Twelve Effective Tips For Getting Lean And Fit


Twelve Effective Tips For Getting Lean And Fit

Do you secretly wish to be a leaner version of yourself but don’t know where to start?

Perhaps you have a busy schedule that doesn’t let you focus on your health or wellbeing, unlike many gym junkies.

Maybe you are not as obsessed with developing muscles or strength, but you do want to be more in shape. And you are not alone in that, the whole strict gym culture makes it hard for regular people to grasp the true meaning of being fit, and many newbies fail to keep up with the fast pace training regime. 

However, you shouldn’t be dependent on a gym to be in shape. With some simple practice and tips, you can start your quest for being lean and fit. Wondering how?

Let’s read on to find out.

Before we dive into the discussion let’s clarify one issue, losing weight and being fit are not the same. Being in shape focuses on shedding fats while keeping lean muscles.  

Follow a Protein-Based Diet

Follow a Protein-Based Diet

When it comes to developing muscle, protein is your friend. Protein is abundant in nutrients that make up almost all the human body. The amino acids in protein help you recover muscle tissues and maintain their structure.

If you don’t have a protein-based diet while you are on an exercise routine, you will not replenish the muscle mass loss during exercise. According to WHO, 10%-15% of your total calorie intake should be protein-based. Protein needs more calories to burn and helps to boost your metabolism. 

So include lean protein in your diet- add white-fleshed fish, beans, lentils, plain yogurt, tofu, peanut butter, poultry, and lean beef in your diet. To get a wholesome benefit, you should include at least one source of protein in every meal. If you are looking for a good source of lean protein, you can browse Muscle Food Review to learn more about muscle-boosting protein.

Focus on Muscle Gain, Weight Loss Will Be a By-Product

For getting lean you need to shed fats, not lose weight. Although in some cases weight loss can be a by-product of getting in shape. Don’t restrict your diet to lose weight while exercising.

Provide your body with the necessary nutrients to burn calories and regain muscle structure after the exercise; weight loss can be achieved as a by-product.

Focus on Cardio

Focus on Cardio

If you want to lose fat, you have to focus on cardio training. When your body burns more calories than what you take, it will start burning fat instead of calorie. 

You can either try simple cardio at home or take up swimming, biking, rowing. Even simply running up and down the stairs can have a noticeable effect on your fat burning.    

Try Heavy Lifting

Try Heavy Lifting

While cardio will help you burn excess fat, heavy lifting will help you develop muscles. Even if developing muscles is not your goal, you have to replenish the muscles you lose due to cardio exercise.

If you are heavy lifting, try total body lifting that includes several of your muscle groups during the lifting movement. You will get a faster and effective result.

Eat High-Quality Carbs and Fibers

Fruit vegetables, whole grain carbs, and oatmeal provide good quality carbs. Fruits and vegetables are high in minerals, and vitamins and they are voluminous; it makes you full by eating less. They can also boost your metabolism while you are aiming for muscle gain.

Stay Hydrated

Stay Hydrated

Drinking water can expel toxins and pollutants from your body and improve cell activity. Besides, water can also work as a hunger suppressor; if you drink a glass of water right before your meal, you will feel less hungry.

If you want a more effective result, add a little ice to your water. When you drink cold water, your body works extra hard to level the water temperature with your body temperature. Hence, Coldwater is effective in boosting metabolism and burning calories faster.

Improve Your Sleep Pattern

Improve Your Sleep Pattern

It is impossible to stay fit while ignoring your sleep pattern. A good deal of research is highlighting the connection between sleep, metabolism, and wellness. While you might think sleep is the time when your body stays dormant, it is the recovery time for your body. 

If you compromise with sleep your body will not get a chance to recover from all the workouts you do. As a result, you will face hormonal imbalance, a high-strung nervous system, and little stamina for more workouts.

Try More Compound Movements

Compound movements are the type of exercise that allows several muscles to move simultaneously within the same routine. It can provide you the maximum output with minimum effort and when it comes to being lean faster, there are very few alternatives to it. 

For instance, when you squat the muscles in your legs, and your lower body stays in action- your hamstring, calves, quadriceps, and glutes are all synchronized for the movement. Compound movement helps you burn more calories by engaging more muscle groups, which is rare for an isolated movement like a bicep curl.

Join a Group or Workout With a Partner

Getting in shape can be a tedious job if you are on a solitary path. To get your morale high and boost your motivation, you can either team up with a group of fellow health enthusiasts or workout with a partner.

Working in a group is important because there might be times when you will be at your lowest, and you need someone to keep motivated. 

It can happen especially right after your initial high as exercising wears off. And it is tough to get back on track and find the momentum that compels you to exercise. If you surround yourself with positive-minded people, you will naturally be filled with positivity.

Set Achievable Goals

While setting goals is vital for being in shape, it is all the more important for the goal to be realistic and achievable. After all, we are human with flesh and blood, and we all have a strength threshold that can not be surpassed. Know your limit and plan your goals accordingly. The faster you want to go about it the more time or effort you need to invest.

Change Your Routine to Spice Up Your Training

Sticking to the same old routine can get boring in exercise. To keep up your stamina and boost your motivation you can change the exercise routine every few weeks. It will keep your muscles ready for new challenges and make the exercise routine exciting for you.

Mindset Matters

Getting in shape requires you to have steely determination.  Learn to take momentary failure at strides and always focus on the big picture. Don’t bit yourself up if you can’t achieve a goal within a deadline. Shake yourself out of the negativity and try harder for the next goal.

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Being lean or getting in shape is a long-term process. To be persistent, you have to enjoy the process; otherwise, you will get disheartened with every little hiccup. Remember that you are in for it only for yourself, and you should be proud of your dedication and achievements. Don’t forget to celebrate every milestone you cross, no matter how small it is.

-Terry Asher


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Twelve Effective Tips For Getting Lean And Fit
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Twelve Effective Tips For Getting Lean And Fit
Perhaps you have a busy schedule that doesn’t let you focus on your healt, want to get lean and fit the right way? Read on to learn some effective tips.
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