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Raspberry Ketone: A Natural Addition for Clean Diet Pills?

Another big supplement that was all anyone could talk for a while about is raspberry ketone. These compounds give the red raspberry you eat the delicious smell they have. Surprisingly, it’s found in a few other fruits, like cranberry and blackberry.

Seems kind of random, huh? How the heck did it start getting attention in the weight loss industry?

It actually started with a few different animal studies. One of these studies showed that incorporating a raspberry ketone supplement actually stopping the animal from gaining weight. It did this by increasing fat oxidation as well as lipolysis.

This sounds pretty legit … until we take a look closer. As we know, animal research isn’t going to be the same effectiveness as human research. The two just don’t have similar enough bodies, especially when it comes to various metabolic functions and processes.

Next, one of the research studies focused on rats in vitro research. This is when parts of living rats were removed and put in isolation in order to be studied, instead of having the research on actual living organisms. This is called vivo research. Vitro research isn’t as promising because living organisms are completely different.

And, in the vivo research, it showed that the prevention of weight gain was likely due to one key fact – a HUGE dose. It was about 20g/kg of body weight. To put this in perspective, that is about 4761 times more than the average intake for humans.

There is, however, one human trial that was conducted. And it did show it was effective. The issue with this – it was coupled up with many other things, including ginger, garlic, caffeine, capsaicin, and citrus aurantium. So really, there is no sure-fire way that’ll point to weight loss from the raspberry ketone alone.

We have to say: this is another natural ingredient for diet pills that won’t hurt you, but don’t expect miracles.

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