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Life Unfiltered Episode 5

Alright, everyone, I am excited to announce another podcast “Life Unfiltered” by GymJunkies… 

Keep in mind the podcast is new, and we are new to podcasting it will improve with time 🙂

It would be awesome if you could leave nice and constructive criticism for us on iTunes: link here

Please tell us what topics you want to hear about…

Thanks, GymJunkies!

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Terry: Welcome back to Episode #5 of Life Unfiltered. You can follow us on Instagram Life_Unfiltered_podcast. We have an awesome episode. We are going to recap about our traveling, give some good friendly tips, also gonna talk about how to stay in shape while traveling, its f-ing hard. Also gonna talk about alcohol, the effects, what are the healthiest alcohols; if there is such a thing and babe, what your Instagram?

Danielle: @DanielleEells

Terry: And you can follow me @TerryAsher

Terry: Would you like to start for the recap of traveling, maybe give some good tips

Danielle: Yeah…so we went to Europe about three, four weeks ago and we went in to London and then we weren’t really expecting to go around London but we did and it was gorgeous and then we went from London to Switzerland, on to Geneva and then took the train to Bern and stayed there for like five days I believe and then we took the train down from Bern to Milan and stayed in Milan for three or four days and saw Venice and then we went to Paris and then flew out from Paris back home.

Terry: Yada, yada but some really good tips you can get from just traveling in general is if you’re going to a country with a different currency I would recommend getting that currency before travelling because if you do it in an airport, you’re gonna get deemed with a lot of processing fees, if it’s the correct term but a lot of fee so you’re gonna end up losing a lot on the conversion. So that’s one thing you definitely think about when traveling and then also just do your research because…d of idn’t we do a lot of research like as far as the flights, I mean we flew in to London for fairly inexpensive from LAX and then we few out of Paris to LAX for fairly inexpensive.

Terry: So I would just, you know, do your research if you wanna travel because there are good deals out there and I feel like we found some pretty good deals.

Danielle: Yeah, we pretty much, like based where we were like staying and stuff, like the cheaper areas and like where we flew in to like Geneva or Zurich in Switzerland, we stayed in Bern because it was a little bit cheaper and also lot more like more modern and nice than Interlaken which is like the main part of Switzerland that everyone goes to and then….

Terry:…Which has the Swiss Alps by the way…

Danielle: Yes

Terry: Also to mention, Bern was also like centrally located too so you could go to Zurich, you could go to Geneva, you could go to the Swiss Alps and everything was like two hours in a way give or take

Danielle: Yeah this was Alps and Interlaken and it was like 45 minutes and then I’m not sure I think I wanna say like Zurich and Geneva are about two hours

Terry: Yeah, that was two hours in opposite directions. Interesting country because Geneva is like more the French side or closer to France so it has a different theme than like Zurich that’s closer to Germany so it’s a little bit more German. It’s a very awesome country; Switzerland was by far my favorite. What about you?

Danielle: Yeah, definitely, it was my favorite too I mean that was like the main part that we planned on going to so we kind of just like figured out like where to fly in to Europe and then anywhere where you fly like throughout Europe, it’s like fairly well-priced and pretty cheap.

Terry: Yeah, definitely, any other tips that you want to give? I guess we’re gonna talk about how to stay in shape after this, while travelling ‘cause that is difficult but we can get into a little more general tips

Danielle: Yeah, the food isn’t so great in London, in the UK. It’s a gorgeous place, we weren’t really like planning on travelling around there but it was so pretty. We went and saw Stonehenge and then we went in to London, it’s like gorgeous, but the food isn’t so great. They don’t have coffee anywhere in Europe, well, they have coffee but they have Espresso, so they don’t have like brewed coffee that we have here

Terry: That’s true, it’s very different

Danielle: It’s all like Espresso based coffee so like in Americana which is still Espresso and what else did we kind of..

Terry: Speaking of that, not to jump topics but I feel like dieting and travelling is almost impossible in general.

Danielle: Yeah

Terry: I mean it’s just so hard because we were bouncing around kind of different grocery stores and hotels and stuff, we kind of just did our best.

Danielle: Yeah. I feel like there are so many other tips; yeah, so if you’re going to different countries and plan on taking the train a lot you should look into the Europass

Terry: That’s a great tip…

Danielle: Because we should’ve gotten one right when we got there and it would’ve saved a lot of money if we did it but you need to look into it before you go.

Terry: That’s a really good tip because we could’ve travelled from like country to country with one of the Europasses, right?

Danielle: Yeah, ‘cause pretty much like a lot of times like especially in Switzerland each way is about forty-five dollars a person. Even when we were in Italy and we went to Venice. Another tip is, don’t take the cheaper train

Terry: And why is that? Did we run into some..

Danielle: Yeah, some scary stuff…

Terry: Yeah, it’s kind of funny that we got on in the train and the conductor was like “Now what you up for Gypsies” and if you don’t know like what Gypsies are overseas, they are basically people that just try to mug you

Danielle: Yeah, they pick-pocket you

Terry: They’re considered dangerous

Danielle: Especially in touristy places, there are a lot of them and so like walking around Venice so the train conductor was like “Be careful with the Gypsies” which actually saved us when we were on our train back.

Terry: Yeah I thought it was so nice of them when I was like sitting like to next of them

Danielle: I would’ve that anyone was like gonna try to…

Terry: That’s true, you were on high alert

Danielle: Yeah I was

Terry: So yeah, the tip paid off because we ended up taking the last train from Venice back to Milan and we were sitting next to two Gypsies.

Danielle: And the train was like, it was like broken train so it was like cheaper than the other train but that was the only option we had because I didn’t look into the train times, so the trains in Europe, the last one is around like 8 PM which is another thing you should know and the train that we walked through like while we’re on it, it was like all broken, there was like water coming out of it, it was like flooded

Terry: Yeah that was like the only bad train that we had

Danielle: Yeah

Terry: For the most part the trains are really nice in Europe but we just got stuck on the last one back, unfortunately, and it didn’t have the best crowd but hey we’re still here and we made it

Danielle: We had an experience

Terry: And you know what, the guy even gave me a high five when we left, I think the gypsies liked me

Danielle: Or they liked your watch

Terry: (laughs)… Anyways, should we get to the….

Danielle: Yeah I’m trying to think of other tips ‘cause I know I’ve a lot more

Terry: I mean general like tips, I would also recommend to kind of pack food if you go out for the day

Danielle: I guess we can recap our life and what’s going on

Danielle: I started school again, we just got back from Virginia from a family wedding which is cute and cool and Terry just got a little cat named Ralph

Terry: Yup, so my other cat has company

Terry: Let’s see what else, one other tip for travelling that I was gonna mention, get an international plan for crying out loud beforehand, don’t make the mistake of going overseas and thinking every thing’s gonna work like it does in the United States because it won’t, I promise you and personally I have AT&T and now it’s fairly inexpensive to have an international plan and can pay like ten dollar today. Well worth it because I got metadata, you can take pictures, use instagram, snapshot all that good stuff and not worry about going over or anything like that.

Terry: I think that’s some good little general tips overall. Do your research when you’re travelling, be safe, and keep an eye out for gypsies


Terry: Alright next topic, how to stay in shape while travelling, it is like I said earlier, F—ing hard

Danielle: Yeah, don’t crash diet is one thing, ‘cause you’re gonna end up gaining back really fast probably more so don’t do that, that’s one of my tips and oh and another big one was that we always go to a store when we like flew in, on the first day we were there we would always try to find like a local grocery store and buy like snacks and water and just a bunch of…

Terry: bars and stuff

Danielle: Like bars and food because we didn’t wanna eat out every single meal

Terry: That probably is one of the best tips, just go to a grocery store, and get some snacks, stuff that will hold you over if you’re moving around and you’re not forced to eat unhealthy if you’re out and you don’t have any options

Danielle: Yeah exactly and also like a lot of time the breakfast at the hotels, have like buffets so if you have like a breakfast buffet, they usually have like so many different options of food and you can be like pretty healthy most of the time

Terry: I’ll give my 2 cents, just for all you weightlifters out there; you’re shit out of luck, in Europe. I don’t know how else to say it because every hotel that we were in the gyms are not much of a gym. Dumbbells go up to, maybe best case scenario, sixties, so my advice to you is switch up your routine instead of obviously lifting heavy if you lift heavy then maybe go for high reps while you’re overseas and..just switch up your routine you know, try to maintain and slow the loss in muscle mass when you’re overseas because let’s be honest you’re on vacation so you wanna have fun too but I think you can just try to do your best to maintain what you have. Another good tip that we did, quite often when we moved around, we would just go run, you know, just get outside…

Danielle: See where you are…

Terry: You also get to see the terrain, you get to run, you feel healthy, you feel good, it’s a nice balance you know

Terry: And to be honest it’s just straight up difficult I mean I look back at our trip and I wish I worked out more but at least we worked out, you know enough to where I didn’t look like a shriveled up raisin when I got home

Danielle: Yeah, so I think it’s also because it’s really hard to lose muscle as long as you’re eating enough protein and consuming enough calories so I think it’s probably harder to not gain a bunch of weight when you’re travelling, at least for me and probably you too, I think you worry too much about losing your muscle, do you?

Terry: No, but I definitely was trying to maintain what I had so I was doing my best on, you know, trying to work out. But one other thing too if you’re a weight lifter that I recommend is, like I do a split routine so I obviously split my muscle groups up which I feel like most serious weightlifters will do but if you’re not working out as often I think you should be kind of privy to potentially splitting you know your body up to maybe like lower- upper or even full body workouts. Because you’re not gonna have probably as much time to work out so again you’re maintaining it and doing more of a full body workout probably less often as you’re usually working out at home.

Danielle: Yeah, I think you, if you really want to stay in shape while you’re travelling, you’re gonna have to make that commitment to yourself, to do something every day or every other day even if it’s just running or doing like bodily type of things

Terry: Yeah, stuff like that is better than nothing, right?

Danielle: Yeah

Terry: I mean body weights, excercise like running …

Danielle: Push-ups, lunges…

Terry: Yeah lunges. It’s probably good if you, for instance if you are a weight lifter, every once in a while, I’ll take like a week off, but I’ll take a week off of lifting heavy and I’ll do like high repetition or supersets. Just do like body weight for a week. It’s not that much fun, you don’t look that cool but hey it gives your body a break and it’s de-loading to be honest which is something you’re taught if you do strength training, you de-load for a week, because you come back that much stronger and you give your body a break

Danielle: Yeah, I think one really essential thing is to make sure you’re getting sleep ‘cause when you’re sleep deprived you lose muscle mass and you don’t lose weight and one thing you should make sure is you’re drinking a lot of water when you’re travelling especially if you’re drinking and the other thing is to plan ahead so like we said we’re gonna go to a store and get a bunch of bars, snacks and stuff and if we know we’re gonna be travelling and sitting on a train all day, buying food on a train that’s usually really unhealthy, we would just bring protein bars or little snacks like nuts or fruits

Terry: Couple of days I was dying like “Oh my gosh my blood sugar is dropping” and have myself a bar

Danielle: Yeah, it helps. Another thing I guess would be like wherever you go I guess there should be a healthy option of food and you should enjoy the food while you’re travelling. If you wanna stay healthy there’s usually chicken

Terry: Yeah, I mean obviously everything in moderation. You’re travelling so you’re enjoying like where you are so.. I mean you got to live your life too at the same but if you wanna stay in shape you can take some of these tips and I think that will help you out

Danielle: We do consume alcohol which is our next subject, but we’re pretty on the healthy side of it and I didn’t think about it until today but most of the time we’re just drinking straight alcohol and it’s not like flavored, really sugary ones so it’s just pure alcohol and most of the time like where all the unhealthy stuff comes in like the mixed drinks like the cocktails

Terry: Yeah the worst thing ever cause’ of the…

Danielle: Sugar

Terry: Yeah. So yeah, like I said everything in moderation. We’ll get into alcohol in a little bit deeper ‘cause I have some of the “healthiest” alcohol, if there is such a thing

Danielle: I think we did actually touch on the subject in our last podcast and like I said in our last podcast when you consume alcohol your body will work to burn that off first before anything else so everything else that you’ve consumed unfortunately turns into fat that is usually why everyone who’s trying to diet and lose weight has to cut off alcohol. So it’s also empty -calories which contain little to no nutrients

Terry: So yeah, just to clarify, lot of people think like it might fit into carbohydrates and protein but alcohol is in a completely different category of calories altogether which a lot of people don’t realize. You consume alcohol and you have to burn the alcohol off the next day before your body starts burning off sugar or carbohydrates, so it’s kind of just like putting yourself back.

Danielle: Agreed. One thing I did read was that alcohol leads to increased periods of wakefulness during your sleep so you’ll think ‘I I’ll just have one drink, I’ll sleep better’ but you really don’t. And I guess, do you wanna go into the healthiest ones?

Terry: Sure. So these are kind of like you know the healthiest as far as I guess…

Danielle: Alcohol goes… (Laughs)

Terry: Yeah, alcohol goes and obviously look in general like moderation is key so we’re not saying go and freaking bench drink and you’ll be okay ‘cause that’s not gonna help you, but if you do drink you can keep this stuff in mind and like she said earlier, I mean we drink on our trip, we try to do our best, obviously people wanna live their life and you know, we think you should but obviously look, if I’m competing I won’t touch alcohol for like three or four months, you know not even a drop so when I’m not and I’m on off-season I like to live my life, you know in moderation. But anyways, going off that point, hard-liquor believe it or not is like considered a little but more healthy because you essentially consuming just the alcohol portion. So you know, you’re not taking in a bunch of mixed substances or sugar, stuff you’ll see on mixed drinks and if you do wanna mix it, you can recommend doing club soda or ice

Danielle: Or like the drink ice, remember those little things, they’re called ice and they have all these different flavors and you get ones with whatever flavor you want and your sugars, your calories

Terry: Yeah, so and then number two on list is gonna be wine, shouldn’t be like too much of a shocker

Danielle: Which one, wine or white wine? Because I’ve heard like red wine is about 109 calories, no sugar, carbs, protein or fat in the white wine, dry white wine is 112 calories and only 0.8 grams of sugar but then sweet white wine is 150 grams of calories or a 150 calories and 16 grams of sugar so that’s kind of like the various type of wines

Terry: Yeah and of course if you’re consuming red wine you get a little bit more of anti-oxidants such as resveratrol and flavonoids. In my opinion, red wine is a much better option than white wine and number three on the list is bear, it’s gonna be considerably more in calories, some are under a hundred but some could be pushing three hundreds. You know, the most bears I looked at hovered around 130 calories with about 9 grams of carbs so not nearly as bad as you’d expect provided you know you keep to a couple of brewskis instead of full keg. And then obviously the last on the list that we have been saying is mixed drinks, that’s where you really get hit with the unhealthy effects of alcohol and not to mention if you’re trying to minimize your hangover, I would not recommend mixed drinks. I honestly don’t drink mixed drinks anymore, like at all.

Danielle: Well ginger-ale and whisky is mixed drink

Terry: Yeah, well that’s kind of like club soda what we were saying earlier

Danielle: Club soda has no sugar. I guess you’re right, ginger ale is a lot less than like and most of the time I feel like you don’t even have any ginger ale, you’re most just like a whisky type of person.

Terry: Yeah whisky and ice

Danielle: I mean it’s definitely better than one of these cocktail drinks

Terry: Well yeah, I mean I was pertaining to like margaritas for example, mojitos

Danielle: I have like a list of the worst ones right here

Terry: Well go ahead

Danielle: I mean like the top of the wines would be hard liquor and then red wine and then dry white wine and I think champagne. What I found about champagne was that is was better than sweet white wine because champagne is 130 calories and about 2.5 grams of sugar and then the bottom of the wines would be the sweet white wines and then bear and then we have the mixed drinks which I think mixed drinks we’re talking more like you said margaritas and stuff not like a coke and whisky.

Terry: Well coke is different than club soda I feel like it is much worse

Danielle: Yeah, agreed. I guess that’s like a good question, is coke or whisky worse or better than wine? Worse, ‘cause of the sugars?

Terry: Yeah it’s a little worse, yeah

Danielle: Yeah, I guess your body won’t even burn off the sugars until it burns off the alcohol

Terry: Not to mention, on that token, don’t ever do red bull and vodka, gosh I was so stupid in my 20s, ‘cause I came out with a bunch of studies that red bull is a stimulant and alcohol is a depressant so you’re basically ingesting two opposites and it’s extremely bad for you.

Danielle: I didn’t even know that because they still do that in clubs and stuff when you go out, they have red bulls there

Terry: Yeah, it’s extremely bad for your heart

Danielle: Good to know. So I guess the ones I found to stay away most is one was eggnog, ‘cause a lot of times eggnog has alcohol in it

Terry: That’s interesting

Danielle: Well without alcohol it’s still 350 calories, with alcohol 420 and 19 grams of fat

Terry: Wow

Danielle: Then we have the long island iced tea which gets up to about 780 calories

Terry: I did read that, that was like one of the absolute worst

Danielle: I obviously knew that it has a lot of mixed alcohol and but I didn’t know it has that many calories and stuff and you don’t even need a full one. Then we have mudslide which I didn’t knew what it was but I looked it up and it was actually vodka, Kahlua and Bailey’s Irish cream, goes up to 820 calories and then a White Russian which is up there, that’s Vodka, Kahlua and cream and that is 500 calories, it’s equivalent to a Dairy Queen Blizzard and that usually comes in a 20 ounce cup and that’s about a thousand calories.

Terry: That is ridiculous!

Danielle: That’s like a little bigger than a Starbucks… and then we have a Margarita which can be more than 500 calories, Olive Garden’s strawberry and mango margarita has 52 grams of sugar which is equal to a Cinnabon. A Mai Tai about 600 calories and lots of sugar and then at last on the list is Pina Colada about 560 calories and that’s more than Big Mac.

Danielle: Oh my God you turned 33, well I guess this early Tuesday but we did celebrate your birthday yesterday

Terry: Anyways, next topic

Danielle: Well actually we’re done, this is a short one

Terry: I hope you got a lot of information as far as tips for travelling

Danielle: Yeah

Terry: some general workout tips while you’re on the road and some stuff to think about if you’re drinking

Danielle: Yup, keep that in mind

Terry: Don’t go too wild

Danielle: Yup

Terry: Got to keep it in moderation if you’re gonna do it. Do it smart.

Danielle: Stick to pure alcohol

Terry: Yeah

Terry: Alright, we will see you next time for episode six and if you wanna follow us on instagram again @Life_Unfiltered_podcast and your personal instagram is

Danielle: @DanielleEells

Terry: And mine is @TerryAsher and by the way, just want to do a shout-out if you want to have a great muscle builder check out muscle builder flex by Gymjunkies, it’s selling out so fast and there’s so many good reviews so check it out if you want a good nitric oxide booster, for all you weightlifters out there.

Danielle: And there actually on GymJunkies blog there is tips about the healthiest alcohols, there is a blog on that for you, so it kind of just recaps what we just told you and there also is a hotel room workout blog, How to stay in shape on vacation and the ultimate travel workout to keep you in shape on the road so if you wanna check those out it kind of summarized what we just talked about and they are available on GymJunkies.com

Terry: Yup, it gives you a little more detail

Terry: Alright, we love you all. Peace

Danielle: Bye

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Alright, everyone, I am excited to announce another podcast “Life Unfiltered” by GymJunkies… 

Keep in mind the podcast is new, and we are new to podcasting it will improve with time 🙂

It would be awesome if you could leave nice and constructive criticism for us on iTunes: link here

Please tell us what topics you want to hear about…

Thanks, GymJunkies!

PS: We also have an AMAZING private Facebook group you can check it out here: GymJunkies Private Group


Terry: Welcome back to Episode 4 of Life Unfiltered. You can follow us on Instagram @Life_Unfiltered_podcast. We have an awesome podcast scheduled with some pretty awesome topics. Babe, do you want to get started on the first topic?

Danielle: Well, why don’t we just like state them first? We’re gonna be doing diet and workout for beginners and then our second topic is how much sleep your body needs to function properly and our third topic is “Are you in the wrong business?” aka Terry and our fourth topic is “Can you be friends with your ‘ex’?”

Terry: Can’t wait for that one…

Terry: Anyways so yeah, diet and workout for beginners. Obviously, I think we should start here just a natural progression as we…

Danielle: …well I wanna start with diet

Terry: Sure, you wanna take diet and I will take working out?

Danielle: We’re gonna do some of both, I have stuff written down

Terry: Okay, go ahead, lead the way

Danielle: So I’m just gonna kind of go over like my diet and workout when I started… I did in the beginning, like diet and everything for myself and I use my fitness pal and I tracked my diet and exercise there so that was when I kind of started realizing every calorie I was eating, how much calories one Oreo has and it was a sad time in my life because I stopped eating a lot of food because I realized how bad it was for you

Terry: Okay so don’t you think, just to interject, just the mere fact that you started tracking your calories helped you?

Danielle: Oh yeah it helps you, like no one really realizes how much like, how many calories, fat is in any food that you eat and I remember just like a snack or like…, it was actually in high school when I started that, and like everyone will just eat other people’s food and you would share so when I’d like put in a cookie or something and I’ll realize how many calories that was and how many calories to take away from what I could eat later

Terry: Yeah, because in theory, a cookie would be like a full meal with calories

Danielle: Yeah

Terry: Not nutritionally of course but calorie-wise it could be a full meal

Danielle: Like frappuccino is like literally your calorie intake for the day

Terry: I remember I was really depressed in high school and I looked up frappuccino and I realized it has as many calories as a Big Mac from McDonald’s

Danielle: It’s like over a thousand, blew me away…. And then when I started working out more and started just like having a conversation with a couple trainers and like people who knew more about a diet I ended up cutting out all my dairy products and then after a while I started cutting out all my sugars

Terry: Let me ask you a question… why did you cut out dairy? Were you allergic to dairy or just because it was high in fat content?

Danielle: Yeah I actually have like a whole thing about dairy… So dairy is actually… pretty much three-fourths of the world is intolerant to lactose so pretty much like everyone is allergic to it

Terry: Yup, I’m allergic

Danielle: Yeah, your body just can’t

Terry: By the way, if you don’t know if you’re allergic or not you should consume milk or whey protein and see if you get extremely bloated and upset stomach, it could be a sign that you’re allergic to it

Danielle: Yeah, it’s also more like if you try cutting out dairy for even a week and just try again like having a protein shake or consuming like a cup of milk that’s when you’re really gonna know, ‘cause your body like when you’re allergic to something and you keep consuming it, it’s not to say that we’re allergic to dairy we just can’t process the lactose that well, so when your body gets used to it, your stomach won’t hurt and your body is just processing food it’s not supposed to when you cut it out and put it back into your diet your body will react a lot worse than it normally would and that’s kind of how I figured it out, ‘cause I just cut it out, I normally had dairy all my life and never had stomach aches or anything until I finally cut it out and did some research about it and found out that lactose is the main carbohydrate in dairy, not some milk-sugar made of two simple sugars, glucose, and galactose. When we were infants our body produced a digestive enzyme called lactase which breaks down lactose from our mother’s milk and many people lose that ability to that in adulthood. As much as 75% of the worlds’ population is unable to break down lactose as an adult which is lactose intolerant.

Terry: So gosh those ‘Got Milk’ commercials really, really weren’t on to anything (laughs)

Danielle: Nope, they were not

Terry: Not to mention, you can get calcium from other places, not just the milk but that’s a whole another subject

Danielle: So there is my talk about dairy, do you think it’s actually pretty bad, I mean, now it’s in actually like cheese and stuff, so I still eat cheese but its dairy free

Terry: Okay, so backing up a little… would you recommend it for a beginner just in dieting altogether?

Danielle: Download a fitness pal, track your calories, and see what’s actually in every food you’re eating and when you’re ready to take that next step, completely cut out all dairy and the next step would be to cut out all the sugars

Terry: Yeah I agree and you should also like ultimately figure out how many calories you need to be intaking based on your workout activity, male-female, how tall you are, how much you weigh. As far as working out, one mistake that I see a lot of people get into as far as being a beginner and going straight into the gym and I see a lot of beginners just go straight into the resistance training programme. I totally disagree with this and think that if you’re a beginner and an absolute-absolute beginner you should try to acclimate your body and do some sort of stability training or body weight training to kind of get your body used to exercise in general, because I see a lot of people get burnt out and I think if a lot of people kind of slowly got into it, they would probably stick to it and make it more of a lifestyle.

Danielle: What do you mean by stability training?

Terry: So, Stability training is like exercising your actual stability muscle fibers so instead of going straight into resistance training and not having those stability muscle fibers, you’re basically getting all the small muscle fibers that support the larger muscle groups in your body, so you’re stimulating them, getting them ready for harder resistance training.

Danielle: Okay. And do you have these kinds of workouts?

Terry: Yeah, so you can check out GymJunkies.com beginners’ workout plan that’s in an awesome article and we also offer a PDF file so you can download it!

Danielle: So, backtracking little bit, I completely forgot about the alcohol thing, alcohol can be the number one thing you cut out from your diet before dairy and before sugars because alcohol temporarily keeps your body from burning fat, so your metabolic system must stop what it’s doing to get rid of the booze., so while there’s alcohol in your system your metabolism is not burning anything else that you’ve eaten or that is already in your stomach and it focuses on just breaking down the alcohol in your system so normally everything else that’s in your system at that point will go directly to fat, so that is why alcohol is so bad for you when you’re trying to lose weight.

Terry: Very good

Danielle: And I think that you actually have it on your website like a diet plan that is very specific…

Terry: Yeah, we offer custom meal plans on our website, you can just search Gymjunkies custom meal plan on Google and we actually send you a questionnaire, I believe there’s like fifteen questions and we custom make you a meal plan. So even if you are allergic to something we can give you a custom meal plan.

Danielle: So it’s like based on how much you wanna lose…

Terry: Yeah, so if you are a male and you’re trying to put on lean muscle mass we adjust the meal plan for that or if you’re someone that’s trying to lose weight then we obviously adjust the custom meal plan

Danielle: Got it.

Terry: For your goals

Danielle: Interesting. Do you have anything else about diet?

Terry: Just going back to diet I think you should always just figure out you know your daily caloric intake and then from there obviously if you’re trying to lose weight or diet, you want to just, you know, deficit, around negative five hundred calories per day that will slowly make you lose one to two pounds per week and you can even afford to have like a cheat day and you’ll still lose because of overall weekly deficit, if you follow that program

Danielle: Makes sense

Terry: Yeah, going back to working out since I didn’t finish… (Laughs)

Danielle: Sorry…

Terry: I just feel like there is just so much information out there that I think people that are getting started could get confused. Like you know, “Should I do cardio?” “Should I do weight training?” “Should I weight train like a bodybuilder?” “Should I work-out three days a week?” “Should I go five days a week”? You know etcetera etcetera

Danielle: What did you do?

Terry: What did I do? Uhm, I actually did not follow the advice that I just gave because I just got thrown right into resistance training but granted I wasn’t an athlete before that so it’s a little different. If you’re not playing sports and stuff like that then it’s even more needed that you do some sort of stability training before you know resistance training and stuff like that. But yeah, I went into, kind of a basic bodybuilding routine, splitting my muscle groups up and it worked pretty well, I gained some decent muscle mass.

Danielle: So I feel like that like so different from what I did but I’m also a girl so… I mean I was always in sports too but I actually started just like running outside every day because honestly I was terrified of the gym, it’s like in high school I wanna say. So I wanted like, being healthy and I was eating pretty well ad writing out how much I was eating vs. burning every day so I started running probably a couple of miles and then within a couple of weeks I was doing like six miles a day, just like running around my neighborhood and then an ex-boyfriend of mine asked me to work out with him, we were in this like weird gym like a garage, so that’s how I started and he taught me like a couple of exercises and I felt not comfortable in going to a gym. Fast forward we broke up, I only knew like not many exercises and I was like one of those people who are deathly afraid to be seen working out, to look like I don’t know what I was doing and super self-conscious about all of it so I just stuck to just like those couple workout exercises that I knew until I felt comfortable enough about the gym and doing what I already knew like what to do.

Terry: Well I think that’s better than nothing obviously so…

Danielle: Agreed, so I just kind of kept doing what I knew I could do and I knew how to do and then finally I was comfortable enough in the gym, I felt looking at exercises like videos and stuff and trying out new things in the gym but I honestly stayed in those workout rooms like those corners where you stretch and stuff and I did like self-workouts there like I wasn’t really on doing free weights or doing any machines, I kind of just like stuck to like free weights stuff that I saw on Instagram or like videos online and I worked all alone.

Terry: Random question, do you feel like it was intimidating or you just didn’t know what you were doing so that’s why you kind of chilled in the corner and worked out?

Danielle: Well, when I was with like a boyfriend or the trainer, I knew what they were doing and I was fine but when I was by myself trying to do new things like new workouts that I didn’t really tried before, it was really intimidating and just scary to me.

Terry: Okay, fair enough. I’m trying to think of some good advice for intimidation, I would just say, if you beginning and you do struggle with that, find somewhere that’s private to workout in for a while until you do feel confident on you know free weights or machines and you do kind of have like a routine going, then you won’t feel like you’re lost, like going into the gym and be like “Oh, what do I do next?”. It’s crazy because I don’t have to write down my workout, all workouts are in my head and I just go to the gym and I know exactly what I’m gonna do. But you’ve got to think like there are tons of people out there that are trying to get started with working out so I think in the beginning it’s always nice to have some sort of guide. And again, your workout is always gonna be contingent upon your goals, right? Like you workout obviously a little different than I do.

Danielle: Yeah

Terry: We can go into more detail but obviously this is just working out and diet for beginners but just to touch on it real fast, a bodybuilder is gonna train a lot different than an athlete, right?

Danielle: Yeah

Terry: Like an athlete is gonna be more in muscle endurance rep range and a bodybuilder is gonna be more in muscle building range and strength training and so forth. So, we can go into more detail later

Danielle: So what about subject two…

Terry: Subject two “How much sleep does your body need to function properly”

Danielle: Getting those ‘Zzzzzz’s’

Terry: (laughs)

Danielle: Okay, I’ll start. I found some really cool articles, I listen to a couple podcasts about sleeping, I actually have been really interested in this subject for like a couple of weeks now..so I have a lot to share and first thing I wanna share is this really cool fact that we spend up to a third of our lives, asleep, and that’s from the National Sleep Foundation so it’s kind of weird to think about, literally third of our lives, like sleeping. That’s almost like thirty years, if we live to be ninety that’s thirty years.

Terry: Okay, random topic though but didn’t you hear lions sleep like 23 out of 24 hours. Yeah, I swear I saw that on National Geographic, who knows, anyway, sorry to interrupt, go ahead…

Danielle: So the National Sleep Foundation recommends that people who are fourteen to seventeen get 8 to 10 hours, eighteen to twenty-five get 7 to 9, twenty six to sixty four get 7 to 9 and sixty five up get 7 to 8 so it’s kind of crazy but a lot of times if you get under seven hours, it’s almost the same side effects that if you get over 9 hours, so there’s like some pretty crazy things happen but I found out that while your body is asleep, your body rebuilds muscles you’ve worn down during the day and cleans away harmful wastes that are produced in the brain, which is kind of interesting. I feel like you’ve a lot about muscles…

Terry: Yeah, I’ll go into more muscle growth during sleeping and also there are two stages of sleep which is NREM which is Non Rapid Eye Movement stages and the other one is REM, which you’ve probably heard of, Rapid Eye Movement or the dreaming stage

Danielle: And that’s the sleep that you need

Terry: Well, you need both actually because they shorn towards the last couple of hours of sleep and vice-versa for the REM stage so the NREM are the stages of sleep where recovery and regeneration occur in the body and that’s when you’re most relaxed actually, so that’s where your “gains” can be made and the REM stage is, breathing accelerates slightly and your energy expenditure rises as we dream, which makes sense for dreaming you know, you’re kind of like rolling around, mumbling in the sleep. I do that sometimes, don’t I?

Danielle: One time you growled, do you remember that dream, I would’ve woke you up because you were like growling like you were a wolf or something, like if you saw a wolf in you dream and you were howling back at him. That was so weird…

Terry: Well, you can’t control what you dream about right (laughs)… apparently I was growling. That’s really funny…

Terry: So anyways, like as you know resistance training works by breaking down you muscle tissue and putting stress on your body so gains are made when the body adapts the stress by rebuilding the muscles and connective tissue that much stronger so if the stress is placed upon the body, it its too high or if there’s not adequate nutrition or recovery for the body, your gains won’t be as good, right? So that’s why I sleep. So obviously sleep is important for protein synthesis and having sleep problems can lead you to missing out on sleep and that means missing out on the phase of muscle building.

Danielle: So if you don’t sleep you don’t build muscle essentially

Terry: Pretty much yeah. I mean it’s a critical part of muscle building and I think it’s lot of like athletes and people not talk about because it’s not a “cool” topic, right>

Danielle: Yeah..

Terry: But sleep is extremely important for building your muscles

Danielle: And it’s actually really important for losing weight like you don’t lose weight if you’re not sleeping enough

Terry: Very true and your metabolism and then I can go into hormones later, especially for guys, testosterone, growth hormone are all affected by sleep too.

Danielle: So sleep is essential to regulate your emotions. Being sleep deprived for one night can increase your emotional response to negative feeling by sixty per cent, which is kind of crazy, so instead of being nice you’re sixty per cent more inclined to be negative, mean or just irritated. Lack of sleep makes it difficult for your body to regulate things like appetite control, your immune system, good metabolic function and your ability to maintain normal body weight.

Danielle: So here’s a cool little study, one study found like getting only five hours per night for several nights in a row decreases mental performance to the same extent as drinking enough alcohol that have a blood-alcohol content of 0.6.

Terry: Wow, that’s crazy…

Danielle: Yeah…so as if that wasn’t enough, poor sleep can make you feel more negative, less productive and act less ethically at work, even worse, getting poor sleep or not enough sleep also increases your chances of developing chronic diseases like obesity, heart disease or diabetes. And, when you’re asleep your body clears wastes and harmful plaques from the brain, it may be the reason why poor sleep seems to be associated with an increased risk of Alzheimer’s disease.

Terry: Very interesting. Also, it’s important to know when you put your body under stress obviously inflammation goes up, so inflammation is the natural signal for the body to focus its attention towards repairing itself but with too much of it the body can’t repair the muscles as well as it should…so…also inflammation just so you guys know, is commonly the cause for joint and soft tissue discomfort and of course these aches and pains are not good for training and one simple thing to combat this is to have a de-loading phase but if you don’t know what that is, I can talk about it later.

Terry: But anyway, one study found that people who got six hours of sleep at night had more C-protein inflammatory markers, this is linked to overstimulation of the sympathetic nervous system that is recovered during sleep. Losing out on sleep not only increases inflammation but it also doesn’t allow the body to decrease inflammation sufficiently.

Danielle: Wow

Terry: And then again I was gonna touch on the hormones from earlier but aside from testosterone few hormones play a role in your muscle growth and that is growth hormone and that hormone is mainly regulated during sleep. So skimping on sleep means skimping growth hormone, so that’s a bad idea if you want lean body mass, it’s pretty much common sense. Growth hormone primarily rises during the start of sleep, while this might lead us to believe that losing a bit of shut-eye won’t significantly impact growth hormone release, it’s not the case. Research has shown that more growth hormone is released when participants go to sleep at earlier bedtimes around 10 PM.

Danielle: Actually, wait a second, when I was listening to this podcast this scientist doctor person was saying that as you get older your time clock, well it kind of goes differently like when you’re a kid you want to stay up late but you can’t because your natural time clock, you have to go to bed earlier or you’ll fall asleep during the day blah, blah, blah so when you’re like in adulthood like teenagers, in your twenties and everything, he actually said that school need to not start at 8 because your biological time clock wants you to sleep longer so like when you’re like in your teens and twenties and stuff, that’s why a lot of time like when you’re in your twenties or teenager you can stay up partying but that’s because you body can and not like when you’re a child who usually fall asleep in like mid-day so their body can’t keep them awake.

Terry: Not to mention, they’re growing too

Danielle: Yeah, so when a certain period, I forgot exactly what it is, your body tells you again like, now I’m ready to go to bed earlier. But there’s like a long time period when your body, it’s just like a biological thing, not everyone is the same but it usually follows the pattern like teenagers and twenties, your biological clock like tells you like stay up later and sleep until this time. So it’s not just like a habit.

Terry: Alright, are you done with all your sleeping facts

Danielle: No

Terry: Okay we’ll keep going

Danielle: What about too much sleep ‘cause we sleep sometimes ten, eleven hours. Like I said before, too little sleep and too much sleep can lead to Alzheimers’. Oversleeping is not harmful in itself, but is a sign that you may be sleeping ineffectively like sleep apnea or depression. And if you sleep nine to ten hours you’re twenty percent more likely to be obese and too little or too much sleep is linked with Alzheimer’s disease which is something I mentioned earlier. Too much sleep can be a symptom of depression or hypersomnia which is a medical disorder.

Terry: So basically the sweet spot is what the seven to nine hours..

Danielle: Yeah like seven to nine

Terry: But of course I was gonna say like if you’re an athlete or you’re exercising excessively, you should probably sleep a little bit more.

Danielle: Yeah I think it’s more of something like just listening to your body and I remember reading on like the National Health or Sleep whatever, they were saying, “Are you productive, happy and healthy on seven hours of sleep or do you need nine hours to feel that way?”

Terry: Yeah, I’m definitely an eight to nine-hour person for sure

Danielle: Me too, seven is like too little

Terry: I agree, but you know we workout so that makes sense

Danielle: Yeah

Terry: So I mean it’s pretty clear that lack of sleep is a roadblock we can’t get around, so you got to get the most out of your slumber and just a cool little fact is the faster we fall asleep, the deeper sleep we can reach and for also us trying to get gains, it means more gains and you can also track your sleep with a Fitbit.

Danielle: Wow, I did not know that

Terry: Or other phone apps that will check your sleep cycles and see how long it takes for you to go to sleep and there’s a few other ways to go to sleep in less time

Danielle: Like meditation

Terry: Yeah or turning off the TV or whatever

Danielle: Yeah I don’t know how you sleep with the TV on. You wanna know something really interesting I found out and I told you this too ‘cause I was like so blown away, the fact that sleeping pills like Ambien … and alcohols does this too because those are considered like sedatives so what they do is like they put you to sleep, and I was all like, oh yeah like I sleep so much better like when I’ve drank and actually you’ve worse sleep when you take those sleeping pills or you drink because you go into that deep sleep and a lot of times you’ll feel tired the next day or just super groggy and like out of it because it’s a sedative so puts you like to sleep but you don’t get the same natural sleep that you normally do not on anything. So it’s almost like you wake up the next day and your body actually feels like you haven’t slept at all because you really haven’t.

Terry: Interesting. Alright, are you ready to quiz me, on the next topic?

Danielle: Are you in the wrong business and how do you know?

Terry: Okay, so I sort of talked about how I got started in the last podcast

Danielle: Yeah, so once you started marketing your eBook, how long until you decided you want to start a supplement company?

Terry: Well I mean just in general I realized how powerful selling stuff online was so then I was like, oh natural you know evolution to sell supplements and of course I’ve been taking supplements since I don’t know, I was like eighteen. So I had gone through tons and tons myself and I really figured out like you know what worked and what didn’t and then of course personally there were some things that you know I liked about the supplement industry and some things I hated about it of course. So yeah, that’s kind of like in a nutshell.

Danielle: So how did you get involved with the new supplement company or how did you start it?

Terry: I went in with a couple different partners and we started selling different types of weight loss products and muscle builders and it was really effective and we sold a lot of products but eventually I realized that certain business model was not ideal for me but I will get into that later.

Danielle: Why was it affiliate marketing?

Terry: Okay so our primary source of sales was affiliate marketing but there are some issues with affiliate marketing which you can’t really control like you know what they’re putting out on the internet and it’s just for people, it’s kind of like a broker, so you pay based on performance so if you’ve an affiliate for your company, they can go out promote your product and then if they sell a product then you pay them a fee. But after being in the affiliate marketing space for a year, a year and a half I kind of realized that it wasn’t for me and that’s because you don’t really have control over your business model at the end of the day, and I didn’t like that.

Danielle: So I guess you kind of answered my next question which was “When did you know you didn’t wanna continue?”

Terry: Okay, well that was one of the reasons for the affiliate marketing piece and then the actual business model that we were using I just didn’t really resonate with. So I wanted to go more of a branding route and give out free content which is what led me into my current business but I’ll get into that much later.

Danielle: So, like what was the point that you realized like that you didn’t wanna continue with that company?

Terry: Well ultimately I realized that, that certain company, it had no longevity and I wanted to be part of something that had longevity. Even if it grew much slower and the revenue wasn’t as high I didn’t care because at the end of the day I wanted to be proud of the thing that I built and not look back and be like “Oh we had crazy revenue but our customers weren’t happy or our products weren’t good” so there were just certain things, I mean there were good things of course that I took out of that first company but basically by the next time I learned how to do it just that much better.

Danielle: So how much harder would you say it is now with the company you own Gymjunkies or any of your other companies, how much harder is it with the business model you have vs. the business model you used to do?

Terry: I would say it’s ten times harder but at the same time it’s way more rewarding and I feel like the products and the content, mean plans, I mean everything that we put out I would say ninety-five, ninety-six, ninety-seven per cent of the consumers are extremely happy which makes me feel good and unfortunately going back to my previous company, I felt like it was almost the opposite. There were a lot of not so happy consumers and that was because of several reasons I just touched on. The affiliates you know, not controlling the marketing and then the products weren’t really up to par and just the business model in general was more aggressive and wasn’t as friendly on the consumers so I wanted to change all that stuff with my next company and I did that.

Danielle: So how did you even, where did you go, what did you do?

Terry: I eventually split up with my business partners and at that point you know I knew so much about affiliate marketing and marketing in general nut there were still so many sections of internet marketing that I didn’t know and that’s when I wanted to learn Search Engine Optimization because that is, in my eyes more general marketing that could apply to any business across the world essentially and then I studied search engine marketing and I created a digital marketing company and launched Gymjunkies around the same time just more or less three or four years ago.

Danielle: And it has taken a while to go that far…

Terry: It has, it has taken a while long time, but like I said Gymjunkies is an awesome website, we have awesome products, our supplements either have no artificial sweeteners or very little. Again our products are like over-the-top good so I’m proud of it.

Danielle: So would you do it all over again?

Terry: Absolutely 100 per cent, no questions asked

Danielle: What did you learn from that experience?

Terry: Again, I mean I learned a lot of good things and a learned a lot of bad things but at the end of the day ultimately you know you can take the pros and cons of a business or a job in general and know exactly what you really want so going back to the general topic, “Are you in the wrong business or are you in the wrong job?”, think about things, do you like the people you work with? Do you like your partners? Do you like what you’re doing? Are you doing a service based product? Like, are your consumers happy? I mean, I don’t know for me, I pride myself the consumers or the people being happy. It’s just important to me. So that’s the big thing for me.

Danielle: So if someone was in the same position that you were, what advice would you give them?

Terry: I would of course weigh the pros and cons but ultimately I would tell them to follow their heart, follow what they want to ultimate do because if you’re you know stuck nine to five, just say like an eight to nine job and you’re making ton of money but you’re not happy and you’re miserable then I mean what’s the point of that, right?

Danielle: Yeah, start a side hustle

Terry: Yeah… start a side hustle and evolve into that making a full-time gig that actually makes you happy

Danielle: Agreed, that’s what you did

Terry: Right, yeah, you only have one life so be happy, right?

Danielle: It’s possible

Terry: Of course it’s possible

Danielle: Well I like that; we can end on that because we’re running out of time

Terry: Okay great, I’m just so excited for the next topic

Danielle: Can you be friends with your ex, I’m sure you have some great advice to give

Terry: Actually I have no notes on this topic, it’s completely blank

Danielle: I have a couple because I did some research

Terry: Oh, you did research

Danielle: I did research, yeah

Terry: That’s really interesting…

Danielle: So I want to know the psychological standpoint behind the two so I did some research on it

Terry: Okay, well go ahead

Danielle: So why don’t you start I mean, Can you be friends with your ex, Terry?

Terry: I think it’s personally possible. When I say that you can be friends with your ex I think that your most immediate ex you know might need a cooling off period but ultimately I would like to think that I mean I’m friends with some of my ex-girlfriends most of which have been at just like three years plus so people move on, you know

Danielle: I mean, it kind of depends on a lot of little things but one thing that really stood out to me is that you can’t undo the past and I mean you’ve seen each other naked, you’ll always see each other naked, am I wrong or am I wrong?

Terry: I guess that’s one way to look at it, sure

Danielle: I kind of also feel like, clearly at one point you guys have sexual history so it was there at one point so why wouldn’t it be there again…

Terry: So you’re saying that it’s not possible because of that reason?

Danielle: No I just think it’s like one like reason to think about I mean like there’s like multiple things. I also did read that research proves if you’re friends before the relationship it is possible to go back to being friends again regardless if you broke up with whom and this could take months or years but it is possible if you guys were just friends before the end

Terry: Interesting. Okay

Danielle: That was like the only research topic I honestly found about it. I was trying to figure out more but…

Terry: So what are your personal feelings?

Danielle: I kind of put down like how emotionally connected you were in the relationship and also I think my biggest thing is like how does your partner feel about it because regardless of how you feel or not like if you could I think the more important thing is like how does your current girlfriend/boyfriend feel about it

Terry: Yeah for sure, I agree with that

Danielle: Yeah, ‘cause like I don’t know, most of the times I don’t like the girl you hooked up with, I don’t like her very much (laughs)

Terry: Okay, I’m getting a very, very serious look by the way, you know this isn’t a video so everyone would see the death stare you’re giving me right now (laughs)

Danielle: What? There’s a lot of ‘em, there like a thousand I have to think about okay?….

Terry: Alright…Anyways going back to my personal feelings, I think you can

Danielle: I think once from high school, like clearly there’s like nothing there but…

Terry: Yeah, but I’m also a little older than you so I realize you know there’s more time that’s passed

Danielle: That’s true

Terry: Anyways…

Danielle: On a lighter note, we should tell them about that really funny standup comedy we watched

Terry: Oh my God, that was really funny

Danielle: What is it’s called, it’s like Ibiza or something

Terry: That chick was hilarious, was that on HBO?

Danielle: No, it was on Netflix

Terry: It was on Netflix, yeah you’re right

Danielle: It was really funny and girls are gonna really, really into it

Terry: Girls and guys too because it’s pretty damn hilarious

Danielle: Okay, it was Iliza: Elder Millennial

Terry: Yeah, she is I think, hilarious

Danielle: Iliza

Terry: Yeah, Iliza

Danielle: Yeah, that was hilarious

Terry: Okay, so going back to our topic, so you ultimately think it’s not possible

Danielle: Yeah, no

Terry: And I think it is so, we disagree on this topic

Danielle: Well I mean think about the last time you hung out with your ex from like high school? What happened?

Terry: What do mean, what happened?

Danielle: You aren’t just friends with her clearly, like two or three of them, yeah all of them were from high school pretty much, like two or three like serious ones

Terry: Okay well I can’t you know, they just came back to…

Danielle: To what?

Terry: Okay, anyways

Danielle: My point proven

Terry: Well, why don’t we just conclude the podcast on that note…

Danielle: Jury says, not possible! (Laughs)

Terry: I don’t think you have anything to worry about because I spend 24/7 with you so…

Danielle: There’s no reason I was worried about, I just thought it would be interesting to talk about

Terry: Yeah, super interesting, I’m just so pumped on this topic…

Danielle: Because you know I’m always right and you don’t like it

Terry: Yeah whatever

Danielle: Okay guys, well we’ll conclude there…

Terry: Let us know what you think too by the way, oh yeah and you wanna say, follow us on our personal instagram…

Danielle: Oh yeah, personal Instagram @DanielleEells and yours?

Terry: And you can follow me @TerryAsher

Danielle: Well, this concludes our fourth podcast; our next one will be in Europe. See you guys later

Terry: Alright, peace


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Alright, everyone, I am excited to announce another podcast “Life Unfiltered” by GymJunkies… 

Keep in mind the podcast is new, and we are new to podcasting it will improve with time 🙂

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Terry: Welcome back to podcast #3 of Life Unfiltered. You can follow us on Instagram @Life_Unfiltered_Podcast

We have some awesome content today where we’ll be talking about caffeine whether it’s good or bad, business, we’ll talk a little bit about business and how I got started and we’re also gonna talk about ten things we can’t live without.

Terry: Alright, do you wanna take it away for caffeine, good or bad?

Danielle: I have so much so like maybe we’ll stop in the middle before going into the coffee part of it

Terry: Okay, well let’s discuss

Danielle: Did you know that 80 percent of adults consume caffeine daily?

Terry: Umm, I am not shocked by that

Danielle: But this actually might shock you because I was finding the different effects of caffeine and there’s a study done that showed within one to four days the caffeine will start producing the signs of normal rather than the effects. So when you drink coffee there are five things that happen, there’s like a feeling of euphoria, extreme alertness, positive feeling, increased motivation and increased energy and so within one to four days your body starts producing a tolerance…

Terry: One to four days? That seems really fast

Danielle: Well it does seem fast but it’s because of caffeine blocks, these inhibitory..

Terry: Receptors..

Danielle: Yeah, so your brain actually will start making more of those within one to four days, that’s why you’ll wake up like super tired like you need your caffeine when you don’t get it, it’s because you feel normal

Terry: So is that why you start with one scoop for pre-workout and you’ll end up to three scoops

Danielle: Yeah exactly because your brain starts producing more of these inhibitors because caffeine is blocking them, so then you’ll start actually feeling more tired than you would normally without caffeine

Terry: Interesting

Danielle: 400 milligrams of caffeine a day is safe but I mean I feel like there’s definitely I mean I hear that it’s ten percent of adults drink over a thousand milligrams of caffeine

Terry: Whoa…

Danielle: You drink for your workout everyday right, a cup of coffee?

Terry: Yeah

Danielle: You’re definitely over a thousand milligrams

Terry: You think I am over a thousand?

Danielle: You drink like three to four in a day, right?

Terry: Well, yeah, so I am over the average

Danielle: Oh yeah, and then what I think we should take a tolerance reset which is gonna suck but it…

Terry: I did not sign up for this

Danielle: (laughs) it’s takes two weeks to two months for your body depending on how much you take so since you have so much caffeine it will probably take you, closer to a month or two

Terry: Wait, hold on, I am just gonna stop you right there, are you talking, you and I are gonna go cold turkey with no caffeine, is that what you’re saying?

Danielle: Well okay so actually you’re technically supposed to, which I don’t need to lower because I have only one Celsius a day

Terry: I don’t know if I believe that

Danielle: Yeah well I’ll make sure I have only one Celsius a day, on occasion I take two

Terry: So you already knew what you were going to say

Danielle: I actually think it’s good for you I don’t think it’s bad at all

Terry: Well I think it’s good in moderation just like anything else

Danielle: I read it makes you smarter

Terry: Okay, it makes you smarter or more alert?

Danielle: Since it blocks those inhibitory, how do you say that, those inhibitor facts which I was talking about earlier which increase the firing in your brain and releases other neurotransmitters like dopamine which is what makes you happy so since it’s releasing those and other neurotransmitters it actually temporarily improves your mood (it’s the dopamine), your reaction time, your memory, your vigilance and general brain function and this was done by multiple controlled studied on like health, so I think it temporarily makes you smarter

Terry: Alright

Danielle: And what else do I have here…. Oh and it helps you burn fat and improve physical performance because caffeine raises your metabolism and increases the…

Terry: Oxidation

Danielle: Yeah, of fatty acids and improves your improves your athletic performance by mobilizing fatty acids from fat tissues and it is found to increase exercise performance by 11 to 12 percent on average

Terry: That’s pretty interesting; I personally could probably not go throughout a day without caffeine

Danielle: Really?

Terry: I don’t know I mean I just… that whole thing that you said we were going to do, the reset kind of scared me, I didn’t know we were talking about that…

Danielle: Well, I just feel like don’t you get that’s kind of why I like so down because I hate not being able to feel it…

Terry: Well I agree with that and I definitely would say that you do build up a tolerance

Danielle: I wanna have something pick me up, not like, now it’s like the middle of the day I’m gonna have two hundred milligrams of caffeine and I can’t even feel it so that’s why I stopped for a while, I really kind of like slowed it down, only have two, probably three hundred, maybe four hundred milligrams of caffeine a day

Terry: Okay. Well, I still don’t know if I’m ready to do that…

Danielle: (laughs)

Terry: So how long are we supposed to do this for again?

Danielle: Well, I mean it really depends, you kind of slow it down and then be completely off of it for at least two weeks, I’m sure you’ve done it before, haven’t you, ever?

Terry: Uhm, not that I can remember

Danielle: What’s the point of having it if you can’t really feel it?

Terry: Well I can feel it, in the morning

Danielle: Yeah, but what about during the day?

Terry: I agree that, yeah I know that I have a tolerance, a high tolerance of caffeine so I am not saying it wouldn’t be a positive thing that maybe I reset my body I guess

Danielle: Yeah, well think about it

Terry: Alright

Danielle: Remember when we were at coffee bean and we were talking like the barista about the coffee, because you got the ice bar coffee and I got the regular coffee, the block tea has almost just much caffeine as the coffee that I got and I was like super surprised and I was like ‘No way’ and I was wondering about all the coffee so we were asking him like, about espresso and different types of coffee and how much caffeine they had and he had said that the blonde roast, the lightest roast has more caffeine than the medium and dark roast and I was like super surprised then we started asking him about the lattes and I always thought that espresso had more caffeine than regular coffee but it turns out they don’t

Terry: By the way I think all that is super interesting especially because there’s a lot of coffee drinkers out there

Danielle: Yeah

Terry: That’s crazy, ‘cause I always thought that like you said, the espresso was more intense

Danielle: And you would think that dark roast coffee have more caffeine than light roast….. it’s really hard for me to drink dark roast because everything’s like super sweet

Terry: That’s really interesting

Terry: Well, okay so per my blog on GymJunkies.com caffeine can actually help you fight out diseases. I think that’s really interesting

Danielle: Is it caffeine or coffee? ‘Cause I was reading all that about coffee

Terry: Well, benefits of caffeine in general. It can also reduce your risk of cancer, skin cancer, throat and mouth cancer, many other types of cancer can be kept at bay with the help of a few cups of coffee aka caffeine and that’s based on a number of studies done by couple of different universities. It also has been proven to help with diseases like Alzheimers, Parkinsons and more and honestly to me that’s worth it in itself, as far as caffeine is concerned. What do you think?

Danielle: Yeah I agree, the thing is I did read that it was from coffee that helps all those diseases and I’m not sure if it’s pure caffeine or the perks of coffee like what’s in the beans but I don’t know, maybe I am wrong.

Terry: Well… this was specifying…

Danielle: Yeah, well I think it’s worth it

Terry: And you also obviously touched on this, it can boost your mood but as a result of that a lot of studies have revealed that caffeine reduces risk of suicide and depression. That is definitely a huge positive

Danielle: Yeah, it is

Terry: Not to mention athletic-wise, it can boost your cardio, it enhances your performance and endurance, it can help you with concentration and focus, we talked about that. I think one thing that we didn’t talk about, is it reduces muscle pain. That’s actually really interesting.

Danielle: Yeah

Terry: It lessens the severity of your cramps and in other words you would be able to do more without feeling the strain

Danielle: That’s why.. uhm… what is it called when girls are on their periods and they have like cramps

Terry: Menstrual cramps?

Danielle: Yeah, it’s like Advil…but uhm

Terry: Midol? How do I know that again I don’t know

Danielle: that has caffeine in it and that caffeine actually helps headaches that’s why a lot of the…

Terry: Okay that would all make sense

Danielle: Yeah, like not Advil but the more intense relievers have caffeine in it, like for migraines and stuff, they have caffeine in it

Terry: That’s really interesting. Anyways, so this specific blog and going back to what we’re saying about pre-workouts and caffeine, about creatine and caffeine together, so according to one study when caffeine and creatine are mixed and if they are taken at the same time, the caffeine may actually counteract the effects of creatine in terms of the development of muscle mass. Due to this, many avoid coffee and other caffeine-loaded treats like the plague. That’s really interesting.

Danielle: So we shouldn’t be drinking caffeine…

Terry: …and creatine together

Danielle: So….that doesn’t make sense because I thought a lot of pre-workout have them mixed

Terry: Well it says here the logical answer would be that they would work as an excellent combo however over the years there has been much debate as to whether or not the effects may be negative rather than positive to an athlete looking to maximize his or her time spent in the gym. But then on the flip side of it, however, since then, there have been a number of other studies done on this combo. Many of these studies have found the complete opposite to be true. They’ve found that a combo of caffeine and creatine can, in fact, be beneficial. Of course, as you know creatine is fairly new so there’s not as many as there are with caffeine. But another good thing that I don’t think we touched on to is caffeine has a natural tendency to speed up the body’s ability to get rid of water whereas creatine needs to retain water in order to properly do its job.

Terry: So if you’re looking at it in that aspect they kind of counter each other

Danielle: So pretty much half say it’s okay and half say it doesn’t work

Terry: Yeah, correct, yeah

Danielle: So should I get on to the milligrams of this?

Terry: Milligrams, are we back to coffee?

Danielle: Yeah

Terry: Okay, so yeah we’re gonna talk about milligrams of the actual coffee

Danielle: A regular cup of brewed coffee which is eight ounces can range from 7 to a 140 milligrams of caffeine, it just depends on the type of coffee. Starbucks, for the blonde roast the small one has 270 milligrams, grande 360 and venti 475 and the medium roast, usually what they have is tall 235, grande 310 and venti 410. Looks like 60 milligrams less than the blonde roast and the dark roast is even less it has 195 for tall, 260 for grande, 340 for venti and when you get iced coffee from there it’s more than the dark roast but less than the medium roast so 120 for the tall, 165 for the grande and 235 for venti and I am talking about milligrams and then espressos, so one shot of espresso is about 63 milligrams of caffeine like on average but Starbucks is a little bit more, 75 milligrams. A tall is gonna have one shot which is 75 and then the grande and venti, I am talking about hot coffees by the way, I know that the iced probably have a little bit more in them but the grande and venti have 150 milligrams of caffeine so I know they usually ask for like an extra shot but it really doesn’t even compare to like the normal cup of coffee which is pretty crazy to me. Oh and then I recently found out that decaf does have caffeine in it, thanks to you, on average there’s 3 milligrams that I know Starbucks said like 7 to 15 or 15 to 30 actually, 15 to 30 milligrams caffeine in decaf so decaf isn’t really decaf

Terry: Well it means no caffeine

Danielle: Yes

Terry: Which a lot of people think that it means no caffeine

Danielle: Yeah..and then Dunkin Donuts and coffee bean have the highest iced coffee milligram percentage

Terry: Alright well we pretty much got out rundown on…Caffeine and Coffee. I’m gonna still drink caffeine that’s for damn sure

Danielle: Say I’ll never give up caffeine but I do wanna take a little break from it

Terry: Alright I might be down and if I get on the mic and if I sound like I’m dead everyone will know why ‘cause we cut caffeine off

Danielle: (laughs)

Terry: Oh man…

Danielle: I can’t even remember the last I felt like euphoria, like that sense from caffeine

Terry: Well, yeah that’s kind of like like taking a little too far.. okay

Danielle: If you think about it have you even taken a break, have you?

Terry: Not that I can really remember, I definitely do remember slowing down but I don’t think I ever really stop, stopped.

Danielle: So my coach make me take like a two week break once and I felt like I was dying for the first couple of days but after a couple of weeks I had one cup of coffee and I felt wired like it’s just one cup and I was just like insane like I even remember it. It’s almost like worth a break just because when you start back like you are fine with a one cup of coffee the whole day

Terry: So you’re just kind of resetting your tolerance

Danielle: Yeah

Terry: Alright well what’s our next topic?

Danielle: Uhm… business?

Terry: Business, so I was thinking about this topic by the way . Don’t you think we should minimize it just to maybe like getting started with one business because that could be a whole podcast

Danielle: I’m talking about like when you were in college, like what did you major in, what was your first investment, how that ended up and kind of just like hitting all the pieces

Terry: Alright, go ahead and interview me, girlfriend

Danielle: Okay… don’t forget to follow us on instagram, what’s yours

Terry: @TerryAsher

Danielle: And mine is @DanielleEells and our instagram for podcast

Terry: It’s Life_Unfiltered_Podcast

Danielle: Yes, okay, so how you got here, well you went to what college?

Terry: So I grew up in San Diego and I went to Torrey Pines High School then I went to Arizona which was U of A and that’s the one in Tucson not Phoenix, Phoenix is ASU, I do not care about the rivalry by the way

Danielle: and what did you major in?

Terry: I majored in Political Science and had a minor in Business

Danielle: And what frat were you part of?

Terry: Oh my gosh, you just had to drop that, didn’t you

Danielle: SAE?

Terry: Yes, I was in Sigma Alpha Epsilon

Danielle: Okay, anyway, did you think you were gonna do something in Political Science

Terry: I wasn’t sure at the time to be perfectly honest; I wasn’t sure what I wanted to do when I graduate from college

Danielle: But I feel like you, I mean you have told me that you always knew you’re gonna own your own business, you were not gonna work for anyone

Terry: Well yeah, of course, that was my goal but I didn’t think that you know I would graduate and go straight into, being an entrepreneur and owning my business like right away. So I kind of accepted that I would probably do something after college and then hopefully evolve into being my own business owner

Danielle: Correct me if I’m wrong but you took a semester off college to do this investment thing?

Terry: Yes, I did drop out for a semester in college because I thought I would potentially get into real estate since my family was in real estate here in southern California. I invested in an apartment complex in Houston, Texas of all places and that was a horrible idea because the market crashed about a year later, so that set me back pretty heavily, I’m probably sugarcoating that just a little bit, so yeah

Danielle: Well then you went back to school

Terry: Sure, I went back to school, I graduated which I think was a good idea at the time and by the time I had graduated I came back to San Diego, unfortunately, I had lost my awesome property due to the market crash, didn’t really have too much to speak of and I ended up kind of falling back on my passion which was Health and Fitness at the time

Danielle: So, what job did you get when you got out of college and came back here

Terry: My ex-girlfriend was nice enough to get me a job (laughs)

Danielle: So what job was that?

Terry: It was doing E-commerce sales for K1 Speed and it was not a job I was crazy about but I was lucky to have it at the time

Terry: I also worked for LA Fitness

Danielle: So this was at the same time?

Terry: Actually to back up, I worked for LA Fitness before K1 Speed, like immediately after college

Danielle: So you were a personal trainer?

Terry: Yes, I got my certification while I was in college just for fun ‘cause I was interested in it, it was my hobby. Immediately after I graduated from college I went into LA Fitness, I became a trainer

Danielle: And then you left there to work for K1 Speed?

Terry: Yeah I left, I quit and by that time I was a Personal Training Director and it just wasn’t a great fit for me at the time

Danielle: So then you worked full time at K1 Speed?

Terry: Then I worked full time doing E-commerce and again I wasn’t super fond about it because it wasn’t a great fit but I was still fortunate to get the job so I was happy for that and I started writing a book because I read that e-books were really popular online

Danielle: And at this point like your family wasn’t supporting you anymore?

Terry: No, they had completely cut me off after college which, you know rightfully so, they should’ve done that, it was a hard lesson but yeah, I started writing a health and fitness book about just eating writing and so on and so on

Danielle: This was while you were working in?

Terry: Correct. This was while I was working in K1 Speed. Just tell you the basics, how to lose weight, how to gain weight, stabilize your blood sugar, some basic workouts, some supplements you can take etc. I made a grocery list, just some good basic information, it was about 200 pages.

Danielle: I mean, kind of go through your daily routine at that point ‘cause you like worked your ass off at that time

Terry: Yeah I really did. I mean I’m not gonna lie I was just in a bad state of mind because I had lost my property, I was working for my ex-girlfriends’ parents, I wasn’t doing what I wanted to do and that was work for myself and do something I love to do which was something health and fitness related, you know, being an entrepreneur and being free, so I can’t say that I was super happy

Danielle: Your daily routine?

Terry: My daily routine, gosh, I would wake up 7’o clock, I’d get in my car, on my way to work, I was living in a commercial building at the time because I couldn’t afford anywhere else, that was really shitty. I’d drive to K1 Speed, I would get there by 8’o clock, put my hand in that lovely scanner I’ll never forget it. I’d walk into my work, of course do my best at the job and I believe I left a t 4 or 5, can’t remember. I would drive to Torrey Pines state beach in San Diego and I would run, it was like my only kind of outlet, only place I could really reset my mind and then feel like everything was okay when it really wasn’t and then I would get in my car, I would drive to my lovely commercial building to which I knew the owner and I was paying him 400 dollars cash for rent every month and had my bed and my computer there, I would log on and basically write my e-book until I fell asleep every night pretty much and I did that for about six months straight. The commercial building I lived in didn’t have a shower so I showered at LA Fitness I lived a very, very moderate lifestyle. Very simple, simple life

Danielle: So when you finally finished the book about six months later and you published it with the front, right?

Terry: Yeah, yeah. I had a couple other partners and we started selling online and I started making decent money. At that point I started to kind of analyze where I was in life

Danielle: How long did it take you guys to sell it to the point where you were making pretty good money?

Terry: I would say four or five months, you know, online but here’s the thing, I always tell people, I learn so much more about the fact in how to sell it online that really opened my eyes to be like ‘Oh my gosh, there’s so much money online, right’. It’s like I could have sold the e-book to, you know, my friends and family and reached maybe a hundred people if I was selling it, you know, standing at a door or whatever but that’s really when I opened my mind to, wow the internet is a crazy place, you can reach hundreds of thousands of people with ads and so forth and that’s when I knew that I wanted to primarily just work online at that point.

Danielle: So you ended up making just as much or more money online than you were making at your everyday job?

Terry: Correct

Danielle: And so then you ended up quitting that job, right?

Terry: I did quit

Danielle: Because you knew that you were making just as much money and that’s what you wanted to peruse, correct?

Terry: Yeah. Finally moved out of that commercial building, thank God, started to get more of a normal life and that’s kind of where I’ll cut it off to how I got started. It was definitely a long road

Danielle: There is so much more to I feel like…

Terry: There is definitely a lot more, there’s a lot crazier details and stuff. I can do a full podcast just on getting started ‘cause there’s a lot more details but I definitely would encourage people to follow their dreams and never give up because I can’t tell you how many times I could’ve folded and I could’ve given but I would’ve never been where I am today if I gave up and for that I’m like super thankful.

Danielle: Okay, should we go into another subject

Terry: Sure

Danielle: Let’s see, oh my God so I made protein balls, that was fun

Terry: Those are really good by the way

Danielle: Yeah, I’m gonna make different ones and the ones I did make had honey and I feel like I’ll write down the recipe and share it with you guys either on instagram or the next podcast but I wanna try more before I share like my favorite one

Terry: Alright bade so what do we have for our third topic

Danielle: Wording 10 things we can’t live without

Terry: Okay, are we talking like material things or…

Danielle: Yeah, so specify 10 actual things that are not people or not necessities like water or like clothes, just like 10 material things we can’t live without

Terry: Okay, so not places…

Danielle: Not places, not people. I mean we’ve been kind of thinking about this because originally you wanted to choose people or places and I kind of decided we’re gonna do just like material things ‘cause it’s more fun

Terry: Okay. So you wanna start or what

Danielle: Maybe I’ll start like a couple and then you can do a couple. I feel like the first two are the same, mine’s phone and laptop

Terry: Mine’s phone and computer ‘cause they’re definitely essentials, phone and computer, come on, it’s the 21st century

Danielle: My next one is a book

Terry: Alright

Danielle: And my fourth one is I kind of lump these two together, shampoo and conditioner

Terry: Alright I definitely have hair type product on there; I put hair ties because my hair is long

Danielle: And you like it in a bun

Terry: I like it in a bun

Danielle: Little man-bun

Terry: Yeah…

Danielle: A bun-off, girls always say to you let’s have a bun off

Terry: (laughs) bun off, yes, that was a typical opener that I got on Bumble when I was single, ‘let’s have a bun-off’. Very interesting

Terry: Uhm, Celsius because I am currently addicted and currently drinking it right now actually

Danielle: I know, you have at least like four a day I would say

Terry: I don’t know about that

Danielle: I literally watched you drink like at least four a day but you’re a little in denial so it’s okay

Danielle: Okay, so my five is running shoes and my sixth is headphones

Terry: Man, I can’t believe I forgot this. Essential water which is I guess…

Danielle: Oh yeah ‘cause you don’t like, he won’t like drink regular water, he has to have his like certain water so I said like not essentials and that’s definitely not an essential

Terry: I know I was kind of thinking about that I was like no that’s definitely not an essential ‘cause that’s just special water…

Terry: Uhm, I would put protein bars because hear me out though I use protein bars to stabilize my blood sugar between meals and I am hypoglycemic so I need something between meals

Danielle: You’re? I didn’t know that, is that why you get so cranky?

Terry: Yes, ‘Hangry’ it’s called

Danielle: I know I get hangry too but you get extra hangry, ‘cause of your blood sugar

Terry: Yeah

Danielle: You’re like my puppy when he was little he was hypoglycemic, if he didn’t have enough blood sugar he would end up dying

Terry: Alright next one

Danielle: Make-up, eye foundation and coffee because I need my morning coffee

Terry: Oh wow, so we’re kind of on the same page because I put pre-workout which is caffeine, it’s a little bit relatable to your coffee and then I put TV, mostly for the news though and Netflix

Danielle: Oh my God, he’s such a news freak

Terry: Well I like to know what’s going on in the world

Danielle: Yeah I guess, I mean, it’s kind of boring

Terry: It only dictates you know what’s happening and what’s gonna happen in the future

Terry: Next two…

Danielle: I chose chapstick and socks and I am always wearing socks and my feet for some reason are always freezing

Terry: You’re always freezing in general

Danielle: I know, I think I’m cold-blooded

Terry: (laughs) Reptile for sure

Danielle: And I kind of have the next two things, three actually, chocolate, toothbrush and tampons

Terry: Wow.. Anyways going back to my last two because I actually follow the directions and did ten instead of twelve

Danielle: Thirteen

Terry: Yeah, okay whatever. Umm.. I put Wi-Fi, I have to have Wi-Fi, I work behind my computer and I am like so anal about it that I will not stay anywhere without Wi-fi, period. So that’s a given.

Danielle: Do you have like a hotspot on your phone?

Terry: I do have a hotspot

Danielle: Does it work?

Terry: Yeah, it works great. I only use it for emergency though.

Terry: Uhm, Xbox, got to get some Xbox Live in every once in a while

Danielle: Such a gaming freak..

Terry: I was a huge gamer when I was young ‘cause I didn’t have many friends, I played video games instead and I was really good. Isn’t that so hot, babe?

Danielle: Well, now it’s hot because you’re like really smart and you’re really hot so it works in your favor.

Terry: Case closed

Danielle: Exactly

Terry: Alright..

Danielle: I feel like we wanna hear what everyone else’s 10 things are, we need to have like people post it…

Terry: So why don’t you guys comment and let us know what your 10 materialistic things are that you can’t live without and oh yeah, if you wanna follow us…

Danielle: I’m @DanielleEells

Terry: I’m @TerryAsher on instagram and then you can follow our podcast page

Danielle: Life Unfiltered. Well, it’s actually Life_Unfiltered_Podcast. We would love to hear from you guys

Terry: And soon we’re gonna start interacting more and asking you guys different questions and what you wanna hear every week

Danielle: You can just comment on our instagram now and even let us know what you guys like to hear about, right now

Terry: That’s a good idea. Alright babe, are we done for the day?

Danielle: Yeah, let’s go shower

Terry: Okay. Sounds great

Danielle: Bye

Terry: Later


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Alright, everyone, I am excited to announce another podcast “Life Unfiltered” by GymJunkies… 

It’s hosted by myself Terry Asher and my girlfriend Danielle Eells!

If you enjoy the GymJunkies brand first and foremost thanks for your support:), but I wanted to give a more casual experience through the podcast. Don’t worry the blog is not changing one bit and we will still be pumping out content for everyone but if you want a more “unfiltered” casual version you might enjoy the new podcast.

Keep in mind the podcast is new, and we are new to podcasting it will improve with time 🙂

It would be awesome if you could leave nice and constructive criticism for us on iTunes: link here

Please tell us what topics you want to hear about…

Thanks, GymJunkies!

PS: We also have an AMAZING private Facebook group you can check it out here: GymJunkies Private Group

Terry: Welcome back to Podcast #2 to Life Unfiltered. We got some awesome subjects to talk about today

Danielle: …so excited

Terry : So excited. First one is how to get your motivation back for the gym, working out, exercising in general and we’re also gonna be asking some really cool relationship questions

Danielle: Interesting

Terry : I can’t wait and we’re also gonna be reviewing traveling, where to go…

Danielle: Where we’re going actually..

Terry : Okay, where we’re going… and why we’re going where we’re going and … why did you write what we’re nervous about?

Danielle : Okay, I left these little notes, I always put these little notes and you just like love to read of them that’s why I decided to have a whole different note card for me because you only say what you’re not supposed to say until like…

Terry : Anyways… We’ve some pretty interesting topics today… I am gonna let you start with motivation to get back to the gym

Danielle: You just love to like push me on that one…

Terry : (laughs)

Danielle: Well I haven’t really been in the gym too much since my last competition, like six months ago

Terry: Okay, so this is your personal experience.. and then we can go over some general ways to get motivation

Danielle: Yeah, well I mean, I think I lost my motivation because I was working out so much, almost too much because I was prepping for bikini competition so I was in the gym for like two to three hours a day and it just becomes something that you have to do and it started becoming not fun for me. More recent I started with like, it was stress reliever for everything else going through and I loved getting that runner’s high, the high you get from really doing any activity, and then it became almost something I felt like I had to do, and then even when I was off prep I still felt like I had to do it or I was gonna get fat and so when, like my very last competition I took a very long break, soon about 6 months and I haven’t really been working out

Terry: You still look great though by the way

Danielle: Well and that’s I think the reason why I am not really still like push myself to get back because I haven’t really like, gained any weight. I am still sitting at like my shell weight, which is pretty insane so that’s another reason why I don’t like have so much motivation to get back because I still look good and I know it’s gonna start catching up to me but I also feel like this like I used to let out all the stress and like everything whenever I worked out now I almost feel like getting like build up. I am not getting high that I used to get so that’s really my only motivation right now to get back ‘cause I actually like the feeling.

Terry : Quick question, is that why you wanted to run earlier today?

Danielle: Yeah, ‘cause I was in a cranky mode and I know once I got outside and ran and got like endorphin high from it, I would feel way better and way happy

Terry: So you’re saying, you’re kind of just need to get, in the swing of things…

Danielle: Yeah, I think I like, I am trying to figure ot things I actually like to do working out agai. It’s the main reason I started because I loved it. And so it’s like finding those certain things, it may not be lifiting weights or running outside like doing random things like getting a high from it, that I actually like to do. So working out may not be like the thing I like to do right now and maybe I’d get back into it six months from now as long as I’m doing some activity that I’m still able to…

Terry: Enjoy…

Danielle: Yeah

Terry: So I think that’s really important just for, you know, people just looking to get back in the swing of things. Just find something you enjoy to do.

Danielle: Yeah, I think a lot of people do it for like the wrong reason

Terry: Yeah, or they, you know, they look at it just like a chore. “Oh no I have to go to the gym again” you know…

Terry: Okay, well If you really hate the gym that much then why don’t you find an exercise that you really like to do, whether it’s Tennis, Basketball, you know something that you enjoy doing, so you’re not going against the grain.

Danielle: And I mean, I did a little research on endorphins, ‘cause I was like pretty intrigued by them and I was like petty curious to figure out like when your body releases endorphins and so I found out that any form of cardio releases endorphins, which are similar to like morphine and they’re considered a natural painkiller and they bring about feeling of euphoria and the runner’s high and so your heartbeat needs to pick up at a pace of 130 and above to release endorphins and massive amounts of endorphins are released when you pass the normal threshold, like runner’s high or like when you’re working out like you can’t keep going anymore so like you keep pushing, so the more you push, the more endorphins are released and they actually last up to 24 hours.

Terry: That’s why I was so freaking happy all the time

Danielle: Yeah

Terry: Alright. Okay, well, that’s a good, I mean that’s a great reason to work-out, endorphins, but I mean some other general reasons, to get some motivation and get back to the gym, is to just set some goals, really simple. Set simple goals, try to hit them track your progress, you can take pictures, get a workout buddy, come on, I mean, there’s just so many ways that you can get your ass back to working out. Make it a habit you know. Take a class, have fun with it, like we said, find something that you like to do. If you like a song, blast that song, move your legs, get your blood flowing and of course you can read motivational articles on my website GymJunkies.com

Danielle: There’s a couple of things I used to do, I used to set a screensaver of like, the body that I really wanted, that was achievable to me not like something that was really unachievable at the time, so I would put that person or whoever it was that inspired me as my screensaver. So like whenever I felt motivated I would just click my phone and like, there it was. Oh and on YouTube you can look up like motivational speeches and stuff so while I like doing stairs or like running, I would listen to these like, really inspirational YouTube videos.

Terry: Okay, I was actually gonna ask how I get my motivation and go back to the gym

Danielle: Well, I was gonna ask how you have motivation to go every single day, how do you don’t feel like it’s a chore

Terry: I was waiting for that… but… it’s basically been every day since I was 16 years old, I worked out

Danielle: But I mean, you never feel like it’s a chore, like you have to go?

Terry: No, I do feel like, in all honesty, my intensity will fluctuate of how hard I am working out but I will always work-out and at least go through the motions. So, if for instance if I am competing and now there’s competition that I am getting ready for, my intensity is obviously a little higher for those allotted months before that competition.

Danielle: And what about rest days?

Terry: Rest days…usually I’ll chalk Sunday out for the rest day. I mean one of the things for the muscle growth, you have to have a day for the rest day and as boring as it is you know, you can have a rest day

Danielle: And, what about like, cheating?

Terry: You mean cheat-meals?

Danielle: Yeah…

Terry: Well, how does that have to do with gym motivation?

Danielle: You’re no fun…

Terry: Okay, cheat meals, uhm… yeah, look, when I am not competing I live by the 80-20 rule, it’s really that simple. I think you can spend 80 per cent of your time being healthy, enjoy the other 20 per cent so it gets balanced. Works for me, obviously I don’t live by the 80-20 rule when I am competing more like 99-1…but you know that’s the sacrifice I make for those months, but then, you know, I go back to 80-20 and that’s a good balance.

Danielle: 50-50 with me

Terry: Anyways, next topic

Danielle: Yeah, so this is the fun one.. Relationships

Terry: Oh, I can’t wait.

Danielle: Let’s see where do we start, do you want me to start?…Okay, I will start

Terry: You’re just dying to ask me these questions…

Danielle: Well, I just think its fun… Alright, what’s the first thing you notice about a girl?

Terry: Her face.

Danielle: What about her face?

Terry: Well, that’s the first thing I look at.

Danielle: Okay, but like, all around her face, or like certain aspects?

Terry: Well, the first thing I notice about a girl like obviously what, walking by or…

Danielle: Yeah…

Terry: Yeah, I look at her face

Danielle: Okay, what’s your favorite part about her face?

Terry: Uhm.. I guess I look at hair, facial structure, and features, light, dark

Danielle: There’s not like certain thing that stands out to you? Like for me it’s eyes

Terry: Umm.. I would probably say like hair or eyes, yeah, mouth…

Danielle: Like, what part, like her teeth or lips?

Terry: Probably lips, well, I mean, who’s to say, girl walking past you is smiling?

Danielle: So it’s kind of like, her all around like face

Terry: Exactly what I said, yeah

Danielle: Okay, so are you like a make-up kind of guy I mean do you like girls that have full on make-up or like more natural?

Terry: I would tend to say I like more natural, I don’t like too much make-up, you know If you’re going out.. Then you know I think that you can wear a little bit more but personally I like the more natural look. I don’t know, I just don’t like girls that are super cake-faced.

Terry: Alright, as a girl, what do you think the most comfortable place to be hit on is? Or is there a comfortable place? The reason I am asking you this question is because on out first take of this episode, you said, you would never like to be hit on in a bar, like what are you at the bar for? I mean, I know hanging out with your friends I get that, but like you’ve got to be expecting like someone will hit on you, if you’re at a bar.

Danielle: Yeah, I wouldn’t say, I’m like rude about it, most people go about it in a rude way but I don’t really think that that is a comfortable place to be hit on, for me. I like, in really, being hit on I feel like I don’t go. In early high school, I would go places to like, wait to be kind if hit on, like you would go to the mall. That was like your outing, like a Friday night, like you hand out at the mall when you’re much younger

Terry: Yeah we did that, we went to the movie theater

Danielle: Yeah, so I was in like those kind of days, I was like, looking to meet guys or whatever but I am so like, won’t turn my head the other way, ‘cause it’s just really uncomfortable

Terry: I mean hypothetically

Danielle: Well, yeah, but like I’m also, I just hate being hit on because I don’t like going on dates and if someone’s really nice then it’s really hard for me to reject them but If you’re like cat-calling then I’m like going to be bitchy but if someone like comes up like super nice, it’s really hard for me to just be straight out like, “No”

Terry: Okay. So you’re saying that…

Danielle: There’s no comfortable place to be hit on, I can’t think of any of ‘em to be honest

Terry: Well, it’s kind of like goes back to my point of me seeing people that I had to unfollow every single day in the gym.

Terry: Alright let’s keep rolling with my question, so you don’t have a place that you’re comfortable, that’s your answer essentially…

Danielle: Yeah…

Terry: Interesting, alright, well your question…

Danielle: Okay, so what do you think about pickup lines and girls picking up on you?

Terry: I think they’re cheesy as [beep]

Danielle: And like girls hitting on you?

Terry: Okay, umm.. I feel like, of course that’s fine.

Danielle: So if you’re okay with girls hitting on you then how do you feel like them hitting on you with a pickup line?

Terry: Okay, well that’s a good question, umm… because I can only think back to when I had an awesome app, and girls would say some cheesy ass pickup lines to me, and honestly I usually would not write back because they were so cheesy that I like, cringe. So yeah, it makes me not want to respond to a person.

Danielle: If it’s like too cheesy?

Terry: I mean, they’re just so cheesy like just some stupid pickup lines like I can’t even I mean… “Oh you have better hair than I do”… that’s awkward or “we should date or let’s have a bun off, who has the best bun” Or “You look like Thor, did you land from Asgard” I mean, it just goes on and on and on

Terry: I mean, whatever happened to “hey, how you’re doing” or looking at someone’s profile, maybe and saying like “Oh you went to Arizona… How was Arizona?” ..like what’s wrong with just normal conversation

Danielle: I think, they’re kind of think it sets themselves apart

Terry: But they don’t realize that it’s not setting them apart, I don’t get any normal conversation, like “hey how are you?”.. Like honestly my response or my first conversation is “hey, how you’re doing?” or “How are you”? I don’t know what’s so threatening about that

Danielle: Yeah…

Terry: It’s not really threatening, right? And I have a good success rate with people responding to it “Hey I’m doing well, how are you?”

Danielle: Okay, what about girls coming up to you at a bar or something? How do you feel about that, in-person?

Terry:   I guess it’s just totally contingent upon situation, right?

Danielle: So like if you were at a bar like or in a club and a girl approached to you…

Terry: I mean if a girl came up to me in a bar I would definitely entertain her regardless if I was interested or not, just to be polite. Not overly, you know, like overly nice, but at least polite.

Danielle: But if she’s like really hot then?

Terry: Well, then I don’t know if I’ll be overly nice, I will just be normal

Danielle: So I guess the answer is, yes you would say a girl should approach a guy if they’re interested as long as they’re not approaching with a cheesy pickup line.

Terry: Yeah, I think so. I mean, the same should go for guys, like some of my friends, the shit they say just drives me up the wall. I mean, where did you guys like, where did you read that? I mean don’t be overly aggressive or don’t be overly assertive, just be normal I mean, whatever happened to that?

Danielle: Okay, what was your next question?

Terry: Alright, my next great question is, okay, if someone you’re dating or your partner does something that just annoys the shit out of you, how do you break it to them? What do you say to stop the annoyance?

Danielle: I feel like form the beginning, like, what was it, it was probably like our drive to Vegas that I asked you like what appeals you and what annoys you and this was like before we were dating so I kind of like got an idea like the things that really annoyed you

Terry: chewing with your mouth open…

Danielle: So like we both already knew…

Terry: So that’s a personal response but like what would you say to someone like generally, that’s just getting annoyed, how do you approach your significant other…

Danielle: Well, the thing is already know what’s annoyed them so I never had to be put in a situation…

Terry: So analyze the situation before getting into it, essentially right?

Danielle: Yeah, I wanna know what annoys them. I mean it’s nice to know like who knows maybe the person you end up getting in relationship with does like, the main thing, that annoys he shit out of you every day and you have no idea, like smoking cigarettes, I don’t care if my parents do, but I can’t have a boyfriend who does it because I’m gonna be kissing them and it’s just one of those things you can’t be around all the time

Terry: I hate cigarettes

Danielle: Yeah so I’d rather know that from the get go then like find out later on,

Terry: Alright, next question then

Danielle: How about, how do you feel about double and triple texting? Like say you go out on a date, and then next day or two you’re thinking about like hanging out with her like two or three times, how do you feel about her double or triple texting you if you’re not responding?

Terry: I would probably be a little annoyed if it was like the first time we went out, so like if we went out once, then yeah it would be a red flag, especially because here’s one thing that I really make clear when I go on my first date is I work really hard and during the day I am engaged in my work.

Danielle: What if it’s after hours work hours? What if you just hooked up with a girl and you give her number…

Terry: No, I mean, come on, you text once and you wait. Case closed.

Terry: Alright. Are you a morning person or night owl and how does it after your relationship, do you think about that?

Danielle: I used to be a really good morning person and kind of like how you are or kind of turning me into a night owl but I used to get up at like 5 or 6 every day and then I don’t really know what happened but I just really started liking sleeping and so right now, I would say I am a night owl because I sleep until like and that also changed because of my schedule since I had a class at like 6 PM or like 4 PM so I don’t have to wake up early.

Terry: So that’s fair enough I mean your schedule changed

Danielle: Yeah I can honestly end up being both, it’s more like your habit that you’re into.

Terry: So it’s a choice

Danielle: And I think it does affect a relationship because for me like It’s really hand when I have like a morning schedule or a morning routine and the person I am with is trying to sleep till 3 AM, like I would try not to be with them every night because I would know I would not end up getting any sleep.

Danielle: So what makes a girl dateable vs. a fling? Like why a relationship and why just a fling and when do you decide that?

Terry: Alright, let me answer the first part, I think qualities, right, qualities.

Danielle: Personality qualities?

Terry: No, just like general, you know morals and values and stuff like that

Danielle: How do you know about them?

Terry: When you get to know the person okay..so I don’t know for me personally umm… a fling is just classified in a completely different zone for me you know. If I’m single and I’m out with my friends then you know, you can have a fling but

Danielle: Well, yeah, what I mean is so what qualities do you look for in a girl that makes them dateable vs. just a fling?

Terry: Well you know they have to have good morals, right?

Danielle: What do you mean by good morals?

Terry: Like they have to be a good person, they have to be nice, they have to be sweet, they have to have ambition, they have to be motivated, you know, just good qualities.

Danielle: So then when do you decide a girl’s just gonna be a fling vs. a relationship?

Terry: Well I don’t really decide it, for like making that decision based on spending enough time with them to like, hate to say, kind of analyze them you know, to say, okay, I don’t think I’ll ever date that person you know.

Danielle: And then you still keep kind of seeing them for a little bit, right?

Terry: Well, you know, sometimes. It kind of goes on my mind like, alright this is not really gonna last

Danielle: So how can a girl know if she’s gonna just be a fling or a relationship? What advice can you give that girl?

Terry: Well, I mean of course you can always communicate, “hey, where you see this going?” You know, “do you see us dating?”

Danielle: So how many dates do you think it’s okay for a girl to bring it up and like you know, you’re not weirded out by it?

Terry: I mean, obviously you should both establish you like each other, right?

Danielle: Yeah, like if you’re going on like multiple dates

Terry: And you’re getting along, yeah I think there’s you know a time and a place

Danielle: So like three dates?

Terry: I don’t like to put numbers on things but I would say somewhere in between like 3 and 5 probably.

Danielle: So you really just say qualities make a girl dateable versus a fling…

Terry: Yeah, qualities, core qualities

Danielle: Okay, I like that.. do you have another one?

Terry : I do

Danielle: Go for it

Terry: Okay what would you grab if your house was on fire and you gotta really think about it cause these are like relationship questions

Danielle: There’s no animal inside the house, right?

Terry: Well, I don’t know , what if there were animals

Danielle: Well then obviously animals, like is that even a question? Like to me I will grab any living thing before any type of…

Terry: Okay, but I am putting a relationship twist on this, so you’re in a relationship or you’re married with them what type of things are you gonna grab like, having to do with that relationship.. like pictures…

Danielle: Well I mean regardless if I was in a relationship or not… I have like a scrapbook from my grandma, which she made when I was little so I would grab that and a bunch of pictures and I have this box of like, random stuff but there also is like pictures from random times like probably from past relationships and from like friends probably from high school, half of it probably don’t mean shit but I mean…

Terry: Well, did everyone get that? She’s gonna save all of her past relationships…

Danielle: No, you have it wrong, I know you probably have pictures from past relationships or past like flings, I know I have so many pictures of friends like…

Terry: I am just gonna interrupt you here I’m not sure if I’m gonna get in trouble here but you just ripped a note from my past relationship

Danielle: It’s a girl from jail, jeez, who are you dating in jail? I don’t even go into what the letter said but like obviously I haven’t heard about her before so she didn’t really mean anything..

Danielle: You don’t even know who it was from?

Terry: True, but there was no fire but the note still got destroyed (laughs)

Danielle: Whatever, so anyway I would pick things that are not replaceable like that box that, probably half of it doesn’t mean anything but half of it has random pictures and stuff that’s not replacable and so yeah, I would probably pick something that’s not replaceable like if you bought me stuffed animal or a pillow or whatever it is, things that I can’t replace or even like you know, picture of my mom so yeah that’s what I would grab.

Terry: Alright, fair enough, I’ll have to say pictures and my computer will be on the top of my list. Of course, animals are right up there with that stuff. Oh and animals, they’re number 1 because they’re living creature

Danielle: Alright, I have one last question for you, can a guy and girl be just friends?

Terry: Yeah, I do, I honestly do. I can’t say I have too many but yeah, I generally do. I would say that friends that I do have that are girls, I do cherish them. I do have to think about the ones that I have but I definitely have a couple.

Danielle: Yeah, I agree, I think it’s possible too, I just wanted to see your opinion on it.

Terry: I mean you have a lot of guy friends

Danielle: Yeah, and I’ve never done anything with them

Terry: So you answered your own question

Terry: Okay, my last question is, what’s the best advice you got from a relationship or about a relationship and why?

Danielle: That’s a hard one. Umm…. Best advice like what’s the biggest thing I’ve learned from a relationship?

Terry: Like what’s the best advice someone’s given you in a relationship or the best advice about a relationship in general

Danielle: I don’t really know if I’ve like any good relationship advice from like any relationship

Terry: So you’re saying none of your ex-boyfriends give you any kind of advice?

Danielle: No

Terry: Okay. Interesting

Danielle: Yeah, I mean nothing sticks out at all that I can think of

Terry: I kind of feel like I give you advice

Danielle: Well what was the other part of the question?

Terry: What is the best advice someone gave you about a relationship you were in?

Danielle: Umm.. to walk away and I feel like we both had that problem before because we both have really good hearts and we care a lot for other people and so there’s times where I stay too long because I’m too afraid of hurting other person’s feelings.. or you care too much about the person like what are they gonna do about it when you break things off and so I think that was my mom who gave me that advice long time ago, was the longer you stay in a relationship the more you’re hurting that person..

Terry: Agreed

Danielle: So, when you realize you don’t wanna be with that person, cut things off and don’t prolong it because in reality it’s just hurting them more.

Terry: Yeah, I agree and I definitely also have that problem. It’s unfortunate because you try and you’re trying to do the right thing, you think it’s the right thing but you’re really not, you’re like you said, you prolong and that hurts. It’s unfortunate because you don’t want to hurt the person that you’re with but you really are hurting them more.

Danielle: Yeah

Terry: Do you have any more questions or we should go on to our next topic

Danielle: I think we should do our next topic real quick before we run out of time

Terry: Yeah, we’re running out of time so let’s keep this one brief and talk about Travelling

Danielle: Yeah, we bought our tickets to Spain

Terry: Yay!

Danielle: We’re going to Barcelona and we’re going to visit my best friend that I’ve known since kindergarten and my roommate, she has been in Barcelona since January, it’s been like six months and I am so excited to go see her

Terry: We will be podcasting in Espanola

Danielle: Yeah and on the train, our plan is to go to Barcelona for about five days, visit my friend, party our asses off like it’s 1948 or whatever the hell that saying is

Terry: Anyways, so yeah we’re gonna go to Spain and then we will travel through France

Danielle: Take the train on the coast

Terry: Then we’re going to Italy then we’re going to land in Switzerland. Yeah, its going to be fun.

Danielle: I’m so excited and we’re gonna see the Swiss Alps

Terry: Speaking of travelling and trying to stay fit is so extremely hard by the way

Danielle: We’re not doing that…

Terry: Okay, well first of all, the one thing that I do when I do travel is I always do cardio. I’ll always run whenever I’m at just to get my heart rate up, get my blood flowing, get those endorphins that you were talking about before. I do actually like enjoy running where I’m at because obviously to see more where I’m at. In fact, the last time I went to Spain I spent every day running on the beach and by the beaches, beautiful. I took some cool pictures and stuff so again just a tip for people that travel and make an excuse like “Oh I can’t stay fit when I travel”.. yeah I get it, it’s harder but try to find something that you can do on the move.

Danielle: I think we should make that like when we wake up in the morning, to do that.

Terry: Yeah, roll out of bed, run, and shower and start the day, I agree. I mean, could be as simple as like bringing resistance bands to your hotel or whatever it is but there’s always ways to stay in shape and at least…

Danielle: Actually it feels great cause you don’t feel as bad when you actually go enjoy the food and you don’t feel like everyday you’re gaining five pounds.

Terry: Right, I agree

Danielle: And… why we’re going. Oh, part of the reason why I was ‘cause I want to go see Jenny in Spain, in Barcelona and the other reason why is I’ve always wanted to travel out of the country and so Jenny gave me a reason why and Terry loves travelling too and we wanted to travel together and he said his favorite place so far was the Swiss Alps so we decided to make a little

Terry: Detour to the Swiss Alps..

Danielle: Yeah, we’re kind of just going on a couples’ trip, really something I always wanted to my entire life and it’s one of my things in my bucket list…and we finally have

Terry: And…

Danielle: Are you nervous about anything on the trip?

Terry: Am I nervous? No I mean I, I’ve done a decent amount to traveling so I’m not nervous about anything travel related

Danielle: So what are you nervous about?

Terry: You, maybe

Danielle: What do you mean?

Terry: I mean, yeah I don’t know… you know I’m nervous that you’re just hopefully gonna follow directions, you know when we’re traveling and stuff

Danielle: What does that mean?

Terry: Well, you know, sometimes you get a little sidetracked. Can we talk about maps? Okay so we were looking at the countries and she legit thought the border of the countries where railroad tracks

Danielle: I am really bad at Geography, okay, I am really smart person but Geography is not my strong suit

Terry: Alright, let’s just put it this way, I’ll be leading the march out there

Danielle: I’m also so nervous; I’ve never packed one suitcase, ever

Terry: Well, that’s what I’m also nervous about…

Terry: Okay, well before we drag this out about how many suitcases you’re gonna bring, I hope you just came clued, but that’s number 2 and we’ll see you back very shortly

Danielle: Bye guys

Terry: Later

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Life Unfiltered Podcast Episode 1

Alright, everyone, I am excited to announce the new podcast “Life Unfiltered” by GymJunkies… 

It’s hosted by myself Terry Asher and my girlfriend Danielle Eells!

If you enjoy the GymJunkies brand first and foremost thanks for your support:), but I wanted to give a more casual experience through the podcast. Don’t worry the blog is not changing one bit and we will still be pumping out content for everyone but if you want a more “unfiltered” casual version you might enjoy the new podcast.

Keep in mind the podcast is new, and we are new to podcasting it will improve with time 🙂

It would be awesome if you could leave nice and constructive criticism for us on iTunes: link here

Please tell us what topics you want to hear about…

Thanks, GymJunkies!

PS: We also have an AMAZING private Facebook group you can check it out here: GymJunkies Private Group

Life Unfiltered by GymJunkies Transcript

Terry: What’s up everyone? Welcome to the first episode of Life Unfiltered. My name is Terry

Danielle: …and I am Danielle and we created this awesome podcast based on health, fitness, business, relationship, traveling and lifestyle in general

Danielle: Go follow us on Instagram @Life_Unfiltered_podcast

Terry: And you can also follow us on our personal accounts @TerryAsher

Danielle: And @DanielleEeels

Terry: So we’re gonna talk about what this podcast is about and why we started it

Danielle: Umm… Sure I’ll talk about why we picked the name and you could talk about other stuff

Terry: Okay

Danielle: So we want to make a podcast kind of based on health and fitness but also other stuff because we realize our isn’t all about health and fitness and we decided we want to name it life unfiltered because we didn’t want to have to filter what we’re saying. We wanted to give you guys real-life version of health, fitness, business, relationships, traveling and lifestyle.

Terry: So I mean essentially basically everything she said which is great. Also in regards to like how much well personally health and fitness is a big part of our life but I think she meant that there are so many other elements of our life…umm.. So I think it’s important why we kind of broadened the topics for Life Unfiltered and like she said we want to keep it unfiltered so everyone can understand the rawness of…

Danielle: …diets and how much they suck and that your life is not so fun as everyone makes out to you.

Terry: That’ll definitely be discussed in the later episodes for sure but even going like taking a step further and talking about business you know..Every day is not such a great day so you hear the unfiltered version of you know..uhh.. Today I had a shitty day ‘caused I lost money on Facebook advertising,  it happens lol.

Danielle: so rough

Terry: very funny.. Umm..but yeah we wanted to keep it unfiltered so you guys out there understand the pros and cons, the ups and downs of all that good stuff

Danielle: and relationships I mean we don’t have great days every day.

Terry: Oh yes… Relationships, that’ll be a fun one

Danielle: Yeah, we’re gonna actually talk about in later podcasts how we met and that’s a really interesting story

Terry: Okay, first of all you’re skipping me around here

Terry: Yes, how we met is gonna be a very interesting podcast in itself and we’ll keep that for later … so why don’t we talk about … what are you nervous about with this podcast ’cause you’ve been so giggly since we turned on the light

Danielle: Umm.. I think….I feel like l am most nervous about if like we’re ever in a fight ‘cause you’re like so standoffish

Terry: I agree and I think that’s like a challenging thing I think a lot a people think of people in relationships and doing podcast.

Danielle: and business… In general like

Terry: and this is another prime example.. You’re having a shitty business day and I mean..You hop on a mic and be happy-go-lucky like today #26 podcast…Rainbows and butterflies outside

Danielle: Been like in business with like someone you’re with.. Same thing and like you’re fighting and just off to work.. Right

Terry: ..Right.. you can run but you can’t hide (laughs)

Terry: Okay… so that’s what you’re most nervous about… I don’t really know what I am most nervous about … um.. I actually feel pretty comfortable…

Terry: So we’re gonna go start from the top and say what each subject means what.. so why don’t you.. go through health, business, fitness, relationship, lifestyle

Danielle: Ok.. health to me means more along the lines of like your body not like clean eating, it means if you’re just healthy and your body is healthy and you feel like you’re don’t really have to be that fit or you’re don’t really have to have to have a six-pack to be healthy and actually think a lot of people are doing competitions..

Terry: I agree with that, so like more 80-20, being overall healthy

Danielle: Yes, being overall healthy like consuming like vitamins nutrients

Terry: By the way, both of us competed so that’s why we like to talk about competitions…

Danielle: Yeah, we’re actually competing together

Terry: Health I mean…I would agree with you and that it’s all about balance right.. for me I like to keep it real like if you watch my Instagram stories, for example, I go out on the weekends like I will have a good time with my friends because I think you should have fun that’s part of your life ..but it is a balance so if you spend most of the time being healthy..I run I lift every day I eat well but on weekends and have a couple of snacks here and there..Anyway, but for the most part, you know you got to keep a balance right…I mean extreme working out or extreme lack of that’s when I think is when you get trouble Why don’t you talk about fitness

Danielle: Well, fitness I would say is working out running anything body moving and heart rate up also like fitness competing..Umm. Anything just like moving your body is fitness is… I think… I don’t know I get bored at the gym but I still consider myself pretty damn fit

Terry: She actually is pretty fit I will give her that

Danielle: Yeah I am. I still run now I have been really into running lately. I like being outdoors, I feel like I’ve been competing and spending so much time in the gym the past couple of years that I have gone kind of over and I am trying to find the love for it again. What’s fitness to you

Terry: Fitness to me I think has like a deeper meaning for me because I found fitness at like, 16 years old… I was small and scrawny and fitness for me gave me, I don’t know like some goals and kind of passion… I am still working out every single day.. so fitness is life

Danielle: Yeah, I guess I did say the same thing… When I was 18 I started working out…

Terry: So it was an outlet for you and it was an outlet for me too but it’s a healthy outlet

Terry: Oh my gosh, the next topic is business

Terry: Yeah business, where do I start.. How about I start I am the owner of Gymjunkies.com, I have health and wellness blog online but put out great content every single day on any health and fitness related subject

Danielle: It actually is really good content and I am actually really interested in reading it

Terry: Thank you…And we also sell supplements.., Through our brand as well we have 30 different supplements somewhere around there we sell meal plans and workout plans and all that good stuff..the other one is the digital marketing agency so I spend 50 percent of my time every day doing digital marketing for myself or my clients.

Terry: Umm next is Relationships… Jeez…

Danielle: How many relationships you’ve been in?

Terry: I have been in well… Okay, girlfriends.. maybe like 5 or 6…

Danielle: Debatable… you’ve had more than six… I’ve had like four…

Terry: Okay…First of all, I am older than you.

Danielle: Definitely more like 10…

Terry: Okay let’s not even go there

Danielle: So what does a relationship mean to you?

Terry: A relationship to me is something that happens naturally… Something you’re not looking for..I don’t know personally…I hate it… And this is what I’ve seen people around my age..and I am 32, by the way, I hear “Oh my gosh, it’s my time to get married” or I have to get married and everyone puts this like crazy time constraint on it and it drives me crazy.. I just feel like it should be natural. For example, you’ve girls around my age…And they’re like I need to get married, yeah I get that but like…you know what.. You can’t settle either right, you‘ve to be with someone that you really can see yourself be with the rest of your life…

Danielle: Ok, I have another question for you, whenever you’ve been in a relationship or gone in a relationship, do you always question if you see yourself with the person for the rest of your life?

Terry: I think I’ve thought about more probably in my last 3 -4 relationships but yeah after a certain period of time you know, it’s kind of like okay, where is thing going kind of thing.. you know.. like it’s after 8 months.. you know, spend time with someone and kind of just like…well, what’s the next evolution for us…

Danielle: Yeah, if you can’t see yourself with them like long-term. Like you can’t see yourself getting married…then you’re really wasting time…

Terry: I agree, yeah it’s a waste of time…

Danielle: A Relationship to me is someone I can trust and someone I can have an amazing time with and not really have to really try… and talk for hours and spend every week and month with like we’re best friend

Terry: So I think podcast was a natural progression for us..

Terry:..Ok.. Travelling.. We’re going to Spain in a month and we would love to record some podcast there so we’re trying here in San Diego and by the way we’re from San Diego.. Should’ve probably mentioned that earlier…Anyway, why don’t you just give brief background of yourself..Like a brief summary

Danielle: born in Huntington Beach and grew up there since I was four . I started getting into fitness when I was 18 started competing went to the dorms, never really got into partying too much and lately just turned 22 and took a break from competing

Terry: Ok.. background on me, well I was born in Texas but I moved to San Diego about the time I was one so it’s pretty much safe to say that I grew up in San Diego it’s pretty much all I know.. and I went to college in Arizona and graduated after a long 5 years and we’re back to San Diego I was initially involved in the real estate, unfortunately, the market crashed… that was a horrible experience for me..Welcome to the business world… but ultimately it led me to my passion at the time which was health and fitness and that’s what inspired me ultimate to create multiple health and wellness brand at the time and eventually let me make Gymjunkies which is my awesome health and fitness blog.

Terry: I played soccer, I was too small to play football…unfortunately… I really wanted to play football.. I grew up kind of like a runt my whole life so it was nice when I found the gym… Because I was like if I can grow any taller I might as well grow wider. I was a late bloomer… I just decided to grow tall when I was senior in high school/freshman college… when I came back from college a lot of the people I grew up with didn’t recognize me anymore because I basically became a gym rat and I had also grown 6 and 8 inches taller

Danielle: And what did you major in college, do you always wanted to do what you do now?

Terry: No I majored in political science… to be honest in college I still didn’t really know what I was going to do out of college and I knew that I would be involved in real estate to some degree since my family was involved in real estate so it felt that was a natural progression to me ..And like I said, unfortunately, the age-old real investment I went into crashed and burned.. I was 22 or 23 maybe..and I hit rock bottom, I am holding that story for later, but yeah, being an entrepreneur has it’s up and downs

Danielle: I feel like, it’s like you mean, you had absolutely no idea what you’re gonna do, right?

Terry: I didn’t. I never used my degree.

Danielle: Were you like, at least it would help you like a job out of college when you’re like “oh..I have a bachelor’s” or did it really not do anything for you?

Terry: No I mean I got my first job because of people that I knew

Danielle: Yeah, your ex-girlfriend right?

Terry: Yeah, it was my ex-girlfriend’s parents that were nice enough to get me my first job.

Terry: Alright that’s just a brief background on each one of us and of course we can elaborate on so many different points but we’re gonna save that for later

Terry: Ok, next topic

Danielle: So, what you’re doing now for summer

Terry: What happened to our diet?

Danielle: I was kidding, we didn’t start

Danielle: You’re doing pretty good, you went grocery shopping

Terry: So we actually have to hop back on the bandwagon…so we can take pictures for this podcast and have a badass cover

Danielle: Yeah, we’re gonna diet for two things, we’re just like not really dieting, we’re actually eating healthy and we are making it our lifestyle for a couple weeks before we go to Spain because in Span we’re gonna want o try food and eat whatever and enjoy ourselves so we’re gonna try stay on a healthier diet up until then and take some pictures for the podcast and then ..off to Spain

Terry: By the way, it’s so hard to travel and stay healthy. Every time I leave outside the country I find it so difficult.

Danielle: I did on spring break. I was on diet of a pure alcohol for 8 days. That was my diet

Terry: That is not a diet for one, second of all that is not even relevant to where I was going but that is okay, you can be the unfiltered one.

Terry: Alright what else for our summer goals?

Danielle: Alright mine is actually y getting into the daily routine of working out, running, getting my heart rte up but actually making it really enjoyable I never miss a day

Terry: In your defense, you do run with me quite often. I am just saying that’s a form of exercise

Terry: Alright so what are my summer goals, I really just want to excel in business and I definitely do want to dial in my health and fitness a little more because I feel like a little unorganized for a second but I also haven’t’ competed in a little while so I am feeling a little out of shape but I am still in pretty good shape, would you agree?

Danielle: Yeah… no I am kidding. I actually like you better like this. Yeah, I feel like he’s not a happy camper when he’s competing but no one is. So I want him to be like healthy and not compete than being like a depleted state of mind and not happy not fun to be around so I just want to make working out fun again

Terry: I mean, it’s just ingrained in me since I was 16 so it doesn’t matter if I was in a bad or good mood, whatever, hung-over, feeling great, I am still going to gym that day or at the very least I am gonna still be doing some exercise

Danielle: Alright but you don’t always there are days that you take off

T: Alright, yeah…

Danielle: That’s what you need for your body, you need a break

Terry: Okay, I’ll take a couple of days I agree

Danielle: Even if it’s not every week like, your body needs a little bit of a rest

Terry: Sundays are usually my break

Danielle: So there’s like we don’t take off anything but that’s my research, how your body needs a break.

Terry: Of course.

Danielle: You don’t need a workout every day. You look great anyway

Terry: I agree with that.. I agree with that but of course it always comes around to three things, diet, exercise and what else, well; exercise can be broken up into two, resistance training and cardio so it’s actually three different elements in my opinion.

Danielle: Yeah, but I still think your body needs a break from exercise

Terry: yeah..In general..

Danielle: I’ll bring in some statistics for you, don’t worry

Terry: I can’t wait..Alright, so what are we gonna talk about in future podcasts, since we’re almost hitting our limit today… Wow we did a really good job today

Danielle: Yeah so what are we gonna talk about next month, We’ve so much stuff that we like blog out and we like decided we’re gonna talk about and the stuff you’re gonna like hearing about too like health and fitness and how a lot of people think to compete and the prep life is healthy but it’s not

Terry: We’re I will say that there are some aspects that can be deemed healthy and will relate this too if you’re a wrestler, you’re training drop weight so you can argue that you know when you put that sweat suit on then that’s arguably not really that healthy

Danielle: And you stop drinking water for a couple of days like cutting your sodium intake and all that kind of stuff

Terry: But here’s what I think, generally speaking, I do think you learn a ton about your body when you compete and you always take something positive out of competing no matter how hard it is.

Alright, we’ll be talking about competing more in-depth, general health and fitness I will be talking about my blog much more I will be talking much more in-depth about business, about how I got started into certain businesses and what it takes to be an entrepreneur… Relationship stuff…

Danielle: Yay! I can’t wait. I also do what to do some like cooking stuff and throw some recipes like healthy fun treats. We should have our little section of like advice… like questions for like boys and girls side of it.. Like, what guys like and what girls like..

Terry: Yes, to see different viewpoints and stuff …And by the way, always comment, share, like, comment what you want us to talk about, @Life_unfiltered_ podcast, that’s our Instagram also don’t forget to go on iTunes and give us a 5-star rating

Danielle: And subscribe so you can listen up all our new podcasts

Terry: And also check out my awesome website, Gymjunkies.com

Danielle: it’s actually pretty cool, I really like it

Terry:… and what else?

Danielle: Relationship, oh travelling, so we’re gonna have to do podcasts from new cities we go to and maybe like, I want to make a travelling blog and maybe I can get to that maybe this summer and then I could post like different places like those little things to do like trains and places to stay, little cute town we go to. Oh, and we wanna do like a weekly wrap thing like we gonna catch you guys on what we’re up to and what’s new in our life

Terry: Definitely…..Well, should conclude our first podcast

Danielle: Yeah, I think we’ve touched all points we wanted to go over, right?

Terry: Yeah we’ have. I appreciate everyone listening in today. Like I said go to our Instagram page @Life_Unfilted_podcast and you can also follow our personal Instagram accounts, I am @TerryAsher

D: I am @DanielleEells

Terry: Okay we’re wrapping up the podcast. Anyway, it’s been great I appreciate everyone listening. Bye guys.

Danielle: Bye guys, Thank you for singing in



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