How To Get Bigger Boobs With Exercise


How To Get Bigger Boobs

Want a bigger chest? It’s something a lot of women wish for. You don’t have to wish. We bring you some exercises on how to get bigger boobs. You’re welcome!

A perfect figure is something all ladies who are gym rats strive for – those legs, delts, and abs!

What about those boobs, though?

Many women are unsatisfied with the size of their beloved boobs and wish they were larger.

The proof is in the stats. Dr. Donald Brown cited data from the National Institute of Health (NIH), the American Society of Plastic Surgeons and the United States Census, which showed that, “4.93% of women in the United States have undergone breast augmentation surgery, and that enough implants have been created since 1997 to fill an Olympic-sized swimming pool!” That was back in 2012, and the trend for buying boobs is not slowing.

However, breast augmentations are extremely costly, and they come with many health risks.

Don’t you wish you could naturally enhance your bust size with no surgery?

Well, you can!

There are many exercises you can perform to increase your bust size.


How To Increase Breast Size With Exercises

By strengthening your pectoral muscles, which are under the fatty tissue that makes up your breast, you can actually increase your bust size. Chest exercises do not increase fat, only gaining weight can accomplish that. What you are actually targeting is increasing your pectoral muscle size, which will still increase the size of your bust line.

Think of the shirtless bodybuilders you have seen, like Arnold Schwarzenegger. He obviously worked on his chest and quite often. As a young man, he had rounded, protruding and thick pectoral muscles.

Men who don’t lift have a flat chest. Think of Daniel Radcliffe, also known as Harry Potter. He’s flat!

It’s the same concept for women.

The difference is that women have additional fatty tissue covering their pectoral muscles. The fat will not disappear because you develop the muscle under it. Building your pectoral muscles will round the pectoral muscle, pushing it outward. This pushes your breast tissue outward and actually gives your breasts a nice lift.

Plan Chest Day In Your Lifting Routine

Most women don’t wake up thinking, “Monday! AHHHH! It’s chest day!” like their male counterparts. Maybe in this situation thinking like a man can help you.

Plan chest days at the gym once or twice per week using a variety of the exercises. Here are the exercises you can perform to help you increase your bust size:

Ultimate Guide to Women’s Fitness

Wide Push-Ups

Drop down and give me 20!

Ok maybe that’s not a great push up challenge

Push-ups are old school and very effective for building pecs. They are also very challenging.

When completing push-ups, there are many varieties. Since you want to focus on the pectoral muscles, you should keep your hands in a wide position, moving them out from under your shoulders. That way you get less of a shoulder and triceps workout and more of a chest workout.

So get wide.

To perform the exercise, place both of your hands on the floor with your hands slightly wider than your shoulders and your feet together. Balance on your toes. Lower yourself to the ground getting your chin as close to the floor as possible by bending your elbows. Then push your body up again. Remember not to have a saggy midsection while performing this exercise.

Many women will find it too difficult on their toes. Switch to a kneeling position as a modification until you build the strength to do regular push-ups.


Wall Push-Ups

Another variation of the push-up, and the easiest of them all, is the wall push-up. No, you won’t be climbing walls like Spider-Man. Wall pushups are similar to regular push-ups except you use a wall to push against instead of the floor.

Stand about 1.5 to 2 feet away from a wall facing it. Lean in and place both of your hands straight out on the wall so they remain about even height with your shoulders. Keep your hand width slightly wider than your shoulders. Complete the push-up movement.


Feet Elevated Push-Ups

This is an advanced level exercise. Make sure that you can do three sets of regular push-ups before you attempt these.

To perform the exercise, elevate your legs by using a chair, the edge of a sofa or something that won’t move. Benches in the gym work great. The higher your feet are, the more challenging this will be. Place your hands on the floor slightly wider than shoulder-width apart, hoist into your push-up position and then complete the push-ups. Keep a rigid form.


Pull Towel To Chest

Do you have a hand-towel?

That’s all you need to help you perform the towel to chest pull.

To perform this exercise, grab a hand towel and hold it out in front of your chest about shoulder width’s grip apart, palms down. Pull outward on both sides of the towel at the same time keeping it taut. Then pull the towel in toward your chest. Focus on contracting your chest muscles throughout the move. Try doing this exercise continuously for about three minutes.

Palm Press

This exercise strengthens the chest muscles and relieves stress. You can do this sitting in your chair at work, at home on the couch or anywhere else.

To perform the exercise, sit with your back straight and put your hands in a prayer position in front of your chest. Keep your elbows bent at about 90 degrees; you will feel pressure. Your arms should be horizontal. Use your own strength to push your palms against each other. Make sure you push more from your chest and not your back. Hold as long as you can and repeat 10 reps for each of the three sets.

Unlike the previous exercises, the following will require you to use some gym equipment.

Arm Circles

This exercise is super simple, will function as a bust line enhancer and as a great warm-up exercise.

To perform the exercise, grab a set of light dumbbells (about 2.5 to 5 pounds each). Hold your arms out to your sides, horizontally. Rotate your arms in a circular motion forwards. Do these to exhaustion.


Dumbbell Squeeze Press

This takes the dumbbell press exercise and adds squeezing throughout. The constant squeeze is what makes the exercise highly effective for building your pectoral muscles since they must stay engaged the entire time.

To perform the exercise, get a pair of mid-weight dumbbells that you can handle. While holding them, lie back on the bench and push them over your chest. The edges of the dumbbells can touch. Lower them to your chest without touching your chest. Your elbows will come down by your sides. Push them back up until your arms are almost fully extended. Repeat for three sets of 10.

Dumbbell Flyes

If you have not done these before or cable flyes, you might want to get a spotter to make sure you do them the right way. You will need to get a feel for where your elbows should stop since you won’t be able to use a mirror to watch yourself. Your elbows should stop when they are at full extension, but you will still have a slight bend at the elbow and wrists.

To perform the exercise, get a light pair of dumbbells. While holding the dumbbells firmly, lie down on the bench. Keep your feet flat on the floor on each side of the bench for balance and stability. Extend both of your arms out to your sides, parallel to the floor. It’s almost like you are flying. Then lift the dumbbells over your head straight up over your chest without touching them together. Repeat for three sets of 10.

Assisted Chest Dips

If you are just beginning to build your chest, use the assisted chest dip machine in your gym. You should set a counterbalance weight to help you complete the exercise. The heavier you set it, the easier the exercise becomes. Pick a counterweight that makes you struggle on the last two reps in a set of 10.

As you get stronger, decrease the weight.

To perform the exercise, find the assisted chest dip machine in your gym. Ask a staff member where it is if you can’t find it. Just about every gym has one. Set the counterweight. Step up on the platform and grab the handles that are near your waistline. Place your knees on the platform and let it lower you until you lock your arms in place. Begin by lowering your body as far down as you can go without losing form. Try to get your arms into a 45-degree angle. Then push yourself up. Do three sets of 10.


Bench Press

Bench press is a staple exercise. You can perform it with the weighted bar or with dumbbells, however, you prefer. It is also good to do both variations for variety. If you can’t press 45 pounds, which is the weight of the straight bar, use dumbbells so you can lighten the weight.

Lie on the flat bench. When your eyes are under the bar, you are far enough under it. Keep your feet flat on the floor for stability. Reach up and grip the bar. Place your pinky on the smooth marks on the bar. This mark is to make sure you are holding the bar evenly. Grip the bar so it sits in the base of your palm.

Make sure your wrists are straight.

Un-rack the bar. While your elbows are locked, get the bar in correct placement over your chest. Lower the bar to mid-chest. Don’t touch the bar to your chest or bounce it off your chest. Press the bar from your mid-chest straight back up. Continue this motion for three sets of 10 reps. Add weight as you grow stronger.

Lying Medicine Ball Chest Pass

This is a great workout for your chest and for overall strength. You don’t need anyone to pass the medicine ball to in spite of what the name suggests. It will build both your chest and arms.

To perform the exercise, select a mid-weight medicine ball that you can throw upward. Lie on the floor facing upward with your knees bent and your feet flat. Take the medicine ball you selected and hold it directly over your chest in both hands. While keeping your back flat on the floor, throw the ball straight up into the air as high as you can. Catch it upon its return while keeping your arms straight. Lower the ball back to your chest and repeat for three sets of 12 reps.


Seated Shoulder Lifts – Lateral Raise

This exercise is great for toning your shoulders and creating a visual muscle balance between your shoulders and chest. If you can, start with 5-pound dumbbells.

To perform the exercise, find a workout bench with a built in back. Sit all the way back, so that the seat supports your back. Lift the dumbbells at the same time horizontally from your body until they are at the same height as your shoulders. Your palms should be facing down. Hold for two to five seconds and then lower the weights. Complete three sets of 10 to 12.

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A fully fit and fabulous female physique only feels and looks complete with our beloved boobs. Exercise can increase your bust line in a natural and safe way. You don’t have to be a surgical statistic to have a desirable breast size.

Remember that exercise will take time. It is not an overnight procedure like a breast augmentation. However, building muscles benefits your whole body. You will be happy with the appearance of an increased bust line and the firmness that exercise brings to your boobs!

By Sarah Chadwell


  1. Uncommon idea! Honestly speaking, I didn’t know about it but now I gain idea from your mind-blowing post. Then I like “Wide Push-Ups” method. But yes, another idea is also mind-blowing. I think that you will post in future also excellent idea.

  2. This is the great information you shared with us. Some other thoughts…
    Exercises don’t increase breast size necessarily as they will only make your chest area look more perky and full. Exercises to increase breast size work by toning up your pectoral muscles, which are muscles that rest right below your breasts. So your goal should be to do exercises that target your pectoral muscles specifically so they can appear larger. Breast enlargement workouts may be practiced unassisted in the comfort of your home. However, seek guidance from a qualified instructor initially, since incorrect form and technique may lead to pain and injury. Moreover, in addition to exercise, it’s crucial that you wear a bra that offers the appropriate amount of support for your breasts especially during workouts, because constant bouncing which may result in sagging.


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