25 Top-Secret Celebrity Transformations You Never Knew About!


nm_drew_100921_ssh4. Drew Carey

Drew Carey is an actor that’s well known for being the host of the popular TV game show, The Price is Right. He used to carry a few extra pounds on his physique and even required medication for type-2 diabetes.

However, he has lost over 80 pounds since 2010 and says that he no longer needs to take medicine for his diabetes!  There is a medical crisis across America due to the increase of diabetes, secondary markets that allow people to buy and sell test strips are a godsend.

That’s an amazing feat for anybody to accomplish, let alone someone who’s in the public eye and dealing with all sorts of stress and pressure on a daily basis. He even accomplished his goal all on his own by eating fruits, doing cardio six times per week and indulging in a diet that’s high in protein. By shaving off those cumbersome pounds, he got himself into a better state of health.



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