Top 15 Highest Paid Bodybuilders


arnold body builder

The bodybuilding industry can sometimes seem like a mystical, secretive society. If you ever wanted to know who’s made the real money in this business, here’s the Highest Paid Bodybuilders.

Body Building is a 10 BILLION DOLLAR industry making the buffest dudes in the world FILTHY RICH.  

But have you ever wondered who the richest shredded guy on the planet is?  

So have we!  

Take a look at the top 15 Richest meatheads on the planet.  

Many aspire to win a contest. Only a select few ever do and become the highest paid bodybuilders

I bet you would never guess who made the top 5…



  1. Nice how this story mentions how rich they are, but all have admitted steroid use. Arnold had open heart surgery at 49 due to clogged arteries due to steroid use. Horrible omission of REAL FACTS.

  2. Mr. Deez you fail to realize this article ISN’T about nutrition and supplementation. It only discusses the money they have made from the sport.
    What about Lee Labrada? He’s had a successful nutrition line for years.

  3. Lou Ferrigno is worth more than 6 million dollars and Arnold Schwarzenegger did not make 300 million dollars bodybuilding.He made that much including his movie career.

  4. I always thought it was strange how Lou Ferrigno is more muscular than Arnold Schwarzenrgger but Arnold Schwarzenegger always won when they competed against each other.

  5. There were some with better symmetry and good mass i.e. Serge Nubret and sergio Oliva but they lacked the business sense to make a fortune and felt comfortable in their Role. How many of us are Millionaires ?
    Secondly, The once who are financed BB at that time ( today the same ) are looking for the most charismatic Person which brings the Sport ( and the money rolling ) to the masses.



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