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Green Cofee Work-

Is Green Coffee Extract Worth It?

Branching off of that popular weight loss supplement comes green coffee extract. As you might have guessed, it comes from green coffee beans and, while it is similar to regular coffee beans, it has higher amounts of chlorogenic acid. This is all the rage right now, because a ton of popular health experts (like Dr. Oz) has brought some major attention to it.

A recent look at 5 human trials saw that higher doses of chlorogenic acid through green coffee extract (and by higher, we mean about 400 to 800 mg of chlolrogenic acid each day) can help with fat loss. However, keep in mind these studies might not be have been completely unbiased, because the funding sources came from the companies that produce the green coffee extract.

How we feel about it – high dosages of green coffee extract can aid you in your weight loss journey. But we feel like more research (unbiased research, that is) should be done in order to give us a clearer answer.

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