15 Hottest Fitness Instagram Accounts


Need another reason to get onto Instagram? How about 15 of them? Here are the 15 hottest fitness Instagram accounts you need to follow today!

With Instagram being media-based, it’s the perfect outlet for fitness media that you can obsess over. Fitness accounts on Instagram can vary by style and approach. Typically, the best performing accounts on Instagram have a theme not only for content but also for visual aesthetics. Users love to see pretty pictures and accounts that take the care to show not just pictures, but well-crafted pictures.


They’re more exciting to see. People also like a variety. They want photos of different things in different places.

Throw in some videos and you have a winner!

When it comes to the approach accounts can vary widely. Some offer a purely photo and video based inspirational account that fill your feed with the motivation to get and stay fit. Others give real tips for working out. Some even include recipes to help you eat healthy (because you can’t truly be healthy without fitness and nutrition). And, a good amount of them splash in some lifestyle to make it personal and make users feel like it’s all more relatable.

With a lot of options out there, who’s best to follow?

What accounts would cater to what you like? If you’re not sure where to start or are just looking for new fitness accounts to follow, we can help. Here’s a varied list of the 15 hottest fitness Instagram accounts.

#1 Tanya Poppett @tanyapoppett

This Sydney based fitness instructor has an aesthetic and diverse Instagram. There’s a great mix of inspiring photos, workout videos, food pictures, inspirational quotes, and messages. The fitness photos and videos offer workout suggestions to get you interested in her app called Train With Tanya. This account has a beautiful rhythm for promoting a fit lifestyle that will be sure to keep you motivated and give you tips.

Rather than focusing on a crazy diet or specific routine, her overall approach seems to be one of balance. 

What does that include?

You need a balance of good foods, habits, and workouts. The inspiration is also never-ending with this cutie in a sports bra, easily appealing to all genders. And, since Instagram is a mainly media-based platform, it’s refreshing to see a beautifully orchestrated fitstagram with great colors and pictures. The best Instagrams have a visual theme and this one is spot on. Definitely, a high recommendation to follow this one!

#2 Katrina and Karena @toneitup

Founders of Tone It Up and Perfect Fit, these girls have a lot to offer. This dynamic duo’s website not only offers a nutrition plan you can pay for, but they also give free workout plans for varying day amounts. They’re not only great for beginners, but also for people just looking to add some variety to what they already know and do!

Their Instagram account has it all. It includes a variety of workout photos, lifestyle photos, and videos. They’re sure to keep you smiling and to remind you to think about your health and fitness. Their pro videos are the best part of this account and will likely be what makes you curious to check out what they have for sale on their website. Overall, the account is a bit sporadic. But, it does focus on health and fitness in a positive light to keep you inspired!

#3 Amanda Bisk @amandabisk

Beautiful poses and photos galore. Can’t beat that! This former pole-vaulter Aussie is an exercise physiologist, athletics coach and yoga instructor with a 12-week training program called Fresh Body Fit Mind. She’s stylish, smiley and cute with an excellent Instagram aesthetic.

Even the quote photos fit with the overall look of the account. And those food photos are mouth-watering! Plus, one of the best things about this account is how much it feels like a regular person, but still focuses on the healthy lifestyle theme. It’s likely most appealing to yogis, dancers, and runners. Still, it can surely offer fitspiration to anyone looking to achieve or maintain that hot bod!

#4 Terry Asher @TerryAsher

This former skinny boy and founder of GymJunkies.com changed his best friends life with personal training and then took the health and fitness industry by storm after. His winning smile, motivational posts and active pictures are sure to remind you of the lifestyle you want to have.

He also participates in things like trail running, which equates to over 42 miles a week, to get you feeling jazzed and excited about fitness goals. He’s got a different style than the most physique competitors already listed to offer some variety to the typical workout guy. Follow this fun-loving sensation for reminders that a healthy and fit lifestyle also means a happy and fun lifestyle!

#5 Curtis Williams @curtiswilliams17

Workout videos with a little spice of quotes, lifestyle pictures, and marketing for his company Training C.A.M.P. fill up this motivational fitness account. He’s an NFL athlete, member of the Under Armour Performance Training Council and the first Director of Strength and Conditioning at New York University. He is also certified as a Performance Enhancement Specialist by the National Association of Sports Medicine.

With this well-earned resume, Williams offers real world knowledge and encouragement focusing on performance and overall body movement. He posts mostly videos of real people working out in his program, as well as promotions for his company. It’s refreshing to watch everyday people work through it, especially since most accounts only show the glamorous final product. Follow this account for great tips and real-world motivation!

Push your limits & challenge yourself with every workout! #workoutwednesday

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#6 Marie Purvis @mariepurvis

Nike NTC Global and Master Trainer Marie Purvis posts great photos in diverse locations. Practically always smiling, this workout guru has great fitness style. She not only posts fun pictures of her enjoying her workout but also her with other fit people.

This girl will get you excited about the lifestyle of someone who lives for fitness. And, she’ll inspire you to include it into your daily life too. She’ll also participate in challenges, such as Nike’s 21-day #betterforit challenge, to get you interested in new ways to stay fit.

What more could you want?

#7 Hunter Cook @hunterfitness

This super flexible fitness guru includes cool and intriguing yoga pose pictures and workout videos. Some of his poses make you wonder if he does contortionist work. The cool thing about this account is how it includes varying fitness styles. That’s especially unique for a male fitness fanatic.

Also, most of his videos take place in a gym – even when it’s only body movement – which is a testament to how well this guy blends his workout styles. If you’re looking to fill your feed with fun fitness tidbits and amazing male flexibility, this is a great account to follow.

#8 Emily Skye @emilyskyefit

With about 1.4 million followers, this Instagrammer actually has the blue check by her name for official recognition. She’s also got a meal and workout program you can follow on her website. This account offers great workout videos with suggestions, as well as pictures upon pictures of Ms. Skye showing off her fit bod.

The workout videos are really clear and have bold text to tell you what’s going on. It really depends on what type of motivation you’re looking for when choosing an account to follow. If smiling fit pics, random lifestyle photos and a splash of workout videos inspires you, then this is a good account to follow.

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#9 Chriss Mogg @livingmovingbeing

Another cute Aussie fitness girl, this account is loaded with fitness videos, photos and delicious looking food pics. Add in a side of funny quotes and she’s got a winner. Want beautiful photos? She delivers. Want to follow a beautiful girl? She’s an option. How about beautiful food? It’s all here.

She also throws in tips in her picture captions to keep you thinking about your fitness. As well, she’s got a blog full of longer, more flushed out advice and recipes. It’s all on a mat or outdoors – no gym. And while she’s obviously big into yoga and showing off her poses, she also includes real workout vids, too. She takes the cake for best incorporated, well-described and aesthetically pleasing food pictures for a fitness account!

#10 Ben Booker @thebenbooker

For male fit pics of inspiration, there’s Ben Booker. He’s a Daily Burn trainer and the owner/founder of Second Chance Fitness gym.

There are a lot of weight-training videos on this account. There is also some of his family and the everyday person may find extra inspiration from a family man. This account would likely also be motivating for bodybuilders or competitors as this guy is absolutely shredded!

I wrote a review of 2016 for myself, to process the amazing and intense year I had, but I’ve decided to share it with you! {link in bio} # It’s called “A Nomadic, Open-Hearted YES: My 2016 In Review.” Be warned: it’s long, unrelated to body image, and not intended to teach anyone anything. # Instead, I’m sharing it only because so many of you have been eagerly keeping up with my travels the last year, and have asked me questions about why I went certain places, what the experience was like, and what I’ve learned. (Hint: SO MUCH.) # If you’re at all curious about me, my life, or my travels, this blog post is for you- click the link in my bio to read it! # Consider it a behind-the-scenes look at both my life, and the way I write when I don’t have a word limit. ???? # Here’s to 2017!!

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#11 Jessi Kneeland @JessiKneeland

With a strong focus on yoga poses (and a good amount of nude yoga pose pictures), this girl is a TedX speaker and the founder of Remodel Fitness. You’ll find workout videos and pretty fitness pose photos.

It’s a fun mix of working out in the gym and out of the gym. The account actually seems to go through phases of what’s focused on. You may see gym pics for a couple weeks and then all outdoor pics after that.

For frequent motivation to improve your flexibility and strength, this is a great account to follow!

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#12 Tony Sentmanat @realworld_tactical

Here’s a funstagram that mixes fitness with firearms. This USMC Veteran, 1st Phorm Athlete, and MMA Trainer showcases his tactical skills both in the gym and out. With photos and videos, this is an action-packed account.

It gives a real world perspective from someone who packs a serious punch. This is likely most inspirational to anyone who wears a uniform or has considered it. It might also appeal to those who take part in any combat fighting or MMA because this guy looks tough and lifts heavy.

Looking for a way to mix up your cardio? Give your joints a break from the pounding of running with some intervals on the bike. Here are two of my favorite sets I do on my bike days. 1) For 30 seconds alternate every 3-4 pedals from sitting to standing, keeping your posture and your core firing as you transition. Then, 30 seconds off of normal peddling. Repeat 5-10 times. 2) 30 seconds at a comfortable pace, 30 seconds at a sprint, 30 seconds slow pedaling with hard resistance, and 30 seconds standing for a total of 2 minutes. Repeat 5 times or as much as you like. #fitness #health #fitnessdruggie #fitnessmotivation #fitpso #TFIT #legguide #buttguide #squatvideos #squatadvice #FitGirlVideos @fitgirlvideos #sixpackfemmes #LegionOfBoom #1stphorm #iam1stphorm #1stphorm4life #nextlevelshit #cardio #bike #bikeintervals #intervals

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#13 Tamara Aboumrad @tamsfitness

Newer on the Instagram fitness block, this girl is sure to climb. With workout videos, tips and recipes galore, she really offers you everyday advice to bump up your healthy lifestyle.

If you don’t mind the don’t-care-about-the-camera-work look, this account has a lot to share. As an ex-division 1 athlete, this fitness freak provides variety and another real world perspective. And, with about 18.9k followers at less than 100 posts, she’s on fire so far.

#14 Elliott Drew @fit_with_el

And here’s the last cute Aussie fit girl that makes the cut. Aesthetic photos, a variety of fitness and yoga, some food pics and a splash of lifestyle – this account is fun and offers up that frequent motivation of what you want your healthy lifestyle to be. This personal trainer also offers sessions, programs, a blog and YouTube videos to add to her Instagram inspiration.

The cool thing about this account is that it isn’t overloaded with yoga poses, not that we don’t like yoga poses. This girl just shows a little more variety in her fit pics. It’s refreshing to the Instagram world. Also, if you’re into fitness fashion, she’s got great style photos of her fit wear. This account doesn’t have much how-to advice or tips. It does offers great fitspiration and pictures to keep you thinking about your lifestyle and how healthy, fit and happy you want it to be.

#15 Joanne Encarnacion @gofitjo

This SF Bay Area mom is on a journey. She became a mom at 21 and in 2013 she started a fitness and health transformation. She went from a size 12/14 to a size 2 in just one year. With a husband and two kids, this is a relatable real world account that offers a recurring reminder that no matter where you are in life, you can overcome and you can be who you want to be. You can have the fit and healthy lifestyle you’ve dreamed of no matter what.

Her Instagram account is a mix of fitness photos and lifestyle photos with a great aesthetic to boot. Plus, her photo aesthetic is completely different from all the other accounts. It has a more artistic approach and less vibrant, more urban color theme.


Girls make better fitness accounts. Just kidding! Well, not really. Instagram is a great place. It lets you focus on media and because fitness requires that visual aspect, it has a wonderful home on Instagram. Hopefully, some of these accounts cater to what you like. They’re sure to keep you motivated to stay healthy and fit!

By Alyssa Bright



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