7 Effective Tips For New CrossFitters


7 Effective Tips For New CrossFitters

New crossfitters need to properly warm-up, know their limits, take rest when necessary, use the right equipment and stick to a healthy diet.

To gain perfect health and body, many people try different types of workouts. One of these training methods is CrossFit. There are several gyms that have CrossFit programs and many people are taking these lessons.

But what exactly is CrossFit training and how good is it?

What Is CrossFit?

CrossFit is a workout routine with high intensity. To cover up the intensity, there are intervals. This is extremely beneficial for those who are willing to improve their strength, stamina, and balance. 

As this is high-intensity training, it can also be seen as an excellent weight loss program. But it is hardly known for its weight loss factor, it is more about building your core strength.

CrossFit is the perfect exercise for those who want to gain an amazing body in a short time, but it has its toll on the body if you are not careful. 

As CrossFit is an extreme workout, most people do not know the proper routine. They either overdo using more weights than they can carry. That is likely to put a strain on their muscle and even cause serious injuries.

To provide you with the right training, you need the right coaches. Sometimes that can be difficult since not everyone focuses strictly on teaching CrossFit. 

You will also need to purchase the right equipment. CrossFit has its own set of equipment like the CrossFit shin guards, squat racks, squat stands, and plenty more.

Tips For The New Cross fitters

Now, as for the new crossfitters, things may not look easy at the beginning. There are many difficult exercises that you need to put yourself through. But before that, you need to know about a few things.

1. Know Your Limits

There are many weight scales for you to choose and lift. Some newcomers come here without knowing the full capacity of their muscle strength. So if they try to work out with a kettle beyond their capacity, they will fail.

Although pushing yourself beyond your limit is the whole deal with CrossFit training, that does not necessarily mean you need to injure yourself in the process. 

It is always advised to start from the bottom and work your way up. As you work with smaller weights, you will be building your strength and soon enough, you will be able to handle the heavyweights.

2. Find The Right Gym Coach

Coaches are the main helper in the journey to build your body. They will tell  you what to do, how many reps to complete per day, and how much rest needed to prepare yourself for the next day. 

They can carefully test your limits and based on that will make a workout routine for you. Furthermore, they will also provide you with a diet plan to follow for maximum benefit. 

Without a good coach or a gym trainer, you will absolutely have no idea. You will work out in an unplanned manner and stress out your body. That is why it is important to find the right coach.

3. Proper Warm-up

This is not just for CrossFit programs. Before you do any sort of heavy workouts, such as weight lifting or sprinting, you need a proper warm-up session. 

Since CrossFit is an extreme workout, you must have a warm-up session before you work out. Warm-ups include stretching, deep breathing, jumping, and anything that loosens up your blood vessels and allows more oxygen to your body.

4. Get Proper Rest

Just as work out is important for your body to grow, rest is also necessary for your muscles to recover. Without sufficient rest, muscles will not get repaired. You need at least 7-8 hours of sleep per day. 

Since you are working out, your body will be fatigued and if you force your body to stay awake, then not only are you damaging your muscles but also weakening your immune system.

5. Endure And Stay Dedicated

The first few days of the CrossFit program might seem easy. You will be given light objects, and you are to work out with them. But unfortunately, those are just to test your strength and stamina. 

The real workout begins after a few days, and the weight suddenly increases by a large number. This is the true essence of CrossFit training. Firmly believe that without any pain, there will be no gain. 

To undergo hardships the training throws at you, stay dedicated and climb the difficult ladder slowly. And after all the training, once you reach the summit, you will find new meaning in your life.

6. Have The Right Food To Eat

6. Have The Right Food To Eat

Just as working out and taking rests are necessary, so is the food you eat. You should eat a healthy diet that is full of lean protein like fish chicken, etc. Fat and sugary foods like candies, ice creams, juice are forbidden. 

You can occasionally eat red meat, but that needs to be on rare occasions.

7. Keep Record Of All Your Training

This is a great way to keep track of how much you have progressed. You can put valuable information here such as how long you have been working out, the average duration of your workout, the amount of weight you can lift, and so on. 

Record your progress and then aim for the next goal. This will also help you stay motivated. Whenever you feel down, just take a look at the notepad and see how far you have come.

Conclusion: Final Thoughts

CrossFit training aims to make your body and mind sharp. The workout routine may feel challenging and it is. But as you progress, things will get easier, and you will become more confident. Give it enough time and effort, and you will be rewarded.

-Terry Asher 

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7 Effective Tips For New CrossFitters
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