Is There Really a “Best” Workout Plan?


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I have been asked a ton of people as to what is the best workout plan is but I am sorry to state that there is no particular and specific answer as everyone’s body is different. Here’s what to do for a workout in the gym.

Also, the reason behind this is the fact that the exercise plans differs based upon the specific biology of your body. I answer tons of emails and it is not possible for me to single handled get all the details of your body including your height, weight, lifestyle, diet pattern, age, workout schedule and more. This is why it is difficult for me to offer you the best workout schedule, but I try my best.

I can give you tons of suggestions, but there is only one person who could make all of it work in the in the end and that person is you. You will be able to get tons of tips today and be on the way to sketch the perfect program for YOU.
Let me start with the question as to what are you doing right now.

What are the methods you are using and how helpful has it really been? 

Listen, dude, if your methods are showing the same results and you haven’t been able to shed the extra pounds or see gains, it’s called a plateau. Here is a program for all those who are just beginning or some gym junkie regulars that are looking for some of the best full body workout routines that can make you look yoked in no time.

What to do for a Workout & Analyzing The Situation

Tell me truly. How much time can you give to your exercise plans?

This is crucial because it will help in formulating the right kind of routine that will help your body. So, dutifully analyze your answer.
Until and unless, you have been weight lifting for quite some time, I would advise that you opt for a full body workout routine which you can carry out at least two or three times a week or body weight workouts.

You will need exercises that will work on different parts of your body ranging from your quads, chest workout, shoulder workouts, push and pull muscles and most definitely your core as well.
I am going to give you a complete breakdown of some simple exercises you should be doing.
Quads: In order to build your quads, you can use squats, box jumps, leg press and even lunges.
Butt and hamstrings: You can always indulge in deadlifts step-ups, leg curls and hip raises.
Chest, shoulders and triceps: Bench press, pushups, dips, incline dumbbell press and skull crushers
Back, biceps and forearms: pull-ups, chin-ups, inverted rows and even dumbbell rows are the finest choices for building these body parts.
The core:  Planks, mountain climbers, hanging leg raises, jumping knee kicks, cable woodchops and much more

Ideally, you can pick one exercise from each of these above-listed categories and you should work on at least one of these muscles every single day for a split routine or all together for a circuit. These are merely examples of what you can do as there are tons more you can do as well. As a beginner do not over complicate things and end up injuring yourself, though. Also, if you are just starting you make sure you check out the beginner’s workout guide.


Variety Can Be Good For You

When you are carrying out the same routine for a long period of time, your muscles have a tendency to get bored. This is why it is best advised to choose a different exercise every day. This keeps your body guessing and it won’t adapt and rather have a challenge to watch it every day. This is good for both a better build and body fat reduction.
Also, you need to know that the muscles are not built when you are pumping iron. It is built when you are sitting on your bum doing nothing watching Netflix. So, you will have to take a break and give your muscles the right amount of time to recover, repair and grow.

How Many Sets?

When I am not counting the sets you do as warmup, I would recommend anything from 3 to 5 per exercise for a split routine. The total fitness workouts set should ideally fall in the range of 15 to 25. The bottom-line remains to know your own limits and push yourself but not so much that it would lead to injury of course.

How Long To Wait In Between Sets?

I have always followed a systematic and basic formula for the sake of waiting between sets.
1 to 3 reps: resting duration: 3 to 5 minutes
4 to 7 reps: resting time:2 to 3 minutes
8 to 12 reps: resting time 1 to 2 minutes.
13 reps+: resting duration of 1 to 2 minute or less
If you are mixing up the rep ranges, you need to mix this time slot as well.

The Alternating Sets

Suppose, you have a plan of doing squats and dumbbell bench press, rather than doing one of them continuously and then moving to the next, the better option is to alternate between each set of the exercises.

The main reason as to why this is a better choice is that when you are carrying out the other exercise, it will allow the muscles to rest and thus the recovery time will be ample as well. Not only this, it will also ensure that your body is going to get the right kind of rest and thus the total burnout is going to be significantly less.
So, let us check out a sample workout that you can use.
You can alternate lunges with inclined dumbbell press. Carry out 4 sets each and have a gap of 1/2 minutes between each set.
Further, you can alternate straight deadlifts with pull-ups and maintain the same repletion and time gap.

What About The Repetitions?

If you have a lot fat on your body, which you want to get rid of and build muscles simultaneously, you should do 8 to 15 repetitions per set. Why? The more muscle mass you have the more fat burning ability you have. Muscles are your friend when you are trying to lose body fat.
However, if your focus is mainly on building muscle size and strength, you have to vary the reps accordingly. Ideally, you can do heavy, light and lower reps on three different days to infuse the right variety.

The Significance Of Reps Ranges

If you are wondering as to how the rep ranges count can assist in a workout, here are the details you need.
• When the rep count falls in the range of 1 to 5, it will help you build dense muscles and will increase the strength.
• When the rep count is in between 6 to 12, it will help in building both muscular strength and size.
• If your rep count exceeds 12, the muscular endurance stage will be impacted the most.
When you carry out reps in all these three ranges, you are carrying out an “advanced workouts”.
You can also mix the amount of weight along with the reps and vary them as well. The key is to keep your muscles guessing and not to allow them to settle in a groove, of course, this is called muscle confusion.

How Much Should I Lift?

If you are wondering about the weight lifting routine, the golden rule is easy. Lift as much weight as you can in a responsible fashion. It is upon you to determine what your 1RM is. You can always go by trial and error or do a simple equation. When you are just beginning, you need to be sure that you are a little cautious because when lifting super heavy, you don’t want to develop muscle imbalances or mess up your kinetic chain.
Once you have the right numbers to help you out, you will be able to make the most out of your body.

How Long Should I Exercise?

In my opinion, 45 minutes to a max of an hour seems standard. Obviously, you need to add a warm-up session of 5 to 10 minutes. So, it can stretch a little beyond an hour at times. It is also, of course very dependent on what your goals are and how much time you have during the day.
Do Your Cardio After


If you want to burn body fat while exercising but still build a little mass, you have to perform circuits. A circuit essentially means that you need do one set for every exercise right one after the other and there is no stopping in between either. Most of the times, you will find yourself unable to move after a rigorous session of the best circuit sessions. They are hard but great for reducing body fat as your heart is elevated and you will gain some muscle from doing it.

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Make sure that you are keeping an eye on all these points during your workout, you will be able to build your muscles and reduce your body fat. Also remember, to warm-up because it is going to help you in the long run as well. So, make a note of all such points and then work it into your routine if you haven’t already. Getting a super fit body isn’t easy, but if you build your workouts correct you will be on your way.

-Terry Asher

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