps).

Mark isn’t much for social media. He does have a Twitter account when you can check out, although he hasn’t actively posted in some time now. So you can grab some of his older workouts if you’d like, as well as a number of videos of him lifting, but other than the handful of Tweets he has sent out he isn’t someone you’ll find wandering the world of social media.

Noah Sibide

Want to grow your arms? Want a British bodybuilder you can follow that will show you how he does it?

Well, you probably want to follow someone with the nickname “Big Guns,” right?

All of this points to Noah Sidibe. He won his first bodybuilding competition when he was 17 and hasn’t turned back yet. He continues to compete in British bodybuilding championships around the country as well as international competitions.

If you’re interested in checking out Noah you’ll find almost all of his content on YouTube. As we’ve mentioned earlier YouTube is probably the place to go when you want truly helpful information.

Instagram is fine for a base, to look through photographs and to get quick bits of information, but YouTube will provide you with far more information than what you’d get anywhere else (so if you are looking to become a bodybuilder yourself  this is the way to go).

On his YouTube channel Noah will demonstrate different workouts, including not only workouts for his arms, but workouts for his chest, shoulders, legs, and everywhere else on the body you might need a workout for.

Vegetarian diet bodybuilder

In Conclusion

There is plenty of inspiration out there if you’re looking for it. Whether you’re from the UK or you’re simply interested in following English bodybuilders there are all kinds of options to consider. These are just some of the options out there. But you can always search for British bodybuilders through Instagram or your social media platform of choice. You’ll find plenty listed. And many also offer added information on YouTube if you want to learn routines, lifts, and gain more insights from them.

So, whether you want inspiration, motivation, or just want to see what people can do with their bodies when properly motivated, there are all kinds of options out there waiting for you to check out.

-Terry Asher

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Who Are The Top English Bodybuilders?
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