Do You Need To Use Keto Supplements?



Thinking of adding keto supplements to your diet? Read on to learn whether you need exogenous keto supplements and if they can help you lose weight.

We often find that even after going on diets, doing exercises, fasting, etc, we still can’t find a perfect solution to weight loss. Most people gain all the weight back after they stop dieting, or after stopping exercise.

It would be lovely if we could find a way when our body would not only stop craving carb but also burn our stored fat as fuel? Going on a keto diet can help put you in that state of ketosis. 

This highly effective diet has become wildly popular in the past few years. People have also been adding keto supplements to both their keto or regular diet to get into that metabolic state faster. But, how effective are keto supplements?

What Are Keto Supplements?

The Truth Behind Keto Supplements

What Are Keto Supplements?

Keto supplements come in the form of pills, powders, or oil. They increase our blood ketone levels to help the body burn fat for fuel.

There are mainly two types of keto supplements. Medium-chain triglycerides or MCT gets easily converted into ketones. The other is exogenous ketones which come in two forms, ketone salts, and ketone esters.


MCT oil is a must addition to the keto diet. MCT oil can be broken down and converted into energy easily and fast. You can add MCT oil to your regular diet to receive a boost of energy.

Since MCT oil has a low smoke point, people shouldn’t use it to cook. But, you can use MCT oil as a supplement and add it to your liquid food.

You can add them to smoothies and coffee, but it is easier to use as powders. You can add powder MCT supplements like Keto Elevate to power up your smoothie. Check out this Keto Elevate review to learn how powder keto supplements can boost energy and enhance fat burning.

Exogenous Ketones

Exogenous ketones come in two forms, ketone salts, and ketone esters. These are both synthetic compounds and work in the same way as ketones inside your body.

They come as pills or powder, the powder form is consumed by mixing in liquids. People often prefer ketone salt because it is easier to take. It is commonly available in the market.

Ketone esters are more difficult to use as it tastes bad. Especially during a difficult diet like keto, people would want to avoid supplements that are unpleasant in taste.

These supplements are a great addition not only to the keto diet but any form of planned bodybuilding or weight loss program. However, these supplements are often marketed exaggeratedly.

How Do Keto Supplements Work?

The Keto diet has a high failure rate. This is where keto supplements can come in. Especially, during the first few days of keto, when it becomes difficult to break into the state of ketosis, these supplements can help your body get more used to burning fat for fuel.

When you cut off carbs and reduce protein intake, your liver starts converting fat into ketones. By increasing your blood ketone levels, these supplements can help you achieve ketosis faster.

The Possible Benefits Of Keto Supplements

The following are the few possible benefits of keto supplements you might experience after adding them to your regular or specialized diet.

Weight Loss

If keto supplements work to increase blood ketone levels, it will encourage your body to burn fat for energy. If you pair keto supplements with the keto diet, you are bound to lose weight.

Keto supplements can help your body get used to the state of ketosis. This is helpful when you start inhibiting carbs and lowering protein intake. Keto supplements help the body to burn fat especially when it is the only source of energy.

Suppressing Hunger

A study has shown that keto supplements can lower blood plasma ghrelin levels. Ghrelin is the hormone that sends hunger signals to our brains. Ghrelin is produced the most when we are hungry and need to eat.

Keto supplements, particularly keto ester, can lower ghrelin and successfully suppress hunger. Suppression of hunger and feeling full will lead people to lose weight, as they feel the need to consume fewer amounts of food.

Stabilized Energy

When you run on carbs, it gives you a sugar high. This might make you feel energized for a while, but once the buzz crashes, you are more likely to feel fatigued.

A high carb diet produces instability in energy, you feel energized right after taking carbs, but the energy is not consistent. However, if you are burning fat instead, the energy comes to you slowly, and in constant amounts.

Fat burns slowly, and stabilizes energy production throughout the day. Keto supplements help you burn fat, and you receive stabilized energy throughout the day, helping you function better.

Helps Prevent Diabetes

Keto supplements can help control blood sugar levels. We take carbs to get energy. This dependency on sugar means we are taking more than required, which disrupts insulin production.

Keto supplements give you energy from burning fat, which naturally reduces dependency on sugar. Less sugar intake means your blood sugar level stays in control, and you don’t develop insulin resistance. Hence, it helps prevent diabetes and even heart disease.

Help Increase Focus and Brain Power

Help Increase Focus and Brain Power

Ketones can help clear brain fog, aiding you to perform better mentally. This happens for two reasons. In a state of ketosis, your body produces more of these two neurotransmitters: Glutamate and GABA. Both help improve focus and brain function.

Do you need to take Keto Supplements?

While on the keto diet you might feel the need to take a keto supplement. It is not necessary to take supplements. The more important factors are increasing fat intake, limiting carbs, and reducing protein. If your objective is to gain muscle, consider SARMs supplements as an alternative.

However, if you want to take a keto supplement, it is better to go with MCT oil. Exogenous ketones might have some unpleasant side effects, which you won’t face with MCT oil. Extra virgin coconut oil is already 50% MCT oil. So, taking it as a keto supplement is a good option to promote ketosis.

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Conclusion: Final Thoughts

Keto supplements have multiple benefits, especially if you are on the keto diet. You can take keto supplements to reap the health benefits including weight loss, better focus, reduced sugar dependency, etc.

If you want to take keto supplements, do so with caution. MCT oil might be a better option, with fewer side effects. 

-Terry Asher

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Do You Need To Use Keto Supplements?
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Do You Need To Use Keto Supplements?
Thinking of adding keto supplements to your diet? Read on to learn whether you need exogenous keto supplements and if they can help you lose weight.
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