CBD: History, Products, And Effects



CBD: History, Products, And Effects 

You probably have heard lately about a lot of emerging CBD products in the market.

It is becoming famous that it can be seen almost everywhere. What is CBD really, and why did it become known to many?

We must see the information about this, especially if you are planning to use it.

What Is CBD?

Cannabidiol is one of the components that can be found in Cannabis. Cannabis is a plant genus where hemp plants and marijuana plants descend. CBD came from hemp plants, while marijuana has high THC content. 


According to an article, the origin of the use of Cannabis can be traced back more than 5,000 years ago (https://www.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/pmc/articles/PMC5312634/). Cannabis was recognized in the United States for its medicinal properties during the 19th and the early 20th centuries. 

In 1937, the use and sale of Cannabis were federally prohibited through the Marijuana Tax Act. In 1996, through the Compassionate Use Act, California was the first state to legalize Cannabis for medical purposes with a physician’s prescription. 

Then in 2017, twenty-eight states have enacted legislation governing medical cannabis sale and consumption. Some of the States included are Guam, Washington DC, and Puerto Rico. Also, in the District of Columbia, twenty-one states have allowed possession of marijuana in small amounts. Among these twenty-one states, included are Colorado, Alaska, California, Maine, and Oregon, where marijuana was legalized for adult recreation.

In December 2018, President Trump signed the Farm Bill into Law (or the Agriculture Improvement Act of 2018), including the Hemp Production Program. 



Since the popularity and legalization of Cannabidiol and the growing of hemp, many products have emerged containing it. Producers are very creative in making certain products that can be consumed by different ages.

Also, you can see it here online and basically everywhere! Following are some of the CBD products available in the market:

Orally Ingested

  1. CBD oil
  2. Gummies
  3. Chocolates
  4. Honey Sticks
  5. Capsule

These can be taken directly, mixed with food and drinks, put under the tongue, or dropped in the mouth.

Topical Products

  1. CBD lotion
  2. Hand Sanitizer
  3. Patches

Works pretty well by rubbing in skin and patching when needed. Athletes have to find patches compelling every time they experience muscle pain. 

Other CBD Products:

Other CBD Products:

  1. Isolate
  2. Wax
  3. Vape Cartridges
  4. Flowers

These are burnt through the fire, and smoke/vapors are inhaled. Flowers may also be taken orally.


A lot of debates have been made about the use of Cannabidiol. Some say it is not safe at all while studies show there are benefits in using it, though there are some speculations that it is not true since there is not enough proof. 

Several pieces of research have identified the effects of CBD consumption, both positive and negative. Following are some of the identified impacts:


  • Helps with heart health
  • Lowers down blood glucose
  • May reduce acne
  • Good pain reliever
  • Does not make you “high.” 
  • Works as anti-depressant
  • May reduce anxiety
  • May help with cancer-related symptoms
  • It may have neuroprotective properties that help with the treatment of neurological disorders like epilepsy and multiple sclerosis. It is also said to help with the symptoms of Alzheimer’s disease, as well as Parkinson’s disease.
  • Improve the quality of sleep/ helps with insomnia
  • Decrease inflammation
  • It has anti-tumor effects
  • Helps prevent Diabetes

These are the reasons why people are consuming Cannabidiol products; even others are looking at it negatively. Some of these positive effects were not just results of research but also testimonies of those who have consumed it. 


  • May cause liver damage
  • Lowers down blood pressure
  • Fatigue
  • Diarrhea
  • Weight loss
  • It may also interact with different medications

Consumers rarely experience these adverse effects. 

Effects may also vary depending on how your body reacts to the Cannabidiol product taken. There are people whose bodies are taking CBD well, thus giving them the positive effects. Moreover, we should not forget the dosage of the CBD that we are taking.

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Conclusion: Take-Away

In conclusion, CBD has been legalized already, there are a variety of products offered and marijuana packaging companies in the market already. Effects are also presented. Effects are also presented. Therefore, you may decide on your own if you want to try it out. Most importantly, ask your doctor before consuming it or if you experience something unusual after taking it. 

-Terry Asher

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CBD: History, Products, And Effects
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CBD: History, Products, And Effects
What is CBD really, and why did it become known to many? We must see the information about this, CBD: History, Products, And Effects
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