What Can A Drill Sergeant Can Teach You About Working Out?


Military Man

It was our final day under the rule of the Drill Sergeants at Ft. Benning. And they wanted to give us something to remember them by.

Make It Happen…

Drill Sergeant Fowler yelled over to a group of “broke dicks”, Army slang for soldiers who had an injury or other medical restriction that prohibited them from physical training.

He ordered the broke dicks to go to the laundry room and fill up the water jugs. He ordered the rest of us who were fit for duty to “the hill”. It was obvious that he intended on giving us a physically exerting and muddy farewell. So there we stood on the soon-to-be muddy hill, anticipating doing push ups and low crawling through the wet earth of Georgia on a crisp November morning.

One of the broke dicks came out of the laundry room and approached Drill Sergeant Fowler with an empty water jug. “Drill Sergeant, the water jugs are too big to fit under the faucets in the sink and we can’t fill them up.” Seething with frustration the Drill Sergeant turned and bellowed, “Private, if the good Lord had placed your pecker square in the middle of your back, you’d still find a way to jerk off, wouldn’t you?”

Of all of the Army euphemisms, I would hear during my service, it was this one that I would return to time and time again.

Never quit. Masturbation jokes aside, that’s all the Drill Sergeant really meant. Make no excuses. Make it happen. Find a way.

And there is always a way. It might not be ideal, it might be less than you want at the time, but there is always a way to move closer to what you want.

Right now my own training is not going exactly the way I would like. When I work out at my gym, I am constantly distracted by business tasks. Even when I block off the time, an employee question or a ringing phone inevitably interrupts.

So now I work out at home most days. I don’t have a barbell or pull up bar or squat rack at the house – in fact the only piece of equipment I use at home is a 70 lb. sandbag. But I’m making due when I could have just as easily quit and decided to not train at all.

Maybe Drill Sergeant Fowler’s reference to the male anatomy is a little crude for you. So find another reference. But make no excuses. Make it happen. Find another way.

What excuses are you making?  Leave me a comment below and let me know…

As a last remark… many thanks to all military personnel, past and present, for your service. Happy Veteran’s Day.

– Vic

What Can A Drill Sergeant Can Teach You About Working Out?
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What Can A Drill Sergeant Can Teach You About Working Out?
It was our final day under the rule of the Drill Sergeants at Ft. Benning. And they wanted to give us something to remember them by.
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Gym Junkies
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  1. Awesome post Vic! It is definitely true; there is always a way to do something and to get it done. Since starting my first 31 Day Challenge on October 1st, there have been no excuses. Up at 4:30am, Train Hard, Start my day…….I also would like to say thank you to Veterans and Military personnel everywhere, past and present. Thank you for what you do.

  2. Great post. It seems like people want everything done for them or handed to them these days. My philosophy is to make it happen by any means necessary. Thank you for your service.

  3. Well, I laughed out loud! lol

    Would it be correct to laugh at that in the army? The drill sergeant should be a comic! 🙂

    I also would like to give thanks to our soldiers – another 6 gave their lives for us (UK) yesterday 🙁

    I pray for world peace,

    Tusc xx

  4. Thanks Vic, very timely post for me personally. I have been dealing with a non-serious health issue recently, one that has left me leary of HIIT exertion and heavy lifting. So rather than just lighten up and do what I can, I have found myself sulking and not doing much. Thanks for the wake-up call. I’m stopping at the gym on my way home tonight and will do whatever I can, rinse/repeat tomorrow and the next, etc. And thanks to you and all vets and active duty military.

    Another interesting side note here – the more time away from training, the more my head gets in a bad place and my mood plummets, making a return to training even more difficult. It’s a viscious cycle; better to do whatever you can than nothing.


    • Yes, Sue – it can be a vicious cycle down the motivation tubes. Sometimes you just have to grit your teeth and get back on track. That first day might be tough, but every day builds on the next. Do what you can. And when your body is ready. . . Train Hard!

  5. Me likes! Yes I agree there should be no excuses! There is no excuse for being overweight. I am finding it tough at 40 to lose weight but I have never thought of giving up. Of course I like exercise so it makes a wee tiny bit bit easier. Of ocurse your motivation really helps:-)
    I have to know – did the “broken dick” finally fill the jug and how?


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