Destination X—What’s The Exact Body You Want?


Destination X

Destination X, Establishing exactly where you want your body to be—and tracking with precision might seem simple on the surface… yet few people do it.

Remember, even the word “training” implies purpose, and a goal. You are training to reach a specific destination—not just working out for the hell of it.

Too often, the rule of specificity is neglected. A program is chosen from the inside of a magazine, or from a training website because it looks advanced or cool. But advanced doesn’t really matter unless it gets you closer to your stated goal that why you need a beginners workout first.

For instance, many muscle magazines feature programs for bodybuilders—but maybe your goal is less bulk and more functional strength. Or it could be the reverse—and you want maximum size in minimum time… in which case training like an athlete wouldn’t make sense.

We all want to look better and be the guy that women look at and think “whoa! He’s hot…” but that’s not specific enough. And no special clothes or supplement(gnc diet pills) can get you there without knowing where you’re going.

Destination X —What’s The Exact Body You Want?

The TRUTH About Getting Results

The truth is that what you do each day MUST reflect the exact plan that is designed to get you to your destination. Your action must be optimized by marking an “X”, and working backward to map a legible path.

Just remember that you cannot plan forever.

Just as action should be swift, your strategy for planning needs to be efficient and targeted. It’s easy to think you’re being “productive” by analyzing every last detail and spending a lot of time on planning, to the point of stagnation.

Never become one of those people who plan forever and never do anything. If you already are, it’s time to wake up. Take control of your life and fitness goals.


If you should take one thing away from this, it’s that waypoints need to be set either weekly, bi-weekly, or at the very least monthly, where you repeat the “New Years Ritual” and review your path.

There is nothing special about January besides a nifty date on the calendar. Have the mental fortitude and maturity to realize the opportunity around you to “start fresh” every single damn day of the year.

Life is too short and wonderful not to leave some semblance of a legacy, an identity, no matter how small, while having a blast along the way.

With that said, key steps should be followed to ensure that what you see in the mirror 6 months from now, will be hardly recognizable.

So as I wrap up this post, let’s talk specifics.

What is YOUR plan?

Why do you believe it’s going to get you to your destination?

Are you taking action on it?

I’d love to hear your thoughts and answers below. Let’s keep ourselves accountable and help each other get to where we want to be… faster.


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Destination X—What’s The Exact Body You Want?
Destination X, Establishing exactly where you want your body to be—and tracking with precision might seem simple on the surface… yet few people do it.
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