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Terry: Welcome back to Episode 4 of Life Unfiltered. You can follow us on Instagram @Life_Unfiltered_podcast. We have an awesome podcast scheduled with some pretty awesome topics. Babe, do you want to get started on the first topic?

Danielle: Well, why don’t we just like state them first? We’re gonna be doing diet and workout for beginners and then our second topic is how much sleep your body needs to function properly and our third topic is “Are you in the wrong business?” aka Terry and our fourth topic is “Can you be friends with your ‘ex’?”

Terry: Can’t wait for that one…

Terry: Anyways so yeah, diet and workout for beginners. Obviously, I think we should start here just a natural progression as we…

Danielle: …well I wanna start with diet

Terry: Sure, you wanna take diet and I will take working out?

Danielle: We’re gonna do some of both, I have stuff written down

Terry: Okay, go ahead, lead the way

Danielle: So I’m just gonna kind of go over like my diet and workout when I started… I did in the beginning, like diet and everything for myself and I use my fitness pal and I tracked my diet and exercise there so that was when I kind of started realizing every calorie I was eating, how much calories one Oreo has and it was a sad time in my life because I stopped eating a lot of food because I realized how bad it was for you

Terry: Okay so don’t you think, just to interject, just the mere fact that you started tracking your calories helped you?

Danielle: Oh yeah it helps you, like no one really realizes how much like, how many calories, fat is in any food that you eat and I remember just like a snack or like…, it was actually in high school when I started that, and like everyone will just eat other people’s food and you would share so when I’d like put in a cookie or something and I’ll realize how many calories that was and how many calories to take away from what I could eat later

Terry: Yeah, because in theory, a cookie would be like a full meal with calories

Danielle: Yeah

Terry: Not nutritionally of course but calorie-wise it could be a full meal

Danielle: Like frappuccino is like literally your calorie intake for the day

Terry: I remember I was really depressed in high school and I looked up frappuccino and I realized it has as many calories as a Big Mac from McDonald’s

Danielle: It’s like over a thousand, blew me away…. And then when I started working out more and started just like having a conversation with a couple trainers and like people who knew more about a diet I ended up cutting out all my dairy products and then after a while I started cutting out all my sugars

Terry: Let me ask you a question… why did you cut out dairy? Were you allergic to dairy or just because it was high in fat content?

Danielle: Yeah I actually have like a whole thing about dairy… So dairy is actually… pretty much three-fourths of the world is intolerant to lactose so pretty much like everyone is allergic to it

Terry: Yup, I’m allergic

Danielle: Yeah, your body just can’t

Terry: By the way, if you don’t know if you’re allergic or not you should consume milk or whey protein and see if you get extremely bloated and upset stomach, it could be a sign that you’re allergic to it

Danielle: Yeah, it’s also more like if you try cutting out dairy for even a week and just try again like having a protein shake or consuming like a cup of milk that’s when you’re really gonna know, ‘cause your body like when you’re allergic to something and you keep consuming it, it’s not to say that we’re allergic to dairy we just can’t process the lactose that well, so when your body gets used to it, your stomach won’t hurt and your body is just processing food it’s not supposed to when you cut it out and put it back into your diet your body will react a lot worse than it normally would and that’s kind of how I figured it out, ‘cause I just cut it out, I normally had dairy all my life and never had stomach aches or anything until I finally cut it out and did some research about it and found out that lactose is the main carbohydrate in dairy, not some milk-sugar made of two simple sugars, glucose, and galactose. When we were infants our body produced a digestive enzyme called lactase which breaks down lactose from our mother’s milk and many people lose that ability to that in adulthood. As much as 75% of the worlds’ population is unable to break down lactose as an adult which is lactose intolerant.

Terry: So gosh those ‘Got Milk’ commercials really, really weren’t on to anything (laughs)

Danielle: Nope, they were not

Terry: Not to mention, you can get calcium from other places, not just the milk but that’s a whole another subject

Danielle: So there is my talk about dairy, do you think it’s actually pretty bad, I mean, now it’s in actually like cheese and stuff, so I still eat cheese but its dairy free

Terry: Okay, so backing up a little… would you recommend it for a beginner just in dieting altogether?

Danielle: Download a fitness pal, track your calories, and see what’s actually in every food you’re eating and when you’re ready to take that next step, completely cut out all dairy and the next step would be to cut out all the sugars

Terry: Yeah I agree and you should also like ultimately figure out how many calories you need to be intaking based on your workout activity, male-female, how tall you are, how much you weigh. As far as working out, one mistake that I see a lot of people get into as far as being a beginner and going straight into the gym and I see a lot of beginners just go straight into the resistance training programme. I totally disagree with this and think that if you’re a beginner and an absolute-absolute beginner you should try to acclimate your body and do some sort of stability training or body weight training to kind of get your body used to exercise in general, because I see a lot of people get burnt out and I think if a lot of people kind of slowly got into it, they would probably stick to it and make it more of a lifestyle.

Danielle: What do you mean by stability training?

Terry: So, Stability training is like exercising your actual stability muscle fibers so instead of going straight into resistance training and not having those stability muscle fibers, you’re basically getting all the small muscle fibers that support the larger muscle groups in your body, so you’re stimulating them, getting them ready for harder resistance training.

Danielle: Okay. And do you have these kinds of workouts?

Terry: Yeah, so you can check out beginners’ workout plan that’s in an awesome article and we also offer a PDF file so you can download it!

Danielle: So, backtracking little bit, I completely forgot about the alcohol thing, alcohol can be the number one thing you cut out from your diet before dairy and before sugars because alcohol temporarily keeps your body from burning fat, so your metabolic system must stop what it’s doing to get rid of the booze., so while there’s alcohol in your system your metabolism is not burning anything else that you’ve eaten or that is already in your stomach and it focuses on just breaking down the alcohol in your system so normally everything else that’s in your system at that point will go directly to fat, so that is why alcohol is so bad for you when you’re trying to lose weight.

Terry: Very good

Danielle: And I think that you actually have it on your website like a diet plan that is very specific…

Terry: Yeah, we offer custom meal plans on our website, you can just search Gymjunkies custom meal plan on Google and we actually send you a questionnaire, I believe there’s like fifteen questions and we custom make you a meal plan. So even if you are allergic to something we can give you a custom meal plan.

Danielle: So it’s like based on how much you wanna lose…

Terry: Yeah, so if you are a male and you’re trying to put on lean muscle mass we adjust the meal plan for that or if you’re someone that’s trying to lose weight then we obviously adjust the custom meal plan

Danielle: Got it.

Terry: For your goals

Danielle: Interesting. Do you have anything else about diet?

Terry: Just going back to diet I think you should always just figure out you know your daily caloric intake and then from there obviously if you’re trying to lose weight or diet, you want to just, you know, deficit, around negative five hundred calories per day that will slowly make you lose one to two pounds per week and you can even afford to have like a cheat day and you’ll still lose because of overall weekly deficit, if you follow that program

Danielle: Makes sense

Terry: Yeah, going back to working out since I didn’t finish… (Laughs)

Danielle: Sorry…

Terry: I just feel like there is just so much information out there that I think people that are getting started could get confused. Like you know, “Should I do cardio?” “Should I do weight training?” “Should I weight train like a bodybuilder?” “Should I work-out three days a week?” “Should I go five days a week”? You know etcetera etcetera

Danielle: What did you do?

Terry: What did I do? Uhm, I actually did not follow the advice that I just gave because I just got thrown right into resistance training but granted I wasn’t an athlete before that so it’s a little different. If you’re not playing sports and stuff like that then it’s even more needed that you do some sort of stability training before you know resistance training and stuff like that. But yeah, I went into, kind of a basic bodybuilding routine, splitting my muscle groups up and it worked pretty well, I gained some decent muscle mass.

Danielle: So I feel like that like so different from what I did but I’m also a girl so… I mean I was always in sports too but I actually started just like running outside every day because honestly I was terrified of the gym, it’s like in high school I wanna say. So I wanted like, being healthy and I was eating pretty well ad writing out how much I was eating vs. burning every day so I started running probably a couple of miles and then within a couple of weeks I was doing like six miles a day, just like running around my neighborhood and then an ex-boyfriend of mine asked me to work out with him, we were in this like weird gym like a garage, so that’s how I started and he taught me like a couple of exercises and I felt not comfortable in going to a gym. Fast forward we broke up, I only knew like not many exercises and I was like one of those people who are deathly afraid to be seen working out, to look like I don’t know what I was doing and super self-conscious about all of it so I just stuck to just like those couple workout exercises that I knew until I felt comfortable enough about the gym and doing what I already knew like what to do.

Terry: Well I think that’s better than nothing obviously so…

Danielle: Agreed, so I just kind of kept doing what I knew I could do and I knew how to do and then finally I was comfortable enough in the gym, I felt looking at exercises like videos and stuff and trying out new things in the gym but I honestly stayed in those workout rooms like those corners where you stretch and stuff and I did like self-workouts there like I wasn’t really on doing free weights or doing any machines, I kind of just like stuck to like free weights stuff that I saw on Instagram or like videos online and I worked all alone.

Terry: Random question, do you feel like it was intimidating or you just didn’t know what you were doing so that’s why you kind of chilled in the corner and worked out?

Danielle: Well, when I was with like a boyfriend or the trainer, I knew what they were doing and I was fine but when I was by myself trying to do new things like new workouts that I didn’t really tried before, it was really intimidating and just scary to me.

Terry: Okay, fair enough. I’m trying to think of some good advice for intimidation, I would just say, if you beginning and you do struggle with that, find somewhere that’s private to workout in for a while until you do feel confident on you know free weights or machines and you do kind of have like a routine going, then you won’t feel like you’re lost, like going into the gym and be like “Oh, what do I do next?”. It’s crazy because I don’t have to write down my workout, all workouts are in my head and I just go to the gym and I know exactly what I’m gonna do. But you’ve got to think like there are tons of people out there that are trying to get started with working out so I think in the beginning it’s always nice to have some sort of guide. And again, your workout is always gonna be contingent upon your goals, right? Like you workout obviously a little different than I do.

Danielle: Yeah

Terry: We can go into more detail but obviously this is just working out and diet for beginners but just to touch on it real fast, a bodybuilder is gonna train a lot different than an athlete, right?

Danielle: Yeah

Terry: Like an athlete is gonna be more in muscle endurance rep range and a bodybuilder is gonna be more in muscle building range and strength training and so forth. So, we can go into more detail later

Danielle: So what about subject two…

Terry: Subject two “How much sleep does your body need to function properly”

Danielle: Getting those ‘Zzzzzz’s’

Terry: (laughs)

Danielle: Okay, I’ll start. I found some really cool articles, I listen to a couple podcasts about sleeping, I actually have been really interested in this subject for like a couple of weeks I have a lot to share and first thing I wanna share is this really cool fact that we spend up to a third of our lives, asleep, and that’s from the National Sleep Foundation so it’s kind of weird to think about, literally third of our lives, like sleeping. That’s almost like thirty years, if we live to be ninety that’s thirty years.

Terry: Okay, random topic though but didn’t you hear lions sleep like 23 out of 24 hours. Yeah, I swear I saw that on National Geographic, who knows, anyway, sorry to interrupt, go ahead…

Danielle: So the National Sleep Foundation recommends that people who are fourteen to seventeen get 8 to 10 hours, eighteen to twenty-five get 7 to 9, twenty six to sixty four get 7 to 9 and sixty five up get 7 to 8 so it’s kind of crazy but a lot of times if you get under seven hours, it’s almost the same side effects that if you get over 9 hours, so there’s like some pretty crazy things happen but I found out that while your body is asleep, your body rebuilds muscles you’ve worn down during the day and cleans away harmful wastes that are produced in the brain, which is kind of interesting. I feel like you’ve a lot about muscles…

Terry: Yeah, I’ll go into more muscle growth during sleeping and also there are two stages of sleep which is NREM which is Non Rapid Eye Movement stages and the other one is REM, which you’ve probably heard of, Rapid Eye Movement or the dreaming stage

Danielle: And that’s the sleep that you need

Terry: Well, you need both actually because they shorn towards the last couple of hours of sleep and vice-versa for the REM stage so the NREM are the stages of sleep where recovery and regeneration occur in the body and that’s when you’re most relaxed actually, so that’s where your “gains” can be made and the REM stage is, breathing accelerates slightly and your energy expenditure rises as we dream, which makes sense for dreaming you know, you’re kind of like rolling around, mumbling in the sleep. I do that sometimes, don’t I?

Danielle: One time you growled, do you remember that dream, I would’ve woke you up because you were like growling like you were a wolf or something, like if you saw a wolf in you dream and you were howling back at him. That was so weird…

Terry: Well, you can’t control what you dream about right (laughs)… apparently I was growling. That’s really funny…

Terry: So anyways, like as you know resistance training works by breaking down you muscle tissue and putting stress on your body so gains are made when the body adapts the stress by rebuilding the muscles and connective tissue that much stronger so if the stress is placed upon the body, it its too high or if there’s not adequate nutrition or recovery for the body, your gains won’t be as good, right? So that’s why I sleep. So obviously sleep is important for protein synthesis and having sleep problems can lead you to missing out on sleep and that means missing out on the phase of muscle building.

Danielle: So if you don’t sleep you don’t build muscle essentially

Terry: Pretty much yeah. I mean it’s a critical part of muscle building and I think it’s lot of like athletes and people not talk about because it’s not a “cool” topic, right>

Danielle: Yeah..

Terry: But sleep is extremely important for building your muscles

Danielle: And it’s actually really important for losing weight like you don’t lose weight if you’re not sleeping enough

Terry: Very true and your metabolism and then I can go into hormones later, especially for guys, testosterone, growth hormone are all affected by sleep too.

Danielle: So sleep is essential to regulate your emotions. Being sleep deprived for one night can increase your emotional response to negative feeling by sixty per cent, which is kind of crazy, so instead of being nice you’re sixty per cent more inclined to be negative, mean or just irritated. Lack of sleep makes it difficult for your body to regulate things like appetite control, your immune system, good metabolic function and your ability to maintain normal body weight.

Danielle: So here’s a cool little study, one study found like getting only five hours per night for several nights in a row decreases mental performance to the same extent as drinking enough alcohol that have a blood-alcohol content of 0.6.

Terry: Wow, that’s crazy…

Danielle: Yeah…so as if that wasn’t enough, poor sleep can make you feel more negative, less productive and act less ethically at work, even worse, getting poor sleep or not enough sleep also increases your chances of developing chronic diseases like obesity, heart disease or diabetes. And, when you’re asleep your body clears wastes and harmful plaques from the brain, it may be the reason why poor sleep seems to be associated with an increased risk of Alzheimer’s disease.

Terry: Very interesting. Also, it’s important to know when you put your body under stress obviously inflammation goes up, so inflammation is the natural signal for the body to focus its attention towards repairing itself but with too much of it the body can’t repair the muscles as well as it should…so…also inflammation just so you guys know, is commonly the cause for joint and soft tissue discomfort and of course these aches and pains are not good for training and one simple thing to combat this is to have a de-loading phase but if you don’t know what that is, I can talk about it later.

Terry: But anyway, one study found that people who got six hours of sleep at night had more C-protein inflammatory markers, this is linked to overstimulation of the sympathetic nervous system that is recovered during sleep. Losing out on sleep not only increases inflammation but it also doesn’t allow the body to decrease inflammation sufficiently.

Danielle: Wow

Terry: And then again I was gonna touch on the hormones from earlier but aside from testosterone few hormones play a role in your muscle growth and that is growth hormone and that hormone is mainly regulated during sleep. So skimping on sleep means skimping growth hormone, so that’s a bad idea if you want lean body mass, it’s pretty much common sense. Growth hormone primarily rises during the start of sleep, while this might lead us to believe that losing a bit of shut-eye won’t significantly impact growth hormone release, it’s not the case. Research has shown that more growth hormone is released when participants go to sleep at earlier bedtimes around 10 PM.

Danielle: Actually, wait a second, when I was listening to this podcast this scientist doctor person was saying that as you get older your time clock, well it kind of goes differently like when you’re a kid you want to stay up late but you can’t because your natural time clock, you have to go to bed earlier or you’ll fall asleep during the day blah, blah, blah so when you’re like in adulthood like teenagers, in your twenties and everything, he actually said that school need to not start at 8 because your biological time clock wants you to sleep longer so like when you’re like in your teens and twenties and stuff, that’s why a lot of time like when you’re in your twenties or teenager you can stay up partying but that’s because you body can and not like when you’re a child who usually fall asleep in like mid-day so their body can’t keep them awake.

Terry: Not to mention, they’re growing too

Danielle: Yeah, so when a certain period, I forgot exactly what it is, your body tells you again like, now I’m ready to go to bed earlier. But there’s like a long time period when your body, it’s just like a biological thing, not everyone is the same but it usually follows the pattern like teenagers and twenties, your biological clock like tells you like stay up later and sleep until this time. So it’s not just like a habit.

Terry: Alright, are you done with all your sleeping facts

Danielle: No

Terry: Okay we’ll keep going

Danielle: What about too much sleep ‘cause we sleep sometimes ten, eleven hours. Like I said before, too little sleep and too much sleep can lead to Alzheimers’. Oversleeping is not harmful in itself, but is a sign that you may be sleeping ineffectively like sleep apnea or depression. And if you sleep nine to ten hours you’re twenty percent more likely to be obese and too little or too much sleep is linked with Alzheimer’s disease which is something I mentioned earlier. Too much sleep can be a symptom of depression or hypersomnia which is a medical disorder.

Terry: So basically the sweet spot is what the seven to nine hours..

Danielle: Yeah like seven to nine

Terry: But of course I was gonna say like if you’re an athlete or you’re exercising excessively, you should probably sleep a little bit more.

Danielle: Yeah I think it’s more of something like just listening to your body and I remember reading on like the National Health or Sleep whatever, they were saying, “Are you productive, happy and healthy on seven hours of sleep or do you need nine hours to feel that way?”

Terry: Yeah, I’m definitely an eight to nine-hour person for sure

Danielle: Me too, seven is like too little

Terry: I agree, but you know we workout so that makes sense

Danielle: Yeah

Terry: So I mean it’s pretty clear that lack of sleep is a roadblock we can’t get around, so you got to get the most out of your slumber and just a cool little fact is the faster we fall asleep, the deeper sleep we can reach and for also us trying to get gains, it means more gains and you can also track your sleep with a Fitbit.

Danielle: Wow, I did not know that

Terry: Or other phone apps that will check your sleep cycles and see how long it takes for you to go to sleep and there’s a few other ways to go to sleep in less time

Danielle: Like meditation

Terry: Yeah or turning off the TV or whatever

Danielle: Yeah I don’t know how you sleep with the TV on. You wanna know something really interesting I found out and I told you this too ‘cause I was like so blown away, the fact that sleeping pills like Ambien … and alcohols does this too because those are considered like sedatives so what they do is like they put you to sleep, and I was all like, oh yeah like I sleep so much better like when I’ve drank and actually you’ve worse sleep when you take those sleeping pills or you drink because you go into that deep sleep and a lot of times you’ll feel tired the next day or just super groggy and like out of it because it’s a sedative so puts you like to sleep but you don’t get the same natural sleep that you normally do not on anything. So it’s almost like you wake up the next day and your body actually feels like you haven’t slept at all because you really haven’t.

Terry: Interesting. Alright, are you ready to quiz me, on the next topic?

Danielle: Are you in the wrong business and how do you know?

Terry: Okay, so I sort of talked about how I got started in the last podcast

Danielle: Yeah, so once you started marketing your eBook, how long until you decided you want to start a supplement company?

Terry: Well I mean just in general I realized how powerful selling stuff online was so then I was like, oh natural you know evolution to sell supplements and of course I’ve been taking supplements since I don’t know, I was like eighteen. So I had gone through tons and tons myself and I really figured out like you know what worked and what didn’t and then of course personally there were some things that you know I liked about the supplement industry and some things I hated about it of course. So yeah, that’s kind of like in a nutshell.

Danielle: So how did you get involved with the new supplement company or how did you start it?

Terry: I went in with a couple different partners and we started selling different types of weight loss products and muscle builders and it was really effective and we sold a lot of products but eventually I realized that certain business model was not ideal for me but I will get into that later.

Danielle: Why was it affiliate marketing?

Terry: Okay so our primary source of sales was affiliate marketing but there are some issues with affiliate marketing which you can’t really control like you know what they’re putting out on the internet and it’s just for people, it’s kind of like a broker, so you pay based on performance so if you’ve an affiliate for your company, they can go out promote your product and then if they sell a product then you pay them a fee. But after being in the affiliate marketing space for a year, a year and a half I kind of realized that it wasn’t for me and that’s because you don’t really have control over your business model at the end of the day, and I didn’t like that.

Danielle: So I guess you kind of answered my next question which was “When did you know you didn’t wanna continue?”

Terry: Okay, well that was one of the reasons for the affiliate marketing piece and then the actual business model that we were using I just didn’t really resonate with. So I wanted to go more of a branding route and give out free content which is what led me into my current business but I’ll get into that much later.

Danielle: So, like what was the point that you realized like that you didn’t wanna continue with that company?

Terry: Well ultimately I realized that, that certain company, it had no longevity and I wanted to be part of something that had longevity. Even if it grew much slower and the revenue wasn’t as high I didn’t care because at the end of the day I wanted to be proud of the thing that I built and not look back and be like “Oh we had crazy revenue but our customers weren’t happy or our products weren’t good” so there were just certain things, I mean there were good things of course that I took out of that first company but basically by the next time I learned how to do it just that much better.

Danielle: So how much harder would you say it is now with the company you own Gymjunkies or any of your other companies, how much harder is it with the business model you have vs. the business model you used to do?

Terry: I would say it’s ten times harder but at the same time it’s way more rewarding and I feel like the products and the content, mean plans, I mean everything that we put out I would say ninety-five, ninety-six, ninety-seven per cent of the consumers are extremely happy which makes me feel good and unfortunately going back to my previous company, I felt like it was almost the opposite. There were a lot of not so happy consumers and that was because of several reasons I just touched on. The affiliates you know, not controlling the marketing and then the products weren’t really up to par and just the business model in general was more aggressive and wasn’t as friendly on the consumers so I wanted to change all that stuff with my next company and I did that.

Danielle: So how did you even, where did you go, what did you do?

Terry: I eventually split up with my business partners and at that point you know I knew so much about affiliate marketing and marketing in general nut there were still so many sections of internet marketing that I didn’t know and that’s when I wanted to learn Search Engine Optimization because that is, in my eyes more general marketing that could apply to any business across the world essentially and then I studied search engine marketing and I created a digital marketing company and launched Gymjunkies around the same time just more or less three or four years ago.

Danielle: And it has taken a while to go that far…

Terry: It has, it has taken a while long time, but like I said Gymjunkies is an awesome website, we have awesome products, our supplements either have no artificial sweeteners or very little. Again our products are like over-the-top good so I’m proud of it.

Danielle: So would you do it all over again?

Terry: Absolutely 100 per cent, no questions asked

Danielle: What did you learn from that experience?

Terry: Again, I mean I learned a lot of good things and a learned a lot of bad things but at the end of the day ultimately you know you can take the pros and cons of a business or a job in general and know exactly what you really want so going back to the general topic, “Are you in the wrong business or are you in the wrong job?”, think about things, do you like the people you work with? Do you like your partners? Do you like what you’re doing? Are you doing a service based product? Like, are your consumers happy? I mean, I don’t know for me, I pride myself the consumers or the people being happy. It’s just important to me. So that’s the big thing for me.

Danielle: So if someone was in the same position that you were, what advice would you give them?

Terry: I would of course weigh the pros and cons but ultimately I would tell them to follow their heart, follow what they want to ultimate do because if you’re you know stuck nine to five, just say like an eight to nine job and you’re making ton of money but you’re not happy and you’re miserable then I mean what’s the point of that, right?

Danielle: Yeah, start a side hustle

Terry: Yeah… start a side hustle and evolve into that making a full-time gig that actually makes you happy

Danielle: Agreed, that’s what you did

Terry: Right, yeah, you only have one life so be happy, right?

Danielle: It’s possible

Terry: Of course it’s possible

Danielle: Well I like that; we can end on that because we’re running out of time

Terry: Okay great, I’m just so excited for the next topic

Danielle: Can you be friends with your ex, I’m sure you have some great advice to give

Terry: Actually I have no notes on this topic, it’s completely blank

Danielle: I have a couple because I did some research

Terry: Oh, you did research

Danielle: I did research, yeah

Terry: That’s really interesting…

Danielle: So I want to know the psychological standpoint behind the two so I did some research on it

Terry: Okay, well go ahead

Danielle: So why don’t you start I mean, Can you be friends with your ex, Terry?

Terry: I think it’s personally possible. When I say that you can be friends with your ex I think that your most immediate ex you know might need a cooling off period but ultimately I would like to think that I mean I’m friends with some of my ex-girlfriends most of which have been at just like three years plus so people move on, you know

Danielle: I mean, it kind of depends on a lot of little things but one thing that really stood out to me is that you can’t undo the past and I mean you’ve seen each other naked, you’ll always see each other naked, am I wrong or am I wrong?

Terry: I guess that’s one way to look at it, sure

Danielle: I kind of also feel like, clearly at one point you guys have sexual history so it was there at one point so why wouldn’t it be there again…

Terry: So you’re saying that it’s not possible because of that reason?

Danielle: No I just think it’s like one like reason to think about I mean like there’s like multiple things. I also did read that research proves if you’re friends before the relationship it is possible to go back to being friends again regardless if you broke up with whom and this could take months or years but it is possible if you guys were just friends before the end

Terry: Interesting. Okay

Danielle: That was like the only research topic I honestly found about it. I was trying to figure out more but…

Terry: So what are your personal feelings?

Danielle: I kind of put down like how emotionally connected you were in the relationship and also I think my biggest thing is like how does your partner feel about it because regardless of how you feel or not like if you could I think the more important thing is like how does your current girlfriend/boyfriend feel about it

Terry: Yeah for sure, I agree with that

Danielle: Yeah, ‘cause like I don’t know, most of the times I don’t like the girl you hooked up with, I don’t like her very much (laughs)

Terry: Okay, I’m getting a very, very serious look by the way, you know this isn’t a video so everyone would see the death stare you’re giving me right now (laughs)

Danielle: What? There’s a lot of ‘em, there like a thousand I have to think about okay?….

Terry: Alright…Anyways going back to my personal feelings, I think you can

Danielle: I think once from high school, like clearly there’s like nothing there but…

Terry: Yeah, but I’m also a little older than you so I realize you know there’s more time that’s passed

Danielle: That’s true

Terry: Anyways…

Danielle: On a lighter note, we should tell them about that really funny standup comedy we watched

Terry: Oh my God, that was really funny

Danielle: What is it’s called, it’s like Ibiza or something

Terry: That chick was hilarious, was that on HBO?

Danielle: No, it was on Netflix

Terry: It was on Netflix, yeah you’re right

Danielle: It was really funny and girls are gonna really, really into it

Terry: Girls and guys too because it’s pretty damn hilarious

Danielle: Okay, it was Iliza: Elder Millennial

Terry: Yeah, she is I think, hilarious

Danielle: Iliza

Terry: Yeah, Iliza

Danielle: Yeah, that was hilarious

Terry: Okay, so going back to our topic, so you ultimately think it’s not possible

Danielle: Yeah, no

Terry: And I think it is so, we disagree on this topic

Danielle: Well I mean think about the last time you hung out with your ex from like high school? What happened?

Terry: What do mean, what happened?

Danielle: You aren’t just friends with her clearly, like two or three of them, yeah all of them were from high school pretty much, like two or three like serious ones

Terry: Okay well I can’t you know, they just came back to…

Danielle: To what?

Terry: Okay, anyways

Danielle: My point proven

Terry: Well, why don’t we just conclude the podcast on that note…

Danielle: Jury says, not possible! (Laughs)

Terry: I don’t think you have anything to worry about because I spend 24/7 with you so…

Danielle: There’s no reason I was worried about, I just thought it would be interesting to talk about

Terry: Yeah, super interesting, I’m just so pumped on this topic…

Danielle: Because you know I’m always right and you don’t like it

Terry: Yeah whatever

Danielle: Okay guys, well we’ll conclude there…

Terry: Let us know what you think too by the way, oh yeah and you wanna say, follow us on our personal instagram…

Danielle: Oh yeah, personal Instagram @DanielleEells and yours?

Terry: And you can follow me @TerryAsher

Danielle: Well, this concludes our fourth podcast; our next one will be in Europe. See you guys later

Terry: Alright, peace


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