10 Reasons Why I Decided To Do A Physique Competition


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I’m a Gymjunkie inside and out there is no disputing that, which is great for branding & of course my health, but sometimes you have to ask yourself if are you really pushing yourself to your full potential?

Recently I asked myself that question.

I’ve always worked pretty hard in the gym I THOUGHT. After kicking around the question longer I finally realized I’ve been giving 80%.

That’s when I had my “coming to Jesus” moment…

Wow! I have cruised by most of my fitness career being an 80% guy; how the hell did I let this happen?

Well, to be honest, it was a combination of things, most of which I detail below but It was a real shocker when I realized I haven’t been giving it a 100%. But I’ve been coming to terms with it.

So here are my top 10 Reasons Why I decided to do a Physique Competition …

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#1 I Was Challenged

Nothing better than a good old fashion challenge is there?

Well, that’s essentially what happened to me when I stepped into world’s gym for one of the first times. My buddy was working out with his trainer and I was invited to tag along.

FYI I hadn’t had a trainer since I was 17 years old!

I agreed to work out with his trainer and my friend and get a couple laughs in and of course pump some iron. Wow was this workout a wake-up call, after an hour I was admittedly burned out. We did a ton of supersets; drop sets and pyramid training.

After circling the water fountain, sifting through my playlist 100 times, I finally sat down to talk to the trainer after the workout. He was a former bodybuilder and turned out to be a super nice guy. I simply asked him who he trains and why… his response?

“I only train people looking to win” 

Well if that wasn’t a challenge I sure took it as one! Who’s to say I wasn’t trying to win? So basically at this point I was all in and ended up signing up for the ultimate physique training.

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#2 Familiarity Builds Contempt

I was working out at the same gym with the same damn equipment and the same people day after day.

Can someone say boring?

You have to break free every once in a while, go hit some interval sprints outside, hike some trail, surf some waves… whatever if takes not to stay stagnant. Hell, push your car across the parking lot for shits and giggles.

You will have to break the mold, break your plateaus and really break free!

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#3 Because You Know Everything

I think it’s important that no matter how much you know about fitness you can always, always learn more.

In my own case, I’m a certified trainer, I have been working out for over 14 years, and oh yea owner and operator of gymjunkies. Sure I have seen A LOT of information regarding health and fitness but do I truly know everything?

Of course not…

That’s why it’s important to understand studies, theories and constantly evolving. All the more reason for you to try a new phase of fitness, for me this will be competing.

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#4 I’m Stuck In the Matrix

Your gym workouts are just part of your daily routine. It’s nothing more than an extension of shit, shower and shave; you’re on autopilot. Your workout is a habit, which is a good thing but it could become as rudimentary as brushing your teeth.

Shake things up!

Instead of doing squats, hit front squats, instead of doing standard rows try inverted rows. In fact instead of hitting the gym try hitting the jungle gym at the park, break free from the matrix.

I was guilty of this, are you?

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#5 My Diet Still Sucks

You’re still eating lean pockets that come in a box & your still twisting caps on bottles of beer. You’re still chalking up an entire pizza to your cheat day.

Sound familiar?

Personally, I knew my simple diet plan wasn’t on point but I didn’t think it was bad. That’s of course until I broke down my calorie maintenance and realized I was going over a casual 2,000-3,000 calories.

No more, time to enjoy the difference in my energy levels, sleep patterns, and training results.

Summer workout plan

#6 I think I’m Too Cool For School

I love to socialize and network and part of that equation is going out with friends and drinking. There is nothing wrong with raging every once in a while with your buddies but when it becomes habitual that’s when you have to draw a line in the sand.

At the very least you can put a break on it or do it less often to not throw a wrench in your fitness plans. You will have to learn to politely decline when tempting situations set in, but the faster you learn to say “no” the easier it will be to get fit and put the suds to the side.

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#7 I still Don’t Track My Workouts

I’ll be honest I freelance a lot of my workouts, most of it I craft on the go in the gym from machine to machine.

But have you ever wondered what your one-rep max is?

Are you even weighing in weekly?

Shit you still walk around the gym waiting for an open piece of equipment to get on it, do a few reps and then get off.

That’s nothing more than masturbation – making yourself feel good, but missing the real thing. Try walking around the gym with a written plan, track your results and you will be amazed at the results.

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#8 My Ego Is Still In The Way

You still can’t do a full pull up but instead of working with the bands, you do some half-range motion wanna-be pull up crap. You spend too much time on the bench press because everyone else does and you don’t want to be “different”. Leave your ego behind, quite being a sheep and do what you know your body needs.

It’s ok again I had to ask myself this question, I really did favor some muscle groups verse others.


It was more comfortable… hell I have a big chest and arms, who needs a back right?

Think again…

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#9 Because I had No sense of Urgency

You are doing to die, yes it’s sad but it’s true. And what’s even sadder is you don’t know WHEN you are going to die.

Of course, I hope you live a long prosperous and healthy life, but these are the facts.

So why not do it now?

You might not even have a tomorrow. Whatever it is, you’re a beginner at the gym, need to lose weight, or in my case do a physique competition.

#10 I Want To “Walk The Walk”

Sometimes I get really disappointed in the health and fitness space. It’s filled with tons of people who claim their fitness guru’s only to find out they are rocking the muffin top year round.

A lot of talk from these bloggers and not enough walk.

Yes, I’m calling you guys out…

And to be fair I know before I was “good” and in “decent” shape but I’m not pushing myself to my full potential. So I have to live by my own principles and be the best version of myself, end of story.

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Look in the mirror and ask your self a simple question, “Am I giving it a 100%?”. Simple, if your answer is no, step your game up and seize the moment, what’s to stop you?

After I had come to the realization I had somehow become an 80% guy I quickly wanted to reverse this trend and that’s exactly why I will be competing in a physique show roughly 3 months from now.

Curious to hear more about my journey to the fitness stage?

Every other Sunday I will be updating everyone on my progress, diet, workouts and mental state. I will also be updating my Instagram page with progress pictures & snap chat.

Oh yea one other thing I almost forgot I’m NOT doing a Physique Competition, for money, for sponsorship or anything materialistic.

I’m doing it to become a better version of myself & bring the readers first-hand experience on how to train for a Physique Competition.

Lift on!

-Terry Asher

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  1. I’ve been looking up to these people, especially who’s into the hysique competition. The effort and time they’ve put in their works, not only physical but also mental.
    I’ve been at the gym for 2 years and I know how hard it is to have a desired and healthy body. This includes your daily eating habit and your training schedule of every week.
    Anyway, it’s a good goal for our healthy life.


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