13 Idiot-Proof Abs Solutions


# 13 Targeting Your Abs: Using Machines

A final alternative is to use machine weights that are specifically designed for targeting your abs. These machines are found in every gym and they’re often busy.

While they will provide you with an easy to use method of targeting your core, they lag behind the previous methods. Why? You won’t be using any stabilizing muscles over the course of the movement. But, they are also ahead of other methods, especially for beginners, because they encourage proper form and make it easy to maintain it throughout the full range of motion.

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Of course, all of these methods are not mutually exclusive. You should find a routine that encourages you to work out each section of your core through a variety of exercises. Figure out which ones you are most comfortable performing and include them in your plan.

Don’t be afraid to change up your plan after a while if you aren’t seeing results or if it’s becoming stale. Get in the gym and start working out your abs while maintaining a consistent diet. You’ll see your abs become visible in no time at all. Remember: There’s no perfect solution to getting shredded abs. But, if you stick to your diet and find a routine that targets each section of your core, you’ll get the results you’ve been craving.

By Mark Rubino

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