The 15 Types Of Ridiculous People At Your Gym


Ridiculous People

The gym is a great place. But, not all the members seem normal. There are all sorts of Ridiculous People. Check out this list to be sure you’re not one of them.

The gym is often an interesting place packed with interesting people. You see parodies of gym personalities in comics, YouTube, and the mainstream media. Like all parodies, what you see has some basis in reality. We have all been subjected to at least one of these very eccentric people once or twice in our health club visits — some strange enough to make you take the headphones out of your ears and stare in disbelief.

With that said, you have to give credit to anyone who is in the gym instead of being permanently stuck to a sofa with potato chips. Going to the gym is not easy. But when you actually do go, you get to see some of these types of folks with their eccentric personalities. On the bright side, there’s at least some entertainment value in them assuming they don’t annoy you.

We’ll look at the top 15 common gym stereotypes as a means to help you identify and classify inappropriate behavior, and to help you steer clear from falling into one of these categories as you continue your fitness journey. Don’t go too far in generalizing these stereotypes to everybody in the gym, but prepare to meet some folks who fit the mold all too well.

#1 The Social Butterfly

The social butterfly goes to the health club to meet people rather than to exercise. No, it’s not just you. The last thing some people do in the gym is work out.

You’ve seen them. Every gym has one. Her outfit is the only indication she has any intention of working out, because had you only seen her perfectly made-up face and hair, you would have thought breaking a sweat was the last thing on her mind. The social butterfly wears more makeup than you would wear on your wedding day. Expect this person to be talking on the phone, flirting from one machine to the next and on the prowl for a potential date.

#2 The Singer

It seems like just about everyone wears buds in their ears during their workout. If you have worked out without them, then you have likely heard and seen the singer at your gym.

The singer listens to his or her music and sings right along so everyone else in the gym knows what he or she is listening to. You may even see this person get into a dancing mood when one of his or her favorite songs is playing.

If you’re able to sing and dance in the midst of a workout, are you really getting anything done?

#3 The Fashionista

The fashionista spends more money on clothing than she does on anything else. She wears the latest in fashion wear and spends more time in front of the mirror than she does exercising.

After setting down her designer purse and matching water bottle, she begins her routine, which mostly consists of abs crunches, cardio and an unnecessary amount of stretching. The fashionista apparently has some kind of superpower that many of us would sell our souls for because when she leaves, she looks exactly the same as when she arrived. Then again, maybe we wouldn’t. After all, if you never sweat, you’ll never build the body you want.

#4 The Bulging Bodybuilder

Many believe that bodybuilding is less about strength than it is about a look. Since they can’t show off at home, a gym is necessary for a bodybuilder to put all those massive muscles on display for other people to admire. The bulging bodybuilder exercises shirtless.


Simple, so every person in the gym gets the treat of seeing his full physique. But, if the gym requires its members to be fully clothed, a sleeveless shirt will suffice.

The bulging bodybuilder spends all his time lifting heavy weights for fear that he will lose a pound if he goes anywhere near a cardio machine. Every gym has at least a few bodybuilders who spend more time strutting and posing than lifting.

#5 The Howler

Go to any gym and you’ll find someone like this guy whether he screams, grunts, howls or moans. The howler believes that making animal-like sounds somehow improves the quality of his workout. He may even shout from time to time when lifting heavy weights. You’ll always know the moment this person enters the gym.


Because you’ll no doubt hear him and his silly noises long before you even spot him.

This is extremely irritating to other gym members. Don’t be the guy that draws attention because of some oddball noise. If you are using 20-pound dumbbells for biceps curls and it’s a struggle to lift them without making goofy sounds, consider dropping to a lighter weight.

#6 The Slob

It’s likely that anyone who has spent time at a gym has seen some bad behavior, including that coming from the slobs who leave nothing but a mess at every turn. The slobs never wipe down equipment and never put things back where they belong. They lift heavy weights and they have no intention of putting them away.

The slobs are usually dripping with sweat and have the body odor to match. They never wear deodorant and often leave their odor to linger for hours after they have vacated the area.

#7 The Hoarder

The hoarder uses more than one piece of equipment at a time and carries many items around the gym unnecessarily. This type of person makes it hard for other people to get access to exercise equipment and acts like he or she owns the place.

Anybody who’s gone to the gym has seen the effects of a hoarder. What are they? A bunch of different weight plates and dumbbells scattered all over the floor. It almost looks like a hurricane has passed through the building thanks to the messy and selfish nature of the hoarder.

#8 The Know-It-All

This type exists everywhere, not just the gym. The gym know-it-all has advice about anything and everything. He or she will tell you about the newest research, latest supplements and best techniques.

You never asked for any advice, but they still won’t stop talking no matter how many hints you drop. You don’t have to look for these people in the gym. They will find you. The know-it-all often finds the most inconvenient time to interrupt your workout to discuss every little detail of your program and is happy to point out everything that you are doing incorrectly.

#9 The Fighter

The fighter is the guy you see shadow boxing in front of the mirror. Even though most couldn’t name more than a couple current pro boxers, boxing has become a popular sport for many fitness junkies. It’s not surprising because it provides the best workout and challenges many of our senses.

Every gym has a wannabe boxer. He’s the guy that beats on invisible opponents instead of going to an MMA or boxing gym and going up against the real thing. Most gyms aren’t meant for fighting. Most gyms are meant for cardio and weight training. If you really want to get in the ring and show your stuff, then find the right gym.

#10 The Mixer

If you’ve ever stepped into a puddle of some sticky stuff on the gym floor, then you can say you’ve been a victim of the mixer. The mixer usually carries a shaker cup. In it, you’ll find the fruits of his or her labor: A glowing liquid.

You often see the mixer putting ample amounts of powder into his or her cup in the locker room. If you must mix your drinks in a public place, at least make sure that all of the powder actually lands in the cup.

#11 The Guy With All The Gear

You just can’t miss this guy.


Simple, because this is the guy who will strut his stuff around the gym making sure you see he has every sort of gym equipment known to mankind.

You will see him carrying around compression gear, lifting straps, knee wraps, workout gloves and a fancy sports watch. Find a guy who is using a not-so-healthy combo of these items and you’ll find the gear guy. Do us all a favor: Don’t buy all the equipment at the sporting goods store. Leave some for the next guy. You’ll save some money and won’t look like the gym fool.

#12 The Depressed Man

The depressed man works out because either his wife or mirror has forced him out of the bar and into the gym. You will notice the depressed man slowing moving between machines with a sad look on his face.

He usually walks around in a random t-shirt and sweat-stained gray sweatpants. Sometimes, he will wear a headband as he stares at you sadly while you work out. All in all, he will be uncoordinated and miserable.

athlete runner woman

#13 The Former Athlete

The rest of the team may have moved on to bigger and better things, but he is still the big man on campus. The former athlete shows up at the health club sporting his team jacket and jersey, though his frat days are a distant memory.

He watches the game on TV while jogging or cycling, but he is dedicated to his workout. The former athlete believes that the healthiest way to relive his glory days is to keep them alive.

#14 The Marathoner

The marathoner heads to the gym to get sweaty and compete with himself. This person is goal-oriented and focused and he or she doesn’t pay attention to other gym-goers.

Runners and athletes know that stretching is crucial, as is working different muscle groups and maintaining a schedule. They also know that it’s smart to plan a few days off each week to let your muscles heal and keep your joints healthy.

So does the marathoner!

#15 The Tough Guy

The tough guys march around the gym like they own the place. You see, the primary objective of a tough guy is to let everybody else in the gym know there’s a tough guy working out.

Tough guys often slam weights after each set. These guys love to grunt and they take it to the extreme. It completes them. Some tough guys swear like drill sergeants. And they swear loudly at any time and in front of anyone. The tough guys also flock to the hot chicks like buzzards to a corpse.


It’s important to dedicate time to yourself, your fitness and your health. Exercising regularly carries many mental and physical health benefits. According to The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, all adults should get at least 30 minutes of exercise five days a week. Going to the gym five days a week is one way to achieve this goal.

As much as some would like to believe that ice cream and cake are the elixir for a healthy, long life, we know that is not the case. We also know that a regular exercise routine is one of the great paths to a healthier and longer life.

By knowing what stereotypes exist at the health club, you may not only avoid bumping into them, but you can also avoid becoming them. The last thing you want to do is be the sweating, stinking hoarder that everyone talks about.

Pay attention to gym behaviors that irritate you and take into consideration your own behaviors to make the gym a better, friendlier place. Leave your ego at home. Be sure to clean up after you’ve finished. Don’t be a machine or equipment hog. Respect those around you. Be smart and stay safe. The gym is a place to build a better version of yourself.

Never forget that!

By Suzana Dos Santos


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