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Life Unfiltered Episode 5

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Terry: Welcome back to Episode #5 of Life Unfiltered. You can follow us on Instagram Life_Unfiltered_podcast. We have an awesome episode. We are going to recap about our traveling, give some good friendly tips, also gonna talk about how to stay in shape while traveling, its f-ing hard. Also gonna talk about alcohol, the effects, what are the healthiest alcohols; if there is such a thing and babe, what your Instagram?

Danielle: @DanielleEells

Terry: And you can follow me @TerryAsher

Terry: Would you like to start for the recap of traveling, maybe give some good tips

Danielle: Yeah…so we went to Europe about three, four weeks ago and we went in to London and then we weren’t really expecting to go around London but we did and it was gorgeous and then we went from London to Switzerland, on to Geneva and then took the train to Bern and stayed there for like five days I believe and then we took the train down from Bern to Milan and stayed in Milan for three or four days and saw Venice and then we went to Paris and then flew out from Paris back home.

Terry: Yada, yada but some really good tips you can get from just traveling in general is if you’re going to a country with a different currency I would recommend getting that currency before travelling because if you do it in an airport, you’re gonna get deemed with a lot of processing fees, if it’s the correct term but a lot of fee so you’re gonna end up losing a lot on the conversion. So that’s one thing you definitely think about when traveling and then also just do your research because…d of idn’t we do a lot of research like as far as the flights, I mean we flew in to London for fairly inexpensive from LAX and then we few out of Paris to LAX for fairly inexpensive.

Terry: So I would just, you know, do your research if you wanna travel because there are good deals out there and I feel like we found some pretty good deals.

Danielle: Yeah, we pretty much, like based where we were like staying and stuff, like the cheaper areas and like where we flew in to like Geneva or Zurich in Switzerland, we stayed in Bern because it was a little bit cheaper and also lot more like more modern and nice than Interlaken which is like the main part of Switzerland that everyone goes to and then….

Terry:…Which has the Swiss Alps by the way…

Danielle: Yes

Terry: Also to mention, Bern was also like centrally located too so you could go to Zurich, you could go to Geneva, you could go to the Swiss Alps and everything was like two hours in a way give or take

Danielle: Yeah this was Alps and Interlaken and it was like 45 minutes and then I’m not sure I think I wanna say like Zurich and Geneva are about two hours

Terry: Yeah, that was two hours in opposite directions. Interesting country because Geneva is like more the French side or closer to France so it has a different theme than like Zurich that’s closer to Germany so it’s a little bit more German. It’s a very awesome country; Switzerland was by far my favorite. What about you?

Danielle: Yeah, definitely, it was my favorite too I mean that was like the main part that we planned on going to so we kind of just like figured out like where to fly in to Europe and then anywhere where you fly like throughout Europe, it’s like fairly well-priced and pretty cheap.

Terry: Yeah, definitely, any other tips that you want to give? I guess we’re gonna talk about how to stay in shape after this, while travelling ‘cause that is difficult but we can get into a little more general tips

Danielle: Yeah, the food isn’t so great in London, in the UK. It’s a gorgeous place, we weren’t really like planning on travelling around there but it was so pretty. We went and saw Stonehenge and then we went in to London, it’s like gorgeous, but the food isn’t so great. They don’t have coffee anywhere in Europe, well, they have coffee but they have Espresso, so they don’t have like brewed coffee that we have here

Terry: That’s true, it’s very different

Danielle: It’s all like Espresso based coffee so like in Americana which is still Espresso and what else did we kind of..

Terry: Speaking of that, not to jump topics but I feel like dieting and travelling is almost impossible in general.

Danielle: Yeah

Terry: I mean it’s just so hard because we were bouncing around kind of different grocery stores and hotels and stuff, we kind of just did our best.

Danielle: Yeah. I feel like there are so many other tips; yeah, so if you’re going to different countries and plan on taking the train a lot you should look into the Europass

Terry: That’s a great tip…

Danielle: Because we should’ve gotten one right when we got there and it would’ve saved a lot of money if we did it but you need to look into it before you go.

Terry: That’s a really good tip because we could’ve travelled from like country to country with one of the Europasses, right?

Danielle: Yeah, ‘cause pretty much like a lot of times like especially in Switzerland each way is about forty-five dollars a person. Even when we were in Italy and we went to Venice. Another tip is, don’t take the cheaper train

Terry: And why is that? Did we run into some..

Danielle: Yeah, some scary stuff…

Terry: Yeah, it’s kind of funny that we got on in the train and the conductor was like “Now what you up for Gypsies” and if you don’t know like what Gypsies are overseas, they are basically people that just try to mug you

Danielle: Yeah, they pick-pocket you

Terry: They’re considered dangerous

Danielle: Especially in touristy places, there are a lot of them and so like walking around Venice so the train conductor was like “Be careful with the Gypsies” which actually saved us when we were on our train back.

Terry: Yeah I thought it was so nice of them when I was like sitting like to next of them

Danielle: I would’ve that anyone was like gonna try to…

Terry: That’s true, you were on high alert

Danielle: Yeah I was

Terry: So yeah, the tip paid off because we ended up taking the last train from Venice back to Milan and we were sitting next to two Gypsies.

Danielle: And the train was like, it was like broken train so it was like cheaper than the other train but that was the only option we had because I didn’t look into the train times, so the trains in Europe, the last one is around like 8 PM which is another thing you should know and the train that we walked through like while we’re on it, it was like all broken, there was like water coming out of it, it was like flooded

Terry: Yeah that was like the only bad train that we had

Danielle: Yeah

Terry: For the most part the trains are really nice in Europe but we just got stuck on the last one back, unfortunately, and it didn’t have the best crowd but hey we’re still here and we made it

Danielle: We had an experience

Terry: And you know what, the guy even gave me a high five when we left, I think the gypsies liked me

Danielle: Or they liked your watch

Terry: (laughs)… Anyways, should we get to the….

Danielle: Yeah I’m trying to think of other tips ‘cause I know I’ve a lot more

Terry: I mean general like tips, I would also recommend to kind of pack food if you go out for the day

Danielle: I guess we can recap our life and what’s going on

Danielle: I started school again, we just got back from Virginia from a family wedding which is cute and cool and Terry just got a little cat named Ralph

Terry: Yup, so my other cat has company

Terry: Let’s see what else, one other tip for travelling that I was gonna mention, get an international plan for crying out loud beforehand, don’t make the mistake of going overseas and thinking every thing’s gonna work like it does in the United States because it won’t, I promise you and personally I have AT&T and now it’s fairly inexpensive to have an international plan and can pay like ten dollar today. Well worth it because I got metadata, you can take pictures, use instagram, snapshot all that good stuff and not worry about going over or anything like that.

Terry: I think that’s some good little general tips overall. Do your research when you’re travelling, be safe, and keep an eye out for gypsies


Terry: Alright next topic, how to stay in shape while travelling, it is like I said earlier, F—ing hard

Danielle: Yeah, don’t crash diet is one thing, ‘cause you’re gonna end up gaining back really fast probably more so don’t do that, that’s one of my tips and oh and another big one was that we always go to a store when we like flew in, on the first day we were there we would always try to find like a local grocery store and buy like snacks and water and just a bunch of…

Terry: bars and stuff

Danielle: Like bars and food because we didn’t wanna eat out every single meal

Terry: That probably is one of the best tips, just go to a grocery store, and get some snacks, stuff that will hold you over if you’re moving around and you’re not forced to eat unhealthy if you’re out and you don’t have any options

Danielle: Yeah exactly and also like a lot of time the breakfast at the hotels, have like buffets so if you have like a breakfast buffet, they usually have like so many different options of food and you can be like pretty healthy most of the time

Terry: I’ll give my 2 cents, just for all you weightlifters out there; you’re shit out of luck, in Europe. I don’t know how else to say it because every hotel that we were in the gyms are not much of a gym. Dumbbells go up to, maybe best case scenario, sixties, so my advice to you is switch up your routine instead of obviously lifting heavy if you lift heavy then maybe go for high reps while you’re overseas and..just switch up your routine you know, try to maintain and slow the loss in muscle mass when you’re overseas because let’s be honest you’re on vacation so you wanna have fun too but I think you can just try to do your best to maintain what you have. Another good tip that we did, quite often when we moved around, we would just go run, you know, just get outside…

Danielle: See where you are…

Terry: You also get to see the terrain, you get to run, you feel healthy, you feel good, it’s a nice balance you know

Terry: And to be honest it’s just straight up difficult I mean I look back at our trip and I wish I worked out more but at least we worked out, you know enough to where I didn’t look like a shriveled up raisin when I got home

Danielle: Yeah, so I think it’s also because it’s really hard to lose muscle as long as you’re eating enough protein and consuming enough calories so I think it’s probably harder to not gain a bunch of weight when you’re travelling, at least for me and probably you too, I think you worry too much about losing your muscle, do you?

Terry: No, but I definitely was trying to maintain what I had so I was doing my best on, you know, trying to work out. But one other thing too if you’re a weight lifter that I recommend is, like I do a split routine so I obviously split my muscle groups up which I feel like most serious weightlifters will do but if you’re not working out as often I think you should be kind of privy to potentially splitting you know your body up to maybe like lower- upper or even full body workouts. Because you’re not gonna have probably as much time to work out so again you’re maintaining it and doing more of a full body workout probably less often as you’re usually working out at home.

Danielle: Yeah, I think you, if you really want to stay in shape while you’re travelling, you’re gonna have to make that commitment to yourself, to do something every day or every other day even if it’s just running or doing like bodily type of things

Terry: Yeah, stuff like that is better than nothing, right?

Danielle: Yeah

Terry: I mean body weights, excercise like running …

Danielle: Push-ups, lunges…

Terry: Yeah lunges. It’s probably good if you, for instance if you are a weight lifter, every once in a while, I’ll take like a week off, but I’ll take a week off of lifting heavy and I’ll do like high repetition or supersets. Just do like body weight for a week. It’s not that much fun, you don’t look that cool but hey it gives your body a break and it’s de-loading to be honest which is something you’re taught if you do strength training, you de-load for a week, because you come back that much stronger and you give your body a break

Danielle: Yeah, I think one really essential thing is to make sure you’re getting sleep ‘cause when you’re sleep deprived you lose muscle mass and you don’t lose weight and one thing you should make sure is you’re drinking a lot of water when you’re travelling especially if you’re drinking and the other thing is to plan ahead so like we said we’re gonna go to a store and get a bunch of bars, snacks and stuff and if we know we’re gonna be travelling and sitting on a train all day, buying food on a train that’s usually really unhealthy, we would just bring protein bars or little snacks like nuts or fruits

Terry: Couple of days I was dying like “Oh my gosh my blood sugar is dropping” and have myself a bar

Danielle: Yeah, it helps. Another thing I guess would be like wherever you go I guess there should be a healthy option of food and you should enjoy the food while you’re travelling. If you wanna stay healthy there’s usually chicken

Terry: Yeah, I mean obviously everything in moderation. You’re travelling so you’re enjoying like where you are so.. I mean you got to live your life too at the same but if you wanna stay in shape you can take some of these tips and I think that will help you out

Danielle: We do consume alcohol which is our next subject, but we’re pretty on the healthy side of it and I didn’t think about it until today but most of the time we’re just drinking straight alcohol and it’s not like flavored, really sugary ones so it’s just pure alcohol and most of the time like where all the unhealthy stuff comes in like the mixed drinks like the cocktails

Terry: Yeah the worst thing ever cause’ of the…

Danielle: Sugar

Terry: Yeah. So yeah, like I said everything in moderation. We’ll get into alcohol in a little bit deeper ‘cause I have some of the “healthiest” alcohol, if there is such a thing

Danielle: I think we did actually touch on the subject in our last podcast and like I said in our last podcast when you consume alcohol your body will work to burn that off first before anything else so everything else that you’ve consumed unfortunately turns into fat that is usually why everyone who’s trying to diet and lose weight has to cut off alcohol. So it’s also empty -calories which contain little to no nutrients

Terry: So yeah, just to clarify, lot of people think like it might fit into carbohydrates and protein but alcohol is in a completely different category of calories altogether which a lot of people don’t realize. You consume alcohol and you have to burn the alcohol off the next day before your body starts burning off sugar or carbohydrates, so it’s kind of just like putting yourself back.

Danielle: Agreed. One thing I did read was that alcohol leads to increased periods of wakefulness during your sleep so you’ll think ‘I I’ll just have one drink, I’ll sleep better’ but you really don’t. And I guess, do you wanna go into the healthiest ones?

Terry: Sure. So these are kind of like you know the healthiest as far as I guess…

Danielle: Alcohol goes… (Laughs)

Terry: Yeah, alcohol goes and obviously look in general like moderation is key so we’re not saying go and freaking bench drink and you’ll be okay ‘cause that’s not gonna help you, but if you do drink you can keep this stuff in mind and like she said earlier, I mean we drink on our trip, we try to do our best, obviously people wanna live their life and you know, we think you should but obviously look, if I’m competing I won’t touch alcohol for like three or four months, you know not even a drop so when I’m not and I’m on off-season I like to live my life, you know in moderation. But anyways, going off that point, hard-liquor believe it or not is like considered a little but more healthy because you essentially consuming just the alcohol portion. So you know, you’re not taking in a bunch of mixed substances or sugar, stuff you’ll see on mixed drinks and if you do wanna mix it, you can recommend doing club soda or ice

Danielle: Or like the drink ice, remember those little things, they’re called ice and they have all these different flavors and you get ones with whatever flavor you want and your sugars, your calories

Terry: Yeah, so and then number two on list is gonna be wine, shouldn’t be like too much of a shocker

Danielle: Which one, wine or white wine? Because I’ve heard like red wine is about 109 calories, no sugar, carbs, protein or fat in the white wine, dry white wine is 112 calories and only 0.8 grams of sugar but then sweet white wine is 150 grams of calories or a 150 calories and 16 grams of sugar so that’s kind of like the various type of wines

Terry: Yeah and of course if you’re consuming red wine you get a little bit more of anti-oxidants such as resveratrol and flavonoids. In my opinion, red wine is a much better option than white wine and number three on the list is bear, it’s gonna be considerably more in calories, some are under a hundred but some could be pushing three hundreds. You know, the most bears I looked at hovered around 130 calories with about 9 grams of carbs so not nearly as bad as you’d expect provided you know you keep to a couple of brewskis instead of full keg. And then obviously the last on the list that we have been saying is mixed drinks, that’s where you really get hit with the unhealthy effects of alcohol and not to mention if you’re trying to minimize your hangover, I would not recommend mixed drinks. I honestly don’t drink mixed drinks anymore, like at all.

Danielle: Well ginger-ale and whisky is mixed drink

Terry: Yeah, well that’s kind of like club soda what we were saying earlier

Danielle: Club soda has no sugar. I guess you’re right, ginger ale is a lot less than like and most of the time I feel like you don’t even have any ginger ale, you’re most just like a whisky type of person.

Terry: Yeah whisky and ice

Danielle: I mean it’s definitely better than one of these cocktail drinks

Terry: Well yeah, I mean I was pertaining to like margaritas for example, mojitos

Danielle: I have like a list of the worst ones right here

Terry: Well go ahead

Danielle: I mean like the top of the wines would be hard liquor and then red wine and then dry white wine and I think champagne. What I found about champagne was that is was better than sweet white wine because champagne is 130 calories and about 2.5 grams of sugar and then the bottom of the wines would be the sweet white wines and then bear and then we have the mixed drinks which I think mixed drinks we’re talking more like you said margaritas and stuff not like a coke and whisky.

Terry: Well coke is different than club soda I feel like it is much worse

Danielle: Yeah, agreed. I guess that’s like a good question, is coke or whisky worse or better than wine? Worse, ‘cause of the sugars?

Terry: Yeah it’s a little worse, yeah

Danielle: Yeah, I guess your body won’t even burn off the sugars until it burns off the alcohol

Terry: Not to mention, on that token, don’t ever do red bull and vodka, gosh I was so stupid in my 20s, ‘cause I came out with a bunch of studies that red bull is a stimulant and alcohol is a depressant so you’re basically ingesting two opposites and it’s extremely bad for you.

Danielle: I didn’t even know that because they still do that in clubs and stuff when you go out, they have red bulls there

Terry: Yeah, it’s extremely bad for your heart

Danielle: Good to know. So I guess the ones I found to stay away most is one was eggnog, ‘cause a lot of times eggnog has alcohol in it

Terry: That’s interesting

Danielle: Well without alcohol it’s still 350 calories, with alcohol 420 and 19 grams of fat

Terry: Wow

Danielle: Then we have the long island iced tea which gets up to about 780 calories

Terry: I did read that, that was like one of the absolute worst

Danielle: I obviously knew that it has a lot of mixed alcohol and but I didn’t know it has that many calories and stuff and you don’t even need a full one. Then we have mudslide which I didn’t knew what it was but I looked it up and it was actually vodka, Kahlua and Bailey’s Irish cream, goes up to 820 calories and then a White Russian which is up there, that’s Vodka, Kahlua and cream and that is 500 calories, it’s equivalent to a Dairy Queen Blizzard and that usually comes in a 20 ounce cup and that’s about a thousand calories.

Terry: That is ridiculous!

Danielle: That’s like a little bigger than a Starbucks… and then we have a Margarita which can be more than 500 calories, Olive Garden’s strawberry and mango margarita has 52 grams of sugar which is equal to a Cinnabon. A Mai Tai about 600 calories and lots of sugar and then at last on the list is Pina Colada about 560 calories and that’s more than Big Mac.

Danielle: Oh my God you turned 33, well I guess this early Tuesday but we did celebrate your birthday yesterday

Terry: Anyways, next topic

Danielle: Well actually we’re done, this is a short one

Terry: I hope you got a lot of information as far as tips for travelling

Danielle: Yeah

Terry: some general workout tips while you’re on the road and some stuff to think about if you’re drinking

Danielle: Yup, keep that in mind

Terry: Don’t go too wild

Danielle: Yup

Terry: Got to keep it in moderation if you’re gonna do it. Do it smart.

Danielle: Stick to pure alcohol

Terry: Yeah

Terry: Alright, we will see you next time for episode six and if you wanna follow us on instagram again @Life_Unfiltered_podcast and your personal instagram is

Danielle: @DanielleEells

Terry: And mine is @TerryAsher and by the way, just want to do a shout-out if you want to have a great muscle builder check out muscle builder flex by Gymjunkies, it’s selling out so fast and there’s so many good reviews so check it out if you want a good nitric oxide booster, for all you weightlifters out there.

Danielle: And there actually on GymJunkies blog there is tips about the healthiest alcohols, there is a blog on that for you, so it kind of just recaps what we just told you and there also is a hotel room workout blog, How to stay in shape on vacation and the ultimate travel workout to keep you in shape on the road so if you wanna check those out it kind of summarized what we just talked about and they are available on

Terry: Yup, it gives you a little more detail

Terry: Alright, we love you all. Peace

Danielle: Bye

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