21 Tips to Build a Bigger, Stronger Back


build a bigger back 2#15 What’s The Point Of Doing T-Bar Rows And How Should I Perform Them?

Many back row exercises make more sense to do on a machine. This one takes a more old-fashioned approach. The T-Bar row is a great variation on rows, and it is great for strengthening the erector spine, especially the middle of your back.

This exercise can be performed without a machine as you can load a barbell with weight on one side. Place the empty end on the floor secured in a corner of the room. Straddle the bar and keep your feet shoulder width apart. Bend over with a closed grip under the bar.

Keep your back tight and arched with slightly bent knees to create the starting position. Keep your abs tight as you pull the bar to your chest by squeezing your shoulder blades together. Hold for a few seconds before you lower the bar slowly back down. Repeat eight to ten times for each set.

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