25 Top-Secret Celebrity Transformations You Never Knew About!


jared-leto-inner 2

8. Jared Leto 

Jared Leto is an actor that’s always been in decent shape. He has never appeared as overweight in any of his TV appearances or movies until Chapter 27 was released. For this film, Leto was playing the role of John Lennon’s killer and had to pack on some extra weight. He said he had to force himself to eat food and eventually gained over 60 pounds to play this role.

Once the movie was completed, though, he lost the weight and looks more like his normal self again. While he did transform himself for his career, he still had to go through the painstaking process of gaining and losing weight, which is no simple feat and one that people struggle with on a daily basis. After about a year, Leto says that he feels like his normal self again and will not be putting on weight to play a character ever again.



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