The 6 Best Ab Exercises (And They’re Not What You Think)


Can You Make Big Changes In Your Lifestyle?

The above exercises will keep your abs, core, midsection, or torso (not to mention legs, shoulders, and back) in top shape.

Before you set out on the quest for abs of an underwear model, ask yourself why you are doing it and consider the lifestyle cost involved. Sometimes it’s hard to face the truth, and the truth for most people is that they are not committed enough to the crazy lifestyle change it takes to get a six pack.

Unless you are dedicating your life to your body…. we’re talking no alcohol, no refined sugar, no white flour, then a six pack is most likely out of the question. Getting a good looking six pack requires an intensity level of metabolic conditioning and dedication that will make you question your ability to survive the session.

On the other hand, functional ab training will not only work your abs, but also other muscles of your body. In return building up your midsection will help you in other exercises, everyday activities, sports and just about any physical activity you participate in.

Either way, start training those abs the right way…

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I wanna know what you do for your abs. Share some of your favorite abs exercises below!

The 6 Best Ab Exercises (And They're Not What You Think)
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The 6 Best Ab Exercises (And They're Not What You Think)
What are the best exercises for your Abs? It's a constant debate among fitness professionals, so let's get into it. Check some exercises for your side abs.
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Gym Junkies
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  1. HELL YEH! L sit pullups are fucking tough. Ive been adding them to my workouts every week and I can feel my core getting stronger.

  2. Wondering why you dont think crunches are good exercises for your abs? I’ve been doing them for years and have a good looking stomach


  3. I tried the overhead carries yesterday and they kicked my butt!

    Im sore all over today (in a good way)


  4. PJ- the whole point is not that crunches are bad, just that there are more effective things for true functional core strength.

  5. Depends on the level of the athlete. For more beginner like athletes planks, later on one arm planks and/or wheight on your back.

    Roll outs. Ab-wheels are actually a good exercise tool.

    Pallof press.

    Other than that I think you mentioned my favorites (especially over Overhead Carrie).

  6. Good site. I love to do Dragon Flags, medicine ball slams, and “knee to elbows”. Only thing I would really add is that while abstaining from alcohol certainly helps gain a 6 pack, drinking will not keep you from getting or maintaining a 6 pack.

  7. @Dave.A: My personal choice? As in my favorite; the one I personally use the most often? Ball slams. No doubt about it. I’m not saying it is necessarily the “best” of those listed above, I’m just saying I do it more than the others. Maybe it has something to do with the psychological boost of slamming something into the ground as hard as you freakin’ can! 😉

  8. love the moves! i’m curious though; why didn’t you include planks/side planks? there are so many variations possible to make them even more challenging than holding the position for a minute or two, such as using a stability ball for a 2 or 3-point plank for instance.

  9. @tuscanystone: the home door pull up bars are usually very good and stable, I’ve used them before and so have some of my mates. I’m about 180lb and my mates are about that or less so couldn’t really say if they’re stable for heavier users.

    The downside is that they can damage paintwork and occasionally woodwork on frames which is an issue in rented accomodation.

    Also they are a hazard for drunk tall guys…


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