Friday Night Links



Here are some of the best fitness posts from this past week that I like to call Friday Night Links. It was a bit of a slow week with most blogs because of the Holidays, but I think it will pick up again next week.

The 6 Best Links Of The Week

Avoding a Typical BodyBuilding Split

  • Rusty over at takes an indepth look at workout splits.  Great post!

Chain Situps by the Diesel Crew

  • The Diesel Crew continues their innovative ways with a killer core workout with chains.

Steve Maxwell’s grueling New Years circuit

  • Seriously Steve? You’re killin it man!  6 count burpees, pullups and jumping rope.

Reflecting, Regrouping and Resolving

  • Mark’s Daily Apple gives some great tips for going over your 2008 and preppin for 2009.

Mike Robertson’s new site

  • Mike’s new site launches with a new design.  Pretty sweet, if I do say so myself.

Congrats to

  • They’ve been online for 5 years now.  That’s a hell of an accomplishment in the fickle fitness market.  Congrats Scott.

Questions, Comments?

Did I miss any good posts?  Please leave me a comment below if you made a good post, or read a great post this week!

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