The Shredded For Summer 31 Day Challenge – Starts Today!


Shredded for Summer


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Shredded For Summer

Before You Begin…

Listen I’m not gonna sugarcoat anything here, and tell you this will be tons of fun and easy to finish.  This is going to be a true test of your willpower and your dedication.  There will be times you’ll want to give up and just say screw it and retire to the couch with some beer and a bag of chips.

But I promise you, when all is said and done, you’re going to be in the best shape of your life.  You’ll actually start to enjoy the pain and the challenge of the tough workouts and you might even look forward to your next heart pumping session.

There will be no excuses tolerated.  NONE.  I’ve seen it happen too many times.  People start with small excuses and then wind up losing interest and quitting altogether.  If you’re whining about the diet, or the workouts you’re doing you won’t get any help from me.  You’re done.

If you’re going to partake in the challenge you will receive personal attention and coaching from me (in the comment section) throughout the 31 days.  I’m going to be taking time out of my schedule every day to help each one of you and to answer your questions.  If I’m taking time out of my day to help you, I expect you to bust your ass and put in the work when it comes to your diet and workouts.  I think that’s a fair exchange.

The Challenge

Your challenge is simple.  Follow the workouts & nutrition advice I provide and get in the best shape of your life in just 31 days.

My goal for this challenge has two parts.  I want you to get in the best shape possible, BUT I also want you to understand and discover what it takes to get into amazing shape, so you can continue to push yourself when the challenge is over.  I want you to develop the habits it takes to stay in good shape over the long term.

What You Must Do Now…

  • Select a workout program & diet to follow (listed below) that matches your end goal.  If you want lose fat, get on the fat loss workout, if you want to build strength then get on that workout.  Whichever workout matches your goals, use that workout.  Check out the workout and then familiarize yourself with the exercises in it.  There will be an instructional video linked up for each exercises.
  • Get 2 notebooks to record your workouts and diet.  If you’re not recording everything you eat and drink during the challenge, then I can’t help adjust your diet if you’re not getting the results you want.  If you don’t record your workouts, then I can’t help adjust those either.  YOU MUST record your workouts and everything you eat/drink if you want my personal coaching during the challenge (and don’t lie in your notebook, you’re only cheating yourself).
  • Take a picture of yourself from the front and side with your shirt off (for guys).  Women should wear a sports bra or bathing suit.  Don’t flex or anything like that in the pic, just stand natural.  By taking a picture now and at the end of the challenge you’ll be able to see exactly how much your body has changed.  Honestly, after your transformation, you’ll be amazed at what you looked like just 31 days earlier…

The Workouts

If you want to lose fat then do one of these workouts…

If you want to get stronger then do this workout…

If you want to bulk up and put on muscle do this workout…

Prizes For The Top 3 Finishers

Prizes will be awarded for the top 3 biggest transformations.  If you are going for fat loss or muscle building, you must have a before and after pictures of yourself.

If you are doing strength workouts, it will be based on your strength gains.

1st Place – Four 30 minute coaching calls with myself ($297 value) where Ill help you one on one to get in even better shape.  You also get a copy of Zach Even Esh’s Real Man Muscle Building Ebook ($77 value), Craig Ballantyne’s Turbulence Training ebook ($37 value) and a very rare Gym Junkies T – Shirt (Priceless).

2nd Place – A copy of Zach Even Esh’s Underground Strength Manual ($77 Value), Craig Ballantyne’s Turbulence Training ($37 value) and a Gym Junkies T-Shirt (Priceless)

3rd Place – A copy of Zach Even Esh’s Grip Experts ($37 value) and also a Gym Junkies T shirt (priceless).


How to get help from me if you have questions…

If you’re not sure which workout to do, please post a comment on this post and I will help you…

Once you start a workout and if you have questions about a specific workout, PLEASE post your comment on the specific workout page that you need help on.  I’m going to get 30 questions a day most likely, and if everyone is posting them all over the place, I won’t be able to handle it all.  Again if you have a question about the workout you chose (or the diet) please post it in the comment section of that workout page.

LET’S DO THIS!  You have 31 days to kill it!  Take action and start today!

– Vic

P.S. – I will send ALL of the updates for Shredded for Summer through the newsletter… Just enter your first name and email below in the signup form and you will be in the loop.

The Shredded For Summer 31 Day Challenge - Starts Today!
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The Shredded For Summer 31 Day Challenge - Starts Today!
Want To Be Shredded For Summer? This Post Goes Over A 31 Day Challenge... 
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  1. Hey Vic, (I posted this in another thread by mistake, sorry)

    I have minor lower back pain due to a slipped/herniataed disc. It’s mostly under control and ok now. But I noticed that your 31 Day Challenge workouts include squats which might not be the best for my back.

    Is there an alternative exercise?

  2. Hi I’m still unsure about wich program I should do. I’m going to start doing Muay Thai again in june and i’d like to be in better shape at that moment.

    I’m hesitating between doing the muscle bulding or the strenght training program. Wich one would you suggest ?

  3. Vic, great job. Question – I selected Fat loss beg/int gym – on the days off – is it a mandatory recovery day or optional (i.e. I have good energy on off day X) is a long bike ride or paddle ok to do?

    On a side note regarding part 3 – no excuses – I was sharing my excitement about the upcoming challenge with some co-workers and they started telling me how they couldn’t start something like that until they lost weight, felt better, blah blah blah. I thought, crap, they’re not even doing this and they’re making excuses. You have no idea how much we all appreciate your site, given the epidemic of lazy we all encounter. The swine flu has nothing on lazy.

    Thanks. Sue

    • Hi Sue,
      If your energy is good, you should do some type of training “on your own”. Make it fun, but don’t be afraid to crank the intensity a bit. If you’re on your bike, go as fast as you can for part of your ride. And same thing on the water. Just push a bit outside of your normal limits and you’ll see great results this month.

  4. Hey Vic,

    I just wanted to thank you on behalf of all of us here for the obvious tremendous amount of work you have put into helping us! I also give you props for being willing to answer all of the individual questions that come up. My only hope is that people will at least read everything through and try to avoid wasting your time. This is a huge time commitment on your part and I am sure all of us here will be the better for it. I also hope to see people commenting under the workout I have chosen so we can learn through each other’s experiences. Great work, as usual, but also greatly appreciated!!!

    • Rodney,
      Many thanks, man. Yep, it’s gonna be some work. And yep, I’m already busy as hell. But hey man, it’s only 31 days. I can burn the midnight oil for 31 days. Just like all of the participants can stick to their diet and exercise plan for 31 days!

  5. Well said Rodney!
    MUCH appreciation Vic, Your an excellent Motivator man!!

    I’m going Full Throttle for the Strength building workout.Going to hit the ground running!

    Let’s do this right people! Big T.

  6. Vic, thanks again for all this I have enjoyed your enthusiasm. I am in for the challenge. I will picking fat loss advanced workouts and recording everything.

    thanks again


  7. I try to walk 30 minutes every morning in addition to cardio on the treadmill. Do I eliminate both or just the treadmill.


    • Denise if you are trying to lose fat, I would recommend dropping AT LEAST the treadmill. High intensity workouts like the ones we have posted will do much more for you when it comes to losing fat and toning up than the treadmill or walking will.

      If your walking is getting in the way of your workouts, I would drop that as well. The workouts should ALWAYS come first.

      Good luck, let me know if you have any more questions…

      – Vic

  8. I usually do a bit of resistance/strength training along with my cardio, should I stop that and just stick to the particular workout I want to do and can I still keep my strength training? Thanks

  9. Oops, in my previous message the last bit is supposed to read should I stop that and just stick to the particular workout I want to do or can I still keep my strength training in addition to the work out?

    • Honestly I would drop anything else you are doing if you plan on doing one of these workouts.
      Most of them require 5 days of workouts/activities per week. You really don’t need to be killing yourself with 2 a days.

      If your goal is fat loss, your diet is priority number one, and then you should focus on one of the workouts listed.

      What workout are you looking to do?

  10. Hey Vic,

    Thanks for doing this, this is a great opportunity for us to take advantage of.

    I just did my first workout. I will be doing the Fat Loss Advanced Program.

    Day 1
    Name: Chris

    Workout: Fat loss advanced home workout A

    15 rounds completed!

    Damn tough on the quads! Pushups were a breeze, but lunge jumps followed by squats were killer. I’m proud of my 15 rounds completed, the last few were a real real challenge but I was driven to get all sets done.


    7.00: Left over homemade chicken chili stew (chicken, beans, paprika, onion)
    12.00: 3 slices bread, 2 slices ham, 2 slices cheese, large tablespoon peanut butter
    18.00: Beef, veggies, potatoes. Cola light
    22.30: Cottage cheese, flax seeds, nuts

    (This weekend my diet is a bit different than my usual because I’m working full time from 9.00 to 22.00..So I am aware that somethings aren’t the best choice)


    1. I have access to a gym, but sometimes get home too late to go, so is it alright to mix and match from both Fat Loss Advanced programs?
    2. I took before pictures, where do we upload them though?

    Thanks again,


    • Chris, great job on 15 rounds! Your diet does seem a bit off for fat loss purposes, but it sounds like you’re pretty tuned in to your body and know you need to make some adjustments when work isn’t grinding you down.

      As far as mixing and matching programs, all should be well as long as the programs you’re mixing are both advanced fat loss programs. The bottom line is your diet will tell the tale at the end of the 31 days.

      Train Hard!

  11. I have selected the advanced fat loss program.

    I am currently in the off-season for rugby, so I need to continue to gain strength too while I can. Its very tough during the season as the body gets pretty banged up. So on the days selected for OYO, ill probably be running sprints, or doing sandbag or tire flipping work @ the park. Alot of times I like to do ‘double days too’ so hopefully and extra workout is OK at night a couple times a week on the program.

    Ive already taken my pictures this morning (actually video) and completed my first day workout @ lunch.

    Hopefully, you don’t get too upset with the changes, but I did add in some box jumping circuits after the workout to keep my footwork up.

    I am willing to push my workouts to the point of puking every single day to get to my goal!!! I just don’t want to risk over training.

    I am also doing my best to keep the food, drink and workout log to an exact. So far, so good. My first big battle will be tonight, the night time hunger factor…probably caused by dehydration or just boredom…habits. I am ready to war.


    Thanks again, Vic!


    • Mike, you sound motivated! Keep that intensity up for 31 days and you’ll definitely have some results to be proud of. Your OYO workouts sound great, and a double day here and there won’t be a bad thing on a 31 day program. Just listen to your body and take a break if you feel you really need it.

      Keep up the great work!

    • My knee jerk response is “Hell No!”. But I’ll need to know a bit more about why you want to substitute before I go with the knee jerk response.

      Basically if there is some sort of medical restriction on squats but you are ok for leg presses, then the substitution is ok. Or if you are not equipped for squats but are for leg presses, then ok. I find both scenarios unlikely.

      Love the damned squat, man!

    • Too many unknown variables to give you a guestimate. . . If you’ve never squatted before and you hit 135lbs, then your max could go up A LOT in 31 days. If you are an experienced squatter, then I’d be happy with 5 or 10 pounds in 31 days. Give me some more details in a separate comment, and I’ll try to be more clear.

  12. Thanks for all the info. I’m going to continue boxing and kettlebell training from now till end of May, but going to follow your dietary aspects closely, and see where I end up. Thanks for the awesome advice, can’t wait to see where what I look like by the end of May.

  13. Hi, Vic!
    I took up this as a personal challenge to lose 10 lbs of fat this May while getting stronger. I know they are different goals, but I am not sure they are all that mutually exclusive. If I strength train twice a week while doing fat-burning circuits and HIIT the rest of the week, won’t it be okay?
    BTW, in case you missed it, here is my May Challenge, dedicated to you!

    • Yes, it is possible to have both. Just difficult for me to write a plan that will fit as many people as possible and accomplish both goals. Generally speaking, I think it is best to focus on one goal at a time especially when talking about a 31 day blitz. However, with a combination of strength training, high intensity interval work, AND an appropriate nutrition and recovery plan it is possible.

      And many thanks for the May Challenge link. Man, you have some aggressive ambitious goals! Good luck and train hard.

  14. @ Vic,

    Thanks for the encouraging words!!

    You bet your gluteus maximus I am motivated!

    For me, its not just a challenge. It is a way to kick start my lifelong goals, my body, and a new career!

    I just got back home from a store in Socal called ‘Fresh & Easy’. They have a ton of deals if you look for sales. I stocked up. I live with family and am constantly dealing with a fridge packed full of half ‘normal food’ and half junk food. I cleaned out a couple drawers and used them as my designated food drawers. Anything not needing to be in the fridge stays in my room. If I stay away, ill build up the discipline. No more ‘I had a great workout, one wont hurt’ excuses for me! I love to kick my butt when I train, it excites me. BUT, I just love to eat and usually its whatever is around. The ‘diet’ part is my greatest foe. I am getting SMARTER and understand now, and getting stronger at it will just come with practice.

    I hope everyone jumps on board and takes this SERIOUSLY. The challenge is for YOU. If I just ‘take the weekend off’ or do my normal junk food at 9pm…ill be in the same place. I can lie about my results, or logs…but ill be in the same place. Having something like this to help out and keep me in line is awesome.


    So, after that long rant I just have one question.

    What about diet soda? Can I have ANY sweetner at all? Ive been over adding sugar for a while, but the coffee…and the diet soda once in a while… Just give it to me raw and uncut! Let me know what the warrior needs to do.

    Thanks again.


      • Mike,
        It’s only 31 days. Thirty-one frickin’ days! Water, coffee, tea with no sweeteners are the only approved liquids. If after the 31 days you want to return to Diet Soda, then do so. But give it a shot and do your best for 31 days to go without.

        You can do it!

  15. Hi Vic

    I posted earlier about doing strength training along with the workouts you gave and you asked which one I was doing. Just letting you know that I’ll be doing the fat loss for beginners no equipment. Will be looking to start today as because of the time difference(I’m in France) I got the info a bit too late for yesterday. Thank you for your help!

  16. Thanks, Vic, this is great! Do you have any quick and dirty way of keeping track of how many rounds of each combo we can get through in 15 minutes? For yesterday’s workout, I just tallied them on a piece of paper and this morning, I used coins to keep track, but there must be a better way. Any thoughts?

    • I usually use a piece of paper to track. I use the four vertical lines then diagonal through for number five. I hope that makes sense (wishing I could draw it here right now. . .).

      Anyway, in my experience the simple ways to keep track like you mentioned seem best. Having a training partner to count can make it super easy. But personally, I prefer to and almost always train alone.

    • Hell yes! The only reason they are not in there is because I wanted a program that required ZERO equipment. If you are equipped for the pull up, then definitely do them.

  17. day 1

    workout: muscle gaining A

    5×5 Squat at 75 lbs.

    Superset max dip, max pull-up.
    bar dips: 3, 2, 1, 4, 0
    pull-ups: 2, 2, 1, 0, 1


    10am banana

    1:30pm apple, ham and cheddar or wheat bagel, banana chocolate smoothie

    4:00pm smoothie, small grape juice.

    5:30 spaghetti

    7:30 smoothie

    11:00pm ham and cheddar on sesame bagel

    Vic, I was squatting 105 earlier but hadn’t gotten to a gym after a move these last two weeks. Is it okay to jump to 85 next time I squat? At 75 lbs, I was only working prolly 80% full effort.

  18. A have a few questions concerning the diet. Keep in mind I’m at 15% body fat (83kgs BW) at the moment, and would like to be hitting single digits by the end of May.

    1) Is there a specific time after which dairy should not be consumed? Currently I’m having cottage cheese with a tomato around 8-10pm, 4 days a week. I also have 2×8 ounces of skimmed milk throughout the day, though I plan to cut this out in the last week like you did Vic.

    2) Are canned sardines allowed? I have one can 3 days a week around 8-10pm with a tomato or cucumber.

    3) What kind of nuts should be consumed? You seem to eat walnuts mostly, any other nuts that are allowed?

    4) Is lean beef allowed? It has 8 grams of fat per 100g, and I like to have 2×75 grams in a day. Or should I steer clear of that?

    5) Can I cut out carbohydrate rich foods completely? You said that you personally would some rice after a workout, is that necessary for me if I keep up with the veg and fruit?

    Thanks in advance,


  19. THANK YOU VIC.. so much… The incredible amount of thought and time you have put into this program for all of us is just AMAZING…i hope you know how much it is appreciated my friend. I am so psyched and ready to go.. i have every single plan hard copied…tagged..and even filed on my computer… NOTHING like being TOO SAFE.. I will ‘treasure’ this plan for always..not just the month of MAY.. so many options to keep me going thru the entire summer and then some~ I just wanted to let you know I am so “IN” however..due to a back strain..err…that I want to completely heal before I jump in.. I will be starting on Monday..LOL.. I am not taking any chances with my back. I can’t wait to start..looking at the videos of your exercises..needless to say I am giddy with I teach bodysculpt classes at my gym.. I can’t wait to ‘share some of the combos’ you have given us.. I just LOVE LOVE LOVE that Deck Squat BUrpee combo.. i told ‘them’ we were kicking up the month of MAY..and we started out yesterday not just with 1 TABATA round..but my girls kicked ass and made it thru 8 ROUNDS.. it was called the TABATA SOMETHING ELSE..from full tabatas (8 rounds each) of PUSHUPS, SIT UPS, SQUATS AND PULLUPS..only we do not have access to do pullups and I wanted to give them extra some cardio hahah so I subbed mountain climbers alternating with high knees for the last round. YAY.. they kicked IT and did IT… damn they had big smiling faces and we were “high Fiving” all around the ROOM. THANKS VIC.. so very much… and i’m so glad to hear the TSHIRTS will soon be available… NO MATTER WHAT.. I can’t wait to wear it proudly~ smiling from atlanta, ga~
    Lisa 🙂
    (sorry this was sooooo long…i get soooo

  20. Vic, this is great. My younger sister is looking to lose fat (~10lb on a small frame) and get into shape, and I’m looking for something to challenge myself on my non-TKD days (and lose 5 pounds, too), and this is something we can do together.

    One question, though; is it okay to switch between the gym and gymless fat loss tracks? I’d like to start in the gym, but my gym shuts down for cleaning for one week in May.

  21. Vic,

    Received an email telling me it’s not too late to sign up for the shredded for summer challenge.

    However I was under the impression I had already signed up and I started yesterday.

    Did I fail to sign up correctly?

    • Joe, that was an email to everyone to let them know they could still start the challenege if they wanted. If you’ve already started then keep it up man!

      – Vic

  22. Aaron, for this month you should be working pretty close to max effort every session. I want you to red line it for 31 days! You can rest in June if you want. So yes, go to 85lbs. And I don’t know what you currently weight, but even if you’re pretty light, you need to eat a hell of a lot more. I hope those smoothies are made with whole milk and peanut butter! Eat like it’s your job!

  23. I’d do the reverse of what I did: cut the dairy out immediately, and add it back in if you feel like you are getting too light. Better to hedge your bets at the front end, and make adjustments down the road.

    The sardines should be fine – just get the water packed kind. Lean beef is fine as well.

    Yes, you can cut out carbohydrate foods completely. If you choose to do so, I recommend you eat either a banana or carrots with a protein source immediately after your training. Both carrots and bananas are pretty high on the glycemic index and should give you the blood sugar spike that can be helpful post workout.

    Like I said earlier, with you already being pretty lean and the challenge only being 31 days, I’d go hard core from the start and scale it back if you feel like you are getting too light or your energy levels dip too low.

  24. Hi Lisa,
    Take care of your back. I’ve dealt with a nagging back injury since I was 17. I’m like 19 now. 🙂 I agree you should completely heal before you jump in.

    The burpee/deck squat combo is a good one. And tabata something else is no joke for sure (I’ve been to CrossFit Level I Cert.). And great to hear your own enthusiasm for our May challenge is carrying over to your own clients. That rocks!

    Train hard, but train safe!

  25. Day 2
    Name: Chris

    Workout: Rest..

    I know it is only the 2nd day and actually a workout is scheduled, but I’m dead tired and a workout now would be counterproductive. I slept only 5 hours, and had to work from 9am till 22pm today. Tomorrow I have similar day, so I’m going to get some extra sleep. (Not to forget to mention the fact that my legs are fried from yesterday’s workout :P)


    7.30: banana, apple, nuts
    10.30: Orange, Nuts
    13.30: 2 slices bread, 7 slices ham
    19.00: Noodles, chicken, veggies
    23.00: Kwark, nuts, flaxseeds

    Same as yesterday diet wasn’t perfect because of work, where we got lunch and dinner provided. But over all I ate less than yesterday.

    • Chris, sometimes we have to do what we can when we’re placed in less than ideal diet situations. If you could place your comments under the workout plan you are following, I’ll be able to coach with a little more detail. Keep up the good work and remember this general common sense guideline when you are in those less than ideal scenarios: When in doubt, if trying to lose weight – eat less. If trying to gain weight – eat more!

  26. Thanks for the response Vic. All makes sense, I’ll probabaly have a banana pre-workout, and a carrot post-workout, and flip the two around daily.

    Will get all sardines and tuna in brine only. I’ll continue with my beef, but try and mix it up here and there.

    Though one thing I am concerned about, how do I replace all the protein I’d be getting from the milk and cottage cheese? I noticed you were having quite a lot of milk daily, should I just go with having more nuts? If you could be so kind to recommend what to replace it with, I’d appreciate it.

    In addition, you missed one of my earlier questions, what are the best kind of nuts should I be eating? And, only a handful at a time, right?

    Thanks for all the time you’re putting into this,


    • Hi Ian. From your questions I’m guessing you are on one of the fat loss plans (putting your comments under the plan you’re on will help me out big time, please); let’s address the nuts first since I forgot that one before.

      I like almonds and walnuts simply because they are easy to find raw – no salt, no roasting in oil. But most nuts that fit that description – no salt, no oil – are going to be fine. Cashews and pecans can usually be found like this, although not as easily as almonds and walnuts. My fav? Hands down almonds. They travel well, taste great, and count out easy (I stick with 6 each serving when cutting weight).

      I’m not a counter of calories or protein grams. I use results as my judge and jury. And my verdict has been. . . you don’t need as much protein as is commonly pushed in the fitness mags and other media. Especially if fat loss is your goal. Eat three servings daily (2-4 eggs in the morning, 4-6 oz. chicken for lunch, 4-6 oz. lean beef for dinner as an example), and check your results. If you feel you are losing muscle mass, I’d bump up my protein by eating more of the lean meat and not more of the dairy. Yes, I consumed some dairy. But I also had an overall damned low caloric intake (by my guestimate) on the days I ate more dairy. The main thing to keep in mind is that it is only for 31 days. NOTHING catastrophic is going to happen if you go a month without dairy or don’t get one gram of protein per pound of bodyweight. Give it a try for 31 days and you can always go back to higher dairy intake if it’s right for you.

  27. I guess I should of made it formal here earlier, but of course I’m in this thing. I’ll be doing the muscle building challenge this month and had my first workout yesterday. The superset bar dip/pullups were tough, but it was awesome!

    The part about the eating being harder than the training is no joke at all. I never thought I’d be this full off of healthy stuff. One quick diet question: I usually work out late afternoon, so could you maybe give a sample days meals for someone like me or at least an idea of when I should be eating the evening meal. Generally I work out anywhere between five and seven depending on what’s been going on that day.

    Thanks a lot for making everything as clear as you did. I can’t wait to see what happens in a month.


    • Hi Mike. Great to hear you are in the 31 day challenge! If in the future you could place your questions under the plan you are following, it would be a big help to me and all of those following along. Many thanks!

      No problem with the training between 5 – 7:00pm. I’m guessing a lot of people train in that time slot (right after work for most). The meal plan example listed with the Muscle Building plan should be fine as-is for your training slot. The only adjustment you might want to make is to switch the last two meals around so that you are eating the milk, nuts, and fruit as close to the time you finish that last rep as possible. And that’s for no other reason than convenience – it’s easier to pack that stuff and take it with you to the gym (you could eat it on your drive home) than the “dinner” of meat, potatoes, and salad.

      Keep up the great work and train hard!

  28. i am gonna be sooooooo strong after this. Hell I just got finished knocking out 10,000 push ups for the month of April to help promote fitness or soldiers in combat. So I got my head start going! I’m gonna knock out that strength building workout and I’m also gonna incorporate that Tabata workout into the mix.

    • Saadiq, good to have you on board! And way to promote fitness for our military. As an Army vet, I sincerely appreciate your efforts. Keep us posted on your strength gaining efforts!

  29. Vic,
    Great site, great challenge.
    I’m in. Fat loss for beginners

    Based in Dubai so get the info a bit late but will follow a day behind.

    Is it ok to add weights to the program, ie weighted lunges, squats etc?

    Do we need to post before pics/current weight/state of fat assedness?

    No excuses…..


    • Chris, I dig your attitude – “No Excuses”. Thanks, man!

      Take your before pic and record your current weight now. And just hang on to them for now. We will provide details at the end of the challenge for submission of before and after pics and before and after weight. So hang on to them until we let you know how to submit (great question btw, we really weren’t too clear about the process).

      Yes, integrating weights into the no-gym workout is fine. Think of the plans I’ve provided as guidelines and not gospel. Although I think the plans are great as-is (patting my self on the back right. . . now!), the bottom line comes down to your results. At the same time, keep in mind it is only 31 days. Maybe try the plan as-is for the 31 days and then make adjustments for next month. I mean, you are going to keep training after the challenge aren’t you? Aren’t you??? Just kidding, man. Like I said, I appreciate your attitude and am looking forward to helping you through the challenge. Please place future questions under the plan you are following. Thanks!

  30. Thanks for the reply Vic. You’ve answered all my questions so far in a lot of detail, and I appreciate it. Its going to be nuts, veggies, fruit and leans meats only from now on. Oh, and water!

    I saw before that you asked to please post under the appropriate workout, problem is I’m not doing any specific one. I don’t know if you remember but I’ve emailed before about this, I do boxing three days a week, and kettlebell training two days a week on top of that. When I’m back home for holidays (11th May onward – which is where I plan on really cutting out any alcohol consumption whatsoever), I am doing kettlebell training and skipping 5 days a week.

    Would you like me to post under one of the workout plans anyway so that you no what my goal is (fat loss – so I’d post under Advanced Fat Loss Workout (no equipment, home workout))?

    Also, I have 3 minor questions left standing:

    1) What should I do about alcohol consumption? I know I should cut it out completely, but I’m in my last week of university for this year, and too many parties to ignore which I have to drink at. My plan is to drink only spirits with lots of ice as I’ve heard that’s less calories, and then on the 11th May when back home stick to the diet for the 3 weeks renaming 100%? What do you think? I know its no excuses allowed, but I can’t excuse not drinking for this coming week!

    2) Are spices allowed? I like to have a good two tablespoons of spices daily (paprika, cayenne pepper, chilli powder, curry powder, Tabasco sauce) with some meals. Is this allowed? I can’t see how its bad in any way?

    3) Finally, is there any chance you could cast your eye over the exercise I’ll be doing with my kettlebell and skipping rope when I;’m back home? I want to continue with it as I’ve been doing this program for a while and its been going well, and it works well for my boxing.

    Cheers again,


    • Ian, yes let’s keep your comments under the no gym advanced fat loss workout. It seems to be the closest fit to your training for the next month.

      Alcohol is poison. Period. One of my personal favorite poisons, but poison none the less. If I were in my last week of university before summer, I’d definitely consume some beverages. You’re only young once, man! Just know that it WILL compromise your results compared to not drinking at all.

      Spices are fine. Especially the ones you listed. Use them as much as you like. I LOVE Tabasco sauce!

      I’m happy to review your kettlebell and boxing workouts. Just list them in the no gym advanced fat loss program comment section and I’ll respond within 24 hours.

      Keep the training going strong, even if you are going to indulge a bit during your last week of school. Good luck!

  31. Ack, 3 days late to be in it to win it….

    I’m sure it’s too late to join for the contest, but, I am still going to do the challenge anyway!

    Work hard, all!

    • Hannah, you are not too late. Take your before pic and record your stating weight TODAY and then hit it hard for the rest of the month. So the other challengers have a few days head start . . . now worries, you can catch up with solid diet and training. Good luck!

  32. My last post here to say thanks for the response Vic, everything looks good, I’ll try not to indulge too much!

  33. Vic,

    We discussed in an earlier email that I”m working with my teenage son to build his strength for football. We’re using the 31 day strength building plan but I also need to lose weight. If I follow the eating plan will the exercise plan be enough to get me losing weight?

    Thanks for all your guidance!

    • If you follow the meal plan from the fat loss plan and do the workout from the strength plan, you should see some fat loss as well as strength gains. However, you will not see as much fat loss as you would by following one of the fat loss work out plans. The strength plan is not going to jack your heart rate to the level needed for optimum fat loss.

  34. Hi Vic – I’m joining the challenge starting today, if that’s ok. (I do realize I’m a couple days late!) I have been running marathons & such for the last 10+ years, just finished a half marathon this weekend, and am ready to recover from my chronic cardio lifestyle. I look forward to the challenge, what will be hard for me is cutting back on running but I think this will be a good “test” to show that I can be in good if not better shape by switching to the types of workouts you have outlined. I appreciate the work that you have done and will continue to check in over the next several weeks. Thanks!

  35. Hey Vic,
    Ran across your website yesterday and decided to start your challenge. I’ve been looking for something to get my butt back into gear, and I couldn’t help but get excited about what you’ve laid out. I started beginner/intermediate fat loss plan with no access to a gym. Day 1 went great…feels good to be huffing and puffing again. One question, I have a nagging hip problem that is aggravated with repetitive hip flexion. Are there any substitutes for the baby burpee that will get my heart rate up to the same level but cut down on the hip flexion a bit? Thanks for everything!

    • Hi Megan, the opening and closing of the hip are central to many movements in the plan including squats, lunges, squat jumps, and the baby burpee. Be careful with all of them and train to tolerance.

      You may sub any high impact movement for the baby burpee: hopscotch or squat jumps, with squat jumps being the better choice from a training effect standpoint, but possibly a worse choice when considering your hip situation.

      Listen to your body. Train hard but train smart.

      Also, if you could place future questions under the beginner fat loss plan with no gym I would greatly appreciate it. Many thanks!

  36. Hey Vic! Ok, I’m in. Since I can’t come back to Monster in the conceivable future (mornings really suck and we are broke) this is the next best thing… right?

    Advice on how to follow the diet and still feed the rest of family would be a GREAT newsletter topic!

    I miss you guys in the morning. Let’s see if I can do this 🙂

    • Hi Jane welcome to the 31 day challenge! I know people are already seeing results, so the challenge is definitely a good thing.

      And thanks for the idea on an article! Good luck and post any questions you have under the workout that you are doing.

  37. I want to start the advanced fat loss workout to make weight for an upcoming kick boxing tournament. I’m 5’10” and about 160lbs. I will be doing an intense “OYO” workout about 6 days a week for my training. should I alter the workout schedule at all? if so, what would you recommend?

    • JD, I’d follow the diet as close as you can for weight loss purposes. And I’d make your kickboxing training priority one, as far as training goes. If you are not used to weight training, I would go with the bodyweight program as the weight training will possibly make you extremely sore at first and limit your mobility for kickboxing. If possible split your training as far apart as possible on the days you’ll be doing both. As an example, do the GymJunkies workout at 7:00am and your kickboxing at 6:00pm. Good luck on your upcoming tournament and post your future questions under the program you are following. Thanks!

  38. Vic, saw the email update on your onsite recruits. Awesome…Keep it up guys! Just wanted to pass along my 4.5lb drop as well. Looking at 180.5lb right now and just about puked my guts out after Workout A. What the heck!?! Talk about INTENSITY. Felt like I was back in 2-a-day football practice. Kicked my butt! Thanks for the help. As for the munchies, sticking to the plan as much as possible. Substituting protein shakes (GoldStandard/100%whey) where it makes sense. Any thoughts on the shakes?

    SideNote: Let me know if you want me to put together a hardcore video promo with your current recruits. Feel free to check out the site.

    Thanks for all your help! FTW! FTW!

    • Congrats on 4.5lb drop! Keep up the good work.

      I’m not a fan of protein shakes. You just can’t beat real food. But sometimes, life forces us to make the best choice possible even if it’s not the ideal choice. So if the shake is your only option, use it if you must.

      I find that a little pre-planning (cooking and packaging all meals for the week on one day) can go a long way in preventing the need for “fake food”.

      And more video on Arvin, John, and Lyndsey coming soon. . .

  39. is workout A for at home begginers, says push ups but the video shows lunges, am i to do push ups or lunges? i just started my 31 days challenge since i just got back from a trip! so better late than never!!

  40. Hey Vic
    I have to thank you for really giving us a push in the right direction. My for the longest time has been to get shredded by my birthday, and this program was exactly what I asked for. I have one question: I have been known to be a bit OCD, and reviewing your overall diet I noticed it wasn’t the protein bomb most fitness sites recommend, but was rather balanced with a focus on fruits.

    • JE, I suggest giving my diet a try for 31 days. Your muscles will not shrivel away to to lack of protein in 31 days. And for weight loss purposes, I suggest the diet has plenty of protein.

      People are starting to hit the workouts for the second time during this week and are reporting increasing their weight used and/or reducing the time it takes to complete the workout. Let the results speak for themselves.

  41. Hey Vic!
    Awesome program! I only find GymJunkies yesterday, so I’m a bit late into the challenge, but I intend to stay on this program for my own 31 day challenge.


    • Thanks Timothy and welcome to GymJunkies. Be sure to post any questions you have in the comments section of the workout you are following. Good luck and train hard!

  42. 2nd time I’ve chimed in on this.

    I started the strength challenge late and actually missed a week’s worth of workouts due to various things (mostly my fault, but I’ve noticed some considerable strength changes already.

    After coming out of 4 or 5 years of practically no lifting and a piss-poor lifestyle, I spent a few weeks prior to the challenge deadlifting around 135-155 lbs to practice my form (felt awkward when I tried to pull “best” when i stopped lifting before).

    When I started the challenge, I managed to get 215 up…which was nice.

    Today, still trying to find my 5 rep max, I pulled 200 for 5 reps on my last set. I was stoked!!

    That’s motivated me to make sure I finish the full 31 days, even if only for myself.

    BTW, I’m 31. 5’11. approx 165 lbs. (very skinny-fat and trying to change it lol).

    • Way to go, Brian. Yes, take the time to get that technique down before aggressively increasing the weight. My guestimate is that you can pull at least 225 for one rep without much problem. Train hard but train safe!

  43. Hey Vic,

    I tried to reply to your “What YOU should do after the 31 Day Challenge…” email, but am getting a “permanent failure” reply. Please keep me posted on those developments!

    FYI, this morning, I weighed in at 7.0 pounds less (170.2) than I did on the first day (177.2) and 9.6 pounds less than the most I’ve weighed during the challenged (179.8). Granted, I had a stomach bug the last two days and haven’t had much of an appetite, so the actual weight loss is probably more like 5 pounds, which I’ll still take. This experience has really driven home the importance of nutrition when it comes to achieving fat loss goals!


    • Many thanks for letting me know about the reply issue with the email. And congrats on the weight loss; I wish it was my stellar exercise programing but nutrition is THE key to losing weight.

  44. Hi Vic-
    I just found this site (very cool by the way) and it’s basically the end of your challenge- I was wondering if you were planning on starting another one in June for the latecomers like myself?
    – Lauren


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