Athletes That Use And Support CBD    


 Athletes That Use And Support CBD    

In the sports industry, athletes have been using CBD for years, way longer than we can perceive and way before it was even legal to use it. CBD is used to relieve pain, reduce anxiety, and it does not even get an individual high. 

          CBD, or cannabidiol — one of the many chemical compounds found in cannabis plants, has been proven to have many health and medicinal benefits and can also be very versatile, and come in various forms, such as soaps, creams, CBD capsules, gummies, chocolate, and oil.

Many companies, such as the Colorado CBD Company, manufacture these products and distribute them to many resellers and retailers. Many of these merchandises, including the CBD oil in Colorado, are gaining popularity as the usage and backing of CBD continues to flourish.

      Cannabis legalization continues as time marches on, and the plant continues to attract attention due to its numerous medicinal benefits. And now, more current and former athletes come forward to share their thoughts and experiences with the world about how CBD helps them in their profession.

Our list today includes some of the most recognized and talented athletes who support the use of CBD. 

 Athletes Who Support the Use of CBD

Nate Diaz

UFC Nate Diaz

      An advocate of CBD and one of the most recognizable athletes in the Ultimate Fighting Championship (UFC), MMA fighter Nate Diaz uses CBD oil and is very open about it.

He has mentioned that the use of CBD has helped him with the inflammation and healing process following his matches.

Mike Tyson

Mike Tyson

      The legendary boxer Mike Tyson has been linked with CBD and cannabis as well.

Owner of the marijuana strain company Tyson Ranch, he proudly states that cannabis has been a part of his daily routine and has entrepreneurial plans for it.

KC Deane

mountain biking KC Deane

      If you talk about mountain biking, you will always come across the name KC Deane. An established dual-sport athlete and featured in many films, he admits that he uses CBD regularly to aid with recovering from injuries and managing pain.

Eugene Monroe

NFL Eugene Monroe

      The first active NFL football player to come out and speak about his use of CBD oil, Eugene Monroe is an active user and supports the “Bright Lights Campaign,” which continues CBD research.

He also is pushing for cannabis to be removed from the NFL’s list of banned substances and that football players can benefit from its medicinal wonders.

Yair Rodriguez

Yair Rodriguez UFC cbd

      Another athlete from the world of mixed martial arts, UFC’s Yair “Pantera” Rodriguez uses CBD oil between training sessions to expedite his recovery time. He is also a strong supporter of CBD’s healing capabilities.

Cliff Robinson

Cliff Robinson NBA cbd

      The NBA also has its share of athletes who use cannabis. One such athlete is Cliff Robinson. The former NBA all-star has been using CBD for a long time. During his career, he has faced two marijuana charges and several suspensions for violating the substance abuse policy of the NBA. 

Cannabis legalization and racial injustice awareness are some of the many things he is currently undertaking.

The founder of Uncle Spliffy, he is also a part of the Coalition to Regulate Marijuana in Connecticut.

Amy Van Dyken

Amy Van Dyken ATV cbd

      Amy Van Dyken’s world has never been the same since her ATV accident back in 2014, which paralyzed her waist-down. An excellent swimmer, and winner of six Olympic Gold medals, she advocates and credits CBD for managing her neuropathic pain, allowing her days to be normal once more.

She is also a partner of a hemp lifestyle network called Kannaway, mentioning that their CBD products have had a significant role in improving the way she lives her life.

Riley Cote

NHL cbd

      Known in the National Hockey League or NHL as “The Enforcer,” and with eight years of experience as a left-winger under his belt, Riley is a former ice hockey player and coach.

Thanks to his sister, he found out about cannabis and its benefits at an early age. He is the founder of HempHeals Foundation and the co-founder of Athletes for CARE.

Dee Dussault

yoga CBD Dee Dussault

 A ganja yoga practitioner, she is responsible for the first public cannabis-infused yoga classes in the U.S. and Canada.

She states that when yoga is enhanced is cannabis, the effects of both are greatly amplified.

Author of the book “Ganja Yoga,” she offers ganja yoga classes in L.A., New York City, and other states.

Tomas Wolfe

bodybuilder cbd Tomas Wolfe

      Tomas Wolfe is a champion bodybuilder with an Instagram following of more than seven thousand people. He uses CBD as a supplement to control his appetite and to enhance metabolism during his training sessions.

He uses his influence to promote and raise awareness of the substance, its benefits, and the many medicinal properties it possesses. 

Jim McAlpine

snowbomb ski Jim McAlpine

      Your perspective on stoners will surely change when you hear about Jim McAlpine. A natural-born athlete and responsible for numerous events and sports companies, such as 420 Games, New West Summit, Snowbomb Ski, among many others, he leads an active lifestyle and uses cannabis as a part of his routine to enhance his performance and recovery.

Avery Collins

ultramarathon Avery Collins

      An ultramarathon usually consists of running more than twenty-six miles at a given time, so imagine the effects it could have on the human body. But for ultramarathoner Avery Collins, fifty to two hundred miles a day competitions are the norm.

In a statement, he said that the secret to his performance is cannabis. He started consuming the substance long before he even became a runner. 

 Collins is the only endurance runner who is sponsored by The Farm Marijuana Dispensary, a cannabis company.

Vegetarian diet bodybuilder


      There are still sports companies in the industry that regulate and even ban the use of cannabis and CBD. Some even require their athletes to use traditional pharmaceuticals, which can cause a plethora of health hazards.

Although this may be the case, many more athletes will come and voice their support for this amazing substance, while others will use their influence to spread awareness, and some are already responsible for many organizations and campaigns that spearhead the research and advocacy for CBD.

Thanks to mainstream media, and with numerous health benefits, it is no wonder that champion athletes choose to have CBD as part of their lives.

-Terry Asher 

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 Athletes That Use And Support CBD    
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 Athletes That Use And Support CBD    
In the sports industry, athletes have been using CBD for years. Many of these merchandises, including the CBD oil in Colorado, are gaining popularity.
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