13 Idiot-Proof Abs Solutions


Side Plank

# 9 Targeting Your Abs: Bodyweight

There are a glut of tools and exercises you can use to sculpt a great six-pack. Starting with bodyweight exercises, there are many ways to train your abs right in your living room.

Even if you can’t make it to the gym, you’ll still have a way to build your six-pack. Of course, everyone knows about crunches. But, they can put unnecessary strain on your back and only work out part of your abs. If you insist on doing crunches, you should incorporate crunches to each side of your body as well so that you are fully targeting your abs.

An even better alternative is the plank. This is a simple exercise that most gym-goers are familiar with. Start out by aiming for one minute per plank and work your way up in time to track your progress. This will help strengthen your core and will assist with core endurance so that you won’t get tired during other core exercises.

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