Top Military Workouts


Military Workouts

Today I have a special guest Ryan Davis who is former marine that is going to give us some great military workouts. 

Many people are interested in “seal workouts” or “marine” type workouts and today we will share some.

Let’s hear more…

It’s much different than standard training because you have so many things going on around you at once during boot camp. For example In my field you have to often times run with a heavy backpack or run on very uneven terrain. You deal with extreme conditions such as driving in the ocean with freezing temperatures, or training where it is so hot you’re literally shaking. This is everyday life as a marine, so that why training is so important…

This is everyday life as a marine, so that why training is so important…

These workouts will be in the intermediate training level for us gym junkies. A lot of these exercises are core based as well since a stronger core leads to stronger overall body composition.

Issues With Military Training Workouts

A big problem I see is poor form from individuals who take certain classes such as cross fit or boot camps, which is often classified as “Military Workouts”. I applaud those who are going to the classes and making the effort to stay fit, however, it’s important to avoid injury as well. By training incorrectly it could lead to muscles imbalances and even worse a serious injury.

Unfortunately, you will suffer from an injury if your not careful training. During training, my left hand was crushed by a tank and I had to go through strenuous physical therapy.

I know it was horrible…

Many Classes have you do power cleans, dead lifts and kettle bells 4 to 5 times could be making you over train and not giving your muscles enough time to heal. Therefore increasing the possibility of injury, which will then lead to you not being able to hit the gym. Remember form is everything and it’s ok to ask another individual to watch you and correct you if needed. Always remember to start slow and start with a beginner workout before going to an advanced workout.

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Army Workouts

The workouts I have composed  today come from going through two military boot camps and various military drills. The workouts will get you toned, improve your endurance, and help you build lean muscle. Here are some basic exercises for the gym junkie.

Workout 1:

  1. Sprint one mile (you can do this outside or on the treadmill)
  2. Take a weight of 50lbs or more and perform standing chest presses of 100.
  3. Take a heavy weight and drag across the floor about 20 yards then pick it up and run back.

If running on the treadmill make sure your incline is at 2.0. Anything less does not simulate running outside and the calories you would burn.

Workout 2:

  1. Perform max set of pull-ups (20 minimum)
  2. 100 crunches
  3. 3 mile run
  4. Max set push ups

Make sure you perform crunches with your hands next to you head. When you perform a sit up you are putting your pelvis into an anterior tilt and engaging your hip flexors. Also do not cross your arms over you chest. This pulls on your posture forward.

Workout 3: 

  1. 15 Medicine Ball Burpes
  2. 20 side lunges.

While holding the medicine ball go down to a push-up with your hands on the medicine ball. You will feel your stabilizer muscles being engaged. Jump up in the air with the medicine ball and when you land stay in a squat position and lunge to the side. Start from one end of the room then all the way down to the other end.

If you want to make it more challenging you can add a sprint when you reach your end point of the lunges.

Workout 4:

A. 25 Push-Ups

B. 25 Jumping Jacks

C.25 Jump Squats Countdown

Perform 25 of each then 24,23,22…. of each then so on until you hit 1!

Workout 5:

A. Laying on your back perform 25 leg lifts

B. 25 scissors then

C. 25 flutter kicks

Repeat 3 times.

Make sure during leg lifts your back comes off the ground. Other wise you will be putting pressure on your cervical spine and engaging your hip-flexors.

army rangers training

Military Bodyweight Workout & Other Variations

On workout 1 sometimes we would buddy drag each other then lift each other across our shoulders instead of weight. This is more difficult as it a “un even weight” but more realistic in actual combat.

You can also change workout duration, volume or repetitions to mix it up. Sometimes if you simulate workout in an unstable environment it is considered more “real”. For instance, instead of doing 25 push ups on the ground you could do them on a Bosu ball.

If you are a trainer these are also great for group training as well.  You can also include different variations in-group training as well to mix up your class schedule.

Best Military Workout Program For Your Difficulty Level

These workouts are around intermediate level. These workouts are something that you are capable of accomplishing, however, it may take time to complete some of these without stopping. My body is still under construction and I continue to pick up new training tactics everyday. There was a point and time where I could not perform all of these until I went through Army basic training and Marine Corps boot camp so don’t feel discouraged if it takes you a couple weeks to move through the workouts.

My body is still under construction and I continue to pick up new training tactics every day. There was a point and time where I could not perform all of these until I went through Army basic training and Marine Corps boot camp so don’t feel discouraged if it takes you a couple weeks to move through the workouts.

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Remember to check your form when going through these workouts, so you can avoid injury at all costs. If the workout are too hard or too easy toggle with different variations for your fitness level. It’s also good to perform some of these exercises in unstable environments to simulate a true military workout.

Special thanks for gymjunkies for having me on today.  I have gained a great amount of knowledge working with such an amazing team! I also would like to dedicate this to my fallen brother who is our hero Justin Fowler.

-Ryan Davis


  1. This is such a good post, the military folks are certainly doing something right. It’s nice to see their strategies shared so others can see the same benefits. Can these exercises be done daily? I didn’t see anything beyond the sets to do, and was curious if they are recommended as daily, or twice daily? What would you suggest for frequency?

  2. Hi guys,

    There are two photos here. On the first one, a girl runs. She is wearing a Soviet (Russian) – style camouflage. The second photo on the right shows a soldier in a blue beret. The cockade is similar to the Russian one. And the background there is similar to the Russian one. I think they’re Russians. I know that.

    About the training. The good old Navy Seal scheme. 60 min workout: 1) Pull-ups, 2) Push-ups, 3) I added hyperextensions, 4) Stomach, 5) Legs. Everything is done in different ways.

    I’ve converted this circuit into a circuit workout. Each round lasts 60 seconds, pause 30 seconds. Four rounds take 30 minutes. Each time, the exercises are performed in different ways.

    Recommend a high-intensity circular workout duration of 20 minutes and a repetition rate of 2-3 times a week. It should be taken into account that the duration of training depends on its intensity. The circuit workout I gave here is an intense workout, but it can be more intense. A real high-intensity workout is when there is nowhere more intense. I’m talking about the cardiorespiratory load at the end of the round. If the round ends with a submaximal pulse rate, it means that the cardiorespiratory load was highly intense.

    Let me remind you, here the circuit training is intense, but not highly intense, so it can be performed for 30 minutes. Frequency – as the muscles recover. I think we can do it in a day.

    Igor Kozlovskiy, MD DM, Combat Veteran, Russia

  3. Attention, please correct

    Instead: I’ve converted this circuit into a circuit workout”
    Correctly: I changed this sequence workout to a circuit training.



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