14 Hottest & Most Motivational Social Media Mavens To Follow


14 Hottest & Most Motivational Social Media Yes, winter is coming and ’tis the season for sweaters, scarves and salted caramel anything.

Even if you are a true lover of the winter months, no one can argue that it’s a little tougher to wake up, get out of bed and get to the gym. The frigid temperatures in the early morning plus no sunlight is enough to make any summertime gym-goer think of several reasons to skip. No matter how diligent you are at making yourself go to the gym, everyone needs a little inspiration or push out the door. If you’re someone who doesn’t go to the gym and decides that the months of baked goods and oversized sweaters is the time that you want to start getting your sweat on, social media has made it super easy to get inspired.

Sites like Instagram help lots of personal trainers and fitness gurus help spread the good word of being healthy and the value of exercise to people all over the world. By just clicking follow, you welcome an abundance of inspiring photos, encouraging workout videos and tantalizing recipes for healthy foods that will help keep you on track, or help get you moving in your house during the winter months. The best thing about some of these accounts is that it helps those who don’t have access to a gym or weights.

 #1 Tone It Up

This has to be the best #ToneItUp Tuesday ever!! ???????? Bringing our passion to fashion has been one of our biggest career goals, and we’re so proud to see it come alive. I grew up sketching clothing designs and my mom would sew my bikinis, dresses, prom gowns, pants and tanks (thanks @mamma_janie!!) and Karena, a painter and artist, who is also my personal style icon????, has always loved fashion and design ~ Together we created the @ToneItUp Apparel with our entire @ToneItUp community in mind and it’s now available at one at our favorite fitness shops, @BANDIERfit!! Read what @GlamourMag has to say about our line at Glamour.com ???? Thank you for your continued inspiration #TIUteam ✖️✖️K&K @ToneItUp ???? @NicolelHill_ #Fitness

A photo posted by Tone It Up ???? Karena & Katrina (@karenakatrina) on

Tone It Up, better known as TIU by its fans, is a program started by friends Karena and Katrina. Their Instagram, karenakatrina, is filled with pictures of wonderful women taking the next step in their health. The best part about them is their approach to it all. This year, through the efforts of everyone who signs up with TIU, they will donate to a charity! Plus, their high intensity interval training (HIIT) and yoga workouts are free on their website http://toneitup.com/ where you can also find recipes, full-length workout videos and tons of other things that will help you on your journey to a better you.

 #2 Ivfitness

Idalis Velazquez, creator of ivfitness, is a personal trainer and a mother of two. Her Instagram, ivfitness, is chock full of short workout videos to get you off the couch and moving. She even does them when she’s traveling! You can either just watch her on Instagram or go to her website to buy a personal training packet or an online video workout where she will take you step-by-step through some of her toughest workouts. She uses weights a lot of times, but anyone can easily grab a water bottle or some cans out of the pantry to help get that extra weight.

 #3 Shonda1020

SQUATS!!! Try these variations for 4×15. All my workouts are on #SnapChat????@Shonda1020

A video posted by FITNESS-HEALTHY RECIPES❤️ (@shonda1020) on

Shonda, or shonda1020, also a mother of two, has a great story to tell. Her Instagram has amazing recipes to help keep you full, on track with healthy eating and visually pleased. Along with the food on her website, there are tons of workout videos. No matter the length of the videos, if you take three or four and repeat, you’ve got yourself a HIIT workout and will be sweating up a storm. Shonda shows you how to workout at home and on a budget. Plus she posts a lot of desserts, which is a major plus!

 #4 Two Bad Bodies

???? cred: @simonneedhamphotography

A photo posted by TwoBadBodies (@twobadbodies) on

Two Bad Bodies is a great account, especially if two people are trying to get into the exercise game. Unfortunately, their Instagram account, twobadbodies, is currently inactive, but they have kept all their videos online. If you like what you see, they can be reached by email, as well as the handles for both of their new Instagram accounts, kaisafit and jenniferforrester. Their matching outfits make everything look awesome, and they are so in sync with all their moves, it’ll have you jumping at the chance to perfect it like they have.

#5 Bretcontreras1

Bret Contreras is a personal trainer and, after one look at him, you can see why. His Instagram, bretcontreras1, is amazing and full of not only him doing his own workouts, but his clients. They call him The Glute Guy and if you go onto his website, http://bretcontreras.com/, to read some of the testimonials you can definitely see why. He is big into strength training and doing it the right way, so no more going to the gym and staring at the bench press. You can walk up to it and know what you’re doing in case you didn’t already.

 #6 MrShutupandtrain

???????????????????????? my #WCW and 2/3 of my Royal Court of Young Kings????!! #Blessed Dbells in hand… #ReadyToShutUpandTrain

A photo posted by MrShutUpandTrain (@mrshutupandtrain) on

If you really want to sweat, MrShutupandtrain is probably the account you need to have bookmarked on all of your devices. His Instagram account is full of hilarious memes as well as inspiring quotes and other things that let us all realize nobody likes working out, but if you want to feel and look good you’re going to have to suck it up and sweat. His YouTube channel gives you everything you need to train at home with 30-minute videos that will get your heart pumping and your muscles burning. The Atlanta native also has a website, so if you’re having trouble sticking to his YouTube videos, look at some of the people he has helped, a lot of them famous. His store also has a lot of shirts with inspirational phrases.

What more could we ask for from a personal trainer?

#7 Muffintopless

Savannah Rose Neveux, or as she is known online, muffintopless, and her website http://www.muffin-topless.com/ is an awesome place to go to browse recipes, workouts and just her general thoughts on getting fit and staying fit. Her workouts can be either for home or at the gym and, if you like what you see, her 21-day program is hardcore and is meant to kick your butt into shape.

#8 Shauna_Harrison

Not a DoNothingBeach. #gettheeffupsidedown #RuleYourself #iwillwhatiwant #gohardandgoOM #whathamstring #dontbeaDNB #basicbeach

A photo posted by Shauna Harrison, PhD (@shauna_harrison) on

Shauna Harrison is a sponsored Under Armour athlete and a huge TRX supporter. TRX is a type of exercise using suspension and works out your entire body. Shauna has a PhD and through her Instagram account, shauna_harrison, shows you how to use your body to your benefit. If you’re not into spending hundred of dollars to get a TRX system, Shauna has tons of other videos using things in parks, benches, chairs or even the couch to do her exercises. During September she did a #sweataday campaign prompting people to get moving, even if it’s only for a little bit.

 #9 Emilyskyefit

5O% off my health & fitness programs + get freebies! ???????? Click link in profile! ~ Don’t put it off until tomorrow or until you think you’ll be “ready”. It will NEVER be the perfect time, so start now! If you’re sick of not feeling your best or being your best then why waste another minute! You must push yourself out of your comfort zone and get uncomfortable so you can BE comfortable within yourself. Do what others won’t! Either learn to accept yourself and be happy with yourself the way you are now or start making changes. It’s not just going to happen, you’ve gotta make it happen. You have to make a choice to commit to it. There are things you simply can’t control in life but there are things you can – so make sure you actually take control! Choose to eat nutritious food and choose to be active. Choose to be more positive about yourself and your life. Choose to be your best and don’t stop until you’re happy! ???????? . @emilyskyefitness ???????? @emilyskyebeauty ???? . #emilyskye #emilyskyefit #fitfam #health #fitness #goals

A photo posted by E M I L Y S K Y E (@emilyskyefit) on

Emily Skye is a great account to follow to get fit. Her program costs about $50, but there are tons of testimonials to back it up, as well as a day free for you to try! If you’re not ready to step up with your credit card, just read her blog and watch her Instagram, emilyskyefit, page. The best thing about Emily is that she likes to post the very unflattering pictures of herself, as well as the very flattering. Having a look into someone else’s life who is very fit can be intimidating, but she makes it easy to browse her page and realize that it does take a ton of work to get where she is, and even the tiniest slip-up on your diet or exercise can be bad for your progress.

#10 Ashleygalvinyoga

It’s not the yoga you do, it’s the courage you bring to your yoga practice that will change your life.

A photo posted by Ashley Galvin (@ashleygalvinyoga) on

Workouts don’t always have to be HIIT or jumping up stairs. Ashley Galvin, creator of Body Strong, is an awesome yoga instructor. Her Instagram, ashleygalvinyoga, is mostly full of pictures with her doing amazing poses. Her Body Strong program is new, but she will kick your butt when it comes to getting in shape with yoga. She has some short videos that show the types of moves she does on a daily basis. Although her plan starts out a little steep at $79.99, she is running a sale that takes off $20 right now! Included in this bundle is her diet program, which will try to help keep you full for your awesome workouts.

 #11 Mynameisjessamyn

My most frequently asked question is usually something along the lines of “how do I start a yoga practice if I’ve never done it before?” I understand there are a million resources available, and there’s a different answer to this question for every individual, butI definitely have an unconventional opinion. I think beginners are usually encouraged to try modified variations on physical exercise, but I’ve always felt as though vigorous yoga styles are accessible to everyone. Actually, I’ve often found that in an environment with instructors who don’t body shame or discriminate (THIS IS WHERE WE’RE FAILING, YOGA TEACHERS), beginners of all shapes and sizes are able to excel and break their boundaries. That’s why I often encourage new students to shy away from gentle or “beginner” specific classes in favor of all levels classes. All levels doesn’t mean easy, it means that a wide range of people will find it helpful. Yes, that means you will be challenged- it might kick your ass in a way you’re not expecting. It will make you sweat, fall down, laugh, cry, fart, sweat more, fall down again, die a little, be reborn, cry again, sweat more, and then you’ll rest. And when you rest, regardless of if you never got up from your first child’s pose, you’ll be glad you did it. You’ll be glad you got your ass beat. Sometimes we need an ass beating- it makes us better people. Don’t shy away from something because it’s hard- life is hard. Asana prepares us for the obstacles of life- Embrace it. NC Triangle, I’ll see you tomorrow for the noon flow at @Durhamyoga! Our friends at @fullbeautystyle want to give you guys an opportunity to buy a new yoga outfit, and they’re giving away three fullbeauty.com $50 giftcards! To enter, Go like the @fullbeautystyle instagram page + comment on this post about your favorite kind of exercise- it can be anything, whatever makes your heart sing! I’ll pick a winner on Thursday and announce on Friday- good luck! Photo by the marvelous @zoelitaker

A photo posted by Jessamyn (@mynameisjessamyn) on

Jessamyn is defying the idea that you need to be super skinny to love working out or to be great at yoga. Her Instagram account, mynameisjessamyn, is wonderfully inspiring with photos of her doing backbends, the splits and all the yoga moves that any other skilled yoga teacher does in classes. She prides herself on being a “fat femme” and is currently on tour inspiring people of all sizes to get up and get moving regardless of body type or anything anyone has told you about how size affects how you work.

#12 Nutritionstripped

If you don’t necessarily have time for any workouts or are just trying to get started, nutritionstripped is an account that will help show you healthy eating is the number one priority, even if your body isn’t perfect or how you want it to be. McKel Hill, a dietitian who is the founder, will show you that by just putting the right things in your body, you can live a happy life that feels just as rich as if you were sweating it out every day at the gym.

 #13 WayofGray

If you’re in a phase of doing only Netflix and chilling, but are really trying to get inspired to get up off the couch, you’ll need some pages to inspire you as well as pages that help you realize you are worth it. Sophie Gray, more popularly known as WayofGray by her fans, is a wonderful lady who posts inspirational quotes about loving who you are as a person and not just thinking about having a better body. She just recently started a YouTube account with tips and tricks of hers to help you start leading a healthy lifestyle before you jump into exercise programs. Her program is a combination of HIIT and yoga and will really kick your butt into shape.

 #14 Patrickbeach

desert wanderer #travel

A photo posted by patrick beach (@patrickbeach) on

Patrick Beach will help you realize how much you want to do yoga and feel good about the strength in your body. His YouTube channel, Patrick and Carling, combines yoga, travel, food and lifestyle for those who want to change how they feel. The best thing about Patrick’s Instagram, patrickbeach, is that he makes everything look easy and beautiful.

The way to live your best life is to be healthy and love yourself. But, with technology so easily accessible to everyone all the time, it is so much easier for us to realize our potential with quotes and short videos that get us thinking about actually feeling better too. Although summertime is coming to an end and everyone is putting their tank tops, shorts, and bathing suits away for the winter, you can still feel good about yourself. So even if you’re not ready to take the plunge into working out five days a week, these accounts will help get you to the first step, which is realizing you need and want to do something.

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