Why You Should Be Doing Inverted Rows


Inverted Rows

I am an ardent fan of both pull ups, inverted rows and chin ups because I believe that it is these exercises give you a true measure of the fitness level.

Don’t you think that there is something totally pretty cool about having the capability of lifting your whole body up?

Obviously, it requires tremendous biceps and back strength, which makes you looked yoked, raw and impressive to say the least. Remember if your new to workout out I would suggest taking a look at the beginners workout plan.

There are a lot of guys who are just beginning fitness training and so when you are doing a pull-up, it may look like a distant dream but that is completely all right. About 80 percent of people can’t do it either. So, you do not have to beat yourself too much about it. Just because you cannot do a pull up doesn’t mean that you can’t carry out back exercises. I have just the right set of exercises for you that will help you out and it is the inverted row that will be the exact thing you need.

So, now if you are wondering as to what the row exercise is, take a deep breath and let us get started. You are not the only one to wonder about what this exercise truly is because I have met bundles of people who are so utterly clueless and they keep asking me as to what is the fuss about inverted rows. So, here, I will explain all of it to you.

The Inverted Row

Even if this is a foreign concept to you, I’m sure you must have heard of regular barbell row. In this exercise, all you have to do is pick a barbell and then you need to bend over from your waist region. Make sure to keep the back straight along this exercise and then you need to pull your weight up towards your chest.

Though I love this exercise, I could never get the correct form and as I kept progressing to higher weights, my problems increased rather than being solved. It is pointless to add that I was merely awaiting an accident if I kept training incorrectly. However, when you are doing the rows exercise; it will take care of any mistakes. This is because you will get used to the body weight and at the same time, no extra stress develops on your back. Along with this, you will be able to get a pretty good workout too.

This exercise is mainly termed as reverse bench press because after you have grabbed the bar, you need to pull your body towards the bar rather than lifting the weight. To make this simple, the analogy goes like what a bench press is to pushing, inverted row is the same to pulling.


What Makes Inverted Row Such A Great Choice

Now I seriously love compound exercises (link article) and I also love the ones that do not need special expertise or even fancy gears and equipments. When you are choosing inverted rows, it will work your biceps, back and even your core. If you have only stuck with pushups and bench press, you have to make sure that you carry out equal work with your back as well. This will help you stay away from injuries and balance out your body.

How To Do Body Weight Rows

Now is the time when you will teach you exactly how you need to do it. If you have a gym membership, you can use the smith machine. I mostly do not love this machine, but when it comes to inverted rows, I would take it. So, here is what you need to do.

  • Lie down on the floor right beneath the bar. Ideally, it should be so positioned that you can reach it easily from the ground level.
  • Now grab the bar with a tight grip such that your palms are faced away from you.
  • You must know that you should contract your abs and you have to be sure that all your body parts are aligned in a straight line together (Spine in a neutral position).
  • You should then try and push yourself to the bar in such a way that the chest begins to touch the bar.
  • Now, lower yourself with your back down.

Remember, when you are carrying out body rows, elevating the feet in the right position can sometimes be terribly difficult and so you should do this only after you are sure that you have mastered this art thoroughly.

Even if you still find it hard and you are struggling to get a grip, don’t be discouraged, dude. It is completely alright. You just need to take a little different approach. You should ideally set the bar a little higher on smith machine and the angle should be such that when you are leaning back, your body shouldn’t make a 90-degree angle.


Inverted Rows The Tips And Tricks

There are a few tips and tricks that can come in handy for you.

  • Do not drop your behind: When you are exercising, you should keep your butt straight and not let it drop down as this will put stress on your low back.
  • No flailing of elbows: you need to grab the bar a little closer as compared to when you are doing a bench press.
  • Pull the bar accurately: you should not pull the bar towards your throat nor should it be pushed down the belly button. You just need to keep it in the middle.
  • The abs and core must be tight: all across your routine, you have to keep the abs tight.
  •  Now pull your shoulder blades together when you are exercising.
  • Make sure to go all the way and do not be a lazy ass about it.

When Should You Do The Body Rows

When I am heading to a gym, I have a very packed schedule sometimes and have limited time. So, I have a very rigid schedule that I follow. Here is the sample two-day regime that I use if I’m on the run or time is limited.

  • Day 1: bench press, dips, inverted rows, squats
  • Day 2: no exercise
  • Day 3: pull-ups, planks, deadlifts, overhead press
  • Day 4: complete off

On both 1st and 3rd day, I make it a point to carry out a complete routine. This is why I take the next day off so that I give my muscles the right amount of time to recover and build. I also consume a very high-quality whey protein after workouts.

When You Don’t Have A Gym

Even if you don’t have a gym nearby or you are just too lazy to go to one, here is what you can do. All you need is to be creative and follow these couple of tips.

  • A wooden dowel or a pipe: you need something strong which can support your weight. Once you have a wooden pipe or so, you can lay it across the chairs and make it a point to lie down beneath it. You need to be sure that the support is sturdy enough and ensure that the bar isn’t going to break.
  • Use the kitchen table: you can also use your desk or whatever it is that comes without a back and fits the point. Make sure to be very careful when you are doing this. You need to grab the edge of the table with a solid grip and then try and pull yourself. Make sure not to pull the table over you because this may create more problems rather than being of help.

Never forget the fact that your aim is to maintain the perfect balance. You need to work your back along with carrying pushups. So, it is time to get smart and be creative because when you do so, you will be able to build your body in the right manner.

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Now that you are aware of the ways you can carry out inverted rows, it is up to you to perform and implement them into your workout routine. When you keep on carrying out these exercises, you will begin to see great results you can scale further.

-Terry Asher


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