The 14 Best Supplements You Need to Try



#12 Glutamine

Glutamine is vital in the transport of nitrogen to your muscle cells and is a key energy source for many cells. It has been most praised for its recovery benefits and, perhaps not surprisingly, is often used after an injury or surgery.

Intense exercise greatly depletes the levels of glutamine in your body. After your workout, your body needs more glutamine. Increasing your glutamine levels boosts your recovery and can uphold and increase your stamina.

Additionally, if you take glutamine before a workout, it has been shown to inhibit muscle breakdown and actually build muscle mass. It causes your body to metabolize body fat and build muscle, which means you can lose weight without losing muscle.

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    • If you are very new I would stick with just a whey protein for post/pre workout. Although all 14 of these supplements I do think would help you.



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