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Garcinia Camogia Work-

Does Garcinia Camogia Work in Diet Pills?

Next up is another hot commodity – garcinia cambogia. Diet pills featuring GC blew up and this ingredient was everywhere – and we mean everywhere. Garcinia cambogia is actually a small fruit that can be found in Asian and Indian cuisines.

It’s been categorized among diet pills that work. Some even claim that it’s one of the top weight loss supplements.

Unfortunately, these claims don’t seem to do much justice. While it does serve up a good natural source of hydroxycitric acid, and has a ton of media attention behind it, there isn’t much else.

A few rats did show that the garcinia cambogia helped cut back on weight gain during times of overfeeding. This happened by suppressing the fatty acid, synthesis, which is found in the liver.

When it came to human research, however, things changed a bit. 12 random clinical trials showed a few things. Two studies found there was no different in terms of weight loss when one group took garcinia cambogia supplements and another took a placebo. And a lot of the studies results were smudged by some major flaws in execution.

Our opinion: be aware of the hype machine, but many users have reported really positive results with garcinia cambogia supplements.

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