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Alright, everyone, I am excited to announce another podcast “Life Unfiltered” by GymJunkies… 

It’s hosted by myself Terry Asher and my girlfriend Danielle Eells!

If you enjoy the GymJunkies brand first and foremost thanks for your support:), but I wanted to give a more casual experience through the podcast. Don’t worry the blog is not changing one bit and we will still be pumping out content for everyone but if you want a more “unfiltered” casual version you might enjoy the new podcast.

Keep in mind the podcast is new, and we are new to podcasting it will improve with time 🙂

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Terry: Welcome back to Podcast #2 to Life Unfiltered. We got some awesome subjects to talk about today

Danielle: …so excited

Terry : So excited. First one is how to get your motivation back for the gym, working out, exercising in general and we’re also gonna be asking some really cool relationship questions

Danielle: Interesting

Terry : I can’t wait and we’re also gonna be reviewing traveling, where to go…

Danielle: Where we’re going actually..

Terry : Okay, where we’re going… and why we’re going where we’re going and … why did you write what we’re nervous about?

Danielle : Okay, I left these little notes, I always put these little notes and you just like love to read of them that’s why I decided to have a whole different note card for me because you only say what you’re not supposed to say until like…

Terry : Anyways… We’ve some pretty interesting topics today… I am gonna let you start with motivation to get back to the gym

Danielle: You just love to like push me on that one…

Terry : (laughs)

Danielle: Well I haven’t really been in the gym too much since my last competition, like six months ago

Terry: Okay, so this is your personal experience.. and then we can go over some general ways to get motivation

Danielle: Yeah, well I mean, I think I lost my motivation because I was working out so much, almost too much because I was prepping for bikini competition so I was in the gym for like two to three hours a day and it just becomes something that you have to do and it started becoming not fun for me. More recent I started with like, it was stress reliever for everything else going through and I loved getting that runner’s high, the high you get from really doing any activity, and then it became almost something I felt like I had to do, and then even when I was off prep I still felt like I had to do it or I was gonna get fat and so when, like my very last competition I took a very long break, soon about 6 months and I haven’t really been working out

Terry: You still look great though by the way

Danielle: Well and that’s I think the reason why I am not really still like push myself to get back because I haven’t really like, gained any weight. I am still sitting at like my shell weight, which is pretty insane so that’s another reason why I don’t like have so much motivation to get back because I still look good and I know it’s gonna start catching up to me but I also feel like this like I used to let out all the stress and like everything whenever I worked out now I almost feel like getting like build up. I am not getting high that I used to get so that’s really my only motivation right now to get back ‘cause I actually like the feeling.

Terry : Quick question, is that why you wanted to run earlier today?

Danielle: Yeah, ‘cause I was in a cranky mode and I know once I got outside and ran and got like endorphin high from it, I would feel way better and way happy

Terry: So you’re saying, you’re kind of just need to get, in the swing of things…

Danielle: Yeah, I think I like, I am trying to figure ot things I actually like to do working out agai. It’s the main reason I started because I loved it. And so it’s like finding those certain things, it may not be lifiting weights or running outside like doing random things like getting a high from it, that I actually like to do. So working out may not be like the thing I like to do right now and maybe I’d get back into it six months from now as long as I’m doing some activity that I’m still able to…

Terry: Enjoy…

Danielle: Yeah

Terry: So I think that’s really important just for, you know, people just looking to get back in the swing of things. Just find something you enjoy to do.

Danielle: Yeah, I think a lot of people do it for like the wrong reason

Terry: Yeah, or they, you know, they look at it just like a chore. “Oh no I have to go to the gym again” you know…

Terry: Okay, well If you really hate the gym that much then why don’t you find an exercise that you really like to do, whether it’s Tennis, Basketball, you know something that you enjoy doing, so you’re not going against the grain.

Danielle: And I mean, I did a little research on endorphins, ‘cause I was like pretty intrigued by them and I was like petty curious to figure out like when your body releases endorphins and so I found out that any form of cardio releases endorphins, which are similar to like morphine and they’re considered a natural painkiller and they bring about feeling of euphoria and the runner’s high and so your heartbeat needs to pick up at a pace of 130 and above to release endorphins and massive amounts of endorphins are released when you pass the normal threshold, like runner’s high or like when you’re working out like you can’t keep going anymore so like you keep pushing, so the more you push, the more endorphins are released and they actually last up to 24 hours.

Terry: That’s why I was so freaking happy all the time

Danielle: Yeah

Terry: Alright. Okay, well, that’s a good, I mean that’s a great reason to work-out, endorphins, but I mean some other general reasons, to get some motivation and get back to the gym, is to just set some goals, really simple. Set simple goals, try to hit them track your progress, you can take pictures, get a workout buddy, come on, I mean, there’s just so many ways that you can get your ass back to working out. Make it a habit you know. Take a class, have fun with it, like we said, find something that you like to do. If you like a song, blast that song, move your legs, get your blood flowing and of course you can read motivational articles on my website

Danielle: There’s a couple of things I used to do, I used to set a screensaver of like, the body that I really wanted, that was achievable to me not like something that was really unachievable at the time, so I would put that person or whoever it was that inspired me as my screensaver. So like whenever I felt motivated I would just click my phone and like, there it was. Oh and on YouTube you can look up like motivational speeches and stuff so while I like doing stairs or like running, I would listen to these like, really inspirational YouTube videos.

Terry: Okay, I was actually gonna ask how I get my motivation and go back to the gym

Danielle: Well, I was gonna ask how you have motivation to go every single day, how do you don’t feel like it’s a chore

Terry: I was waiting for that… but… it’s basically been every day since I was 16 years old, I worked out

Danielle: But I mean, you never feel like it’s a chore, like you have to go?

Terry: No, I do feel like, in all honesty, my intensity will fluctuate of how hard I am working out but I will always work-out and at least go through the motions. So, if for instance if I am competing and now there’s competition that I am getting ready for, my intensity is obviously a little higher for those allotted months before that competition.

Danielle: And what about rest days?

Terry: Rest days…usually I’ll chalk Sunday out for the rest day. I mean one of the things for the muscle growth, you have to have a day for the rest day and as boring as it is you know, you can have a rest day

Danielle: And, what about like, cheating?

Terry: You mean cheat-meals?

Danielle: Yeah…

Terry: Well, how does that have to do with gym motivation?

Danielle: You’re no fun…

Terry: Okay, cheat meals, uhm… yeah, look, when I am not competing I live by the 80-20 rule, it’s really that simple. I think you can spend 80 per cent of your time being healthy, enjoy the other 20 per cent so it gets balanced. Works for me, obviously I don’t live by the 80-20 rule when I am competing more like 99-1…but you know that’s the sacrifice I make for those months, but then, you know, I go back to 80-20 and that’s a good balance.

Danielle: 50-50 with me

Terry: Anyways, next topic

Danielle: Yeah, so this is the fun one.. Relationships

Terry: Oh, I can’t wait.

Danielle: Let’s see where do we start, do you want me to start?…Okay, I will start

Terry: You’re just dying to ask me these questions…

Danielle: Well, I just think its fun… Alright, what’s the first thing you notice about a girl?

Terry: Her face.

Danielle: What about her face?

Terry: Well, that’s the first thing I look at.

Danielle: Okay, but like, all around her face, or like certain aspects?

Terry: Well, the first thing I notice about a girl like obviously what, walking by or…

Danielle: Yeah…

Terry: Yeah, I look at her face

Danielle: Okay, what’s your favorite part about her face?

Terry: Uhm.. I guess I look at hair, facial structure, and features, light, dark

Danielle: There’s not like certain thing that stands out to you? Like for me it’s eyes

Terry: Umm.. I would probably say like hair or eyes, yeah, mouth…

Danielle: Like, what part, like her teeth or lips?

Terry: Probably lips, well, I mean, who’s to say, girl walking past you is smiling?

Danielle: So it’s kind of like, her all around like face

Terry: Exactly what I said, yeah

Danielle: Okay, so are you like a make-up kind of guy I mean do you like girls that have full on make-up or like more natural?

Terry: I would tend to say I like more natural, I don’t like too much make-up, you know If you’re going out.. Then you know I think that you can wear a little bit more but personally I like the more natural look. I don’t know, I just don’t like girls that are super cake-faced.

Terry: Alright, as a girl, what do you think the most comfortable place to be hit on is? Or is there a comfortable place? The reason I am asking you this question is because on out first take of this episode, you said, you would never like to be hit on in a bar, like what are you at the bar for? I mean, I know hanging out with your friends I get that, but like you’ve got to be expecting like someone will hit on you, if you’re at a bar.

Danielle: Yeah, I wouldn’t say, I’m like rude about it, most people go about it in a rude way but I don’t really think that that is a comfortable place to be hit on, for me. I like, in really, being hit on I feel like I don’t go. In early high school, I would go places to like, wait to be kind if hit on, like you would go to the mall. That was like your outing, like a Friday night, like you hand out at the mall when you’re much younger

Terry: Yeah we did that, we went to the movie theater

Danielle: Yeah, so I was in like those kind of days, I was like, looking to meet guys or whatever but I am so like, won’t turn my head the other way, ‘cause it’s just really uncomfortable

Terry: I mean hypothetically

Danielle: Well, yeah, but like I’m also, I just hate being hit on because I don’t like going on dates and if someone’s really nice then it’s really hard for me to reject them but If you’re like cat-calling then I’m like going to be bitchy but if someone like comes up like super nice, it’s really hard for me to just be straight out like, “No”

Terry: Okay. So you’re saying that…

Danielle: There’s no comfortable place to be hit on, I can’t think of any of ‘em to be honest

Terry: Well, it’s kind of like goes back to my point of me seeing people that I had to unfollow every single day in the gym.

Terry: Alright let’s keep rolling with my question, so you don’t have a place that you’re comfortable, that’s your answer essentially…

Danielle: Yeah…

Terry: Interesting, alright, well your question…

Danielle: Okay, so what do you think about pickup lines and girls picking up on you?

Terry: I think they’re cheesy as [beep]

Danielle: And like girls hitting on you?

Terry: Okay, umm.. I feel like, of course that’s fine.

Danielle: So if you’re okay with girls hitting on you then how do you feel like them hitting on you with a pickup line?

Terry: Okay, well that’s a good question, umm… because I can only think back to when I had an awesome app, and girls would say some cheesy ass pickup lines to me, and honestly I usually would not write back because they were so cheesy that I like, cringe. So yeah, it makes me not want to respond to a person.

Danielle: If it’s like too cheesy?

Terry: I mean, they’re just so cheesy like just some stupid pickup lines like I can’t even I mean… “Oh you have better hair than I do”… that’s awkward or “we should date or let’s have a bun off, who has the best bun” Or “You look like Thor, did you land from Asgard” I mean, it just goes on and on and on

Terry: I mean, whatever happened to “hey, how you’re doing” or looking at someone’s profile, maybe and saying like “Oh you went to Arizona… How was Arizona?” what’s wrong with just normal conversation

Danielle: I think, they’re kind of think it sets themselves apart

Terry: But they don’t realize that it’s not setting them apart, I don’t get any normal conversation, like “hey how are you?”.. Like honestly my response or my first conversation is “hey, how you’re doing?” or “How are you”? I don’t know what’s so threatening about that

Danielle: Yeah…

Terry: It’s not really threatening, right? And I have a good success rate with people responding to it “Hey I’m doing well, how are you?”

Danielle: Okay, what about girls coming up to you at a bar or something? How do you feel about that, in-person?

Terry:   I guess it’s just totally contingent upon situation, right?

Danielle: So like if you were at a bar like or in a club and a girl approached to you…

Terry: I mean if a girl came up to me in a bar I would definitely entertain her regardless if I was interested or not, just to be polite. Not overly, you know, like overly nice, but at least polite.

Danielle: But if she’s like really hot then?

Terry: Well, then I don’t know if I’ll be overly nice, I will just be normal

Danielle: So I guess the answer is, yes you would say a girl should approach a guy if they’re interested as long as they’re not approaching with a cheesy pickup line.

Terry: Yeah, I think so. I mean, the same should go for guys, like some of my friends, the shit they say just drives me up the wall. I mean, where did you guys like, where did you read that? I mean don’t be overly aggressive or don’t be overly assertive, just be normal I mean, whatever happened to that?

Danielle: Okay, what was your next question?

Terry: Alright, my next great question is, okay, if someone you’re dating or your partner does something that just annoys the shit out of you, how do you break it to them? What do you say to stop the annoyance?

Danielle: I feel like form the beginning, like, what was it, it was probably like our drive to Vegas that I asked you like what appeals you and what annoys you and this was like before we were dating so I kind of like got an idea like the things that really annoyed you

Terry: chewing with your mouth open…

Danielle: So like we both already knew…

Terry: So that’s a personal response but like what would you say to someone like generally, that’s just getting annoyed, how do you approach your significant other…

Danielle: Well, the thing is already know what’s annoyed them so I never had to be put in a situation…

Terry: So analyze the situation before getting into it, essentially right?

Danielle: Yeah, I wanna know what annoys them. I mean it’s nice to know like who knows maybe the person you end up getting in relationship with does like, the main thing, that annoys he shit out of you every day and you have no idea, like smoking cigarettes, I don’t care if my parents do, but I can’t have a boyfriend who does it because I’m gonna be kissing them and it’s just one of those things you can’t be around all the time

Terry: I hate cigarettes

Danielle: Yeah so I’d rather know that from the get go then like find out later on,

Terry: Alright, next question then

Danielle: How about, how do you feel about double and triple texting? Like say you go out on a date, and then next day or two you’re thinking about like hanging out with her like two or three times, how do you feel about her double or triple texting you if you’re not responding?

Terry: I would probably be a little annoyed if it was like the first time we went out, so like if we went out once, then yeah it would be a red flag, especially because here’s one thing that I really make clear when I go on my first date is I work really hard and during the day I am engaged in my work.

Danielle: What if it’s after hours work hours? What if you just hooked up with a girl and you give her number…

Terry: No, I mean, come on, you text once and you wait. Case closed.

Terry: Alright. Are you a morning person or night owl and how does it after your relationship, do you think about that?

Danielle: I used to be a really good morning person and kind of like how you are or kind of turning me into a night owl but I used to get up at like 5 or 6 every day and then I don’t really know what happened but I just really started liking sleeping and so right now, I would say I am a night owl because I sleep until like and that also changed because of my schedule since I had a class at like 6 PM or like 4 PM so I don’t have to wake up early.

Terry: So that’s fair enough I mean your schedule changed

Danielle: Yeah I can honestly end up being both, it’s more like your habit that you’re into.

Terry: So it’s a choice

Danielle: And I think it does affect a relationship because for me like It’s really hand when I have like a morning schedule or a morning routine and the person I am with is trying to sleep till 3 AM, like I would try not to be with them every night because I would know I would not end up getting any sleep.

Danielle: So what makes a girl dateable vs. a fling? Like why a relationship and why just a fling and when do you decide that?

Terry: Alright, let me answer the first part, I think qualities, right, qualities.

Danielle: Personality qualities?

Terry: No, just like general, you know morals and values and stuff like that

Danielle: How do you know about them?

Terry: When you get to know the person I don’t know for me personally umm… a fling is just classified in a completely different zone for me you know. If I’m single and I’m out with my friends then you know, you can have a fling but

Danielle: Well, yeah, what I mean is so what qualities do you look for in a girl that makes them dateable vs. just a fling?

Terry: Well you know they have to have good morals, right?

Danielle: What do you mean by good morals?

Terry: Like they have to be a good person, they have to be nice, they have to be sweet, they have to have ambition, they have to be motivated, you know, just good qualities.

Danielle: So then when do you decide a girl’s just gonna be a fling vs. a relationship?

Terry: Well I don’t really decide it, for like making that decision based on spending enough time with them to like, hate to say, kind of analyze them you know, to say, okay, I don’t think I’ll ever date that person you know.

Danielle: And then you still keep kind of seeing them for a little bit, right?

Terry: Well, you know, sometimes. It kind of goes on my mind like, alright this is not really gonna last

Danielle: So how can a girl know if she’s gonna just be a fling or a relationship? What advice can you give that girl?

Terry: Well, I mean of course you can always communicate, “hey, where you see this going?” You know, “do you see us dating?”

Danielle: So how many dates do you think it’s okay for a girl to bring it up and like you know, you’re not weirded out by it?

Terry: I mean, obviously you should both establish you like each other, right?

Danielle: Yeah, like if you’re going on like multiple dates

Terry: And you’re getting along, yeah I think there’s you know a time and a place

Danielle: So like three dates?

Terry: I don’t like to put numbers on things but I would say somewhere in between like 3 and 5 probably.

Danielle: So you really just say qualities make a girl dateable versus a fling…

Terry: Yeah, qualities, core qualities

Danielle: Okay, I like that.. do you have another one?

Terry : I do

Danielle: Go for it

Terry: Okay what would you grab if your house was on fire and you gotta really think about it cause these are like relationship questions

Danielle: There’s no animal inside the house, right?

Terry: Well, I don’t know , what if there were animals

Danielle: Well then obviously animals, like is that even a question? Like to me I will grab any living thing before any type of…

Terry: Okay, but I am putting a relationship twist on this, so you’re in a relationship or you’re married with them what type of things are you gonna grab like, having to do with that relationship.. like pictures…

Danielle: Well I mean regardless if I was in a relationship or not… I have like a scrapbook from my grandma, which she made when I was little so I would grab that and a bunch of pictures and I have this box of like, random stuff but there also is like pictures from random times like probably from past relationships and from like friends probably from high school, half of it probably don’t mean shit but I mean…

Terry: Well, did everyone get that? She’s gonna save all of her past relationships…

Danielle: No, you have it wrong, I know you probably have pictures from past relationships or past like flings, I know I have so many pictures of friends like…

Terry: I am just gonna interrupt you here I’m not sure if I’m gonna get in trouble here but you just ripped a note from my past relationship

Danielle: It’s a girl from jail, jeez, who are you dating in jail? I don’t even go into what the letter said but like obviously I haven’t heard about her before so she didn’t really mean anything..

Danielle: You don’t even know who it was from?

Terry: True, but there was no fire but the note still got destroyed (laughs)

Danielle: Whatever, so anyway I would pick things that are not replaceable like that box that, probably half of it doesn’t mean anything but half of it has random pictures and stuff that’s not replacable and so yeah, I would probably pick something that’s not replaceable like if you bought me stuffed animal or a pillow or whatever it is, things that I can’t replace or even like you know, picture of my mom so yeah that’s what I would grab.

Terry: Alright, fair enough, I’ll have to say pictures and my computer will be on the top of my list. Of course, animals are right up there with that stuff. Oh and animals, they’re number 1 because they’re living creature

Danielle: Alright, I have one last question for you, can a guy and girl be just friends?

Terry: Yeah, I do, I honestly do. I can’t say I have too many but yeah, I generally do. I would say that friends that I do have that are girls, I do cherish them. I do have to think about the ones that I have but I definitely have a couple.

Danielle: Yeah, I agree, I think it’s possible too, I just wanted to see your opinion on it.

Terry: I mean you have a lot of guy friends

Danielle: Yeah, and I’ve never done anything with them

Terry: So you answered your own question

Terry: Okay, my last question is, what’s the best advice you got from a relationship or about a relationship and why?

Danielle: That’s a hard one. Umm…. Best advice like what’s the biggest thing I’ve learned from a relationship?

Terry: Like what’s the best advice someone’s given you in a relationship or the best advice about a relationship in general

Danielle: I don’t really know if I’ve like any good relationship advice from like any relationship

Terry: So you’re saying none of your ex-boyfriends give you any kind of advice?

Danielle: No

Terry: Okay. Interesting

Danielle: Yeah, I mean nothing sticks out at all that I can think of

Terry: I kind of feel like I give you advice

Danielle: Well what was the other part of the question?

Terry: What is the best advice someone gave you about a relationship you were in?

Danielle: Umm.. to walk away and I feel like we both had that problem before because we both have really good hearts and we care a lot for other people and so there’s times where I stay too long because I’m too afraid of hurting other person’s feelings.. or you care too much about the person like what are they gonna do about it when you break things off and so I think that was my mom who gave me that advice long time ago, was the longer you stay in a relationship the more you’re hurting that person..

Terry: Agreed

Danielle: So, when you realize you don’t wanna be with that person, cut things off and don’t prolong it because in reality it’s just hurting them more.

Terry: Yeah, I agree and I definitely also have that problem. It’s unfortunate because you try and you’re trying to do the right thing, you think it’s the right thing but you’re really not, you’re like you said, you prolong and that hurts. It’s unfortunate because you don’t want to hurt the person that you’re with but you really are hurting them more.

Danielle: Yeah

Terry: Do you have any more questions or we should go on to our next topic

Danielle: I think we should do our next topic real quick before we run out of time

Terry: Yeah, we’re running out of time so let’s keep this one brief and talk about Travelling

Danielle: Yeah, we bought our tickets to Spain

Terry: Yay!

Danielle: We’re going to Barcelona and we’re going to visit my best friend that I’ve known since kindergarten and my roommate, she has been in Barcelona since January, it’s been like six months and I am so excited to go see her

Terry: We will be podcasting in Espanola

Danielle: Yeah and on the train, our plan is to go to Barcelona for about five days, visit my friend, party our asses off like it’s 1948 or whatever the hell that saying is

Terry: Anyways, so yeah we’re gonna go to Spain and then we will travel through France

Danielle: Take the train on the coast

Terry: Then we’re going to Italy then we’re going to land in Switzerland. Yeah, its going to be fun.

Danielle: I’m so excited and we’re gonna see the Swiss Alps

Terry: Speaking of travelling and trying to stay fit is so extremely hard by the way

Danielle: We’re not doing that…

Terry: Okay, well first of all, the one thing that I do when I do travel is I always do cardio. I’ll always run whenever I’m at just to get my heart rate up, get my blood flowing, get those endorphins that you were talking about before. I do actually like enjoy running where I’m at because obviously to see more where I’m at. In fact, the last time I went to Spain I spent every day running on the beach and by the beaches, beautiful. I took some cool pictures and stuff so again just a tip for people that travel and make an excuse like “Oh I can’t stay fit when I travel”.. yeah I get it, it’s harder but try to find something that you can do on the move.

Danielle: I think we should make that like when we wake up in the morning, to do that.

Terry: Yeah, roll out of bed, run, and shower and start the day, I agree. I mean, could be as simple as like bringing resistance bands to your hotel or whatever it is but there’s always ways to stay in shape and at least…

Danielle: Actually it feels great cause you don’t feel as bad when you actually go enjoy the food and you don’t feel like everyday you’re gaining five pounds.

Terry: Right, I agree

Danielle: And… why we’re going. Oh, part of the reason why I was ‘cause I want to go see Jenny in Spain, in Barcelona and the other reason why is I’ve always wanted to travel out of the country and so Jenny gave me a reason why and Terry loves travelling too and we wanted to travel together and he said his favorite place so far was the Swiss Alps so we decided to make a little

Terry: Detour to the Swiss Alps..

Danielle: Yeah, we’re kind of just going on a couples’ trip, really something I always wanted to my entire life and it’s one of my things in my bucket list…and we finally have

Terry: And…

Danielle: Are you nervous about anything on the trip?

Terry: Am I nervous? No I mean I, I’ve done a decent amount to traveling so I’m not nervous about anything travel related

Danielle: So what are you nervous about?

Terry: You, maybe

Danielle: What do you mean?

Terry: I mean, yeah I don’t know… you know I’m nervous that you’re just hopefully gonna follow directions, you know when we’re traveling and stuff

Danielle: What does that mean?

Terry: Well, you know, sometimes you get a little sidetracked. Can we talk about maps? Okay so we were looking at the countries and she legit thought the border of the countries where railroad tracks

Danielle: I am really bad at Geography, okay, I am really smart person but Geography is not my strong suit

Terry: Alright, let’s just put it this way, I’ll be leading the march out there

Danielle: I’m also so nervous; I’ve never packed one suitcase, ever

Terry: Well, that’s what I’m also nervous about…

Terry: Okay, well before we drag this out about how many suitcases you’re gonna bring, I hope you just came clued, but that’s number 2 and we’ll see you back very shortly

Danielle: Bye guys

Terry: Later

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