Where Is Your Gym?



Where is your gym?  Do you frequent a big box globo gym? Maybe you train by yourself in your shitty 10 x 12 foot apartment.  Or the neighborhood park might be your gym.  Maybe you pound the pavement of your city streets with a daily run.

Or maybe your ass is steady planted on your couch with a bag of chips and a remote control and you have no idea what I’m talking about.

My gym is my business. My gym is my church. My gym is my life.  I’ll train in a 4 x 6 foot jail cell if that’s all you give me.  I’ll train in the tank tracks of the Mojave Desert (and I have) if duty dictates it.  And I’ll even endure the chrome and spandex bullshit of a globo gym if destiny spits in my face and places me there when it’s time to train.

I don’t care.  My gym is everywhere.  My gym is no where.

At Gym Junkies we think expansively. Whether you’re training in your dingy basement, or your office on your lunch break, or an expansive corporate facility, we can help you.  Whether you have the latest and greatest in modern fitness equipment, or you have nothing but your body and a desire to improve, I’m here and ready to help you reach your fitness goals.

But Where Is Your Gym?

Your gym could be parking your car a mile from your office and getting in a morning walk. Your gym could be taking the stairs instead of breathing the death-air of an elevator. Or your gym could be the yellow colored hotel rooms you’ve seen for the last three months because your job wants you to be a road warrior. It doesn’t matter. Your gym is everywhere. Your gym is no where.


Move. That’s what it comes down to in the most basic of terms. Move with a plan, move with intent, move with a purpose – now that’s even better.

My gym is the cinder block walls and concrete floors of the Gym Junkies back room. My gym is my cluttered basement as I hammer the heavy bag that I’ve had since I was twelve years old. My gym is everywhere. My gym is no where.

Leave a comment below, I wanna know where your gym is.  Where do you train?  Is it one place, multiple places, in your basement, at the gym?  Let’s hear it!


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Where Is Your Gym?
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Where Is Your Gym?
Leave a comment below, I wanna know where your gym is. Where do you train? Is it one place, multiple places, in your basement, at the gym? Let's hear it!
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Gym Junkies
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  1. I workout in my basement and outside when its nice. Sometimes I even workout outside when its freezing cold

  2. Great post, my gym is my home, my local park, the pavements, the clients i run with, the stairs i run up@work

  3. @ Jeffery – Working out outside when its freezing cold is a great way to train your mental toughness. Lots of guys who are in prison train that way and they say it helps a TON!

    @ Israel – I love it! You dont need a gym membership or even a barbell to train. Whatever you have will suffice, and you’re proof of that.

  4. My Gym is – my bedroom (small),
    – my office, (small space, private and lots of time…which I really want to use)
    – A beautiful little forrest, 15 minutes drive from my house. It has endless walking tracks and some uphill climbing (gentle).

  5. Right now, my gym is a real gym. But one of my objectives for the coming year is to broaden my skill set and master a variety of bodyweight exercises so that I can stop using a real gym.

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