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Terry: Welcome back to podcast #3 of Life Unfiltered. You can follow us on Instagram @Life_Unfiltered_Podcast

We have some awesome content today where we’ll be talking about caffeine whether it’s good or bad, business, we’ll talk a little bit about business and how I got started and we’re also gonna talk about ten things we can’t live without.

Terry: Alright, do you wanna take it away for caffeine, good or bad?

Danielle: I have so much so like maybe we’ll stop in the middle before going into the coffee part of it

Terry: Okay, well let’s discuss

Danielle: Did you know that 80 percent of adults consume caffeine daily?

Terry: Umm, I am not shocked by that

Danielle: But this actually might shock you because I was finding the different effects of caffeine and there’s a study done that showed within one to four days the caffeine will start producing the signs of normal rather than the effects. So when you drink coffee there are five things that happen, there’s like a feeling of euphoria, extreme alertness, positive feeling, increased motivation and increased energy and so within one to four days your body starts producing a tolerance…

Terry: One to four days? That seems really fast

Danielle: Well it does seem fast but it’s because of caffeine blocks, these inhibitory..

Terry: Receptors..

Danielle: Yeah, so your brain actually will start making more of those within one to four days, that’s why you’ll wake up like super tired like you need your caffeine when you don’t get it, it’s because you feel normal

Terry: So is that why you start with one scoop for pre-workout and you’ll end up to three scoops

Danielle: Yeah exactly because your brain starts producing more of these inhibitors because caffeine is blocking them, so then you’ll start actually feeling more tired than you would normally without caffeine

Terry: Interesting

Danielle: 400 milligrams of caffeine a day is safe but I mean I feel like there’s definitely I mean I hear that it’s ten percent of adults drink over a thousand milligrams of caffeine

Terry: Whoa…

Danielle: You drink for your workout everyday right, a cup of coffee?

Terry: Yeah

Danielle: You’re definitely over a thousand milligrams

Terry: You think I am over a thousand?

Danielle: You drink like three to four in a day, right?

Terry: Well, yeah, so I am over the average

Danielle: Oh yeah, and then what I think we should take a tolerance reset which is gonna suck but it…

Terry: I did not sign up for this

Danielle: (laughs) it’s takes two weeks to two months for your body depending on how much you take so since you have so much caffeine it will probably take you, closer to a month or two

Terry: Wait, hold on, I am just gonna stop you right there, are you talking, you and I are gonna go cold turkey with no caffeine, is that what you’re saying?

Danielle: Well okay so actually you’re technically supposed to, which I don’t need to lower because I have only one Celsius a day

Terry: I don’t know if I believe that

Danielle: Yeah well I’ll make sure I have only one Celsius a day, on occasion I take two

Terry: So you already knew what you were going to say

Danielle: I actually think it’s good for you I don’t think it’s bad at all

Terry: Well I think it’s good in moderation just like anything else

Danielle: I read it makes you smarter

Terry: Okay, it makes you smarter or more alert?

Danielle: Since it blocks those inhibitory, how do you say that, those inhibitor facts which I was talking about earlier which increase the firing in your brain and releases other neurotransmitters like dopamine which is what makes you happy so since it’s releasing those and other neurotransmitters it actually temporarily improves your mood (it’s the dopamine), your reaction time, your memory, your vigilance and general brain function and this was done by multiple controlled studied on like health, so I think it temporarily makes you smarter

Terry: Alright

Danielle: And what else do I have here…. Oh and it helps you burn fat and improve physical performance because caffeine raises your metabolism and increases the…

Terry: Oxidation

Danielle: Yeah, of fatty acids and improves your improves your athletic performance by mobilizing fatty acids from fat tissues and it is found to increase exercise performance by 11 to 12 percent on average

Terry: That’s pretty interesting; I personally could probably not go throughout a day without caffeine

Danielle: Really?

Terry: I don’t know I mean I just… that whole thing that you said we were going to do, the reset kind of scared me, I didn’t know we were talking about that…

Danielle: Well, I just feel like don’t you get that’s kind of why I like so down because I hate not being able to feel it…

Terry: Well I agree with that and I definitely would say that you do build up a tolerance

Danielle: I wanna have something pick me up, not like, now it’s like the middle of the day I’m gonna have two hundred milligrams of caffeine and I can’t even feel it so that’s why I stopped for a while, I really kind of like slowed it down, only have two, probably three hundred, maybe four hundred milligrams of caffeine a day

Terry: Okay. Well, I still don’t know if I’m ready to do that…

Danielle: (laughs)

Terry: So how long are we supposed to do this for again?

Danielle: Well, I mean it really depends, you kind of slow it down and then be completely off of it for at least two weeks, I’m sure you’ve done it before, haven’t you, ever?

Terry: Uhm, not that I can remember

Danielle: What’s the point of having it if you can’t really feel it?

Terry: Well I can feel it, in the morning

Danielle: Yeah, but what about during the day?

Terry: I agree that, yeah I know that I have a tolerance, a high tolerance of caffeine so I am not saying it wouldn’t be a positive thing that maybe I reset my body I guess

Danielle: Yeah, well think about it

Terry: Alright

Danielle: Remember when we were at coffee bean and we were talking like the barista about the coffee, because you got the ice bar coffee and I got the regular coffee, the block tea has almost just much caffeine as the coffee that I got and I was like super surprised and I was like ‘No way’ and I was wondering about all the coffee so we were asking him like, about espresso and different types of coffee and how much caffeine they had and he had said that the blonde roast, the lightest roast has more caffeine than the medium and dark roast and I was like super surprised then we started asking him about the lattes and I always thought that espresso had more caffeine than regular coffee but it turns out they don’t

Terry: By the way I think all that is super interesting especially because there’s a lot of coffee drinkers out there

Danielle: Yeah

Terry: That’s crazy, ‘cause I always thought that like you said, the espresso was more intense

Danielle: And you would think that dark roast coffee have more caffeine than light roast….. it’s really hard for me to drink dark roast because everything’s like super sweet

Terry: That’s really interesting

Terry: Well, okay so per my blog on caffeine can actually help you fight out diseases. I think that’s really interesting

Danielle: Is it caffeine or coffee? ‘Cause I was reading all that about coffee

Terry: Well, benefits of caffeine in general. It can also reduce your risk of cancer, skin cancer, throat and mouth cancer, many other types of cancer can be kept at bay with the help of a few cups of coffee aka caffeine and that’s based on a number of studies done by couple of different universities. It also has been proven to help with diseases like Alzheimers, Parkinsons and more and honestly to me that’s worth it in itself, as far as caffeine is concerned. What do you think?

Danielle: Yeah I agree, the thing is I did read that it was from coffee that helps all those diseases and I’m not sure if it’s pure caffeine or the perks of coffee like what’s in the beans but I don’t know, maybe I am wrong.

Terry: Well… this was specifying…

Danielle: Yeah, well I think it’s worth it

Terry: And you also obviously touched on this, it can boost your mood but as a result of that a lot of studies have revealed that caffeine reduces risk of suicide and depression. That is definitely a huge positive

Danielle: Yeah, it is

Terry: Not to mention athletic-wise, it can boost your cardio, it enhances your performance and endurance, it can help you with concentration and focus, we talked about that. I think one thing that we didn’t talk about, is it reduces muscle pain. That’s actually really interesting.

Danielle: Yeah

Terry: It lessens the severity of your cramps and in other words you would be able to do more without feeling the strain

Danielle: That’s why.. uhm… what is it called when girls are on their periods and they have like cramps

Terry: Menstrual cramps?

Danielle: Yeah, it’s like Advil…but uhm

Terry: Midol? How do I know that again I don’t know

Danielle: that has caffeine in it and that caffeine actually helps headaches that’s why a lot of the…

Terry: Okay that would all make sense

Danielle: Yeah, like not Advil but the more intense relievers have caffeine in it, like for migraines and stuff, they have caffeine in it

Terry: That’s really interesting. Anyways, so this specific blog and going back to what we’re saying about pre-workouts and caffeine, about creatine and caffeine together, so according to one study when caffeine and creatine are mixed and if they are taken at the same time, the caffeine may actually counteract the effects of creatine in terms of the development of muscle mass. Due to this, many avoid coffee and other caffeine-loaded treats like the plague. That’s really interesting.

Danielle: So we shouldn’t be drinking caffeine…

Terry: …and creatine together

Danielle: So….that doesn’t make sense because I thought a lot of pre-workout have them mixed

Terry: Well it says here the logical answer would be that they would work as an excellent combo however over the years there has been much debate as to whether or not the effects may be negative rather than positive to an athlete looking to maximize his or her time spent in the gym. But then on the flip side of it, however, since then, there have been a number of other studies done on this combo. Many of these studies have found the complete opposite to be true. They’ve found that a combo of caffeine and creatine can, in fact, be beneficial. Of course, as you know creatine is fairly new so there’s not as many as there are with caffeine. But another good thing that I don’t think we touched on to is caffeine has a natural tendency to speed up the body’s ability to get rid of water whereas creatine needs to retain water in order to properly do its job.

Terry: So if you’re looking at it in that aspect they kind of counter each other

Danielle: So pretty much half say it’s okay and half say it doesn’t work

Terry: Yeah, correct, yeah

Danielle: So should I get on to the milligrams of this?

Terry: Milligrams, are we back to coffee?

Danielle: Yeah

Terry: Okay, so yeah we’re gonna talk about milligrams of the actual coffee

Danielle: A regular cup of brewed coffee which is eight ounces can range from 7 to a 140 milligrams of caffeine, it just depends on the type of coffee. Starbucks, for the blonde roast the small one has 270 milligrams, grande 360 and venti 475 and the medium roast, usually what they have is tall 235, grande 310 and venti 410. Looks like 60 milligrams less than the blonde roast and the dark roast is even less it has 195 for tall, 260 for grande, 340 for venti and when you get iced coffee from there it’s more than the dark roast but less than the medium roast so 120 for the tall, 165 for the grande and 235 for venti and I am talking about milligrams and then espressos, so one shot of espresso is about 63 milligrams of caffeine like on average but Starbucks is a little bit more, 75 milligrams. A tall is gonna have one shot which is 75 and then the grande and venti, I am talking about hot coffees by the way, I know that the iced probably have a little bit more in them but the grande and venti have 150 milligrams of caffeine so I know they usually ask for like an extra shot but it really doesn’t even compare to like the normal cup of coffee which is pretty crazy to me. Oh and then I recently found out that decaf does have caffeine in it, thanks to you, on average there’s 3 milligrams that I know Starbucks said like 7 to 15 or 15 to 30 actually, 15 to 30 milligrams caffeine in decaf so decaf isn’t really decaf

Terry: Well it means no caffeine

Danielle: Yes

Terry: Which a lot of people think that it means no caffeine

Danielle: Yeah..and then Dunkin Donuts and coffee bean have the highest iced coffee milligram percentage

Terry: Alright well we pretty much got out rundown on…Caffeine and Coffee. I’m gonna still drink caffeine that’s for damn sure

Danielle: Say I’ll never give up caffeine but I do wanna take a little break from it

Terry: Alright I might be down and if I get on the mic and if I sound like I’m dead everyone will know why ‘cause we cut caffeine off

Danielle: (laughs)

Terry: Oh man…

Danielle: I can’t even remember the last I felt like euphoria, like that sense from caffeine

Terry: Well, yeah that’s kind of like like taking a little too far.. okay

Danielle: If you think about it have you even taken a break, have you?

Terry: Not that I can really remember, I definitely do remember slowing down but I don’t think I ever really stop, stopped.

Danielle: So my coach make me take like a two week break once and I felt like I was dying for the first couple of days but after a couple of weeks I had one cup of coffee and I felt wired like it’s just one cup and I was just like insane like I even remember it. It’s almost like worth a break just because when you start back like you are fine with a one cup of coffee the whole day

Terry: So you’re just kind of resetting your tolerance

Danielle: Yeah

Terry: Alright well what’s our next topic?

Danielle: Uhm… business?

Terry: Business, so I was thinking about this topic by the way . Don’t you think we should minimize it just to maybe like getting started with one business because that could be a whole podcast

Danielle: I’m talking about like when you were in college, like what did you major in, what was your first investment, how that ended up and kind of just like hitting all the pieces

Terry: Alright, go ahead and interview me, girlfriend

Danielle: Okay… don’t forget to follow us on instagram, what’s yours

Terry: @TerryAsher

Danielle: And mine is @DanielleEells and our instagram for podcast

Terry: It’s Life_Unfiltered_Podcast

Danielle: Yes, okay, so how you got here, well you went to what college?

Terry: So I grew up in San Diego and I went to Torrey Pines High School then I went to Arizona which was U of A and that’s the one in Tucson not Phoenix, Phoenix is ASU, I do not care about the rivalry by the way

Danielle: and what did you major in?

Terry: I majored in Political Science and had a minor in Business

Danielle: And what frat were you part of?

Terry: Oh my gosh, you just had to drop that, didn’t you

Danielle: SAE?

Terry: Yes, I was in Sigma Alpha Epsilon

Danielle: Okay, anyway, did you think you were gonna do something in Political Science

Terry: I wasn’t sure at the time to be perfectly honest; I wasn’t sure what I wanted to do when I graduate from college

Danielle: But I feel like you, I mean you have told me that you always knew you’re gonna own your own business, you were not gonna work for anyone

Terry: Well yeah, of course, that was my goal but I didn’t think that you know I would graduate and go straight into, being an entrepreneur and owning my business like right away. So I kind of accepted that I would probably do something after college and then hopefully evolve into being my own business owner

Danielle: Correct me if I’m wrong but you took a semester off college to do this investment thing?

Terry: Yes, I did drop out for a semester in college because I thought I would potentially get into real estate since my family was in real estate here in southern California. I invested in an apartment complex in Houston, Texas of all places and that was a horrible idea because the market crashed about a year later, so that set me back pretty heavily, I’m probably sugarcoating that just a little bit, so yeah

Danielle: Well then you went back to school

Terry: Sure, I went back to school, I graduated which I think was a good idea at the time and by the time I had graduated I came back to San Diego, unfortunately, I had lost my awesome property due to the market crash, didn’t really have too much to speak of and I ended up kind of falling back on my passion which was Health and Fitness at the time

Danielle: So, what job did you get when you got out of college and came back here

Terry: My ex-girlfriend was nice enough to get me a job (laughs)

Danielle: So what job was that?

Terry: It was doing E-commerce sales for K1 Speed and it was not a job I was crazy about but I was lucky to have it at the time

Terry: I also worked for LA Fitness

Danielle: So this was at the same time?

Terry: Actually to back up, I worked for LA Fitness before K1 Speed, like immediately after college

Danielle: So you were a personal trainer?

Terry: Yes, I got my certification while I was in college just for fun ‘cause I was interested in it, it was my hobby. Immediately after I graduated from college I went into LA Fitness, I became a trainer

Danielle: And then you left there to work for K1 Speed?

Terry: Yeah I left, I quit and by that time I was a Personal Training Director and it just wasn’t a great fit for me at the time

Danielle: So then you worked full time at K1 Speed?

Terry: Then I worked full time doing E-commerce and again I wasn’t super fond about it because it wasn’t a great fit but I was still fortunate to get the job so I was happy for that and I started writing a book because I read that e-books were really popular online

Danielle: And at this point like your family wasn’t supporting you anymore?

Terry: No, they had completely cut me off after college which, you know rightfully so, they should’ve done that, it was a hard lesson but yeah, I started writing a health and fitness book about just eating writing and so on and so on

Danielle: This was while you were working in?

Terry: Correct. This was while I was working in K1 Speed. Just tell you the basics, how to lose weight, how to gain weight, stabilize your blood sugar, some basic workouts, some supplements you can take etc. I made a grocery list, just some good basic information, it was about 200 pages.

Danielle: I mean, kind of go through your daily routine at that point ‘cause you like worked your ass off at that time

Terry: Yeah I really did. I mean I’m not gonna lie I was just in a bad state of mind because I had lost my property, I was working for my ex-girlfriends’ parents, I wasn’t doing what I wanted to do and that was work for myself and do something I love to do which was something health and fitness related, you know, being an entrepreneur and being free, so I can’t say that I was super happy

Danielle: Your daily routine?

Terry: My daily routine, gosh, I would wake up 7’o clock, I’d get in my car, on my way to work, I was living in a commercial building at the time because I couldn’t afford anywhere else, that was really shitty. I’d drive to K1 Speed, I would get there by 8’o clock, put my hand in that lovely scanner I’ll never forget it. I’d walk into my work, of course do my best at the job and I believe I left a t 4 or 5, can’t remember. I would drive to Torrey Pines state beach in San Diego and I would run, it was like my only kind of outlet, only place I could really reset my mind and then feel like everything was okay when it really wasn’t and then I would get in my car, I would drive to my lovely commercial building to which I knew the owner and I was paying him 400 dollars cash for rent every month and had my bed and my computer there, I would log on and basically write my e-book until I fell asleep every night pretty much and I did that for about six months straight. The commercial building I lived in didn’t have a shower so I showered at LA Fitness I lived a very, very moderate lifestyle. Very simple, simple life

Danielle: So when you finally finished the book about six months later and you published it with the front, right?

Terry: Yeah, yeah. I had a couple other partners and we started selling online and I started making decent money. At that point I started to kind of analyze where I was in life

Danielle: How long did it take you guys to sell it to the point where you were making pretty good money?

Terry: I would say four or five months, you know, online but here’s the thing, I always tell people, I learn so much more about the fact in how to sell it online that really opened my eyes to be like ‘Oh my gosh, there’s so much money online, right’. It’s like I could have sold the e-book to, you know, my friends and family and reached maybe a hundred people if I was selling it, you know, standing at a door or whatever but that’s really when I opened my mind to, wow the internet is a crazy place, you can reach hundreds of thousands of people with ads and so forth and that’s when I knew that I wanted to primarily just work online at that point.

Danielle: So you ended up making just as much or more money online than you were making at your everyday job?

Terry: Correct

Danielle: And so then you ended up quitting that job, right?

Terry: I did quit

Danielle: Because you knew that you were making just as much money and that’s what you wanted to peruse, correct?

Terry: Yeah. Finally moved out of that commercial building, thank God, started to get more of a normal life and that’s kind of where I’ll cut it off to how I got started. It was definitely a long road

Danielle: There is so much more to I feel like…

Terry: There is definitely a lot more, there’s a lot crazier details and stuff. I can do a full podcast just on getting started ‘cause there’s a lot more details but I definitely would encourage people to follow their dreams and never give up because I can’t tell you how many times I could’ve folded and I could’ve given but I would’ve never been where I am today if I gave up and for that I’m like super thankful.

Danielle: Okay, should we go into another subject

Terry: Sure

Danielle: Let’s see, oh my God so I made protein balls, that was fun

Terry: Those are really good by the way

Danielle: Yeah, I’m gonna make different ones and the ones I did make had honey and I feel like I’ll write down the recipe and share it with you guys either on instagram or the next podcast but I wanna try more before I share like my favorite one

Terry: Alright bade so what do we have for our third topic

Danielle: Wording 10 things we can’t live without

Terry: Okay, are we talking like material things or…

Danielle: Yeah, so specify 10 actual things that are not people or not necessities like water or like clothes, just like 10 material things we can’t live without

Terry: Okay, so not places…

Danielle: Not places, not people. I mean we’ve been kind of thinking about this because originally you wanted to choose people or places and I kind of decided we’re gonna do just like material things ‘cause it’s more fun

Terry: Okay. So you wanna start or what

Danielle: Maybe I’ll start like a couple and then you can do a couple. I feel like the first two are the same, mine’s phone and laptop

Terry: Mine’s phone and computer ‘cause they’re definitely essentials, phone and computer, come on, it’s the 21st century

Danielle: My next one is a book

Terry: Alright

Danielle: And my fourth one is I kind of lump these two together, shampoo and conditioner

Terry: Alright I definitely have hair type product on there; I put hair ties because my hair is long

Danielle: And you like it in a bun

Terry: I like it in a bun

Danielle: Little man-bun

Terry: Yeah…

Danielle: A bun-off, girls always say to you let’s have a bun off

Terry: (laughs) bun off, yes, that was a typical opener that I got on Bumble when I was single, ‘let’s have a bun-off’. Very interesting

Terry: Uhm, Celsius because I am currently addicted and currently drinking it right now actually

Danielle: I know, you have at least like four a day I would say

Terry: I don’t know about that

Danielle: I literally watched you drink like at least four a day but you’re a little in denial so it’s okay

Danielle: Okay, so my five is running shoes and my sixth is headphones

Terry: Man, I can’t believe I forgot this. Essential water which is I guess…

Danielle: Oh yeah ‘cause you don’t like, he won’t like drink regular water, he has to have his like certain water so I said like not essentials and that’s definitely not an essential

Terry: I know I was kind of thinking about that I was like no that’s definitely not an essential ‘cause that’s just special water…

Terry: Uhm, I would put protein bars because hear me out though I use protein bars to stabilize my blood sugar between meals and I am hypoglycemic so I need something between meals

Danielle: You’re? I didn’t know that, is that why you get so cranky?

Terry: Yes, ‘Hangry’ it’s called

Danielle: I know I get hangry too but you get extra hangry, ‘cause of your blood sugar

Terry: Yeah

Danielle: You’re like my puppy when he was little he was hypoglycemic, if he didn’t have enough blood sugar he would end up dying

Terry: Alright next one

Danielle: Make-up, eye foundation and coffee because I need my morning coffee

Terry: Oh wow, so we’re kind of on the same page because I put pre-workout which is caffeine, it’s a little bit relatable to your coffee and then I put TV, mostly for the news though and Netflix

Danielle: Oh my God, he’s such a news freak

Terry: Well I like to know what’s going on in the world

Danielle: Yeah I guess, I mean, it’s kind of boring

Terry: It only dictates you know what’s happening and what’s gonna happen in the future

Terry: Next two…

Danielle: I chose chapstick and socks and I am always wearing socks and my feet for some reason are always freezing

Terry: You’re always freezing in general

Danielle: I know, I think I’m cold-blooded

Terry: (laughs) Reptile for sure

Danielle: And I kind of have the next two things, three actually, chocolate, toothbrush and tampons

Terry: Wow.. Anyways going back to my last two because I actually follow the directions and did ten instead of twelve

Danielle: Thirteen

Terry: Yeah, okay whatever. Umm.. I put Wi-Fi, I have to have Wi-Fi, I work behind my computer and I am like so anal about it that I will not stay anywhere without Wi-fi, period. So that’s a given.

Danielle: Do you have like a hotspot on your phone?

Terry: I do have a hotspot

Danielle: Does it work?

Terry: Yeah, it works great. I only use it for emergency though.

Terry: Uhm, Xbox, got to get some Xbox Live in every once in a while

Danielle: Such a gaming freak..

Terry: I was a huge gamer when I was young ‘cause I didn’t have many friends, I played video games instead and I was really good. Isn’t that so hot, babe?

Danielle: Well, now it’s hot because you’re like really smart and you’re really hot so it works in your favor.

Terry: Case closed

Danielle: Exactly

Terry: Alright..

Danielle: I feel like we wanna hear what everyone else’s 10 things are, we need to have like people post it…

Terry: So why don’t you guys comment and let us know what your 10 materialistic things are that you can’t live without and oh yeah, if you wanna follow us…

Danielle: I’m @DanielleEells

Terry: I’m @TerryAsher on instagram and then you can follow our podcast page

Danielle: Life Unfiltered. Well, it’s actually Life_Unfiltered_Podcast. We would love to hear from you guys

Terry: And soon we’re gonna start interacting more and asking you guys different questions and what you wanna hear every week

Danielle: You can just comment on our instagram now and even let us know what you guys like to hear about, right now

Terry: That’s a good idea. Alright babe, are we done for the day?

Danielle: Yeah, let’s go shower

Terry: Okay. Sounds great

Danielle: Bye

Terry: Later


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