The Top 20 Fitness Blogs On The Net



Are you interested in reading some good fitness blogs? Who isn’t! I read a lot of fitness blogs everyday and these are some of the best fitness blogs on the net (well besides Gym Junkies… duh!! )

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The Top 20 Fitness Blogs On The Net…

#20 – Weight Ladder

Weight Ladder is a blog specifically written for people who want to lose weight. I’m not sure who writes the blog, but they are putting out quality posts almost every day.

It’s tough to keep posting every day, so if a blog can do it while still putting out great content, then I applaud them!

# 19 – The IF Life

The IF life is another cool blog written by Mike O’Donnell that focuses on health and longevity. One of his posts I just came across made fun of fitness magazines, so I give him kudos there!

The IF life posts pretty often, so you can be sure there is always new content popping up.

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#18 – Women’s Diet And Fitness

Angie, over at Women’s Diet and Fitness has some great posts specifically for women. Some of the things she touches on frequently are diets, goal setting and burning fat.

I think this is the only women’s focused blog I posted…hmmm

#17 – Eric Cressey

Eric Cressey is kind of like the wonder kid in the fitness world. At only 26 years old, he already has a book out and is one of the most respected trainers in the world. His work with elite baseball players and rehab athletes is nothing short of remarkable.

#16 – Fight Geek

Fight Geek is a video blog by Kira. He posts videos every day which should help any type of fighter with their training. If you’re a video guy and like crazy training, Fight Geek is your site.

#15 – Fitness Black Book

Rusty, at fitness black book has a cool blog which focuses on functional training. Like Gym Junkies, he’s trying to get people away from the bodybuilding workouts and into a more diverse workout.

His killer personality really shines through in his writing as well!

#14 – Zen to Fitness

Zen to Fitness is a blog written by Chris, which takes a “Zen” like approach to health and fitness. Chris makes posts on a number of topics including food, exercises and most importantly keeping stress away from your life.

#13Alwyn Cosgrove

Cosgrove is THE MAN when it comes to fat loss. If there’s one guy to follow to learn about fat loss, it should be Alwyn. His facilities in California train hundreds of clients which means he has more hard data than any University study ever has about fat loss.

Alwyn is also a 2x cancer survivor, great writer and likes to help people improve their lives in all areas.  If Alwyn didnt pitch so many products in every post, he’d be rated even higher…

#12 – Ross Enamait

Who hasn’t seen the killer videos of Ross on YouTube?  Ross writes training articles for fighters in all areas including wrestling, MMA and boxing. In addition to being a great guy, he’s a hell of a trainer.

Ross’s site is full of great content like sandbag training, wheelbarrows and anything else you can think of.

#11 – Nate Green

Nate is a young, up and coming trainer who just put out a new book that deals with working out and picking up girls (sounds good to me!)

Nate’s training regimen is more on the bodybuilding side, but he still uses very functional movements like front squats, deadlifts and pullups.  On top of that, he’s a pretty cool guy too!

#10 – Stronglifts

Stronglifts is a blog written by Mehdi specifically about strength training. They have a great archive of posts and the forum is still active every day.

Hopefully Mehdi jumps back on the blogging bandwagon soon since he hasn’t posted in a while…

#9 – The Diesel Crew

The Diesel Crew are some of the toughest guy’s you’ll ever see. They do a lot of strongman, powerlifting and grip training for athletes. They have pretty cool videos on their site as well as good content on the blog that gets updated often.

#8 – Mark’s Daily Apple

Written by Mark Sisson, Mark’s Daily Apple is an awesome nutrition blog that focuses mainly on living a life like our ancestors did. This means eating real food, lift heavy things, run, play and get lots of sleep.

Can’t argue with that…

#7Zach Even Esh

The wild man Zach Even Esh has a great blog that gets posted regularly. Zach is known for his underground strength training style.  A lot of his training methods are similar to ours at Gym Junkies.

Zach also posts videos on his blog usually 4-5 times a week, so you can see some great workout videos from him.  As a bonus you get to hear his REAL Jersey accent everyday, haha!

#6 – The Skinny Confidential

A fitness and lifestyle blog by Lauryn Evarts, with tons of healthy recipes and tips!

#5 –

Build muscle, burn fat and get shredded… What else do you need?

#4 – Fat Man Unleashed

Fat Man is a blog written by Israel Lagares. He’s on a quest to lose weight and get in shape through strength training and circuit workouts.

His blog has some great tips for losing weight and you can follow along with his weight loss journey each and every week.

#3 – Straight To The Bar

Straight to the bar is a fitness blog by Scott Bird that mostly posts videos about functional training workouts.  He also finds some of the best videos from the web and posts them daily. There is some great content going on at Straight To The Bar.

#2 – Again Faster

Again Faster and it’s writer Jon Gilson have put together a great blog. Jon is a Crossfit affiliate and makes posts on functional training that relate to life in all sorts of ways.

On top of that, Jon has a knack for writing and he’s a great coach.

#1 – Steve Maxwell

Steve Maxwell might be in a world all by himself. I’m not sure of his exact age, but I think he’s about 54 or so and somehow still has a body that is just flat out ripped.

Steve is a BJJ practitioner and one of the best strength coaches out there.  His blog has some awesome posts about odd object training like kettlebells, sledgehammer and a few other fun things.  He doesn’t post very often, but when he does its top notch.

What Do You Think?

Did I leave off a great blog? Is this the greatest list ever made? Or did I snub your blog from the rankings?  Let me hear your comments. Come on, I’m a big boy, I can take it!

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– Vic


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The Top 20 Fitness Blogs On The Net
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  1. OH man, I am pumped to even be listed here! You guys rock for showin’ the love!

    I have some crazy vids about to be unleashed, so stay tuned and thanks so much, I am seriously a bit speechless here!

    Can’t thank you guys enough!

    Kill it!




  2. Hi there,

    That’s a great list – but since by your own admission you’ve only got one women-specific blog up there, let me add a couple more to the list 😉

    First, the ever-popular queen of women’s weight lifting, Stumptuous, has a blog at which is always entertaining.

    And secondly, my own site – yes, it’s an unashamed plug, sorry about that! It is not a women-specific site as such, but I do post articles that take women’s strength training seriously. I deal with all types of strength training from powerlifting to bodyweight – and a bit of conditioning too!

    Check it out, I’d be interested to hear your opinion!

  3. @ Israel – thanks, glad you found some blogs you havent heard of

    @ Zach – haha man thats awesome. Always fired up I love it!

    @gubernatrix – Thanks so much for the comment. Stumptuous is a great blog that I have never seen before.

    Pardon the language, but your blog is fuckin awesome as well. Seriously, some killer posts on there. Im adding it to our fitness directory page now.

  4. Thank you!

    I’ve never been in a top twenty before … How bad-ass is that?

    I don’t really think I deserve to be on this list, but I’ll take the honor anyway ;P

    cheers 🙂

  5. Hi Vic,

    What a great surprise to see my blog at the top of your list. My blog is a labor of love and it’s so gratifying to know people are reading and appreciating! Thank you! Steve

  6. Vic,

    Thanks buddy. I haven’t heard of all of these sites…so I will make sure and drop on by each and every blog you have listed.

    One thing is for certain. Your site is one of the most user-friendly blogs I have come across. Very clean and well organized with great content.

    No doubt this site will become a huge success.



  7. Great list man! Ima try my hardest to get my name up there. Lol, no really if you guys ever do this again.

    But yeah, great blogs and I read about 75% of those!

  8. This is the best compilation of health and fitness blogs. You can post this to our site and then link back to your site. We are looking for content and in return our users will track back to your site. The coolest feature is you can let other people vote on the rankings of your list.

  9. Great list of blogs, and I’ve visited every one of them! Hopefully, my blog will make the cut next time … Thanks for the list.

  10. @ Scott – Thanks man, we love your blog as well, glad to feature it!

    @ Nate – Your site is killin it man! I see it poppin up everywhere

    @Parth – Thanks for the comment, Ill be sure to check out your site tonight!

    @Muata – You definitely have a great blog, Im a big fan of bodyweight workouts as well.

    Thanks to everyone else who has visited, emailed me or left a comment. Im still surprised how well this post has done.


  11. Maxwell is da Man!! Defineeetely #1!!!

    Now go do some Hindu Pushups and have hot sex with your smokin’ girlefrieeend Bitchozes…and don’t fo’get to eat yo’ grass fed beef…

  12. @ Mike OD: Our pleasure. We love IF Life!

    @ joe mama: I agree, Steve Maxwell is “da Man”.

    @ Caleb: I got to live in Korea while in the military and got my TKD black belt at the Kukkiwon. It was crazy! And keep your eyes open for another list in the future. . .

    @ Brian: I love the detail of your goal setting for your weight gain. “Goals we set are goals we get” might sound like a cheesy cliche but it’s true!

    @ Israel: You are right on. I’ve already mentioned to Justin that we need to do another list. Stay tuned!

  13. Hey Vic,

    Just when I thought I had found all the good fitness related blogs I find your post that shows me quite a few more that I had not heard of before. A really good collection of blogs giving out some really good information. Without wanting to obviously self promote I would be honoured if you would check my blog out at and let me know what you think.

    Fantastic blog, keep up the good work!


  14. @ HGH: Thanks for the visit and the comment. Sorry I feel compelled to place this disclaimer. . . GymJunkies does not condone the use of HGH without approval of a physician. (I used to be a lawyer in my previous life 😉 )

    @ Hugo: is great! I particularly like your recent series on the health benefits of nuts – nutrition is an area that I’m always striving to expand my knowledge base.

  15. Nice list, but you forgot our blog! haha…

    But seriously Steve’s blog is awesome and I will be reading that one a lot now. I’m pumped I found that now… thanks!

  16. I hope these aren’t in any kind of order. Putting Nate Green, Cosgrove, or that tool that does Stronglifts above a guy like Cressey is just wrong.

    • No doubt Eric Cressey is a top notch trainer and has a knowledge base on several topics (active recovery, asymmetrical athletic training) that is superior to many (if not most). That being said, Nate Green, Stronglifts, and definitely Cosgrove have plenty to contribute to the fitness knowledge arena.

  17. Thanks for giving me some reading material for my Sunday! I’ve read a few of the blogs you list here, but there are several that I’ve never seen before.

    Be well!

  18. Hello, we would like to add our blog to your list. We provide fitness tips, advice & motivation for men & women. We are fairly new but are adding new posts daily. Our site is run by two ex Royal Marine Green Beret PTI’s.

  19. I think you need to rename it The Top Twenty Hardcore Fitness Blogs. Gymjunkies happens to be the only site listed on this page that appears on the first 2 pages of Google searching under “fitness blogs”. I don’t think #19 counts as a blog.

  20. Hey Vic,

    I like your blog suggestions and thought you might like my blog site.

    My name is Matt Ulrich. I was an offensive linemen for the Super Bowl XLI Indianapolis Colts. I started, it posts workouts, nutritional advice, and tracks my weight loss as I go from O-LINE SIZE to NORMAL GUY.

    The feedback on my site has been great. I keep the articles real and tell people what actually works. As a NASM certified Performance Enhancement Specialist and personal trainer, I have both the experience and knowledge from everything from weight lifting (I still own many Northwestern University weight room records), to nutritional guidance, and am very creative and resourceful when it comes to working out.

    I post one weight lifting video and one “CELL BLOCK” Cardio video a week. A “CELL BLOCK”, is a cardio circuit you can do to burn fat in the space of a “jail cell” with little or no equipment.

    I would love to work with your site. Please check out my site and give me some feedback

    Matt Ulrich

  21. Some great sites for sure…..

    I would like to mention my blog for a couple of reasons:

    I am an Adjunct Professor of Human Movement, and I served as national “functional training” expert for a University research review project. I have also taught Evidence-Based Practice (basically how to read and value research).

    I do not think research is the entire answer, but I think it needs a seat at the table. I have also done the “real thing”-competed in powerlifting. college football and completed many endurance events.

    I have learned a lot from many of the above and hope I can add something to the discussion!

    Please drop me an email with some feedback on my blog….



  22. Thanks for this list. What I like about it is that all of these sites have a lot of diversity. They are also very intelligently written and highly informative. I was actually impressed with the unique and helpful articles that some of them have. Its like a platter where you can choose!

  23. This is a great list of sites that you have found. Their are plenty of great tips on all of them. I myself have lost over 75 pounds and it has been from looking at different sites. It has changed my life forever!

  24. Love this post! There are tons of fitness blogs out there, some have info that is just laughable, others have great content that you could spend hours reading!

    I try to keep mine full of info with a humorous twist, let me know your thoughts!

    Im a strength coach and personal trainer out in Long Island, NY –

  25. Id never seen maxwell site before they guy looks wikid for someone 56 years old and still pushing all the boudries, love to follow in them footsteps and hope oneday breaks through onto this site!!!!

  26. Great read…

    … some of those blogs are downright awesome, and packed with useful information. I give you credit for sure on this nice list of blogs.

    I have a forum that your readers may find useful,

    It is a great forum for free coaching and advice for fitness-minded bodybuilders and we train people from beginner to advanced athlete. And it’s 100% free to get the best advice you will ever get on the internet. With over 31 years experience as a fitness coach, we can help YOU!

    I hope some of your readers will join up!

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    Have a great day.

  28. Very useful list for those who want to get some knowledge regarding fitness. As we all know fitness problems are becoming very common among people so this list would be very beneficial.

  29. Thanks for the list. As a guy who’s found himself kind of thrust into the field its good to see how the guys who are doing it right, or have been doing it for a while,actually get around to doing it.

    I just used “doing” in a sentence 3 times. . . is that over. . . DOING it?


  30. Hey Vic,

    Great site and a super list.
    Here’s one you may like… with a difference.

    Getting fit and healthy starting with the mind.

    My credentials to be able to talk about overcoming adversity and the mind side of getting in shape are pretty self explanatory if you read “MY STORY” in my site.

    People really seem to like my approach and feel I have something to offer, judging from the response I get.

    I am privileged to have my own column on Tom Venuto’s Inner Circle called ” Mr Inspiration ” and recently won most Inspirational in the 09 Holiday Challenge.

    Let me know what you think.


  31. Great list! I love reading the Fat Man Unleashed. Now I’m off to subscribe to more. Thanks.

  32. Fantastic site with good links for fitness blogs

    I read one interesting book “Magical Eating” written by Emily candler which gives information about how to make healthy food selections while dining in foreign cities. We think some foods are healthy but I figured out they have high calories in the ingredients. I am sure that you will find it useful if you go through this

  33. Excellent list!
    I am always on the lookout for some alternative workout routines.

    I dedicate 2 hours a day, 4 days a week, to fitness training and have been doing this for the past 16 years.

    I’ll be 60 next year and I feel like I’m still in my 30’s.

    You don’t have to be muscle bound, just stay in good shape.
    Some of my routines are highlighted at – 6 Pack Tips.

    The sites you have listed provides something for everyone… Good job!

  34. Crossfit is a great place to begin a workout regime. Good advice. I also run a fun fitness/cycling blog here: Vinnie Tortorich’s Blog

    • I’m still learning from you, but I’m making my way to the top as well. I certainly enjoy reading everything that is written on your website.Keep the information coming. I enjoyed it!

  35. Great list of fitness blogs, I have bookmarked most of them and found some of them very interesting. Nice to see peoples own real views on fitness.

  36. This is a very good list, I visit several of these regularly.
    But I think this is also a good fitness blog, and you can get direct feedback and help from it too! Check it out!

  37. This is a great blog, but I’d have to disagree on your choice of top 20 fitness blogs. I think Zuzana of Bodyrock TV is the best; she has been my inspiration to start my own blog

  38. Hey Vic,
    First off I need to thank you. As extreme as it sounds, if it weren’t for this specific post I think my life would be quite different. I’ve recently become completely enthralled and enveloped in fitness and nutrition and a few months ago my girlfriend suggested that I start my own blog. I was very uncertain at first and I actually came here for a few ideas. I found Nate Green’s blog and have been following it regularly ever since. This lead to the growth and development of my blog which you can check out @
    My question to you as how do you recommend that I go about getting myself in the ranks of the above mentioned blogs listed above. I know I’m just starting out, but I have so much passion and I will strive to get it up there in time. Any suggestions on how to expedite the process?
    Thanks again,
    Noah Ohlsen

  39. Thanks for giving you input on some good fitness blogs. I am always trying to keep up with my personal training and I apprectiate all the help I can get for my clients at the gym. Thanks to you Vik and the rest of Gym Junkies. I will for sure check out the rest of these blogs.

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  44. Great post – I’m a big fan of Fitness Black Book. I’ve also started a fitness and nutrition blog aimed at providing practical advice to normal men looking to gain muscle and get fit Let me know what you think!

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  47. I love reading blogs about fitness and weight loss especially now that I have just started my weight loss journey. Thank you for this list. I will surely learn a lot.

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  50. Wow!!! great list of niche blogs about weight loss and real cousin suffering with weight loss problem..I will definitely share this with her..absolutely worth to share..I mean nothing is better than this..we can find all blogs on one site..Thanks once again!!

  51. Someone has some good curation skills here! Very nice list. Wondering, are you fine folks updating this list for 2016? If you are, would you consider for inclusion? I am the editor and am quite proud of the no nonsense articles I’ve crafted for the world. I’d be overly thankful if you even just considered it!

    Wishing Gym Junkies all the best!

  52. I went through the whole list from top to bottom. a couple of them are not linked but all in all, this is a pretty good resource. Thanks for the research and sharing your top picks. I love seeing what other are finding out there.

  53. Thanks for sharing exercise tips to get a fit body. Can you tell me? What kind of a diet we need to take when we start exercise. How can we balance our diet and sleep during the exercise time.

  54. Cool list of websites, and (surprisingly) a few I’ve never heard of including: Fat Man Unleashed and Straight to the Bar – which look like awesome blogs. Good to see Mike O’Donnell get a mention from – he’s the man. JCDFitness is another great site for those looking for more fitness blogs to check out 🙂

  55. Awesome recommendation on these blogs :). Love to know more of them.

    Even though some of them may not be really dedicatedly built for the sake of giving readers content (for what reasons most of us all know 🙂 ), the rest is great for beginners, intermediates and even experts to learn more about gym tricks and nutrition tips.

  56. thankyou for sharing it, informative somehow. i hope this will help you guys in some way selling workout clothes,


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  59. Thank you for this interesting list of blogs!

    I see that this is an old post (2008); however, it’s still useful.

    I’d recommend the T-Nation blog. It’s one of the best, along with Breaking Muscle. But these are mostly for guys who are interested in building muscle.

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