The Top Testosterone Boosting Foods


testosterone boosting foods

With all the talk of HGH, performance enhancing drugs, and testosterone supplements in sports, it can be easy to forget that our bodies naturally produce this special hormone that makes us stronger, happier, and more resilient… both physically and mentally. You can learn how to gain testosterone naturally, it’s not impossible.

When you have a higher level of testosterone, you stay healthier and resistant to disease.  You perform better at athletics and are more likely to go to the gym.  You’re also more confident, less likely to get pushed around by others, and are way more impressive in the bedroom.  Yes, your testosterone levels both affect your libido and how good you are at sex (as well as how much you enjoy it).

While supplements like gnc diet pills and prescribed drugs may be worth considering, a good first place to look for a testo-boost is in your diet.  There are natural foods that can have a massive impact on your hormonal balance and you should start adding these to your simple diet plan right away.

The Top Testosterone Boosting Foods…

Many of these foods overlap in categories and once you read this article you will be easily able to spot these natural performance enhancers at the grocery store.

red meats zinc

#1 High Zinc Items

This category is pretty simple… meats and cheese.

Bet you never thought getting testosterone would be this fun and easy, huh?

In this category, we have oysters (especially raw oysters), red meat, poultry, cottage cheese, and any other natural cheese.

Basically, any “tough guy” food (without the deep frying or breading) should give you that natural testosterone boost.

Eggs are also a wonderful source of zinc and cholesterol.

Oh, did you think eating cholesterol was a bad thing?  It turns out that eating cholesterol not only raises your testosterone but it actually doesn’t even affect your body’s own cholesterol levels.

So have your eggs, yolk and all, without worry.


#2 Healthy Fats

I’m going to name some amazing foods for you in this category in just a second, but I can give you an even simpler guideline so it’s extremely easy for you to spot what foods to buy.

Basically, you want any sizable amount of natural fats you can get… but make sure you don’t stop at vegetable oils… surprisingly one of the more overrated fat sources.

It’s great to have an olive oil blend on your salads, but that’s not the ideal testosterone boosting magic we’re talking about.

Instead, look for avocados, salmon (and other fatty fish), nuts, and butter.

4 Hour Body author Tim Ferris is a big fan of Brazil nuts for their selenium and he advocates taking three in the morning and three at night, along with a butter-fat/fermented cod liver oil blend as well.

You don’t have to stick to a regimen as specific as that, but any structure to get you a healthy amount of Omega-3 fats will be beneficial.

You may notice that a number of the examples above are high in saturated fat.  Well… lucky for us, it’s been found that saturated fat is actually pretty good for you. (Heart disease scares are so 1980’s…)

Green Leafy Vegetables

#3 High Fiber Veggies

If you want greater levels of testosterone, you need to do more than increase production in your body.

You need to get rid of the anti-testosterone substances that counteract all you’re doing to improve your health and increase your goals on how to gain muscle.

Vegetables, especially cruciferous vegetables are superb at doing this.

This includes cabbage, broccoli, kale, cauliflower, turnips, brussels sprouts, bok choy, collard greens, radishes, and just about any other dark leafy vegetable you can find.

Sorry, iceberg lettuce won’t do much!

Beans, while not being a “true” vegetable, also provide a ton of fiber AND have zinc to help you increase testosterone in multiple ways.

What these vegetables will do is clear out estrogens, xenoestrogens, and toxins that “feminize” male bodies and make both genders less excellent at physical performance.

I know this section might weigh down the parade because we’d love to be feasting on cheese-steak and guacamole to get all our testosterone needs taken care of, but the vegetables are not something to be ignored and you should learn how to eat vegetables.

In general, the more vegetables you eat, the more your body can deal with all the other crap in your day-to-day life.

This is not a fully exhaustive list.  Some foods like garlic have been found to be helpful, and there is some debate on whether whole grains contribute to testosterone or get in the way for an easy diet plans.

Athletes I’ve personally spoke to have felt that they have better testosterone results when they cut out grains entirely, but there is research to support both sides.  Always take note of how you feel and perform with any food you use to support you goals even if you’re searching for workout plans for beginners.

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Also remember that your diet is just part of the puzzle.  You want to get an adequate amount of sleep (one of the less exciting testosterone builders), as well as avoid stress, because the cortisol hormone will dilute most of your testosterone efforts if you become anxious or worried.

Follow these guidelines, and you’ll find that all areas of your life improve…without any of the risks from drugs or questionable supplements.

-Terry Asher

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The Top Testosterone Boosting Foods
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The Top Testosterone Boosting Foods
With all the talk of HGH, performance enhancing drugs, and testosterone supplements in sports, it can be easy to forget that our bodies naturally produce this special hormone that makes us stronger, happier, and more resilient… both physically and mentally. You can learn how to gain testosterone naturally, it's not impossible. 
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