Best Abs Exercises You  Can Do At Home



 #4 V-Ups

Targets: Abdominals

– Lie face up with your legs and arms extended

– Keeping your knees and elbows locked, simultaneously raise your upper body and lower body while trying to touch your fingers to toes

– Hold the V body position for two seconds and then lower your body to the starting position

How to Make it Tougher:

Hold the V position at the top for about five seconds and then lower your upper and lower body slower or hold a medicine ball above your lower abs during the whole movement.

Things to Avoid:

Don’t get preoccupied with touching your toes. If you can do it, great. If not, reach upwards in that direction or touch your knees. The point is to create a V shape and use the power of your core to make the movement happen.


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