The 14 Best Supplements You Need to Try



#2 Conjugated Linoleic Acid (CLA)

CLA is a group of chemicals in the fatty acid known as linoleic acid. You can consume it naturally through dairy and beef or take supplements. Several studies show that CLA creates a significant impact on reduced body fat. In one study, mice that were fed a CLA-supplemented diet exhibited at least 57 percent lower body fat than the mice that were not. Additionally, the mice had no less than a 5 percent increase in lean body mass.

CLA cannot be produced by the human body. It gives you an extra kick you do not normally have and it works by increasing basal metabolic rates. And, don’t we all want a faster metabolism? Beyond fitness, CLA has also been proven to aid against certain diseases.

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    • If you are very new I would stick with just a whey protein for post/pre workout. Although all 14 of these supplements I do think would help you.



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