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Want to Learn How To Get A Big Butt? Look no further. I’ve got all the info you need to build a big butt the healthy way. Just follow the info I’ve provided and be patient.

While it may sound like an odd combo, you can develop a healthy, strong and toned big butt rather quickly through hard work and determination. Everybody’s body is different, so the time it takes to accomplish having a bigger booty can vary. But, with this solid training program supplemented with info and dieting tips, you can reach your goals at a heightened rate than the rest of those that are completely lost. Let’s look at what is needed and how you go about getting there.

Pay close attention and don’t skip around!

how to get a big butt quick

Training For Different Types Of Butts

First, let’s note that your butt is comprised of more than one muscle, but we will simply call them glutes as you have likely already heard them being referred to as that before.

Often times you hear people say, what muscles do squats work? Can I lift my butt up? Can I increase the size? How can I lose inner thigh fat? And so on….

There are actually three different types of glutes and this applies to both men and women. There’s the average booty that has some meat to it. There’s the flat booty that is in need of calories. And, of course, there’s the drooping booty that is getting too many calories and not enough exercise.

Sure it sounds funny, but this is to give you a better idea of what needs to happen diet-wise to get a big butt the healthy way. Those with bigger booties actually have it a bit easier.


You really only have to do glutes-specific exercises and lower your calories for a bit.

Those with not so much meat on the rear have a bit more of a difficult task. The main reason is because you need to consume calories while training your glutes to make them grow thicker and well defined (so they don’t sag).

People with an average size booty only need to consume the calories needed daily with extra attention to protein and fat intake for better growth potential. You need to think about which group you fall into. From there, you have to figure out your current daily calorie intake to make the necessary changes.

How to Get a Bigger Bum with Calories?

When you consume extra calories to start adding weight on your body to convert over to muscle it goes everywhere. In a perfect world we would be able to say hey, let’s add fat to this area so we can make it bigger, but sadly this is not going to happen for you. When you begin to consume more calories you will need to keep in mind that they will be heading towards your stomach and other areas as well.

To make the progress go more smoothly, you should bulk with healthier food choices. 

Usually, you see bodybuilders during a bulk eating a large pizza. That’s fine for them because they want fat to be distributed throughout their whole body proportionally. You, on the other hand, are trying to increase the size of your butt through healthy means, so unhealthy food choices should not be considered.

Instead, you should consume healthier calories such as those found in whole milk. There’s plenty of fat, calories, and protein within each glass of milk. Choose chicken or turkey over red meats to add more protein to your diet with this saturated fat, which you would get plenty of from whole milk.

Calories from fruits and veggies are highly encouraged because they will not really add much fat to your body unless you overdo it and eat a bag of potatoes daily. Other good choices are quinoa, cottage cheese, yogurt, brown rice, tuna, avocados, and eggs.

Make Your Buttocks Bigger with the Resistance Method

Resistance can come from a variety of different methods, but the most common would be from weights or just your own bodyweight. People often confuse the term resistance. They seem to only link it with the gym or having to lift weights. That isn’t the whole truth. Resistance is something that causes your muscles to contract against the force being placed on them. That means you can even use your body’s own weight for training instead of using weights.

Weights do come in handy when it comes to increasing the size of your muscles because it is much easier to throw on extra weights for increased resistance. But, some exercises work great without any extra resistance, which brings us to the point that you should mix up your training routine with a variety of exercises.

Usually, if you do home training, you use more exercises because the resistance placed on your muscles is not as intense. When you use just weights, you will only need around five or six exercises to get the job done. Basically, you want to train hard, but only perform enough exercises that can be supported by your daily calorie intake. If you train excessively, then you risk the chance of using your muscles for energy.

Exercise machines, barbells, dumbbells and resistance bands work very effectively for increasing your butt size in a healthy way. Let’s take a look at a variety of different exercises that target your glutes significantly.


Glute Exercises For Building A Healthy Big Butt

Exercises that focus mainly on firing your glutes are ideal for making your butt bigger. Not all leg exercises create enough contractions within your glutes, but they are still great to perform alongside your glute training so your lower body, as a whole, looks well balanced and proportionate.

The following exercises can be used to get your glutes popping!

The results may show within a couple of weeks. With that said, it’s best to wait six to eight weeks before you can expect to see significant changes.

Persistence and patience are key!

Smith Machine Hip Thrusts

This exercise is by far one of the best to use for developing larger and firmer glutes muscles. 

The hip thrust can be performed with a barbell free weight as well, but the Smith machine keeps the weight in place and is easy to get into position without having to use much effort before the lift even starts.

You should use a moderate weight setting that allows you to perform 7 to 10 reps. If you can perform more reps than this x5 sets, then you need to add a little more weight. Using a new exercise plus the Smith machine may require you to keep adjusting the resistance level until you’re comfortable that the chosen weight is correct.

You get the most from the hip thrust exercise when you thrust your hips forward and hold the contraction for a quick one-second count. During this squeeze point, you are tightening your glutes and abs. This exercise can be performed without weight as well for home training.

Kickbacks With Cable Resistance

Kickbacks are an extremely versatile exercise.


Simple, because you can use bodyweight, ankle weights or cable resistance straps. For home training purposes just perform this exercise nice and slowly ensuring to squeeze your glutes every time you contract. However, you gain more from using the cable machine.

You can do this exercise two different ways. First, there is the cable machine with single grip strap. They make these adjustable so you can slip your foot in halfway to perform movements such as this. Do not use the metal hand grips.

Another method is to use the leg curl machine, but not like a simple leg curl. Here’s how to do it: Sit with your back to the leg curl machine. Next, get on all fours and extend one leg back, placing the bottom of your foot against the foam pad. Perform the movement by simply kicking back against the foam pad. Repeat for the other leg.

Sumo Squats With Dumbbell

Sumo squats are great for your glutes, quads, and thighs. The use of one dumbbell allows your body to drop deeper into the squatting position with the widened stance. You will want to hold the dumbbell directly between your legs and underneath your body to allow for the natural pull of the weight through gravity. Another option to rotate would be goblet squats if you need more variation.

The biggest benefit of doing the movement through the method discussed comes from the fact that your muscles have to contract heavily to stop the pull of gravity the dumbbell causes. Using two dumbbells is not bad, but it may hinder your ability to squat deeper into position.

Don’t have a dumbbell?

No problem. Simply stand with your legs in the wide sumo stance, and then clasp your hands together in a fist and hold them between your legs. This does not add resistance but mimics the movement allowing you to still achieve a nice deep squat.

Glute Bridges

This exercise requires no equipment unless you want to use a yoga mat to take the pressure off of pushing your body into a solid floor. Other than that you simply perform this using just your bodyweight to squeeze your glutes very effectively.

You can even make the exercise harder by taking one foot off of the floor and continuing with the motion. This is one of the best glutes exercises that is not used as often as it should be.

Stiff Legged Deadlifts

The stiff-legged deadlift is one of the best exercises for increasing the size and strength of your glutes and hamstrings. Most people hear deadlifts and automatically assume the version that builds the upper body more than anything else. This is not that exercise.

Stiff legged deadlifts are performed with your legs locked out. But when you go down with the weight, you don’t actually touch the floor again. Instead, you lower the bar or dumbbells just below your knee level. Ensure you don’t go down too far because this can actually place excessive strain on your hamstrings and knees.

You don’t have to use heavy weight, but using moderate resistance works the best so you can get in enough weights with reps to encourage muscular growth in your glutes. You can use a barbell, dumbbells and even a straight bar on a low cable machine.

How to Get a Bigger Butt By Putting All The Exercises Together

Okay, so now you know what exercises work great for your glutes. We will now put them in a single composed workout that you can perform one or two times per week if training separate upper body sections, or simply x3 uses per week if just doing lower body workouts with one upper body training day.

When you see the term “superset” this means you will perform the first exercises set, and then do the second exercise’s first set right away without any rest between them. After the second exercise, you should take your rest break.

When you see the word “burnout” this means you will do that specific exercise for however many reps your body allows you to perform. Burnouts are mainly used towards the end of a workout since you are using the rest of your body’s energy until muscle fatigue sets in.

You should take a 2-minute rest break following each exercise you perform unless you are told to do a superset. This gives your muscles enough time to recuperate and have the energy to do more sets. Use light to moderate weights for each exercise that uses equipment.


Exercise Sets Reps

Stiff-Legged Barbell Deadlift x5 x7-10

Barbell Hip Thrust x5 x7-10

Sumo Squat w/ Dumbbell x4 x7-10


Bodyweight Kickback x4 x15 (alternate sides)

Single Leg Glutes Bridge x4 x15 (alternate sides)

Leg Curl x1 Burnout


If you’re new to training, you should ease your way into the weights being used for this workout. You should warm up for 5 minutes prior to lifting to help possibly prevent injuries from occurring due to tight muscles and tendons being stretched.


It’s true: You can build a big and healthy booty! You just need to do things the right way. Follow the info I’ve provided and be patient. It won’t be too long before you’ll build the healthy backside that will perfectly complement the rest of your physique.

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