Product Review: Shredder Blend Capsules


Product Review: Shredder Blend Capsules

The fitness world has numerous scientific environments—and there’s always new developments to explore. And, even better, when they pick up steam in mainstream commerce.

Reaper Labz is no stranger to advanced workout formulas, hosting a number of bodybuilding-centric products backed by lab-tested designs. As a one-stop shop for pre-workout blends, fat burners and muscle-building stacks, its product line is backed by some of the best supplement options the world has to give.

SARMS: The Reaper Labz Equation

Their product line also extends to PTC supplements, which isn’t uncommon. Stocked in nearly every nutritional shop, PCT supplements have a number of benefits for those who take them. While PCTs are indeed recognized as a component of anabolic steroid cycling, they’re also powerful combatants against liver disease, chronic inflammation and more.

PCTs are but one example of multifaceted products many modern supplement providers offer—but they’re sometimes misunderstood, in scope. For this reason, it’s totally worthwhile to get the lowdown on one of today’s newer health-related, body-powering tools: SARMS.

First Off: What’re SARMS?

We’ll look to a Reaper Labz headliner, here. SHREDDER BLEND is a no-holds-barred balance of powerful scientific design, offering a SARM setup of S-4, MK-2866 and SR-9009. SARMS, themselves, are synthetic supplements packed with physique-building potential. They cut fat, enhance protein synthesis, aid recovery and more. They’ve increased in popularity, recently, but are still unheard of for many.

Coming into a relative centerfold in 2015, SARMS similar to Reaper Labz SHREDDER BLEND began paving the roads to new bodybuilding success, for many. Understandably, performance-boosting synthetics are a bit of a touchy subject, in any event. Anabolic steroids and prohormones, in 2015, were a component of nearly 1,084,000 North American bodybuilding stacks.

In terms of synthetics, however, SARMS aren’t often considered to be part of this pool. They’re certainly effective muscle building tools, certainly, but their role as multifaceted health-protecting, strength-building utilities is definitely worth checking out.

Over the years, several SARM iterations have entered the market. Reaper Labz offers a high-potency combo of these, as the SHREDDER BLEND formula contains the following:

  • SR-9009
  • S-4
  • MK-2866

Each dosage weighs in at 110 MG, which is a commonplace—and also effective—starting point to SARM supplementation. The word ‘SARMS,’ itself, stands for selective androgen receptor modulators. They were originally used to combat a variety of diseases—and still are, today.

Their flexibility in terms of human-body benefits, however, have made them effective fitness enhancers.

Much like human growth hormones, or ‘HGH,’ SARMS are widely used in testosterone replacement therapy. When binding with muscle receptors, SARMS—including each of SHREDDER BLEND’s components—boost hypertrophic and anabolic activity. The result is a higher degree of bone density, less fat and, of course, more muscle.

The Methodology Mix

Reaper Labz SHREDDER BLEND does indeed host today’s leading SARM options. Now, again, there’s much more to fitness terminology containing ‘anabolic’ within. SARMS do indeed promote androgenic growth, but they’re not anabolic supplements.

Androgens are found across every part of our bodies, and S-4, SR-9009 and MK-2866 each target them directly.

This is a pretty incredible departure from the world of anabolic chemicals, as the scientific methodologies applied to their creation, development and continuous improvement takes health into great consideration.

By and large, anabolic dangers are caused by synthetic materials passing through the user’s organs. SARMS, meanwhile, cause no swelling in vital bodily areas—and there isn’t risk of excessive cell growth when supplementing with them, either.

The mechanisms driving S-4, SR-9009 and MK-2866 make for an awesome workout routine mix—but they could feasibly be used as a health aid in other scenarios. This said, let’s take a closer look at the stellar SARM product Reaper Labz offers. We definitely suggest reading up about the ins and outs of SARMS, in any event, as they’re still powerful fitness tools. If you’ve planned ahead of time, though, check out the Reaper Labz SARM showcase below.

Our Reaper Labz Product Review: SHREDDER BLEND

Even though the scientific world continues to improve upon the effectiveness of SARMS, some are well-known to be reliable tools. Each SARM included in SHREDDER BLEND falls into this category, backed not only by plenty of evidence—but also by in-depth research about how to take them.

We’ll cover the basics of the SARMS Reaper Labz offers, as pre-SARM-supplementation does require a good bit of solo research. As with any other talk about supplements, we recommend double-checking with your current medical provider before boosting your workout with new ingredients.

Male muscle growth, female muscle growth, recovery and endurance are totally possible—but due diligence via research is a must.

In the meantime, however, let’s cover the ingredients themselves:


Right off the bat, Reaper Labz offers a SARM that is, in many fitness circles, considered to be the most reliable SARM around. S-4-Andarine is a type of SARM that became well-known for its medical benefits: It’s particularly effective at combating the muscle-wasting impacts of chronic illnesses—and it’s also an effective treatment provision for prostrate health issues.

It’s also an incredibly effective strength-booster, burning fat along the way.

An effective S-4 dosage sits around 25mg to 100mg per day, making SHREDDER BLEND’s S-4 cornerstone an effective, yet safe, platform to start with.



Up next, we have SHREDDER BLEND’s SR-9009. It’s sometimes referred to as SR9009-Stenabolic, which is a highly effective fat-burning SARM.

It’s even more effective than many leading fat-burning supplements, yet its biggest benefit outshines its effectiveness: It’s non-hormonal, unlike trimming anabolics, so it’s a relatively safe ingredient to stack.

Stenabolic, interestingly, was created to study the circadian rhythm. Proven to greatly boost endurance, decrease cholesterol, thin the waistline and even reduce inflammation in mice, the synthetic has become widely popular for its exercise-enhancement properties.

Again, though, we definitely recommend touching base with your regular medical provider before hopping in, as SR-9009’s impacts on the circadian rhythm still aren’t fully understood:

It’s derived from our bodies’ REV-ERB alpha genes, promoting fat-burn while boosting the proactivity of mitochondria. It also protects old mitochondria from being destroyed, which greatly aids in day-to-day recovery. Those with heart-related medical concerns, however, as the energy boost tends to expand well beyond the our day-to-day capabilities.

On the other hand, though, Stenabolic has also been proven to diminish lung inflammation in mice—as well as nerve cell inflammation.


Even though S-4 is commonly said to be the most effective SARM out there, there are indeed those who sit in another camp: The Ostarine camp.

MK-2866, or Ostarine, is a SARM that’s become incredibly popular among bodybuilders. Although it isn’t widely available, it’s still pretty effective when it’s included in a SARM stack. Ostarine was designed to assist patients suffering chronic, and even critical, health conditions—including AIDS and cancer.

Unlike other chemical treatments used to combat these illnesses, Ostarine, by nature, was found to protect one’s body against muscle wasting.

Understandably, it’s been in the eye of intrigue among scientists for years. It’s proven itself to be a reliable, effective and relatively easy SARM to supplement—providing consistent results in those with healthy diets, routine exercise and plenty of sleep.

Taking Ostarine significantly improves lean body mass, making it one of the ‘bulkier’ SARMs out there.

Nonetheless, SARMS in general won’t toss on a ton of weight unexpectedly. Reaper Labz SHREDDER BLEND is an instant winner supplement for utilizing Ostarine, regardless, as it’s a SARM that’s been popularized for its particularly powerful impacts on protein synthesis.

If you’re looking into SARMs for bulk, either during a short season or over a long term period, Ostarine has you covered. While it’s always important to ‘cycle’ on and off with highly effective fitness supplements, Ostarine is considered to be pretty safe by many. As for the lean muscle gains, themselves: Throughout the bodybuilding community, it’s often said that Ostarine can pack on as much as five to seven pounds in as little as six weeks.

Which brings us to the next big benefit of SHREDDER BLEND:

The Reaper Labz Stack

The Reaper Labz Stack

Understandably, even taking one of the SARMS listed above might seem intimidating. Fear not, though, because SARM stacks are considered to be pretty safe.

Their components are also considered to be synergistic, in some cases: A single stack can be used to ramp up one’s fitness potential, provide a lean bulk, trim up any following fat and supply enough energy for the end of a hard-working, hard-earned lifting season.

Reaper Labz provides the industry’s most effective SARMs, and—as we’ve seen—each seems to fit snuggly in its own ‘fitness benefit category.’ Running a Stenabolic during your cutting season, for instance, is a great way to handle the fatigue of carb deficits. After all, it’s tough to stay lean between the gym sessions—when all we want to do is hunker down on instant recovery carbs.

It should be noted, of course, that SARMs won’t help with combatting hunger pains. SARMs like S-4, rather, protect against diminished strength while shedding weight. This leaves us with more energy throughout the day, as a result. And, when we have more energy, we’ll crave it much less—the pasta pantry, in particular.

Vegetarian diet bodybuilder


A glimpse at an SARM stack isn’t enough, making any review of its components worthwhile. By the looks of it, Reaper Labz SHREDDER BLEND wears its name with pride. In a daily dosage of 110 mg, there’s a solid foundation for male muscle growth and female muscle growth alike.

It might shred up fat via Stenabolic blender, but Andarine and Ostarine, combined, offer a ton of strength-gain potential.

Unique to SARM stacks, too, is their compounding weight maintenance factor: One might get a little bulky, if they’re only bulking with Ostarine (even though this, too, isn’t very likely). But combining a ‘weighty’ SARM with the likes of Stenabolic is more than enough to fend off any fat. In any event, using a reliable PCT is an important part of any SARMs cycle.

At the end of the day, SARMs are classified as research chemicals. There’s still plenty of science to be conducted on their long-term effectiveness, so it’s always important to keep up to date with the fitness world’s latest SARM news. SARMs continue to open doors of potential, nonetheless, aiding the medical and fitness world alike through the seemingly limitless bounds of scientific innovation.

The Reaper Labz SHREDDER BLEND SARM-design does it justice by dosage—making it a great choice for your next stack.

-Terry Asher

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Product Review: Shredder Blend Capsules
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Product Review: Shredder Blend Capsules
Reaper Labz is no stranger to advanced workout formulas, Shredder Blend Capsules is backed by some of the best supplement options the world has to give.
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