New Gym Junkies Podcast – Life Unfiltered Episode 1


Life Unfiltered Podcast Episode 1

Alright, everyone, I am excited to announce the new podcast “Life Unfiltered” by GymJunkies… 

It’s hosted by myself Terry Asher and my girlfriend Danielle Eells!

If you enjoy the GymJunkies brand first and foremost thanks for your support:), but I wanted to give a more casual experience through the podcast. Don’t worry the blog is not changing one bit and we will still be pumping out content for everyone but if you want a more “unfiltered” casual version you might enjoy the new podcast.

Keep in mind the podcast is new, and we are new to podcasting it will improve with time 🙂

It would be awesome if you could leave nice and constructive criticism for us on iTunes: link here

Please tell us what topics you want to hear about…

Thanks, GymJunkies!

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Life Unfiltered by GymJunkies Transcript

Terry: What’s up everyone? Welcome to the first episode of Life Unfiltered. My name is Terry

Danielle: …and I am Danielle and we created this awesome podcast based on health, fitness, business, relationship, traveling and lifestyle in general

Danielle: Go follow us on Instagram @Life_Unfiltered_podcast

Terry: And you can also follow us on our personal accounts @TerryAsher

Danielle: And @DanielleEeels

Terry: So we’re gonna talk about what this podcast is about and why we started it

Danielle: Umm… Sure I’ll talk about why we picked the name and you could talk about other stuff

Terry: Okay

Danielle: So we want to make a podcast kind of based on health and fitness but also other stuff because we realize our isn’t all about health and fitness and we decided we want to name it life unfiltered because we didn’t want to have to filter what we’re saying. We wanted to give you guys real-life version of health, fitness, business, relationships, traveling and lifestyle.

Terry: So I mean essentially basically everything she said which is great. Also in regards to like how much well personally health and fitness is a big part of our life but I think she meant that there are so many other elements of our life…umm.. So I think it’s important why we kind of broadened the topics for Life Unfiltered and like she said we want to keep it unfiltered so everyone can understand the rawness of…

Danielle: …diets and how much they suck and that your life is not so fun as everyone makes out to you.

Terry: That’ll definitely be discussed in the later episodes for sure but even going like taking a step further and talking about business you know..Every day is not such a great day so you hear the unfiltered version of you know..uhh.. Today I had a shitty day ‘caused I lost money on Facebook advertising,  it happens lol.

Danielle: so rough

Terry: very funny.. Umm..but yeah we wanted to keep it unfiltered so you guys out there understand the pros and cons, the ups and downs of all that good stuff

Danielle: and relationships I mean we don’t have great days every day.

Terry: Oh yes… Relationships, that’ll be a fun one

Danielle: Yeah, we’re gonna actually talk about in later podcasts how we met and that’s a really interesting story

Terry: Okay, first of all you’re skipping me around here

Terry: Yes, how we met is gonna be a very interesting podcast in itself and we’ll keep that for later … so why don’t we talk about … what are you nervous about with this podcast ’cause you’ve been so giggly since we turned on the light

Danielle: Umm.. I think….I feel like l am most nervous about if like we’re ever in a fight ‘cause you’re like so standoffish

Terry: I agree and I think that’s like a challenging thing I think a lot a people think of people in relationships and doing podcast.

Danielle: and business… In general like

Terry: and this is another prime example.. You’re having a shitty business day and I mean..You hop on a mic and be happy-go-lucky like today #26 podcast…Rainbows and butterflies outside

Danielle: Been like in business with like someone you’re with.. Same thing and like you’re fighting and just off to work.. Right

Terry: ..Right.. you can run but you can’t hide (laughs)

Terry: Okay… so that’s what you’re most nervous about… I don’t really know what I am most nervous about … um.. I actually feel pretty comfortable…

Terry: So we’re gonna go start from the top and say what each subject means what.. so why don’t you.. go through health, business, fitness, relationship, lifestyle

Danielle: Ok.. health to me means more along the lines of like your body not like clean eating, it means if you’re just healthy and your body is healthy and you feel like you’re don’t really have to be that fit or you’re don’t really have to have to have a six-pack to be healthy and actually think a lot of people are doing competitions..

Terry: I agree with that, so like more 80-20, being overall healthy

Danielle: Yes, being overall healthy like consuming like vitamins nutrients

Terry: By the way, both of us competed so that’s why we like to talk about competitions…

Danielle: Yeah, we’re actually competing together

Terry: Health I mean…I would agree with you and that it’s all about balance right.. for me I like to keep it real like if you watch my Instagram stories, for example, I go out on the weekends like I will have a good time with my friends because I think you should have fun that’s part of your life ..but it is a balance so if you spend most of the time being healthy..I run I lift every day I eat well but on weekends and have a couple of snacks here and there..Anyway, but for the most part, you know you got to keep a balance right…I mean extreme working out or extreme lack of that’s when I think is when you get trouble Why don’t you talk about fitness

Danielle: Well, fitness I would say is working out running anything body moving and heart rate up also like fitness competing..Umm. Anything just like moving your body is fitness is… I think… I don’t know I get bored at the gym but I still consider myself pretty damn fit

Terry: She actually is pretty fit I will give her that

Danielle: Yeah I am. I still run now I have been really into running lately. I like being outdoors, I feel like I’ve been competing and spending so much time in the gym the past couple of years that I have gone kind of over and I am trying to find the love for it again. What’s fitness to you

Terry: Fitness to me I think has like a deeper meaning for me because I found fitness at like, 16 years old… I was small and scrawny and fitness for me gave me, I don’t know like some goals and kind of passion… I am still working out every single day.. so fitness is life

Danielle: Yeah, I guess I did say the same thing… When I was 18 I started working out…

Terry: So it was an outlet for you and it was an outlet for me too but it’s a healthy outlet

Terry: Oh my gosh, the next topic is business

Terry: Yeah business, where do I start.. How about I start I am the owner of, I have health and wellness blog online but put out great content every single day on any health and fitness related subject

Danielle: It actually is really good content and I am actually really interested in reading it

Terry: Thank you…And we also sell supplements.., Through our brand as well we have 30 different supplements somewhere around there we sell meal plans and workout plans and all that good stuff..the other one is the digital marketing agency so I spend 50 percent of my time every day doing digital marketing for myself or my clients.

Terry: Umm next is Relationships… Jeez…

Danielle: How many relationships you’ve been in?

Terry: I have been in well… Okay, girlfriends.. maybe like 5 or 6…

Danielle: Debatable… you’ve had more than six… I’ve had like four…

Terry: Okay…First of all, I am older than you.

Danielle: Definitely more like 10…

Terry: Okay let’s not even go there

Danielle: So what does a relationship mean to you?

Terry: A relationship to me is something that happens naturally… Something you’re not looking for..I don’t know personally…I hate it… And this is what I’ve seen people around my age..and I am 32, by the way, I hear “Oh my gosh, it’s my time to get married” or I have to get married and everyone puts this like crazy time constraint on it and it drives me crazy.. I just feel like it should be natural. For example, you’ve girls around my age…And they’re like I need to get married, yeah I get that but like…you know what.. You can’t settle either right, you‘ve to be with someone that you really can see yourself be with the rest of your life…

Danielle: Ok, I have another question for you, whenever you’ve been in a relationship or gone in a relationship, do you always question if you see yourself with the person for the rest of your life?

Terry: I think I’ve thought about more probably in my last 3 -4 relationships but yeah after a certain period of time you know, it’s kind of like okay, where is thing going kind of thing.. you know.. like it’s after 8 months.. you know, spend time with someone and kind of just like…well, what’s the next evolution for us…

Danielle: Yeah, if you can’t see yourself with them like long-term. Like you can’t see yourself getting married…then you’re really wasting time…

Terry: I agree, yeah it’s a waste of time…

Danielle: A Relationship to me is someone I can trust and someone I can have an amazing time with and not really have to really try… and talk for hours and spend every week and month with like we’re best friend

Terry: So I think podcast was a natural progression for us..

Terry:..Ok.. Travelling.. We’re going to Spain in a month and we would love to record some podcast there so we’re trying here in San Diego and by the way we’re from San Diego.. Should’ve probably mentioned that earlier…Anyway, why don’t you just give brief background of yourself..Like a brief summary

Danielle: born in Huntington Beach and grew up there since I was four . I started getting into fitness when I was 18 started competing went to the dorms, never really got into partying too much and lately just turned 22 and took a break from competing

Terry: Ok.. background on me, well I was born in Texas but I moved to San Diego about the time I was one so it’s pretty much safe to say that I grew up in San Diego it’s pretty much all I know.. and I went to college in Arizona and graduated after a long 5 years and we’re back to San Diego I was initially involved in the real estate, unfortunately, the market crashed… that was a horrible experience for me..Welcome to the business world… but ultimately it led me to my passion at the time which was health and fitness and that’s what inspired me ultimate to create multiple health and wellness brand at the time and eventually let me make Gymjunkies which is my awesome health and fitness blog.

Terry: I played soccer, I was too small to play football…unfortunately… I really wanted to play football.. I grew up kind of like a runt my whole life so it was nice when I found the gym… Because I was like if I can grow any taller I might as well grow wider. I was a late bloomer… I just decided to grow tall when I was senior in high school/freshman college… when I came back from college a lot of the people I grew up with didn’t recognize me anymore because I basically became a gym rat and I had also grown 6 and 8 inches taller

Danielle: And what did you major in college, do you always wanted to do what you do now?

Terry: No I majored in political science… to be honest in college I still didn’t really know what I was going to do out of college and I knew that I would be involved in real estate to some degree since my family was involved in real estate so it felt that was a natural progression to me ..And like I said, unfortunately, the age-old real investment I went into crashed and burned.. I was 22 or 23 maybe..and I hit rock bottom, I am holding that story for later, but yeah, being an entrepreneur has it’s up and downs

Danielle: I feel like, it’s like you mean, you had absolutely no idea what you’re gonna do, right?

Terry: I didn’t. I never used my degree.

Danielle: Were you like, at least it would help you like a job out of college when you’re like “oh..I have a bachelor’s” or did it really not do anything for you?

Terry: No I mean I got my first job because of people that I knew

Danielle: Yeah, your ex-girlfriend right?

Terry: Yeah, it was my ex-girlfriend’s parents that were nice enough to get me my first job.

Terry: Alright that’s just a brief background on each one of us and of course we can elaborate on so many different points but we’re gonna save that for later

Terry: Ok, next topic

Danielle: So, what you’re doing now for summer

Terry: What happened to our diet?

Danielle: I was kidding, we didn’t start

Danielle: You’re doing pretty good, you went grocery shopping

Terry: So we actually have to hop back on the bandwagon…so we can take pictures for this podcast and have a badass cover

Danielle: Yeah, we’re gonna diet for two things, we’re just like not really dieting, we’re actually eating healthy and we are making it our lifestyle for a couple weeks before we go to Spain because in Span we’re gonna want o try food and eat whatever and enjoy ourselves so we’re gonna try stay on a healthier diet up until then and take some pictures for the podcast and then to Spain

Terry: By the way, it’s so hard to travel and stay healthy. Every time I leave outside the country I find it so difficult.

Danielle: I did on spring break. I was on diet of a pure alcohol for 8 days. That was my diet

Terry: That is not a diet for one, second of all that is not even relevant to where I was going but that is okay, you can be the unfiltered one.

Terry: Alright what else for our summer goals?

Danielle: Alright mine is actually y getting into the daily routine of working out, running, getting my heart rte up but actually making it really enjoyable I never miss a day

Terry: In your defense, you do run with me quite often. I am just saying that’s a form of exercise

Terry: Alright so what are my summer goals, I really just want to excel in business and I definitely do want to dial in my health and fitness a little more because I feel like a little unorganized for a second but I also haven’t’ competed in a little while so I am feeling a little out of shape but I am still in pretty good shape, would you agree?

Danielle: Yeah… no I am kidding. I actually like you better like this. Yeah, I feel like he’s not a happy camper when he’s competing but no one is. So I want him to be like healthy and not compete than being like a depleted state of mind and not happy not fun to be around so I just want to make working out fun again

Terry: I mean, it’s just ingrained in me since I was 16 so it doesn’t matter if I was in a bad or good mood, whatever, hung-over, feeling great, I am still going to gym that day or at the very least I am gonna still be doing some exercise

Danielle: Alright but you don’t always there are days that you take off

T: Alright, yeah…

Danielle: That’s what you need for your body, you need a break

Terry: Okay, I’ll take a couple of days I agree

Danielle: Even if it’s not every week like, your body needs a little bit of a rest

Terry: Sundays are usually my break

Danielle: So there’s like we don’t take off anything but that’s my research, how your body needs a break.

Terry: Of course.

Danielle: You don’t need a workout every day. You look great anyway

Terry: I agree with that.. I agree with that but of course it always comes around to three things, diet, exercise and what else, well; exercise can be broken up into two, resistance training and cardio so it’s actually three different elements in my opinion.

Danielle: Yeah, but I still think your body needs a break from exercise

Terry: yeah..In general..

Danielle: I’ll bring in some statistics for you, don’t worry

Terry: I can’t wait..Alright, so what are we gonna talk about in future podcasts, since we’re almost hitting our limit today… Wow we did a really good job today

Danielle: Yeah so what are we gonna talk about next month, We’ve so much stuff that we like blog out and we like decided we’re gonna talk about and the stuff you’re gonna like hearing about too like health and fitness and how a lot of people think to compete and the prep life is healthy but it’s not

Terry: We’re I will say that there are some aspects that can be deemed healthy and will relate this too if you’re a wrestler, you’re training drop weight so you can argue that you know when you put that sweat suit on then that’s arguably not really that healthy

Danielle: And you stop drinking water for a couple of days like cutting your sodium intake and all that kind of stuff

Terry: But here’s what I think, generally speaking, I do think you learn a ton about your body when you compete and you always take something positive out of competing no matter how hard it is.

Alright, we’ll be talking about competing more in-depth, general health and fitness I will be talking about my blog much more I will be talking much more in-depth about business, about how I got started into certain businesses and what it takes to be an entrepreneur… Relationship stuff…

Danielle: Yay! I can’t wait. I also do what to do some like cooking stuff and throw some recipes like healthy fun treats. We should have our little section of like advice… like questions for like boys and girls side of it.. Like, what guys like and what girls like..

Terry: Yes, to see different viewpoints and stuff …And by the way, always comment, share, like, comment what you want us to talk about, @Life_unfiltered_ podcast, that’s our Instagram also don’t forget to go on iTunes and give us a 5-star rating

Danielle: And subscribe so you can listen up all our new podcasts

Terry: And also check out my awesome website,

Danielle: it’s actually pretty cool, I really like it

Terry:… and what else?

Danielle: Relationship, oh travelling, so we’re gonna have to do podcasts from new cities we go to and maybe like, I want to make a travelling blog and maybe I can get to that maybe this summer and then I could post like different places like those little things to do like trains and places to stay, little cute town we go to. Oh, and we wanna do like a weekly wrap thing like we gonna catch you guys on what we’re up to and what’s new in our life

Terry: Definitely…..Well, should conclude our first podcast

Danielle: Yeah, I think we’ve touched all points we wanted to go over, right?

Terry: Yeah we’ have. I appreciate everyone listening in today. Like I said go to our Instagram page @Life_Unfilted_podcast and you can also follow our personal Instagram accounts, I am @TerryAsher

D: I am @DanielleEells

Terry: Okay we’re wrapping up the podcast. Anyway, it’s been great I appreciate everyone listening. Bye guys.

Danielle: Bye guys, Thank you for singing in



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