3 Reasons Why Training At Home Can Be Better Than The Gym



It’s been over a month now since I owned my own gym. And although I LOVED my gym and feel that I had a dream set up, I’ve been getting some great training in at home.

Below are three reasons why home workout for beginner can be better than going to the gym.

Home Workouts… 

#1 Convenience

I keep some kettlebells and a Concept 2 rower in my bedroom so I literally roll out of bed into my morning workout. No commute to and from the gym, no packing a gym bag, and no waiting on the jack ass doing curls in the power rack. Working out at home easily saves me an hour that I can put towards playing with Coda or writing my next article.

#2 Privacy

That annoying jack ass who can’t put his cell phone down between sets? Yeah, I never see him during my home workouts. The old dude who refuses to wear a towel in the locker room? Not seeing him either. Oh, and the salesman trying to lock you into a year of their substandard personal training services? Definitely not having to deal with that! I select the music, the volume of the music, and even train in my underwear when I feel like it. I know, that crossed the “too much information” line. . .

#3 Save Money

So you pay $40 per month for that fancy corporate gym. Over the course of a year that is $480. Over five years it’s $2,400 and over ten it’s $4,800. And I’m not even factoring in the costs of gasoline for your gym commute or the “opportunity costs” where you could be working and making money during the time wasted by going to the gym.

You could lay out a home gym set up at any of those price points (or cheaper) that would last a life time. And I’ll give you a shopping list to do just that.

Stay tuned. . . in my next post I’ll name names and give links breaking down my exact equipment recommendations for the ultimate home gym at any price.

Do you train at home? What are some of the advantages – and disadvantages – that you have found with your home workouts? Let me know in the comments below.

– Vic

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3 Reasons Why Training At Home Can Be Better Than The Gym
Article Name
3 Reasons Why Training At Home Can Be Better Than The Gym
It’s been over a month now since I owned my own gym. And although I LOVED my gym and feel that I had a dream set up, I’ve been getting some great training in at home.
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Gym Junkies
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  1. Hi Vic,

    Great post. I would love to be able to workout at home, but just don’t really have the room for a power rack. I do squants, deads, and bench regularly and definitely don’t hvae the room.

    Other than that though, Kettlebell’s and sandbags are great for home use, and also my beloved Tractor Tire!

    • True, a barbell set up can take up some space. And if you can afford the time and expense of going to the gym, it is often the best solution for getting in the major barbell movements. Now the kettlebells, sandbags, and tires. . . that’s the fun shit right there! Keep up the great work, Ray!

  2. Vic I have been working out at home since last year, I had to start out slow I weighed 252 lbs at 5’8′” with a 42 inch waist, I now am 180 and have a 32 inch waist, I do push ups, pull ups, use dumb bells and piece of equipment that uses body weight call a sports rider that my wife bought on sale for 30.00. I luv working out at hmoe becouse once I go to work I there for 12 hours. It save time and money.

  3. Hi Vic, training at home certainly has its merits. As you don’t need to go anywhere special to train, you negate the excuse that you’re too busy to train. You can also save a lot of money and time.

    However, there’re certain things that gone training can’t give you. Without the other occupants of a gym to push you to your limits, you won’t have that great a challenge that you must definitely train at a higher intensity than the next man/woman. Also, you can’t train for maximal strength as in a heavy squat/bench. It’d just be too dangerous without a spotter.

    Personally, I’ve never given much thought for weights. I’ve gotten down to single digit body fat while on bodyweight-only exercises and mastered the one-armed pushup as in convict conditioning. Really, you don’t have to really invest in much equipment if you’re motivated enough. I think that setting tough goals really pushes you to perform best than your last session.

    • Great points, Clement. I agree that most people push harder when training with others. Then again, there are those of us who prefer the solitude and actually won’t flirt with the red line unless we are alone. I’m one of those types and haven’t used a training partner in . . . well, I guess I’ve NEVER really used a training partner. I’m a lone wolf like that though.

      As far as safety in the squat and bench, this is how I always got around it. For the bench, use dumbbells instead of a barbell – you can always just drop them if it’s an emergency situation. For squats, I used bumper plates – and again, just drop that shit if you’re really in trouble.

      And awesome for getting down to single digit body fat with bodyweight training. My own training always includes plenty of push ups and pull ups!

      Thanks for the comment!

  4. Vic,
    I started in the original Rocky Road then moved to C-bus and joined numerous gyms. Now my wife and I get up at 4:40 am and head to the basement gym. It is great. I have a partner, kids are asleep and i can wear what i want and not get kicked out. I did have to improvise because i do lack some equipment but we made it work…love it.!
    Good luck to you!
    Carlo Recinella

    • Damnnn, Carlo. 4:40am is dedication! That’s so awesome that you not only get your training in first thing, but also get some quality time in with your spouse first thing. Thanks for sharing!

  5. I’ve been workout out in my basement “gym” since May of last year. I built a homemade power rack out of lumber and bought a 300lb Olympic weight set. Got another 170 lbs off of craigslist. I set up a pull-up bar salvaged from a stainless steel bathroom grab-bar, and built a set of homemade rings. Later I got a adjustable bench and another 200lbs of standard weight from craigslist. I feel i can get everything i need a gym.. at home. this all fits in about 100 sq. ft. The only problem is the ceiling height in the basement. I have to do presses sitting on my bench.

    Honestly, I don’t think I’ll ever join a gym again. I love the freedom of my home gym. I do try to stick to a strict schedule so i don’t become too complacent. The only drawback to my basement is I miss the “scenery” in a gym and not being able to bench press as much weight as I think I can (no spotter). However, I am working on a self spotting apparatus.

  6. Hiya Vic

    So glad to hear you’re back in training. Hope you’re eating less donuts too!! Not that I can ever figure why people like them, so sickly! But hey, each to their own 🙂

    I have worked out at home for over a year and much prefer it to a gym. I agree with all your advantages. My additional dis/advantages are as follows:


    1. you’re only accountable to yourself which sometimes means you can get low on self motivation.

    2. You can upset the neighbours! (I have an apartment below me and the guy can hear me jumping around and has complained about it – not that I take any notice as he’s obviously an idiot and its not my problem he works from home, but it does make me jump less vigorously, or even not do any jumping type exercises if I know he’s in!)

    3. Agree with above that sometimes you need a partner to spot or generally encourage/support/compete with you.

    4. You might have to clear/store your equipment away when you have visitors!

    Added Advantages:

    1. You choose the time, the moment, the conditions, the mood, the ambiance, the pace, the routine etc.

    2. You dont pick up strangers bugs or smells!

    3. Nobody looks at you so no need to be self conscious. If you wanna scream or curse or sing along or make funny faces, you just do it! lol (no video’s allowed round here when I work out 😉

    4. You got your own shower at hand for relaxing after care 🙂

    Think that’s about it for now, but there are probably more………….

    Take care

    Tusc 😀

    • Very true, Tusc. You do have to consider your particular environment (like if you have neighbors living below you). I particularly like your #3 advantage – I love training alone because of that very reason.

  7. One advantage to at home workouts, is that you are free to grunt, squeal, or whimper accordingly and not bother others or embarrass yourself by doing so.

    • Oh yes, I’m a whimperer. And likely wouldn’t be if others were around. Sprawled out on the floor, heart jackhammering away, barely able to breath. . . I don’t think I’d do that in some big corporate gym with others around. Maybe I have ego issues. . .

  8. hey vic If you open another gym in the future, what will you say to entice people Re: working out at home or join a gym?

    • I never owned an “open gym” where people could just come in and workout on their own. People came to my gym for the expert guidance, whether one on one or in group classes, and that is the angle I would use again if I returned to that situation. That being said. . . I’m pretty sure my days as a gym owner are behind me. If I train clients again (and I likely will), I will train them out of my home. Funny thing is, that’s how I got started – amazing how things often come full circle. Thanks!

  9. Why I train at home.

    1. I don’t have to listen to Alphabeat non stop.
    2. I don’t have to wait for Captain Upper Body to finish his Curls before I can Squat.
    3. I don’t have to listen to advice from Charlatans who have been training for “20 years” and can’t Squat 200lbs.
    4. Nobody at home says “Squat will destroy your knees and Deadlifts will kill your Back.”
    5. I can do Olympic lifts at home.

  10. Hey dude,

    Great article! I love training at home. I’ve done it most of my life.

    Most of the reasons I enjoy training solo at home are covered in the comments all ready.

    I noticed one person mentioned not having other people to train with …

    I’ve found it very useful to build up a ‘network’ of people who train at home … It helps to add variety …

    For example, I’ve always had mats, pads, mitts, shin guards, 16oz gloves etc. so I often have friends around for sparring.

    I have a few friends who are kettlebell freaks, so when I want to lift some heavy bells I’ll either go around to one of their houses and toss their BIG bells around, or get them to lend me a 56kg or 64kg for a week or so.

    Another friend of mine is into strongman and he has some HUGE tyres and a big collection of sledge hammers, kegs, sand bags etc. I’ve spent many an enjoyable weekend training with him.

    My regular training partner has an olympic bar and 200kg of weight, so that’s where I usually do my powerlifting sessions (a ten minute walk from my house).

    At any rate, my point is … build a setup that enables you to achieve your particular training goals, share your resources with your friends and utilize your training ‘network’ to add variety and camaraderie to your own training … It’s always worked very well for me.


  11. Hey Vic

    This is the first time that I’ve ever commented on your blog. I’ve been reading your blog and many others for some time but never felt the need to leave comments. Its funny I just found out recently from your profile that you live in Ohio and went to Capital law. I was born and raised in Ohio and I went to Captial University for three years and played football. My girlfriend and I live out in Las Vegas now and I am in the process of setting up a home gym to train clients. I really dig your style of fitness and I’ve been training this way for a long time. I used to get crazy looks from people at the gym all the time. The worst was when people would stop me and interrupt my workout because they were curious. They would always ask me what I was traning for or if I was a fighter(MMA is big in vegas). I would always say that I was training for “LIFE”. I think I confused them even more when I said that haha. I train exclusively at home now and love it. My neighbors below probably don’t like the noise very much but I’m respectful and usually go outside for exercises that make a lot of noise. I use a kettlebell, pull-up bar, resistance bands, sandbags, waterball, tornado ball, and swiss ball. I also have an olypic bar and plates but I usually go outside to my yard and do cleans and deadlifts to avoid to much noise. The weather in Vegas is nice enough to train outside most of the year. Another great option is going to the park and training, I do this a lot. The park close to my house has everything I need. A recent workout I just did at the park was a 1 mile run, 50 burpee pull-ups, finished with another 1 mile run. I’ve been preaching to people for a long time that you don’t need to trian at a gym to get in great shape. Actually you don’t even really need equipment to stay in shape, people under estimate how important body weight exercises are and the variations that can be done. Anyway great blog man keep up the good articles. I should have a blog up and running very soon with articles and video’s.



    • Hi Jeremy and many thanks for your comment. I hope you chime in more often as you obviously have a solid training style (and always good to hear from a fellow former Cap student). And yeah, you have to love the odd stares in the gym when you do anything coming close to intensity. Another great reason to train at home! Thanks again.

  12. Hello, Vic. Ran into your site by a Google Reader suggestion. Lol!

    Anyway, I’m seriously thinking about working out at home only. Do you think it’s possible to build muscle and/or cut down without a gym? If so, what should I buy to begin working out at home? Push bands, dumbbells and weights, a door pull up bar?

    Thanks a lot in advance. And cheers from Brazil.

  13. Hey Vic, how are you.

    Thanks for another enjoyable lesson. It’s a pleasure reading your posts, you come across as being upfront, caring and sincere which are rare qualities.

    Initially I had been trained as certified pro health coach via a gym at Sports Institute, I’ve always been involved training clients spending most of my waking hours there.

    To be honest, nothing beats the feeling of freedom working at home, especially when you can get deep into your head space for truly undisturbed workouts.

    I’ve also had the advantages of having top brand name elite equipment made from my ex boyfriend, a leading edge fitness designer at ridiculous low dollars which helps 🙂

  14. Hi there

    I decided to get a power rack and barbell set last year and it was one of the best decisions i ever made.There are some downsides to it to but not that many.I miss the people who used to be thereat the gym as well.But now i get to train the way i want and don t get pts telling me to jump from one machine to the other…i can even do pull ups and chins which i never could back then cause they kept telling me i would be disapointed…at home you can keep on trying and there is no one there to watch you.And you know what the power rack is there right in the middle of the living room

  15. Hi Vic,

    do you think you can get maximum fat loss with at home body weight workouts or do you think to acheive maximum fat loss you need the equipment of a gym?

  16. Totally agree Vic,

    working out at home is a great way to save money, but i find it really hard to motivate myself at home, is there anything you do to get motivated, listen to certain music etc?

    Cheers and great site!

    • I’ve always preferred to train alone. I usually listen to music but not always. Sometimes I’ll look at pictures of myself when I was in top shape or of other fit pros that I admire (I’m a huge Steve Maxwell fan), but not always. Sometimes I think of my ex-girlfriend and how I want her to think “Damn, I shouldn’t have dumped him.” when she runs into me. Sometimes I hear the clock tick and realize I’ll be 40 before I know it. For a short video about the things that motivate me to train, check out the first video at the link below:


  17. Nice website bro, definately agree with the home workouts, just started a blog as well to help people out with home workouts, anyways, great site, nice to hear about you

  18. I currently work out at home. First of all, wow, your gyms are cheap! Costs a bit more than twice as much to go to a gym over here… (Switzerland)

    What I like most about training at home is the privacy and not having to wait for others to finish up with a machine or set of weights I want to use.

    On the other hand, sometimes I wish I had access to more equipment, like you get at a gym.

  19. Superb article. I wish I had the space for a power rack so I could work out in the comfort of my own home, but alas, there is none. Not only do I not have the space, but I also frequently do squats, deadlifts, and bench presses.


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